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'90210' -- The Reviews Are In!

'90210' -- The Reviews Are In!

The first reviews are in from last nigiht’s two-hour premiere of the much-buzzed-about 90210. Check it.

90210 is a perfectly competent and reasonably seamless revival that understands what made the original tick (and tick and tick), while being infused (occasionally suffused) with enough contemporary touchstones to remind new viewers that this isn’t their parents’ (or at least older siblings’) trusty fave… 90210 is not a disaster, and the CW can now officially let out a deep … sigh … of relief.” — Newsday

“More than just a famous zip code, 90210 is easily the most hyped show of the fall season and the CW is banking on all of the buzz to draw in big ratings. This spinoff, eight years after the first series ended, is a pallid copy of the original fish out of water story only with shinier cars, fancier clothes and Botox aplenty.” — Variety

“All the expected ingredients were there: gorgeous teens, lots of style and extravagance, raging hormones, and always the potential for backstabbing, broken hearts and payback. Same old, same old at West Beverly Hills High School.”– AP

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the two-hour premiere of 90210 — YAY or NAY?

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  • rania

    its soooo good so far!!

  • rania

    soo good!!!

  • over it

    i didnt even know it premiered already

  • A

    I have to say, it was pretty great : )

    I think the CW has a huge hit on their hands. The newbie cast members better get ready!!!!

  • jason

    OMG this was the best show on t.v better then gossip girl. gossip girl need to stop up there game there a new h.b.i.c and her name is 90210

  • kourtney

    I actually thought it was kinda boring..

    me and my mom were watching it (she liked the original so we were watching this one together) and we just kept on looking over at each other like.. uhh when is this supposed to get interesting.

    this was the pilot episode though, so I’m not going to write the show off just yet.

    I’m a huge fan of gossip girl though! :)



  • tia

    Im watching it RIGHT now in california and im really liking it! i think its better than gossip girl! its more relatable and the characters for once, are like real people!!


    my number one will always be one tree hill!

  • Sunja

    I’m loving it so far. I agree, way better then Gossip Girl.

  • the shiznack

    i only watched it cus of Jessica Walter aka Lucille ‘Gangee’ Bluth

    gotta say the 90210 Gangee wasnt that bad, funny too

    the show was watchable and not as bad as i thought it would be

  • courtney

    personally, i thought it was a good teen drama… but it should not be called 90210. if you had just tuned in and missed scenes with kelly, brenda and nat.. you would just think it was another oc/90210 rip-off. it may have some of the same characters and some of the babies grown up (erin silver/hannah zuckerman), but it’s just NOT 90210.

    i like the characters and the actors, but they don’t live up to the hype. the whole show didn’t live up to the hype and the 2-hours just made it dull. the first hour was better.

    soundtrack was good though :)
    <3 jason mraz. adele. colby o’donis. <3

  • courtney

    i actually think the oc was more like 90210 then this was.

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

    oh dear god.
    i love this show

    i don’t know if it is quite better than gossip girl, but it is pretty good.

  • athena

    I was a little disappointed in the show…but, I must say…it’s sad how true it is that many of these teens you can’t tell if they’re actually teens…I thought they lack a bit of the character from the original…I’m happy that they’ve included most of the originals which would make since…but, Lori Laughlin…I got a little confused and thought I was watching a rerun of Summerland…she never changes…nor does her character stretches much…but, hey, it’s good money for her if she can get it…I liked it…I won’t knock it because I loved the original and I hope they can step it up a notch…looking at the teens today really have you thinking how jaded they’ve become before they’re 18…sad, but true…and how old they look…jeez…take off some of that makeup and overdone hair girls.


    I liked it, but gossip girl is still better, but amazing show

  • rhonda

    Way better than gossip girl and OTH. I loved it!!!!

    So happy seeing brenda again!

  • anna

    i thought this show was so boring and dumb. i didn’t like it at all. it reminds me of a racier version of sweet valley high…the issues and themes presented on this show have been recycled on so many other shows. nothing is different. it’s just the same old same old. i couldn’t get into the story at all… but i did see gossip girl yesterday and loved it. 90210 should just go away. all that hype for nothing. rating= F!

  • the shiznack

    the kid Dixon was in the phenomenal show The Wire

    took me so long to realise it was him

  • Doe-eyed

    Honestly, I don’t want to write this show off, but I thought I was watching the O.C. That’s not good since it’s the original O.C., But, I’ll try to give it a chance. Also, there’s the Gossip Girl factor. The only thing that separatesit from GG is the narrator. P.S. The Annie character is annoying. The kids look less troubled than the original. Maybe the acting in the original was stronger.

  • Mich

    Fan Friggin Tastic is all I’m sayin!!!!

  • brooke :]

    I definitely thought it held it’s own against the original :]
    I’ll watch again :]]

  • tisha

    I’m so excited to see this!

  • michelle

    I liked it a lot. It’s not my favorite show but I’m definitely gonna watch it each week now.

  • K. n.

    i’m sticking with gossip girl for now. but i love seeing brenda and kelly!!

  • K. n.

    i’m sticking with gossip girl for now. but i love seeing brenda and kelly!!

