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Sarah Palin: Babies, Lies & Scandal

Sarah Palin: Babies, Lies & Scandal

John McCain‘s vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, takes this week’s cover of Us Weekly, along with newborn Trig, afflicted with Down syndrome. The mag talks about her firm stance on antiabortion (even in cases of rape) and her opposition to sex-education classes (she believes in abstinence instruction for teens).

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor, recently spoke about the vetting of Palin with CNN. He sang praises of Palin, saying, “She’s got the domestic experience, and she’s got the judgment. And she’s got what John McCain, I know, finds very attractive, which is a real independent spirit and a person who can produce results.”

Barack Obama is not ready. Barack Obama‘s never run a city, never run a state, never run an agency, never run a business, never made a payroll, has never really negotiated, which is why he makes so many mistakes on how to negotiate. You know, negotiate without preconditions, that’s absurd.

“Based on what I know, she was thoroughly vetted. I think John knew her, knew what she accomplished in Alaska, a lot of it has been an open book. I think the issues that are coming out now, all the ones that I have heard so far, are ones that he knew in advance, talked to her about it on Friday. And, he has confidence — this is after all the main criteria of getting selected as vice president, the presidential candidate has to have confidence that you’ve got what he needs to accomplish the job.”

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  • Julianne

    Go McCain and your ever popular pick – Sarah Palin….

    Hey at least she’s got people talking…..more than I can say about Joe Biden….

  • jj

    Horible choice. I want a woman VP, a competent one.

  • toni

    Got people talking about crap!

  • Nicole

    Yeah it makes me nervous to have someone (Obama) as president who’s only been in his office for less than 200 days before he ran for president.

    That being said, I don’t agree with a lot of Palin’s views.

  • helen

    I cant wait until everyone takes a look at this very shocking article.
    I am not even going to go in detail about why this woman should NOT be our next VP (because there are so many reasons) but the main one is, she is simply not the right choice for our country.

  • Caring

    Palin is okay with pimping out her Down Syndrome son in order to get votes, but wants us to NOT talk about her underage drinking and pregnant 17 year old…yeah right!! Giulianni should shut the hell up, he is a republican that uses the tragedy of 9/11 to promote his career and is a frigging cheater and homewrecker!!! No wonder his family hates him!!

  • wakeuppeople

    #4 Nicole…..President Clinton, Lincoln and others had the same experience as Obama and did a terrific job as president…do not listen to the silly remarks of the republicans that is just their way of trying to get votes!!!!

  • steph

    i think shes unstable.
    i’d rather hilary as a vp.

  • lisa

    wtf?!?!?! she doesnt believe in teaching sex ed..?? no wonder her skanky daughter got pregant!

  • Aloney

    People need to realize that when McCain kicks the bucket (and he will if he gets elected cuz he is sooo old) this is the person that steps into be President. To me thats unacceptable.

  • Julianne

    Hey Caring – If Palin posed with her baby and it was not a Down’s Syndrome baby, would you call that pimping?

    Palin issued the statement about her daughter, the media went nuts and Obama had the political savvy to say that kids are off limits, which I give him credit for.

    I bet Palin doesn’t give a rat’s arse if you talk about them or not. She’s a tough lady, a reformer and has fought power brokers in Alaska….you really think she cares what a handful of people write on a blog that literally n.o. o.n.e. sees?

    Palin is a maverick, and will help McCain win the next election. Just watch!

  • tia

    anyone who wants this woman to be VP(or basically president so that old mccain is gunna drop dead any minute) is effed up. Her views on virtually everything in life are ridiculous!!!

    also. she doesnt believe in sex ed???? are you kidding me? Im surprised her daughter didnt get pregant sooner!

  • Sharon

    Instead of picking the best person to be his VP (and possible president) he picks someone in order to get votes from females. This insults my intelligence. Does he really think the women of this country are that stupid.

  • Julianne

    Hey Steph – You’d rather see Hillary as VP?

    Doesn’t that make you question Obama’s choices? He could have locked the election with her, but muddied his chances with old establishment Joe Biden….makes you wonder.

  • sad

    If this woman thinks she will be telling american women if they can or cannot have an abortion even if they were impregnanted from rape or if the pregnancy will kill them she has another guess coming!!! This ass wants to stop ALL abortions, what women do with their bodies should be their business NOT hers!!!

  • Little Loca

    There is nothing that shows me this woman is ready to run the country. If she can’t inspire her own daugther to practice abstenice and not drink how is she going to inspire a country to follow her. It would be one thing if her daughter is off in college on her own but she is not. She is still living under her roof.

  • lurking

    I totally agree! What an embarrassment! She’s laughing stock all over the net and late night jokes!!! Just imagine the debate between her and Joe Biden! She will be exposed to the nation what an inexperienced idiot she is! McCain has made a terrible decision of selecting her. It’s Obama in November, baby!!!!!!

  • Syndey

    The reason Obama didn’t pick Hiliary as VP was because he was making a smart choice and not just playing to the voters like McCain. Biden has the experience that Obama needs in foreign policy matters.

