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90210 is a Rating Success!

90210 is a Rating Success!

The CW’s 90210 became the highest-rated scripted debut in the network’s two-year history, reports THR. (Reviewers chimed in, saying it wasn’t a complete disaster.)

4.9 million viewers tuned into Tuesday’s two-hour premiere, garnering a 2.6 rating among adults 18-40. Smallville held the previous record in the adult demo with a 2.2 rating.

The network’s all-series premiere record is held by reality TV series competition America’s Next Top Model with a 2.6 rating.

The trade mag reports that if the CW’s overall performance does not improve, the network may be axed altogether.

THE BIG QUESTION: Will you tune into 90210 next week?

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  • me…

    havent had time 2 watch but it sounds gd

  • me…

    wasnt the guy at tthe bottom left in Hannah Montanna once? Cos I reconise him.

  • oh snap THE BIG QUESTION: Will you tune into 90210 next week?

    me: HELL NO

  • michelle


  • Ediiesoup

    whats 90210?:S

  • Ediiesoup

    whats 90210?:S

  • Accidentalsexiness

    OMG I watched it last night and was very dissapointed. I think I will watch one more episode and hope it gets better.

  • ashley

    omg it was so good i cant wait till next week!!!!!!!!!! stop hatin all u haters!!

  • athena

    Didn’t watch it yesterday, won’t watch it next week. Unless they add Brian Austin Green, who is doing much better things on The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

  • laura

    it was ok…but still prefer gossip girl!

  • Jade

    it sucked, but i knew it was gonna sucked big time, i won’t tune at all, is pure crap

  • r.

    Nope. But am darn sure ready for Supernatural to start back up.

  • bI N F A M O U S, bish!

    ..A show about a bunch of stupid, clueless while kids having sex and get in trouble. Hmm.. Why wouldn’t it be a success.. Lmbao

  • jq

    i’m going to watch it next week

  • disappointed

    &frac12 ; as good as the original

  • Click

    I like it… very cool. love the whole rich lifestyle… oh wait thats watt I have now. :D

  • 90210 fan

    I thought the show was better then I thought it would be. I wish they showed more of Kelly and Brenda.

  • Swirl

    I don’t like the first hour, but I liked the second hour. Yes, I am going to watch the show next week.

  • athena

    Hi #9, Athena…wow, never met another athena on the boards. How goes it?

  • elvia.

    shenae grimes is super awesome. =D of course, will watch next week.

  • Justin

    ill be watching

  • ginny

    i watched like 10 mins of it its not very good you can’t mess with a classic. Its like when they did saved by the bell the new class it wasn’t as good as the original can’t writers come up with a original show. Besides I watch one tree hill which is the best and i hope they don’t kill the network.

  • my Name

    I couldn’t finish the whole thing last night, it was that bad. So, no more watching for me.

  • creativegirl

    well, i think i will be watching next week. i thought last night was okay. I mostly loved just seeing a lot of my old favorites, Rob Estes, Lori Laughlin, Jennie, Shannen and even good old Linda Grey (any Dallas fans out there?)

    I definitely want to see if Kelly’s baby is Dylan’s or Brandon’s. It would seem like its Brandon’s, but who knows.

    I really wish Tori was back, it would just seem right then.

    Next week we’ve got Kelly’s mom back, its fun how they integrated both old and new.

    As for the new cast of kids, my favorite was Shenae Grimes. Is she gorgeous or what? The rest, well – they were rather boring except for the dude who took Annie to dinner on his private plane. He was hot so he can stay. The rest, not too much to grab onto there yet.

    So I’ll probably watch just to see if I get hooked in. It takes time to get engrossed in any new show, but a lot of us who grew up watching 90210 already are invested in these characters so I think they will get a lot of hangers on just for that fact alone. Its interesting to see how these characters lives have evolved.

  • Mel

    I wish they showed more of Kelly and Brenda.
    but still prefer One Tree Hill

  • foreveronthedancefloor =]

    okay. definetly do not care about this show….looks gay and sounds gay. i def. prefer GOSSIP GIRL AND ONE TREE HILL =] ugh and if you say that 90210 is better than gossip girl. your mistaken.

