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Sarah Palin Is Not Flat Busted

Sarah Palin Is Not Flat Busted

The Associated Press has released this undated photo showing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in her dorm room at the University of Idaho.

Her T-shirt reads: “I may be broke but I’m not flat busted.”

Another favorite of Palin, according to classmates, was a t-shirt that said “FCK: The only thing missing is ‘U.’ ”

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, announced Palin as his vice presidential running mate last Friday.

This photo was provided to the AP by the Heath family. (Sarah‘s parents are Chuck and Sally Heath.)

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116 Responses to “Sarah Palin Is Not Flat Busted”

  1. 1
    Amanda Says:

    Hell no she isn’t.
    Republican MILF.
    Hottest Republican EVER.

  2. 2
    vool Says:

    why would her family provide that pic to the AP?

  3. 3
    o Says:

    That’s a stupid shirt.

  4. 4
    hmm Says:

    That’s all she should be too is a hot republican but not VP. She’s not worthy and she can not run this country if something was to go wrong. I don’t care what the redumbplicans are trying to sell because I am not buying it.

  5. 5
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Jared, I LOVE YOU!!!!! This is perfect. Very presidential! Bwahahaha!

  6. 6
    Caring Says:

    It just goes to show that her family is as stupid as she is!!! Anyone who thinks that the war in Iraq is ‘God’s Plan’ is a blinking IDIOT!

  7. 7
    trish Says:

    She was in College, so what, we all have had fun and messed around in our youth!! She is so cute, that pic is not anything she should be ashamed of, people are just trying to bring her down. Go Sarah!!! TEAM MCCAIN

  8. 8
    BUZZY Says:


  9. 9
    Orchid Says:

    The other Sarah Palin thread is supposed to have 25 posts. Do other posters see 25 posts? I can only see 11.

  10. 10
    sigh Says:

    wow, it’s not too hard to be the hottest republican ever. She always looks like her eyes are unfocused—it’s scary. She still has that glazed over look.

  11. 11
    meghan Says:

    she is in no way worthy or ready of becoming VP and releasing these pictures was just the worst possible move.

  12. 12
    anna Says:

    leave her alone . . . jared and the rest of the media are only focusing on this because she is a woman. it’s the same as hillary clinton; the media taunts her about the clothes she wears and the size of her calves. seems like nothing has changed.

  13. 13
    kaila Says:

    What a hypocrite she is, not wanting sex education in the schools, but she acted like a total ho in school and got knocked up and had a shotgun wedding–just like her poor kid is going to have to. Great-just sacrifice your poor kid up to prove you believe in “family values.”

    Messed up family…..

  14. 14
    Seth Says:

    This picture is not good at all. Crazy big hair. Her new dignified look suits her better. Like someone said, not hard to be the hottest republican politician…

  15. 15
    R Says:

    trailer traaaaaaaaaash

  16. 16
    nina Says:

    why should she be left alone? She’s a big girl-she knew what she was getting into when she took the VP position. She knew she’d be scrunitized up and down.

    She has very, very rigid views on sex education(NO sex ed in schools at all is her motto). Yet she had a shotgun wedding–ditto for her kid. THAT’S totally fair to look at when you see her potlicial agendas.

    She doesn’t believe in abortion–not even in terms of the mental or physical health of the mother. THAT makes her personal life choices up for scrutnity too.

  17. 17
    Orchid Says:

    It reminds me of my funny T-shirts!
    My tee that got the most people saying they feel sorry for my husband is the one that has several rows saying, in big letters to small letters “I want, I want, I want, I want, I want!

  18. 18
    poorjohnmccain Says:

    I bet heads are ROLLING in the mccain camp right now for not anticipating all the crap that’s in this lady’s background. These photos are just icing on the cake. John McCain has got to be PO’D!

  19. 19
    groundcontrol Says:

    Caring @ 09/02/2008 at 8:38 pm
    Anyone who thinks that the war in Iraq is ‘God’s Plan’ is a blinking IDIOT!


    Oh, please. That’s how prayers are worded. I read what she said and it was just a typical prayer. They pray that their work is guided by god and his blessings.