  • michelle

    IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! I LOVE THE CAST! There’s not one person that I don’t like.

  • omg

    omg!! just finish it!! is was HOT!! love it!!

  • sully7gate

    I have to say, given that I was a fan of the original, this version is very mature and well written, not a carbon copy at all. Loved the premiere, can’t wait for more.

  • lala

    naomi is fugly

  • alexanderina

    YAY. I really really like it. It was so good to see Brenda

  • brittany

    All teen shows are a remake of the original 90210, including Gossip Girl. None of them do anything new or interesting, but they’re just fun to watch because they’re so mindless. This was no different.

  • Jessica

    I didn’t catch the premiere but I did watch the second half. So far, it’s okay, there is nothing that blew me away. It was kind of blah, but I’ll give it a chance and watch it again next Tuesday. However, One Tree Hill had the BEST season premiere! Gossip Girl was alright, nothing ‘wow’ about it.

  • Razorback

    * I thought it was really good. You can’t compare the old vs. new. Different styles.

    * The story line was pretty good.

    * The one part that I hated was when they mentioned the unknown child and they didn’t the show the father telling his wife. I thought this was the POW scene throughout the night but they didn’t really deliver the scene like it should have been.

    Overall: 7/10. Better acting (which should evolve) would make it an 8.5/10.

  • amber

    Horrible compared to the original. I only needed to see it once to decide I wont be watching it any further.

  • lala

    that Ty Collins guy is hot you know! even hotter than the ethan guy!

  • leighton meester fan

    I really like the new 90210 and I still love the original one.Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill were great last night also.CW has some cool shows :)

  • lola

    I liked it. It was the pilot so I am sure it will just get better. I like the character Naomi. So far she seems like the only one who is not so one dimensional but I am sure the other characters will become more intriguing as time goes on (hopefully). I still like Gossip Girl better but to be fair that show has been on a lot longer and its pilot wasn’t that great. So hopefully it will just get better. And love seeing Brenda and Kelly!!

  • sonny

    This show was pretty bad I did not like it at all, i will continue to watch it to see if anything is good about it..

    So far it appeals to what it wants teens with no common sense.

    you go kids!

  • stephanie

    I didn’t watch it, I really did not care for it, but I congrats for all the good reviews. I’ll just stick to my One Tree Hill!

  • Cami

    Idk .. it wasn’t anything special .. I mean don’t get me wrong i love shows like this .. But it’s like what’s new .. ? Guy cheats on girl . blah blah blah .. same old story .

    The only reason i watched it cuz Kellan Lutz who plays Emmet in Twilight was in it ! .. and looked amazing!

    as did that other guy i forgot his name though.

    but not nearly as great as GG or OTH.

  • erin

    honestly – such a disappointment.

    90210 needs a longer break to wait until gossip girl gets off the air.

  • peaches mahoney

    It was so-so. Brenda and Kellie were fab but the rest? Not so much

  • Abdulla

    When the CW first announced the 90210 spin-off, i wasn’t really interested at all. But when they announced Annalynne McCord was cast in the show, i just had to watch it because of her role in nip/tuck (a must-see). Beautiful and talented actress. I expect great things from her in the future.

  • gina

    I really enjoyed the premiere, and I think the series has real potential for the CW.

  • Troy

    I didn’t like it or hate it. Which is an improvement over the original which I did not like at all. I just thought it was totally unnessecary and inconsequental. Which means it’s a perfect for the CW. I won’t be spending anymore time on it.

    I will say I through about an hour and twenty mintues of the two pilot as opposed to the pilot of “Gossip Girl” of which I watched exactly one second of and never went back. So I would say 90210 part Deux is an improvement.

  • Mr.Nigel

    I think this is way better than the original, the original was stil good dont get me wrong, but just the acting in the new 90210 is so much better the original was like come on people are you in drama class i can act better than that. But now real actors are playing parts. I thought it was hilarious to see Andrea’s daughter and then mr mathews saying what is she 30, considering Andrea was 30 when she stared in that show LOL!!!!!!!

    anyways the show was fricken fantastic and i am sorry to say it but 90210 and Gossip Girl are very different shows by far, you cant really compare them, they may be fromt he same genre but the way the show is done completely different, they each are great in their respective ways.

  • T

    i thought it started out a little slow but after about 15 minutes i was really getting into it and i actually reallt liked it!

  • Ms. Baker

    It was good but nothing like the original. Brenda and Kelly needed more air time. They didn’t do much and looked out of place. This is definetly a teen movie for teens that are bored and have nothing to do. I see it being just like the O.C. It will probably last a little while till all the hype is over about it. They should bring Dylan and Brandon back on the show for an appearance to boost the ratings! Well I will be watching the two hour premiere of America’s Next Top Model tonight. See how that one goes!

  • MiHay

    I was faithful to the original and I watched this one. I personally thought it was boring and the same old recycled crap that’s on every other teen show. I didn’t give a rat’s ass about any of the characters. Two HUGE thumbs down.


    Well, I liked it. Now if only they’d revival of Melrose Place…