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Suri Cruise: Walk This Way!

Suri Cruise: Walk This Way!

Katie Holmes takes a leisurely stroll through New York City on Tuesday morning with her super cute and super emotive 2-year-old daughter Suri.

Earlier in the morning, the 29-year-old actress was seen arriving for rehearsals to prepare for her Broadway debut in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons.

Ticket holders won’t be the only ones in attendance when Katie‘s show opens Oct. 16. Masked men!

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise walking this way…

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suri cruise walk 01
suri cruise walk 02
suri cruise walk 03
suri cruise walk 04
suri cruise walk 05
suri cruise walk 06
suri cruise walk 07
suri cruise walk 08
suri cruise walk 09
suri cruise walk 10

Credit: Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Ashley


  • Isabell


  • rachel

    tat girl is soooo cute….
    but they need to get her of bottles…

  • Marissa

    Awww, Suri is back. Love her. I missed her

  • coza

    She looks cute but what is up with the long face?

  • Mina

    uhh, does Suri walk? in all of th pics, shes being carried by katie, i feel sorry for katie, carrying her everywhere.

    the child needs to wear some shoes and walk all by herself.

    But, i like the child, i think shes the cutest. and looks like a cute doll.

  • low maintenance

    I guess Suri didn’t want her hair brushed, face washed or her shoes on. She’s a free spirit.

  • Denise in NJ

    She looks like she just woke up…how bout you get her some sunglasses too????

  • Rescue59

    Cute little darling Suri.
    I bet she’s happy to be back with her mom (almost a grin, is it?). Anything is better than being alone with Tom, I’m sure.

  • Suri and not bristol

    as boooooooooring as kh and her daughter are, better them all day then attacking Bristol.
    I guess Jared is paid by tc and osama.

  • Jackie

    Yay more Suri!

  • LuckyKat

    My boyfriend and I saw Tropic Thunder this weekend and we loved the character played by Tom Cruise! He was awesome! We giggled our way through the movie and we both agreed that Tom played the best part! I would see the movie again just to see him dance … it was hilarious! Not to mention …. that the man can move!

    Anyhow, that’s all I expect from celebrities … to be entertainaining in whatever venue they are in. I do not know them personally and I expect nothing more from them than the entertainment value of the ticket(s) I purchase.

  • my Name

    Super emotive? Is that sarcasm because Suri always looks bored. Do they ever interact with her, or do they just like to carry her around everywhere like an accessory.

  • HaileyFinn

    “Super-emotive” was again Jared’s cute way to try to stir the pot and get the comments going, because he is well aware of the discussions here for months now pertaining to Suri’s lack of expression.

    He wants to get all the negativity flowing, because it sparks debate and gets more comments, hence more hits for him. Yet now he’s willing to put a two year old child out there for “bait” and hope someone takes it.

  • HaileyFinn

    I think everyone should just skip any kind of discussion here and not take it.

  • biden’s sons in trouble

    So Jared, we are waiting for the article about Biden’s sons and brother and their criminal acts.
    It’s only fair after you shit all over Bristol.

  • chriseler 1

    cute little girl. Looks like a doll in some photos.

  • happy lol day

    What an adorable little face, I hope they let her grow up and make her own life choices not try to force her into anything :)

  • dancer

    He didn’t ___all over Bristol. He is reporting what everyone is reporting. I’m sure if Biden’s stuff gets news play that will be here too. Give it a rest. This is a Suri thread. And I’m not even a Suri fan.

  • mya

    I said it no so long ago, even Suri can’t make Katie smiling…

  • m

    why does Jared follow their every move?

  • manolita

    Katie looks so bitter. Her face is way too sharp. Pity she cultivated anorexia.

  • bud

    when her hair isn’t perfectly “done”, and she isnt wearing a fancy dress, she looks quite plain.

  • save katie from what?

    #23. Exactly. She’s a cute kid, but it’s the $200-300 dresses and $200 designer haircuts that make her look different from the other kids. Otherwise, she’s just another cute kid.

  • ebmo

    She really is an adorable little stepford zombie.
    The other zombie is very pretty too.

  • Debra

    Beautiful mother & daughter!!!!!

  • whatyasay

    Scientologist believe that infants are really adults from birth. Their children decide everything like they are adults. That explains Suri still sucking on a bottle WAY past the time to toss it for a sippie cup – Suri brushes her hair when she feels like, goes to bed when she wants, wears shoes in the fall with a blanket when she wants, the list goes on and on. The kid probably eats whatever junk she wants which is why she seems so listless all the time.

    I always fee so sad when I see this little girl.

  • gforce

    Nothing special about this kid. She looks look any other 2 yr. old !

  • tom c

    It looks so ridiculous: a 2 1/2 yr old, with no shoes on, blanket thrown over her, carried by her mother for a stroll. How about making her put shoes on? That’s called being a parent.


    Two words: WHO CARES?

    I’m so sick of Holmes who*ring that kid out for PR. She makes me sick. The kid is cute but so is every other 2 year old! She’s a shi*ty parent too. The kid still carries a blanket, wears diapers and is still using a bottle. Any mother worth her salt has the kid trained, walking around on her own and off the bottle for a year by now. Suri is just a show pony Katie uses to get publicity.

    One more thing: Katie looks like hell and Suri looks miserable. They never smile! They must be the two most unhappy people in the world but I would be too if I had to deal with that freak Tom Cruise! LOL!! Run Katie and take Suri with you. Then take a couple of parenting classes to learn how to be a real mother.