    Personally I’m an atheist but raised catholic and since I mostly went to mass on a military base I always heard prayers in these terms – that the military’s mission would be god’s mission, i.e., the right thing to do. That’s what people say when they pray for divine guidance.

    You’ve never heard this? People have such limited experiences these days. It makes them insufferably intolerant of others beliefs and practices. As an atheist I find almost all religious references annoying and simple minded but I accept that not everyone shares my beliefs and they are entitled to theirs.

  20. 20
    desiree Says:

    She was a young college co-ed at the time that picture was taken. I’d be willing to bet there are thousands and thousands of similar pictures in the photo albums of college graduates.

  21. 21
    me Says:

    Her parents provided this picture? How ridiculous!

    Granted she is young there however I still don’t think they should have given this one.

  22. 22
    Amanda Says:


  23. 23
    WingNut13 Says:

    This is freaking ridiculous. Hypocritical, too. Don’t for one moment try to claim that you would make the same remarks if pics of a college-age Obama wearing tshirts with profanity surfaced. You’d be cheering him on!

    Freaking hypocrites give most of us political PROGRESSIVES a bad name.

  24. 24
    Nicole Says:

    My mom’s hair used to look like that.

  25. 25
    Jessica Says:

    Why would her parents release this picture?

    The press needs to leave this woman & her family alone!

  26. 26
    omg Says:

    not cool, not cool.

  27. 27
    Sarah Palin is a joke Says:

    John McCain has made a terrible mistake. He will lose the presidential election.
    He thought chosing Sarah Palin would irritate Hilary Clinton and get some female votes but Sarah is a joke. She can’t even educate her own child about sex needless to say she can do anything that is part of social issues, evidently it is teenage pregancy.
    John is old although he is wise and experience if anything happens to him who will trust her to be in charge of the country if John is a president?
    America seems to be running out of talents.
    That is so pathetic.

  28. 28
    tia Says:

    omg lol shes a bigger train wreck that miley cyrus!

  29. 29
    rfb Says:

    This is too funny, must be a lot of Obama supporters on this thread. I haven’t made a choice yet, but reading these comments makes me want me to vote for McCain. The only hypocrites are the people on this web site including you Jared. I hate seeing the bashing going on and this is sickening. I bet there isn’t a republican or democrat out there that has actually been president that hasn’t done something wild in their youth. So keep on posting things like this, it is turning America the direction you don’t want them to go.

  30. 30
    sleeping Giant Says:

    John McCain should have chosen Mike Huckabee. Palin sucks. Worse. She actually thinks she’s the same level as Hillary Clinton. Euww…As if…

    You’re no Hillary Clinton Sarah!

    Did you hear? She was a member of AIP. Alaska Independence Party. A seccessionist party. How could she be VP???

    That’s tantamount to treason. She’s a traitor….


  31. 31
    victoria Says:

    What is the purpose of this ??? To show us what ???? Who came across these pictures??? I find it hard to believe her parents OR husband would stoop this low… Maybe old friends from school days?

  32. 32
    kkcc Says:


  33. 33
    ybba Says:

    Jared, stop obsessing over Palin. We all know you’re a democrat, and we all know you hate Mccain/Palin and love Obama/Biden.

  34. 34
    What is going on in Alaska?? Says:


  35. 35
    victoria Says:

    Well, sorry, should have scrolled down further, to see her parent’s DID provide the tacky picture….. After seeing their interview on television in their kitchen, they need a lesson on what to say and NOT to say. Apparantly someone did NOT tell them to keep school pictures on the living room wall. What is next???? The infamous naked baby pictures??

  36. 36
    I'm betting on Alice Says:

    “She can’t even education her own child about sex”

    The word would be EDUCATE. Apparently your parent’s haven’t “education” you either. And none of this stuff has anything to do with the election. We get that you don’t like Sarah Palin, but seriously, what t-shirt she wears and her daughter having a baby doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with her running our country.

    If you’re going to post political news Jared, stop being so biased. Honestly, all that you guys are doing is showing how terrified you are of Palin by coming up with all this stuff. I’m not republican or democrat, so I’m not in any way biased. I find it really funny though that you can’t find anything bad about her politics, so you focus on her personal life. It makes me want to vote for Mccain, because obviously, they’re doing something right if they’re sending the left wing into so much chaos.

