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Sienna Miller Gets Groucho Groovy

Sienna Miller Gets Groucho Groovy

Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty spend some time together outside the Groucho Club in the Soho section of London, England on Monday.

Sadie Frost, ex-wife of Jude Law, recently defended Sienna‘s relationship with married father of four, billionaire Balthazar Getty.

The fashion designer said, “She’s a nice person. She’s a free spirit. She has been really unfairly treated. Whatever she does in her personal life, that is between her and the other person. It isn’t for the media to persuade the public that she is a bad person.’”

DO YOU AGREE with Sadie and think that Sienna has been unfairly treated — YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty getting Groucho groovy…

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  • Oh Dear!

    They haven’t persuaded me, I have long since been a supporter of Sienna Miller.

    P.S. Much respect to Sadie for sticking up for her!!

  • Andie

    I do agree. There is a line that has been crossed…

  • Tammy

    Yes, I do agree.
    Sienna Miller has to find a man
    She sucks at acting.
    The guy is a Getty, you idiots.

  • tellin it like it is


  • Francheska

    What purse is that? I’m afraid that I NEED it.

  • Oh Dear!

    Ignore them Sienna. I have not forgotten that Jude cheated on you, blah, blah.

    I guess she is going for payback.

    Watch and learn people – when you fu’k someone you fu’k them up and then they just don’t care anymore.

    Can any of you b*tches say that you have never f*cked someone else man just for spite? I can; I have never cheated or taken someone elses man and I support Sienna. She doesn’t care anymore – too much sh*t has been done to her.

    Go on Sienna Miller !!!!!!

  • real world

    I DON”T agree with her about that she dated her huband and she left him for another guy for a brief time.Then went back withfot the money.I don’t hate but she can do better for herself than that.BOTH her and boyfriend of trash.JUDE law ‘s ex-wife is very stupit.

  • Carine

    That is what I think is so weird, she has been cheated on so she must know how it feels. I don’t understand why she would do that to someone’s family? Though I actually thinks she is getting an unfair amount of the blame, I mean Getty is the cheating pig here. But she has done something horrible. Nothing justifies that..

  • Oh Dear!

    Yeah, I can usually shut you fu*kers up for a while with some raw truth…

  • go sox

    Unfortunately, people are going to think what they want, and that’s why public image is so fragile. Personally, I think Sienna hasn’t been the same since she was with Jude Law. I believe he hurt her so desperately, and the way she is now, is just her way of not getting too attached and hurt again.

  • SUanne

    People need to get over themselves. You can’t help who you love. People who are calling her a slut and stuff are lame. One day, you might find yourself in her position and then what. does that make you a slut now too?

  • Oh Dear!

    To 8: (That is what I think is so weird, she has been cheated on so she must know how it feels. I don’t understand why she would do that to someone’s family?)

    It doesn’t work like that I’m afraid.

  • Puce

    Sadie Frost is absolutely right. Now maybe people will leave Angelina Jolie alone…

    oh boy, who am I kidding ? That’ll never happen of course !!

  • Oh puleeez

    Jude didn’t hurt Sienna “so desperately”, she was a bed-hopping, selfish famewhore when she was with him just as much as she is now!!! She was way more interested in that clubbing that she doesn’t do, anymore, except when she is with her alcoholism-recovering MARRIED but now OBVIOUSLY seperated father of four.

    She cares about nothing and nobody but her own selfish, self-gratifying “behemimian free sppirit” behavior. The world is worse place becuase beeyatches like she are allowed to mess with good people. Jude Law would have had a way better life if she hadn’t infected it.

    And to #12, I would NEVER act the way she has. I could not live with myself if I ever hurt people the way she did and continues to do. If you have, then you’re the one whose lame.

  • footballisus

    yeah I dont think nobody has the right to judge another person nobody really knows what is going on but those two and the paps ought too just but out

  • Oh Dear!

    Thank you for your input 14, but we careth not!!

    You couldn’t live with yourself sounds like fakery to me…

    Just get with the effing programme it doen’t work like that in this world for all your grandstanding. I like her and therefore I choose to underdstand and support her!

    The programme is that you ruin people by abusing them (any kind of abuse) and eventually they give as goos as they get or just don’t care anymore and please themselves. You can only give so much and not get anything back before you slash you wrists! If you don’t believe be why don’t you buy yourself a dog and every time you walk past it give it a swift kick! And let’s see how long it takes to turn on you…

  • Oh Dear!


    Jude Law is a douche!

  • Oh puleeez

    #15 Those two and HIS WIE AND CHILDREN, whom you have conviniently left out.