  • Alyn

    Worse VP pick since Dan Quayle.

  • Michelle

    Why do they portray the Obamas as the all-American family when most of the people I know are more like hers?

  • Rachel

    Funny how celeb teen pregnancies and the ones glorified on TV are “cute” or “”inspiring,” but certain political children in the same condition are a “scandal.” I don’t remember too much being made about Al Gore, Jr.’s DWI or drug arrests – especially after his dad reminded the press it was a family matter. Sheesh. Stick to the Governor’s hair and makeup. Its the type of journalism you’re best at.

  • US voter

    Yeah it makes me nervous to have someone (Obama) as president who’s only been in his office for less than 200 days before he ran for president.

    That being said, I don’t agree with a lot of Palin’s views.
    You ARE A LIAR.Obama has been a US senator for over four years, and before that he was a state senator for 8 years.

  • me

    Palin hasnt run a city either…. unless you call a place of 5,000 a “city” which is out in the middle of no where.

    We’re not talking Houston or even Seattle here.

    Why didnt McCain pick a QUALIFIED woman to run with him such as Susan Collins?

  • innominedei
  • US voter

    Palin has been a governor of a low population state for 18 months, and before that she was a mayor of a small town of less than 8,000 people. I hardly call that experience.

  • ObamaFan

    I’m a New Yorker. And we all know that Giuliani is a moral-challenged, hypocritical, double standard lovin’ racist piece of $hit who pimped the 9/11 tragedy for his own advancement. Thank God that blew up in his face.

    I, for one, disregard everything that comes out of his ever lisping, speech impediment-laden, sufferinsuccotach pie hole !!

    His first wife was his cousin, he mercilessly cheated on his second wife with the tramp who is now his wife, and his kids rightfully hate him. And might I add that at least his daughter Caroline once dubbed herself an Obama supporter. In addition, his son can’t stand him.

    He and Sarah Pallin are the perfect couple. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to do her. And she and her family and their issues just smacks in the face of the GOP’s whole Family Values bull$hit,

    Yeah. That’s family values for you. The Republicans need to go and sit down instead of trying to spin this mess into something positive.
    They’ve made some really dumb presidential and vice presidential choices in the past few years. Now it’s the Dems’ chance.

    I know ya’ll are scared. But it’s going to happen. Barack Obama is going to win. Get used to it. We finally need someone smart in office.

    Besides, I don’t know . . . a dud GOP ticket, stupid veep pick, scandals unfolding by the minute, a screwed up convention, a storm. Seems like divine intervention to me. Maybe these events are telling us something.

    So, for all of you naysayers, jackasses, racists like the GOPers, Giuliani, Bush, crazy-ass Jon Voight and the rest:

    OBAMA ’08 !! OBAMA ’08 !! OBAMA ’08 !!





  • Bet betty

    Jared apparently is in love with this woman.

    Otherwise how can you explain that many threads for the upcoming first VP lady?


    Obessed that much, Jared?

  • seppymiller

    She will be the next VP.
    Get used to it and start whining now losers!

  • I give you mccains reasons

    T&A simple as that! Nothing more.

  • Bet betty

    By the way!

    Do you guys know that a state senator only works 55 days a year?

    Well, I happen to know that.


  • leah

    If John McCain becomes president he’s gunna die soon anywayz –which would mean that this disgusting woman would be the new president–,Im moving overseas. There is no way in hell Im letting this hipocrite dictate how I should live my life.

    obama 08!!!

    sarah palin is the most disgusting self righteous woman I think I have ever seen. She’s ALMOST as bad as elizabeth hasselbeck

  • haa

    Lmao so she wants abstinence only education? lol way to teach it to your own daughter. It’s pathetic that McCain barely knew her before choosing her. To what? get women votes? Well maybe he’ll get the few idiots but if the plan was Hillary voters then no. Hilary & this hack have completely different views.

  • jenny j

    Hmm – her personal life should not take center stage.

  • Vshizzle

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz….Using US wkly for your news is sad…Sarah Palin did a lot to reform the state of Alaska….and she did a good job….Everyone sees Obama as a God Like figure because all the Hollywood people are wearing his t-shirts…

  • LuCas

    OBAMA 08!!!

    honestly, the only people I have met who dont want him to win are racist…they say they arent, but they are.

    anyone who TRULY wants to see some change in this country is supporting the Obama/Biden campaign.

  • honey

    what a precious beautiful baby.
    It’s disgusting how many people are trying to imply giving birth to a baby with DS is a character flaw. People like that would have made great Nazis.

  • Paige

    #26 I’ve heard all of your McCain complaints, now why are you voting for Obama?? Seriously you and all the other bandwagon voters have nothing to do but bash McCain.

    The media is particularly disgusting with this favoritism practice.

    I’m voting McCain and am a proud Republican.