  37. 37
    pp Says:

    If family released these pictures, maybe they are just a bit naive!
    As for all the other things that have been raised – why blame Obama? He has condemned such family intrusion!
    I’d be far more ready to believe it could be someone out for revenge – maybe the mayor she sacked or her ex-brother-in-law?

  38. 38
    lindz Says:

    picking palin for vp was a very stupid decision. If anything ever happend to the president who would you rather take that persons place joe biden or sarah palin? OBAMA BIDEN08

  39. 39
    Orchid Says:

    # 21 me @ 09/02/2008 at 9:02 pm

    Her parents provided this picture? How ridiculous!

    Granted she is young there however I still don’t think they should have given this one.
    Not ridiculous at all! People want to know about her. This is part of her background. Lots of people have these type of picture in their albums.

  40. 40
    canadian obama fan Says:

    palin should definatley not have tahen the vp offer, especially since her family is a complete trainwreck.

  41. 41
    emma Says:

    oh my gosh are you seriously just looking for crap on her? do you think that will make people not vote for mccain/palin! ughhh you liberals are soo stupid!

  42. 42
    emma Says:

    oh my gosh are you seriously just looking for crap on her? do you think that will make people not vote for mccain/palin! ughhh you liberals are soo stupid!

  43. 43
    talle Says:

    her family provided the pic probably to stop others from doing it in a more embarrassing manner.

    As for people saying they will vote for john mccain because of comments made on this thread–wow, what a MATURE way of choosing our future leader.

    The t-shirt isn’t that big of a deal—but come on, Palin has such far-right views in terms of sex, sex education, and aborition options…it’s no WONDER these pictures are considered ironic to the tenth degree.

    She has all these hypersexual t-shirts, she eloped in VEgas very young and had a kid 8 months later, her daughter is having the exact same situation happen to her.

    BUt oh nooooo….let’s not have sex education in the schools whatsoever. Let’s jut have sex tshirts and pregnant teens instead…there’s humor here, in terms of this picture, and it IS in context to her public and political agenda.

  44. 44
    laura Says:

    you guys realize that poor John Mccain picked her to simply appease the religious right of the party, right? Cause they hate him so much, Palin was his peace offering.

    That’s what’s so hilarious—her getting knocked up as a teen herself, now her daughter, all her sex t-shirt….it’s hilarious because she was suppossed to be the far religious right poster girl and she’s more “girls gone wild” than religious righter.

    John McCain would have NEVER picked this broad if it wasn’t for the fact he has to kiss up to the wacky religious right in his party. I feel bad for him, he deserves a better running mate.

  45. 45
    Orchid Says:

    She hasn’t even made her speech yet at the convention, and people are already judging her.

    Here is a link where you can find 128 (maybe even more now) pages of comments, for and against, her. I read only the first page.

  46. 46
    Losing faith in the electorate Says:

    It is sad that our electoral process has become a version of TMZ or American Idol… Our Republic’s end is on the horizon… The uneducated, entertainment driven culture will soon be overtaken by an ignorant group of Islamic zealots who will die for their beliefs – while the American public drones on about P Diddy’s new cologne, Paris Hilton’s newest dog carrier, or who should really have won the Olympic Gymnast medals…


  47. 47
    Ha ha ha haHAAAAAAA Says:

    If only Hilary was at the foot (Obama, Oh why oh why oh why? but then again we really knows who runs your counrty …..)

    “I have a strong case of SPS. Sarah Palin syndrome.

    The main side effect is an immediate –and borderline irrational —anger when she’s attacked. I’m not sure why its happening exactly, but as a long time fan (since like February) I am getting very annoyed by the coverage of her.

    Most of the attacks are just stupid. “She’s formerly the mayor of a town of 9,000.” —- Well, Barack Obama was formerly an infant. Who cares? She’s currently running a state. A state that happens to supply a lot of our energy. She’s more knowledgeable on oil and energy than 125,000 Obama/Biden tickets. And I love how we’re supposed to believe that running a state of 600,000 people is nothing, but being 1 of 2 votes in a 100 vote senate, from a state with 700,000 people is impressive.