    Look I think women oughta have as much sex with as man men and or women as they like, provided that no one gets gets hurt. Haven’t you noticed that 75%, she leaves behind a boken heart and broken family. How many past lovers remember her well? Jude Law will not mention her name to this day. (Despite his worst behavior he ponied up and apologized, unlike this sniveling wench who wants Getty’s wife to clear HER name). Rhys Ifans would kill her if he could hide the body. Daniel Craig? P Diddy? No one’s life is better because of her.

    BTW-Sadie Forst is an aging famwhore who would spread eagle on the sidewalk to get her picture in the paper. Of course she would say something nice about her to get a little press.

  • Oh puleeez

    Oh Dear–kicking dogs is the kind of benavior YOU’RE talking about, not me.

    Sienna has hurt way more people than have ever hurt her. Take a pole!!
    If you can defend this home wrecking trash, then I can abuse her. Maybe next time someone will come along and screw you over. Maybe even her!

  • babydoll.

    i know that everybody is so desperate to finish this girl.

    but people. c’mon. she is starting to losing her mind. she looks like endangered little animal sieged by vampires.

    its sick. what paparazzi are doing to her. i am ashamed that everybody watches it. and is having a good laugh.

  • Oh Dear!


    We could go like this forever!

    I like her and I support her. I also like Daniel Craig (good man!).

    I identify with this women, although I have backed away from men who were taken, you’d be surprised how many married men have chased me around and been very aggressive about getting what they want. Needless to say they lost as I don’t allow myself to be bullied.

    I think you’ll find that the people who get the most trashed talked about them are nice people and just the victims of mis-guided witch hunts and those that like to appear squeaky are the biggest anti-christs!

  • remember da truth

    Sadie Frost could slam Sienna and get a LOT more press. What she is saying is the truth.

    You don’t know what has happened, so all of you need to stop judging. You don’t understand how she could do that to a family? Maybe because she HASN’T!! Don’t you get how easily you are being manipulated by the media which wants you to buy their bulls***?

    You people are the fools. Sienna and Getty are living their lives, just as Sadie and Jude are. Sadie, who knows her and the people in her life, has no problem with Sienna, so why do you?

  • Oh Dear!


    You make a good point (ie. “i am ashamed that everybody watches it. and is having a good laugh.”) It is that kind of behaviour that will make her even more out for herself.

  • Oh Dear!


    Another good point!

    These celebs need to care a little less aout public opinion, the public doesn’t really care about them and that includes their fans.

    The people they care about are the only ones who should matter, not us who have done jack sh*t for them.

  • meeeee


  • Ally

    There’s nothing unfair about being called out on hypocritical, immortal behavior. The only unfair thing is that people haven’t been even harsher on that dou*hebag Getty- she’s deserves all the scorn she’s experiencing, but he deserves even more.

  • Natalie smith

    Come on everyone!!!

    She a bed-hoping and selfish! It is crystal clear!
    Take a look at her background and it is all there!!

    It is not Jude Law’s fault she is who she is!! Everyone gets hurt at least once!! it doen’t mean that’s an excuse to go around hurting others or changing lovers in such a public and a shameless manner!!!

    She just has issues she needs to address!! She is not bad or mean perhaps at heart, but she surely acts selfishly and arrogantly!!!

    AND PLEASE no comparisson with Angelina -she showed how serious she was with Pitt and it all happened fast without public displays of affection and all- she didn’t go around the globe naked trying to prove she can have any man she wants whenever she wants him!!

    It is so clear this girl is spoiled rotten by everyone in her life!! She had it hard once with Law and this is an excuse for turning out like this??? She courts attention like crasy and it is one of the things she has in common with Sadie Frost who definately is much worse she can do and say anything just to draw attention!!!!

    You are who you are and who you you were raised to be!!!!

    If there are people that admire that girl, I mean it is a pity, but then there is something for all tastes out there I suppose!!

  • mina

    I feel kind of bad for her, she looks really distraught and like she just want to be left alone. I don’t condone what she did, but she looks pretty upset

  • Idril

    I think we just know the story with Getty through media that mean that we don’t know the truth. I don’t like Sienna but this is going to far.

  • degzy

    Sadie frost is a crack whore, millers just a whore. That dude getty looked scared there, he’s a freakin wimp. They all have coke eye’s

  • Oh Dear!