  • UK

    It is unbelievable what republicans are doing and saying. Everything is supposed to be private about Sarah Palin when they tried to force Clinton out of the office because of private family matter. She can use baby down syndrome as a show off but not her pregnant teen. It is called pick and chose which one favors her. Either way, she should first manage her household first before United State of America. I can’t believe she is what the republican can produce. Shame! shame! Shame! Give me a break silly……………..

  • melissa

    the mayor of a city of 8000 people??

    oh yea.
    plentyyyy of experience.

  • race card

    honestly, the only people I have met who don’t want her to win are sexist…they say they aren’t, but they are.

  • jg

    Rudolph Giulani knows the republican parties ideas have screwed up this country, so instead of focusing on the right ideas and policies, because they don’t have any, he wants to smear Obama’s reputation by slamming him every chance he gets, taking things out of context and outright lie and misconstrue things about Obama’s record and positions. Funny how the republicans don’t ever talk about what to do help this country, they want to continue what’s been going on the past 8 years, so they just focus on condemning Obama and talking about McCain’s war experience! What about the country?! And also they preach about morals and family ideals, yet when one of them has an unmarried, pregnant teenage daughter they try to spin it to say “this is a pro-life political position, she’s not getting an abortion!” PLEASE. If you have those type of family troubles fine, but don’t spin it to put your own political agenda on it! And you know she is just forcing these two teens to get married, when under any other circumstance they probably wouldn’t.

  • attn:

    Smokey the Bear says no Palin!!

    She is bad for the grizzlies and other wildlife, and she is a bad choice for the people of the U.S.A.

  • Connie

    Got people talking about her trashy family instead of the real important issue of running the country. Palin is a joke. McCain is an idiot for picking her. I feel insulted as a women. You can’t just throw us any women. We want quality not stupidity. A stupid women leaking amniotic fluid will fly 8 hours on an airplane. This women does not seem to care about family. This is all too pathetic and desperate.

  • Diana

    I vote NO to Sarah Palin.

  • ObamaFan

    >>sarah palin is the most disgusting self righteous woman I think I have ever seen. She’s ALMOST as bad as elizabeth hasselbeck>>

    Yeah, Leah. I definitely agree with you there. I hate EH so much it’s ridiculous. Everytime she opens her mouth, which is way too often as she interrupts the other panelists all the time and can’t seem to control herself.

    I really wish Barbara would get rid of her like she did the other chick Debbie she didn’t get along with. They need an independent who can truly see both sides instead of someone who is desperately trying to become a Republican pundit. Elisabeth is way to emotional when discussing issues. And she goes off on tangents with a bunch of lies about Obama every chance she gets. And the nitwits like Sherri and Whoppi don’t call her on her $hit enough. I wish she would just leave with her naive and viscious, racist comments. And I can’t wait until she goes to Minnesota this week so the panel, for at least one day, can get their views across and stay on point withut getting interrupted by Miss Hasselbitch !!

  • stephanie

    Does the liberal media have nothing better to do??? Us Weekly…there’s a reliable newsworthy source!

  • lops723

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science & have been a lifelong proud Democrat. Now, I consider myself an Independent and am voting for McCain in the fall. Although I don’t really care for either candidate, Obama should NOT be running this early in his career. He does not have nearly enough experience for me to vote for him.

  • sandisk

    Nicole @ 09/02/2008 at 10:42 pm Yeah it makes me nervous to have someone (Obama) as president who’s only been in his office for less than 200 days before he ran for president.

    I agree completely.

    My vote will go to McCain.

  • jg

    The only thing they can say about Obama is that he isn’t experienced. Well I got news for you if you want to argue experience, McCain has NO executive experience himself, no strenghth in how to deal with the economy, and that’s the #1 concern of Americans today. Obama has the right ideas about health care and the economy so he gets my vote hands down. McCain, respect your military experience, but can you lead our country out of this hell we’ve buried ourselves in the past 8 years? NO. It will just be more of the same. The Republican party will continue it’s reign. HIm getting this Palin on his ticket is his way of trying to get the maverick image he wants, but this lady supports the same thing he supports: George Bush’s policies. No thank you.

    Experience, experience. McCain is inexperienced in some of the most important areas himself! His major strength he claims is foreign policy, yet he has been unimpressive demonstrating his strengths there is he can’t even get the country names right and confuses policies. Obama may not be the strongest in this area, but come on people he has people around him, a strong administration of people who are well versed in his weaker areas that can make up for it. He is cautious, smart and not temperamental and unreliable like McCain.

    And furthermore, say everything you want about Obama and his lack of experience, they were saying the same thing about Clinton, Reagan and Kennedy, our greatest presidents! I’ll take the candidate that actually has the right ideas and policies of change and a great foundation in his admnistration to make up for any weaker areas. VOTE OBAMA. McCain has no idea with how to deal with the middle and working class people. He only helps the corporations and rich get richer.

  • Dianne

    I wonder what all you people bashing this lady thought about Bill Clinton’s oval office blow jobs??? Let me guess – you are the ones who said that has nothing to do with running the country and thought that “anything goes” was just fine, right? Talk about double-standards – you people are the hypocrites!