    “She’s the most inexperienced vp ever.” Well, Obama is the least experienced presidential candidate ever. She’s been a governor for 2 years, he’s been senator for 4 years. I suppose we’re supposed to believe that its those 2 extra years is what makes you fully qualified? Besides, almost all of those extra 2 years Obama was running for president, not being a senator. Plus, she has executive experience, he has none. And–she’s actually run a business.

    Does she have big foreign policy chops? Other than some foreign trade experience, no. But neither does Obama. It’s amazing to me how you can complain about Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency, when Obama would be ZERO heartbeats away from the presidency.

    Finally—the media is pissing me off. They continually paint Palin as this giant “surprise pick” and a “political unknown.” This is complete nonsense. Sarah Palin has been mentioned as one of McCain’s possibilities for VP for MONTHS. They ALL knew about her. Yes, she was seen as more of a darkhorse, but there was a list of about 10 people, and she was on it every time. The media is just annoyed McCain didn’t tip his hand enough.

    Think about it. Palin is a governor of a state. There’s only 50 of them. How many are republicans? 22 I think? How many of them are attractive (respectful way of saying hot) females with 80% approval ratings. ONE. Doesn’t sound like a huge surprise or a political unknown to me—YOU ********!!!! (sorry, my SPS is kicking in again.) ” Glenn Beck

    CHILDREN…… go to

    listen w your eyes and ears open…the man knows his ****

    Good Night and Good Luck

  48. 48
    required Says:

    lol. i love the way the media is making her a celebrity after mccain’s commercial attacked obama for being a celebrity like paris hilton and britney spears.

  49. 49
    missing the point Says:

    This coverage she’s getting is because she has very extreme views regarding sex in terms of public policy.

    I’m a registered Independent, and I actually like both Obama and McCain in their own right. Obama has a strong running mate who strengthens his weaknesses. But McCain is in a pickle here.

    He has a running mate who is not strengthening his weaknesses or even complimenting him. Mary Kay Hutchinson would have been a MUCH more suitable choice for McCain as a female running mate–I think his team really messed up his campaign with this choice.

    I’ll tell you one thing Mccain on his own accord would have NEVER picked Palin. It was a political move, and a very big gamble at thatl. And the payoff so far is not in a good way.

  50. 50
    Julianne Says:

    #47 – Great post – Thank you.

    I’d like to see some of the photos from the ole’ days of Bill Clinton smokin’ doobies while not inhaling….or is that something that would be applauded and accepted by the ever so liberal media who are trying to run this election.

    We all know that there are some people who are so close minded that they just will NOT vote for a man based on the color of his skin, and that is just sad. Sad, but true!

  51. 51
    emily Says:

    This is freaking hilarious. What a soap opera.

  52. 52
    jughed Says:

    what a babe! :)

    but i’m still gonna vote for obama for prez.

  53. 53
    terissa Says:

    Oh heck she was young and it’s only a shirt leave her alone. It beats smoking pot and taking drugs like Obama.

  54. 54
    bottom line Says:

    We had 8 years of executive experience when Bush was elected the presidential nominee from being the Governor of Texas, and look what that has gotten us. Yet you dang republicans are ready to put two more so called “executive experienced dummies” (Palin executive experience of running a small town (2 people 3 grizzly bears) and less than two years governor and McCain I don’t know much about the economy fool) back in the office??? Hell Smokey the freaking Bear has better common sense then you guys. No the problem isn’t about experience or the lack thereof for you guys and you just need to admit it that any one will do as long as it isn’t that “black man” in the office. That is what got you republicans running scared, and your panties all in a wade. It’s not about experience or anything else that’s a coverup it’s about keeping the White House, well you know just that.

  55. 55
    K Says:

    Can people not read the article? The photo was provided to the AP by ‘The Heath Family”. The author added the bit about the parent’s names. Doesn’t anyone have any relatives besides their parents that would dig up a picture like this if they ran for major office? (The snarky uncle, the jealous cousin.)

    To those that bring up her short resume. At least the republican short resume is at the BOTTTOM of the ticket, not the top.