  • Megan fox rocks

    katie is hot mom , suri is cute

  • brutally honest

    is it just me or is Katie estranged from the other kis? I mean there is more kids at the Tom compound. oh right they are adopted they arent good enough for the camera …… but i respect the fact that the other kids dont give a rats butt about the PR …im just saying ……suri suri suri …

  • Bea-girl

    “super-emotive” Jared?!?!?! Are you high or something?

    That kid never smiles. Just like her Mom she always looks detached and out of it. A kid putting her fingers in her mouth is not “super-emotive”. What does Tom Cruise pay you to post this stuff anyway?

  • Sweatpea

    I used to really like KH. I loved her on DC and I used to see all her movies but since she hooked up with that freak Tom Cruise…..YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

    He turned her from a nice girl from Toledo into a cult lovin zombie who looks like she’s dead most of the time. I feel sorry for her family but I don’t feel sorry for her. She wanted TC’s money and his name and she thought she was gonna get more famous. Well she did, except its not the way she wanted it to be. She’s a laughingstock. She deserves what she got. There’s nothing left of her career. Her last movie bombed, her play isn’t selling tickets and most sane people think she is brainwashed and stupid. Now people are going to be protesting her play because she got herself hooked up with a cult. I don’t know anyone who like KH or TC anymore. Everyone thinks they’re freaks except for a few crazy fans.

    Katie, you look like a freak. Get away from Tom and his cult and take that cute little girl with you! Maybe then you can get your career and self respect back.

  • BigMama

    The blanket is to hide the fact that Suri is still wearing a diaper.

  • Clinton

    Alright. I have to admit it. You guys were right all along. Katie looks terrible. Her eyes look dead and she looks like she needs a good bath. She is obviously sick in the head and being controlled by Tom Cruise. She is using Suri to boost ticket sales of her play and she is stuck in a sick cult. Tom Cruise is a nutcase and he ruined Katie and her career.


    Everything I said before was a lie. I was told to say that by my Scientology auditor, but I now realize I was wrong.

    SAVE KATIE AND SURI!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandrea

    Where is Tom and the other kids? He said he doesn’t run United Artists and he’s not working on a movie, so how come he isn’t in New York with Katie and only comes to visit? I know why!! Maybe they are separated and maybe Katie is going to finally get away from that freak!! Wouldn’t that be great? Then they can finally have a normal life and maybe Katie can start looking like a happy girl again!!

    They said they were all going to live in NY. I betcha Tom just comes to pickup little Suri for visitation. I heard from a friend who lives in NY that Katie has an apartment downtown and Tom stays at a hotel when he comes to visit.

    Get away from Tom, Katie!! He’s ruining you!!

  • Tammi

    katie is hot mom , suri is cute


    I agree that Suri is cute. All little 2 year olds are cute.

    But if you think Katie is a “hot mom”, you must be insane. She looks like she gets her clothes from Walmart, her hair looks horrible and she must dress in the dark. She looks as if she’s a 50 year old hag! Nothin hot about that. LOL!

  • defap

    Love Suri, love Katie and the family. Tom is a great actor.
    The majority opinions don’t equal the right opinions. History has proven the point time and again.

  • Rocky

    “I heard from a friend who lives in NY that Katie has an apartment downtown and Tom stays at a hotel when he comes to visit.”

    This was my understanding too, and Tom did not stay at her apartment but at a hotel in NYC, then Katie came to stay there too. Only while he was in town and then back to her own place.

    Maybe her apartment in NYC didn’t have the separate bedrooms like the house on West Coast.

  • victoria

    HEY RESCUE 59 AND DANCER …. Suri is cute…. AGREE DANCER.. Wait until Bristol gets married to that Levi ” whatever ” character that the news media is tearing apart, because of his ” myspace page “, and we will see all sorts of judging by everyone……. And for the person above who has a problem with ” fingers in the mouth “. So what ? I had written a comment earlier on this but scrolled up, and the system deleted my message… SO APOLOGIES>>> ..My 3 and a half year old grand-daughter ( I’m a young nana ) LOL, still LOVES her Strawberry Shortcake blanket, and carries it with her everywhere. We take it to restaurants and stores. It is comforting to her, because my son and daughter-in-law have had to move so many times. I believe she feels insecure, and this is a stable possession in her little life. BUT, her 18 month old sister has NO attachment to anything. It is the same with Suri’s diaper or pull-up… In the pre-school/daycare where I teach, some children at the age of 3 AND 4 still need a pull-up at NAP TIME ONLY

  • victoria

    Hey Jared.. you keep SUBMITING ME…… LOL…. Some children just mature faster than others, and some have medical issues, but we do not judge any of the precious children…………. By the end of the school year, the majority are OUT of their pull-ups…… Suri’s hair does NOT look dirty and unbrushed…. Maybe it is wind blown, but I really find it hard to believe, that Katie would NOT wash Suri’s hair……….. If anyone can explain why “” the fingers in the mouth “”" is an issue for a 2 and a half year old, please explain. That is even silly to bring up. Silly like the so-called blanket problem…..

  • usa


  • aretha

    Best family in Hollywood…many can learn from them.

  • rnc


  • care

    I love this family album and looking at them always
    tugs at my heart

  • lurking

    I used to say beautiful Suri looks like Katie but in this pics she looks like daddy as well. I thank you JJ for all the threads on them.

  • jean

    Cute overload

  • KrissyKitty

    That child is too beautiful to allow her to walk out the door without combing her hair first.

    ~Victoria, you said that you work with young children, I want to ask you a question….. Does Suris interactions (or lack there of) concern you?
    Suri does not seem like she is fully engaged by what is going on around her… To me she looks like she is mildly Autistic… Do you think i am reaching with this observation? I myself have a 4 and a 2yr old and their behavior, I guess, is totally oppostite from hers.

  • manette

    Cutest baby ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!