    I am not for one minute suggesting that Jude Law is soley responsible for her predictament. And how do YOU know that, that is the only time that she has been hurt. That is the only time that the public knows about and not from her mouth. You don’t need to know about it, it is not your business. People don’t care when things are bad for you, they just laugh in your face, so one should keep that shit to themselves. Have you only ever had ONE bad relationship – get real!

    I can’t stand people who try to steal sympathy from you by playing the wounded animal. Those who have really been hurt tend to keep it to themselves.

    Also, I like Angelina and I couldn’t care less about this whole Brad Pitt thing. All of this is six of one and half a dozen of the other. No one ever really knows what goes on between two people and they don’t owe you an explanation – mind your business you don’t pay any bills over at her house!


    Jude is a talented actor and perhaps a nice guy. No doubt he is good father also…but he is a shit boyfriend and husband (he cheated on both his wives). I wouldn’t date him (not that he wants me), because I can tell by his demeanour that being with him would be a problem and i could save myslef alot of stress and confusion by not getting involved with him.

    (I love this site – there is alot of fun going on here!!!!)

  • beatrice

    to OH DEAR….you need help…hahahaha

    you have some f*cked up way of rationalizing a S. Lu.t’s behavior!

    can’t change my mind……! loser.

  • Jess

    I agree with 18. Usually I hate it when women are called whores/sluts/hos because someones sex life is their own business and it’s such a double standard for men and women. My motto is that is no one is hurt then judgement needn’t be passed but in this case people were hurt.

    How could she sleep with a married man and change the lives of 4 children for the worse? It’s one thing having your partner taken away but imagine having your father taken away. He’ll go from living in the same house as his kids to seeing them about twice a month (if they’re lucky). I don’t know the situation tho (if he was separated for a while beforehand or if he lied to her) so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. I think he’s scum tho.

  • Oh Dear!


    I’d rather be called a loser by you than have you like me because i supect that you are a piece of Sh1T!! and I would worry if you liked me!


  • give it up people

    the only reason Sadie is defending Sienna is because she (A) wants publicity because she is desperate for it and she is washed up! and (B) She did the essentially the same thing years ago when she cheated on her then husband and father of her son to be with Jude Law (whom she later married and had children with)

    Guilt is a terrible thing, isn’t it Sadie!

  • Oh Dear!

    good for Sienna!! She doesn’t care what you think and you can’t control her with your comments. She is not a puppet on your string.

    I take my hat off to her.

  • beatrice

    OH DEAR….wow you are very clever…ta! give it up LOSER – I said it again since you like it so much

  • Oh Dear!

    I think I have touched a nerve with you hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

    Sheeple Alert!!!!

  • Oh Dear!


    Make me give it up B*tch!! Show me how bad you are!!!


  • C2

    I thought she said that she hadn’t been to a club in years and that she doesn’t court attention? If SM personal life is none of our business, then why does she keep releasing these ridiculous stories about her adventures with the married man and then having these photo-ops with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN?

    Surely you don’t think that it was necessary for her to release these recent photos of her and the not yet divorced/legally separated married man at a CLUB IN LONDON (see she has to keep him drunk because that is the only way he can tolerate her)? What is she trying to prove? That the only way that she can get a man is by competing with a MOTHER OF 4? Did she release these photos because she wanted to show that BG “cares so much for her” that he didn’t even bother to spend Labor Day with his kids? If BG was so “in love” with SM, she wouldn’t have to go to so much trouble with releasing these PR stories and photo-ops.

    She happily prances around London with a married man, while RG/kids are left to deal with the mess that SM and BG have created. She was upset because “someone” tagged her mom’s house/call her a **** , well her pain doesn’t compare to the pain/stress that these photos and PR stories have on RG/kids. These stories and photos will last forever and will be a constant reminder of what happened to their family because SM didn’t have enough respect for herself and another woman to say “no” to the married man. And she wonders why people don’t find her antics with the married man romantic, cute, or amusing. If SM doesn’t want to be labeled as a **** by the public and media, then STOP THE AFFAIR WITH THE MARRIED MAN!!!!!

    SM DOESN’T WANT PRIVACY, SHE WANTS EVERYONE, INCLUDING RG/HER KIDS, TO KNOW THAT SHE IS STILL SLEEPING WITH THE NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARTED MARRRIED MAN. She does not get to play victim and do the “…but I’m a good person” act, when she is still sleeping with another woman’s HUSBAND and continues to flaunt it . Since she didn’t say “no” to the married man and continues to flaunt the affair, that makes her EQUALLY responsible for the affair and RG/kids pain/stress.

  • Oh Dear!


    And there you have it – six of one, half a dozen of the other = the same only different.