  56. 56
    Connie Says:

    Really, this is the best the Republicans can do. This is a big joke. I have had enough of this garbage family. I feel like so much more has been covered up.

  57. 57
    Vshizzle Says:

    It is so wonderful how the smears against a woman are so acceptable….It is disgusting the way you people tear this woman apart…Like Obama said himself: “Leave her family alone…” It is really gross you are doing to her Jared.

  58. 58
    milal Says:

    McCain should have picked Condi Rice, Romney, or Huckabee. Palin is a JOKE. She is the female version of Little Bush. Obama/Biden 2008. Yes we can! Yes we can!

  59. 59
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Never mind her resume – McCain could have chosen someone with some class and decency . What a joke!

  60. 60
    heather Says:

    how are photos taken 20 years ago relevant to this election in any way? you liberals will go to any lengths to win an election. how do you sleep at night? nice try…

  61. 61
    uhhhhh Says:

    the photo is relevant because of her public policy making in terms of sex education, people!

    She only wants to teach kids about abstinence.

    Yet she wore f-ck tshirts herself as a teen, got pregnant and had a shotgun wedding, and now her daughter is having one too(poor thing, why does she have to marry this idiot guy who impregnated her?)

    Hmmm…maybe if her daughter AND her had gotten some decent sex ed in school, they would have learned how to not get knocked up before they reached the age of 19

  62. 62
    molly Says:

    this is so funny. She’s so uptight about abstinence as a politician and yet she was wearing fck shirts and advertising her boobs publicly in college.

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  63. 63
    skeptic Says:

    I’m amazed that it doesn’t bother Republicans that their nominee for President did not vet his vice presidential choice. He has been the nominee for months and he could have and would have discovered everything about the family and we would be spared this saga. It is sad that McCain wanted to pick Lieberman or Ridge, but his party wouldn’t go for it, so McCain picked Palin to satisfy the most extreme elements of his party. That says two things about McCain: 1) he doesn’t have stones to stand up to his party; and 2) he lacks the judgment to be President. People, we are engaged in two wars and the Republican VP candidate’s position on Iraq is that it’s God’s plan. WTF! If that doesn’t strike fear into your heart, then I don’t know what will. Don’t our men and women fighting for their country deserve a President and Vice President who are knowledgeable about the issues they confront? Or is party identification more important?

  64. 64
    Common Sense Says:

    Okay, have any of you not worn stupid shirts when you were young? Did you really wait until you were married to have sex? Please. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I think Christ said it best.

  65. 65
    Tami Says:

    I’ve been a life long democrat…but this woman is exactly what we need in the White house!! I’m voting McCain/Palin!!! OMG Obama is a Muslim whether he’ll admit it…I want American!!! Going against my party is tough…swallowing Obama is impossible!

  66. 66
    molly Says:

    common sense:

    I”m not judging her morally. I’m judging her words and actions against her public policies.

    Two different situations.

    It’s very ironic this woman is so anti-sex ed when she was clearly sexually active as a teen herself. Her situation makes a case FOR sex education.

    Her political alignment is extreme right wing when it comes to public policy regarding sex ed and abortion(doesn’t even think abortion should be a possibility for cases of rape).

    THAT matters. Her political stances matter in context to how her actions have been. Her political stances regarding teenagers and sex are so to the right….and yet, we see? She was any normal, sex minded college teen herself. It’s hypocritical.

    THAT matters.

  67. 67
    lana Says:

    translation for the tshirt:

    “Do as I say, kids. Not as I do—or did as a horny teenager myself.”

  68. 68
    eddie jones Says:

    More Leftist Propaganda, good job jared, I hope all your tax filings are in order, let’s hope the republicans handle these attacks just like the democrats do, going after your pocket book.

  69. 69
    anonymous Says:

    How does anyone know she was sexually active as a teen? Cause she wore a silly, racy T shirt? Not that I think there’s anything wrong with it.

    This whole thing is ridiculous. She just seems like a typical college student. She also was older when she got married. It was a few years after college.

    I’d like to know how many here have the accomplishments she has? I don’t share many of her politics or social views but I won’t deny that she is an amazing woman.