  • Katherine

    I’ll tune in! :)

  • ouch

    Kelly’s baby’s daddy is Dylan. He’ll be making an appearance. Doesn’t anybody read spoilers!?

    I wish Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green and Tiffani Amber Theissen would return. It would make the show definitely more worth it.

  • Ashley

    I don’t care about the show but i do love smallville. Woot! to smallville.

  • Lal29

    I guess I was expecting the old 90210, only better.

    It was really bad. I watched the first half and was really bored by it all. I was really disappointed by the acting, and even the plot lines..u can’t remake this classic!!

  • kayla

    honestly, i didn’t like the show at all.
    gossip girl is 100x better.

  • faraday

    I pulled out the old dvd’s of the original – the storylines of this were almost an exact copy of the pilot of the original series.

    It had its moments, but the critics were right. Without Kelly, Brenda, Nat (ok, so I had a little squee at the peach pit), and the nods to the old series, this really would have been lacking substance. I think they are banking on those characters to get the numbers and then slowly lure people into it full time.

    How many are only watching it because of the oldies, and the storyline with the principal and his ex? So much more substance there than the unreal teen angst going on with the kids.

    It was fun, sure, but Gossip Girl has the modern edge over it. Not to mention New York is way cooler than LA.

  • Sara

    I watched it yesterday, and i loooved iit!! ♥

  • the show will get BETTER ratings when they give Shannen Doherty more on-screen time and get Jason Priestley back as Brandon!! the Walsh twins were 90210!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjared avory

    honestly i really tried to like it but it was horrible.

  • bri

    i did watch it, and ill watch next week too: )

  • waterlily

    i really liked it and will definitly watch next week but i think gossip girl is better but that can change as the episodes keep coming i’m so happy for shenae grimes a fellow canadian and i really like silver and dixon on the show :)

  • leighton meester fan

    I’ll watch it next week.I liked it not as much as Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.Jason Priestley should come back.Brandon was my favorite on the original.

  • Olivia

    I did not watch the premiere because it does not look appealing to me. I’m boy-cotting 90210. I absolutely love Gossip Girl and I don’t want 90210 to challenge GG in anyway (larger ratings). Gossip Girl’s premiere was amazing and I’ll stick to only watching the CW on Monday’s at 8:00 pm (and Sunday’s GG reruns)

  • K

    yes i will tune in next week.
    despite all the hype however, the show didn’t live up to all the buzz. i wasn’t as good as i thought it would be. too many characters got a bit confusing and the storylines were a bit scattered. i also found it quite annoying how it kept using songs from Gossip Girl! :O

    anywho, it was a DECENT premiere, and YES i will tune in next week. :)

  • stefani

    Kelly totally rocked, she’s forever the best character :P They needed more of her and brenda, but the new cast was good too. Annie and her family were interesting to watch, but Erin Silver totally stole the show (out of the new cast) for me. She rocked. I’ll be tuning in for sure!

  • nicole

    I really liked it….had to tape part of it to watch the hills but I really enjoyed it and I will tune in next week..I like the new cast a lot…Especially the 2 Canadian actors:)

  • TR

    I think the original 90210 was a million times better. I just don’t get the same vibe as the original one, even with the old cast.

    I couldn’t picture Kelly as a guidance counselor… I think her sister is really pretty though, and Annie’s date was super hot. Annie is a little too skinny and looks younger compared to the others.

    and I thought it was cool how they incorporated Andrea’s daughter in it, that was funny.

    The 2nd hour was better, yes… and I dunno if I’d keep up with it. Gossip Girl is also a million times better.

  • Jen

    It sucked…i prefer gossip girl way more!

  • Jen

    It sucked…gossip girl is way better!!!

  • sophie

    better than the original

  • brooklyn

    I thought it was awesome! So yeah, I’m going to watch next week =)

  • andré

    it was way better than the gossip girl episode (which was totally ridiculous by the way)

  • courtney

    i’ve never seen the original so i can’t compare, but i thought it was amazing! i can’t wait til next week.

  • Julie