    Even if they were not famous there would be some busy body down the street who thinks they can tell you what to do whilst they do what they want. They like to have that kind of control (peer pressure).

    Even Robbie Williams said when they were lynching Kate Moss, that he had done coke with half the paps etc that were spiting on her in the press.

    All of you hoes on here talking about Sienna can’t say that you haven’t fucked someone else’s man or cheated on your own and that includes the men on here too.

    So shut up!!!! Correct your own behaviour first!!

  • Oh Dear!


    This won’t last and he will be back with his wife soon enough!

    Men can never say ‘no thank you, I already ate’.

  • lori

    sienna has to keep her image in the public every so often other wise people would forget who she was…that’s why she pretends to be a wounded deer in the head lights..when you know it was her who tipped off the paparrazi that she was there..even the good comments on here don’t sound sincere..i’ve always thought that anyone who liked this girl was paid by her pr team..that’s how much i’m surprise that she could actually have a fan..ask yourself this question..does anyone remember this girl befor jude law? either..

  • Oh Dear!

    I do – I’m British!

  • Oh Dear!


    Half the time I don’t know who half the American celebs on here are…and if I didn’t visit this site I still wouldn’t know.

    They all look the same and dress the same and sound the same – sorry!

  • Balthazar not a billionaire

    I remember quite clearly watching a documentary on the Gettys and seeing an interview with a very young Balthazar that said his father was disinherited (that after being kidnapped and having his ear cut off.. his great grandfather refused at first to fork over the 2 million the kidnappers asked for.. so they cut off his Dad’s ear and sent it to Papa Getty.. he then negotiated the ransom down and made the father promise to pay it back to him with interest.. his Dad came back a little screwed up.. married Balthazar’s mom who the family didn’t approve of.. disinherited) and that included him as the children of the non approved of union.

    No Getty money for Balthazar..

    Then great grandpa Getty gave the majority of his estate to the Getty museum and other charity/foundations screwing a large portion of his family out of any inheritance at all.

  • duh

    Oh Dear- #16

    You make no sense. Sienna made the decision to do what she did.
    She “made her own bed”- now she has to sleep in it.

    Grow up Oh Dear

  • Helen

    Sadie Frost is hardly a paragon of virtue so it’s not surprising that she has such…er…liberal views!

    I do think Sienna should be able to do as she pleases in her private life. The problems begin when she doesn’t keep her private life private (and Sienna didn’t) by flashing her boobs, grabbing BG’s groin and sticking her breast in his mouth in public. Worse, she ensured that they followed his wife to Italy to put on their OTT PDA and lust, earning condemnation for their actions (because prior to doing this the wife was clueless about the relationship and the marital breakdown).

    I do wonder why Sienna appears so distressed in these and other pictures I have seen of her and BG at the Groucho Club? She always looks as though she has a bad smell under her nose or as though someone is hurling abuse at her. If she is bothered by the media attention at the Groucho Club, perhaps she ought to go somewhere less likely to draw attention? Why can’t they stay in if they don’t want the attention? The fact that she is at the Groucho Club with BG, dressed in denim shorts and white deck shoes (which are guaranteed to draw attention like beacons) with two thighs full of bruises in the shape of fingers (BG’s no doubt) – all of this tells me the woman is seeking yet more press attention, despite her protestations. Because she just can’t help herself and she knows she would be forgotten if she wasn’t being gossiped about constantly.

    Incidentally, she is definitely more into him than he is into her. Pictures do not lie. The strain of keeping her distance from him in public is killing her. Conversely, he doesn’t look like he gives a fig about the fact that he is not touching her. That’s not promising for their “relationship”. I give them until Christmas. If then…

  • Oh Dear!

    I am not saying anything to the contrary. It is you who can only think two dimensionally – duh!

    As i said – ‘Sheeple Alert!’

  • babydoll.

    #40. i agree with you on that: “I thought she said that she hadn’t been to a club in years and that she doesn’t court attention?”.

    she has just said it.. like.. one week ago? and now she is standing (i dont mean posing) in front of cameras next to the groucho? its a very weird syndrome.

    i am neither hater nor supporter of Sienna. i loved her early looks and her clothes, but with her romantically-notorious past i wouldnt be that quick to jump on Getty’s ass and strolling to pharmacy like never has ever happened. i think “free-spirited” is a new version of easy british ladette.

    but that is terrible what the media coverage is doing to her. she is a piece of bad girl at least… but its insane and inhuman to treat people like that and cannot let them live their own lives.

    i would love to hear what they both have to say… i am counting on Vanity Fair this time.