  70. 70
    lana Says:

    she was sexually active as a teen cause she had her first child as a teen–8 months after eloping with her husband.

    Good for them for making the marriage work-but she’s hardly a spokesperson for “just say no” to sex as a teenager.

  71. 71
    lana Says:

    ps-she does seem like a normal college student. That’s the point.

    Her public policies regarding sexuality however are NOT reflecting that fact. They are on the far right, where abstinence is the only option to present to teenagers. That clearly isn’t what happened for both mother and daughter here.

    I don’t judge them personally. Good for them for having the kid. But she’s the last person I want to hear about preaching about abstinence only programs.

  72. 72
    karen Says:

    she wasn’t a teen, but she did have a shotgun wedding.

    The shirt isn’t a big deal for her personal life.

    It matters in how to judge how much her actual life aligns with her political stances though.

    I feel bad for her daughter–she’s only 17 and being subjected to so much awful press.

    But Sarah Palin’s open to scrutiny. This isn’t the end of the world, but it does compromise her moral stances in the political realm.

  73. 73
    Too sad Says:

    Wow her own family must be voting for Obama. Her in laws are.

  74. 74
    Danielle Says:

    dude, stop posting bad **** about mccain and palin. none of this **** has anything to do with her being the VP of the USA. ugh, it’s getting so ******* annoying.

  75. 75
    Common Sense Says:

    Molly, not everyone lives up to their own standards. And just because she wants that for the country doesn’t mean that she’s been able to live up to it herself. Honestly, I think it’s great that she can relate to average people. Do you really think that Obama or most of these rich politicians can relate to any of us? She’s lived as just a regular soccer mom, and that’s something I think is great.

  76. 76
    molly Says:

    It’s not her own standards i have a problem with–live her standards away.

    Her ability to project her public policy standards on ME and others politically is where I have a problem.

    How is she relating to average people, if her views on abortion don’t even square with conservative evangelical leanings–where most agree that abortion should be an option for those who have been raped?

    HOw many people honestly agree that abortion shouldn’t be an option for rape victims, including those underaged?

    How is arguing that abstinence programs are the only options that should be taught in schools—when her own life experiences don’t reflect any sort of success rate with the “just say no” concept herself? If it didn’t work for her, why is she attempting to instill those standards on others?

    Just because she’s some mom doesn’t mean she’s relatable at all if her public policies hold others to a higher standard than she holds herself!

  77. 77
    mike Says:

    So what, its a t-shirt. 20 years ago. It wasn’t that long ago that Obaloney was still wearing a muslim diaper on his head.

  78. 78
    remember da truth Says:

    If this were a man, there wouldn’t be this kind of thread up here.

  79. 79
    lAZERBURGH Says:

    I was going to vote for Hilary but then Obama kicked her out of the running. Then I decided I’ll vote for Obama, even though I think his face looks weird and something about him repulses me a little. But now…now the idea of having this hot ***** as vice-president has warmed me up to the notion of McCain as President.

    President Obamalama? President McCain? Yeah, I know which one I prefer.

  80. 80

    If there are examples of Obama being hypocrytical, I’m sure they will come to light. But frankly, it is a lot easier to find examples of Republican hypocrisy, because the conversative values they preach are not meant for the priviledged/ moneyed upper classes but are designed to keep the working classes in order. Why would anyone who has to work for an employer EVER vote right-wing? Especially now, of all times, during the credit crunch. News flash: It is hardly YOUR interests that the Republican party is representing.

  81. 81
    Horselover Fat Says:

    OMG. You poor deluded people. First, McCains people undoubtedly PLANNED on this to happen. It is just another neo-con smoke screen to keep the sheeple from actually looking at, or seeing, the real issues here. They totally planned this. Can’t you see that this whole election process has become another version of a soap opera, or professional wrestling? What better way of saying, “Hah, pwnd! THIS is what we think of you, mister and missus average voter.” Between the sophomoric jokes, and the dry humping, you have the bewildered and disenfranchised feminist swing voting democrats looking for someone to defend against oppression. And, besides, do any of you WANT another qualified VP like Cheney? As a puppet, which they all are (please, budding grammaticists, I know this sentence structure is all wrong, so sue me), wouldn’t you rather have a puppet that at leasts looks good whilst playing her part? In an ostensibly representative democractic republic, isn’t she a mirror image of the so called ‘model american’? All tease, and no please. Next thing that is released will probably be a “show me your tits” photo, or Playboy spread… Now, who of you is going to complain about that?

  82. 82
    Todd Says:

    How can anyone that sides for Obama for president, say that Sarah Palin in not ready for VP? What has Obama done that makes him so “prepared” to be president? Sarah Palin has had far more executive experience than Obama. The most he has done is run his own rockstar campaign.

  83. 83
    bob Says:

    There are a lot of hypocrites on this site, going after Palin while conveniently forgetting the many, many short comings of their own candidates. Women are crazy if they don’t vote for her, just b/c she doesn’t look like Madeline Albright or Janet Reno doesn’t mean she isn’t capable. Her record shows she isn’t afraid to call out the establishment and stand for and DO what is right. Unlike most career politicians, she thinks like most Americans think, and that in itself gives her perspective and understanding . Remember – he who is without sin, cast the first stone

  84. 84
    Shell Says:

    Just Jared you are pathetic

  85. 85
    MATEO Says:


  86. 86
    jennifer Says:

    Even as adults, we as a society are still “so high school” and it is really embarassing to me.
    Do we as adults really need to bash and dig up crap that really has no bearing on a current situation just so that we can feel better about ourselves?
    In my opinion she is like everyone else in this country, just living and the rest of us really need to grow up!!

  87. 87
    jennifer Says:

    TO uHHH # 61



  88. 88
    bonzo Says:

    so what? why is this news?

  89. 89
    Matt Says:

    We were all young once. We wore stupid shirts, craved anyone’s attention we could find. I’m a Democrat, but I’m not naive to know that our future president Barack Obama drank, did cocaine, and smoked both cigarettes and marijuana. If she comes out an denounces the pictures, I’d have a problem with that. You live, you learn. Sometimes you just do silly things.

  90. 90
    DG Says:

    How dare Sarah wear a silly t-shirt at about the same time Barack was using cocaine!

  91. 91
    Tired of Idiots Says:

    Why do you keep insulting JUST JARED? Is he the only BLOG with these pictures? EVERYBODY has them. Palin is the talk of the town, Blogs post things people are interested in. If you wanna bury your heads in the sand, stay at home, shut your doors, unplug your PCs, TVs and Radios, stuff cotton balls in your ear, Do whatever you want but do NOT click on a website and then call the owner pathetic for posting something the entire nation is talking about. It make you PATHETIC.

  92. 92
    Britney Says:

    omg! What a stupid ho bag!

  93. 93
    flibbidy Says:

    She was just a college student and lots of us do dumb things/act dumb when we are young. This is not a reason to be opposed to her.

    No, no. I am opposed to her for entirely different reasons.

  94. 94
    uhhhhh Says:

    to jennifer 87:

    You aren’t catching on obviously.

    Her personal life and her political stances don’t fit. She says “just say no” is the only option to offer teenagers-and yet she’s wearing fck me tshirts in college.
    Interesting that you guys aren’t understanding how her personal life and her political agendas are completely conflicting and hypocritical.
    I don’t care about Palin’s past personally. I care about her political agendas however that are completely hypocritical.

  95. 95
    notArepublicananymore Says:

    Give the woman a break about the shirt. Stupid sayings were common on shirts in the 80′s. In another 20 years there will be old (taken now) photos of a candidate with the word juicy across her butt.

    Now if you want to talk about her position on teaching intelligent design or abstinence only sex ed – go ahead and rip into her.

  96. 96
    jD Says:

    Jared, seriously? Could you be any more transparent?

  97. 97
    hi Says:

    She is the most sexy politician since Cindy McCain…. the republicans have got a ticket to get my rocks off!

    Now there is some RED MEAT I can chew on!!!!

  98. 98
    hi Says:

    THE Republicans are HOT!!!! The Repubs have a ticket to get my rocks off.

    NOW, THAT is some RED MEAT I can chew on, if ya know what I mean!

  99. 99
    brad Says:

    How can you not judge someone who might be the vice president of a country? If you dont judge their actions and words (and those of their family members), how do you make an informed, well-thought choice of the people who should run your country?

  100. 100
    Chris Says:


    “This is freaking ridiculous. Hypocritical, too. Don’t for one moment try to claim that you would make the same remarks if pics of a college-age Obama wearing tshirts with profanity surfaced. You’d be cheering him on!

    Freaking hypocrites give most of us political PROGRESSIVES a bad name.”

    Screw yourself. If you’re a fundie, and you don’t practice what you preach, expect to be treated like the idiot that you are.

  101. 101
    alvin Says:

    just got the t-shirt! sweeeet!

  102. 102
    spud Says:

    McCrank is soooooo FCKD!

  103. 103
    priscilla Says:

    I am waiting for the Vice Presidential Debate on 10/2/08. A lot will happen in the next month. But on the second of October everybody’s questions about who should fill the President’s shoes if needed will be answered.

    It doesn’t matter which party you belong to,,,I think we all know right now what the answer to this question is! If you read newspaper and books you do!


  104. 104
    louise white Says:

    Why don’t you find out why Todd Palin’s ex-business partner filed a motion to seal his divorce case; said motion was denied. He filed the motion after Ms. Palin was nominated.

  105. 105
    louise white Says:

    Why don’t you find out why Todd Palin’s ex-business partner filed a motion to seal his divorce case; said motion was denied. He filed the motion after Ms. Palin was nominated.

  106. 106
    jOHN ABBOTT Says:

    That’s the shittiest photoshop job I’ve ever seen. The light on her eyes doesn’t match the rest of the photo. The shirt is super fuzzy, and the face is sharpened.

    Honestly guys, if you’re going to fake a photo for political gain, at least try.
    Don’t try to pull off this half assed **** that you normaly do.
    And to link the “AP” link to yourself? Gross.

    (An honest to god photographer who plays with photoshop all day long, and wouldn’t be caught dead doing a p-shop version this bad.)

  107. 107
    Hah you all are pathetic Says:

    You all are hypocrites. Pure hypocrites.
    This was a long time ago
    Every makes mistakes
    Get over it. I think she’s fresh and just what this country needs. She’s been through a lot and done a lot. She’s human like you and me and she knows what needs to be done.

  108. 108
    Ann Says:

    Whoever didn’t do stupid things in college that they regret a little — and certainly don’t endorse now, remove the cob from your butt, you’ll be more comfortable!

  109. 109
    Terah Says:

    she’s FUGLY, you stupid ****. GET OFF HER BUSTED BREASTS!

  110. 110
    hypocrites Says:

    Let’s see…if Obama had a T-shirt from when he was in college it would probably say something like “I may have nosebleed, but at least I haven’t run out of blow.” The double standard here is atrocious. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  111. 111
    northern lite Says:

    I cannot believe the RNC is making McCain run with Backwoods Barbie. They are throwing him to the wolves… literally.

    I have nothing against a female President or Vice President for that matter but they should be qualified. As cute as she is, Sarah Palin does not have the required credentials for the position.

    Ask any Human Resources Manager,”Would you hire her as the President”? The most powerful job in the world… god on earth?

    Last point…. suspending your campaign ??? WTF

    You need a time out ??? Are you having a snow day? Just a minute Mr. Terrorist, todays not good for me, I’m going on vacation? Do you need a president that when the going gets tough, He acts like an ostrich ?

    I am a conservative and I am mad as hell.

  112. 112
    An amused person Says:

    Int he original image, isnt that a bong in the right background?

  113. 113
    MG Says:

    Shouldn’t the comma be after the “broke,” not the “but” on that shirt?

    I suppose the boob joke was more important than the syntax on the shirt…

  114. 114
    MG Says:

    Shouldn’t the comma be after the “broke,” not the “but” on that shirt?

    I suppose the boob joke was more important than the syntax on the shirt…

  115. 115
    Jim Says:


    Let me see……………so, the democrats are selling something better? Wow. I need some of what you’re smoking my friend!

  116. 116
    pennsa62 Says:

    Where is the baby that she paraded around during her campaign for VP? It appears that she has no more use for it. She has not been seen in public with her child since.

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