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Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo's New Love Shack?

Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo's New Love Shack?

Jessica Simpson leaves Beso restaurant after a night out with hairdresser BFF Ken Paves in Hollywood on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old aspiring country singer is reportedly on the hunt for a new love nest with boyfriend Tony Romo. According to Life & Style, the 28-year-old Dallas Cowboys quarterback has plunked down nearly $700,000 for a six-bedroom, four-bath, 5,551 square foot mansion in Irving, Texas.

Tony reportedly roped in Jessica as his interior decorator. “What she’s planning to do with the place is awesome,” says an insider close to Jess, 28. “It’s a little outdated, so the renovations are probably going to end up costing more than the house itself. And Tony totally trusts her.”

15+ pictures of Jessica Simpson singing besame mucho…

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jessica simpson besame mucho 02
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  • Tealeaf

    Oh look…

    It’s Ms. Joe Simpson in a Wig

    Why can’t the Dummy stay in Texas hanging around football games..

  • Lovesimpsonsis

    Jessica is gorgeous! She is very very pretty and a great rolemodel. Her voice is one of the most powerful in the whole world. Love Jessica<333

  • meh

    $700,000 for a mansion??? :O

  • bejeebus

    exactly what i was thinking…$700,000 might buy you a nice big house….but not a “mansion”….unless it’s some real run down piece of condemned cr@p mansion….or somebody maybe got murdered there….like maybe a certain brain dead blonde talentless bimbo with horse teeth and huge jublies….(pure coincidence i’m sure)

  • JANE



  • H

    Seriously if this girl didn’t have big boobs, no one would pay attention to her. That is all she has going for her. She’s not talented, so why the hell is she still famous? Tony, wake up and smell the roses. Dump Jessica and get back with Carrie.

  • call Martha Stewart

    She probably picked out that black plaid country dress that made her look like a heifer at the country fair. I’d go with a professional if that’s her taste.

  • no pre- nup again

    I love how Tony’s family takes her to the Olive Garden and she she shops with Tony’s mom at Old Navy and she pretends to like it. She knows sooner or later she will be spending the big dough.

  • kenya

    Wow! It is crazy how you talentless morons have so much to say about a star who doesn’t care if you are alive or dead. Please get a life and stop judging someone who has 4 times the income that you will never get. This girl has a job, boyfriend and go out with friends just like anyone one else would. The difference between her and the idiots that are making these rude comments is that she has a life and you don’t. GROW UP!!!

  • fug

    Ugly man in a cheap wig.

  • @ kenya

    Take your own advice you artard loser.

  • Ting Ting

    Gawd they got an absolute bargain compared to some of the crap prices for real estate here in Karratha, Western Australia are asking over a million for a pile of bricks that dont look nothing like the new romo/simpson compound. Well done on the purchase guys xoxo

  • CC

    Carrie owns this bitch every day of the week.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s so hot

  • just saying

    Blonde bimbo walking….

  • yikes

    She looks rather nice here which is surprising. Lately, she looks like she’s not aging well. And, she will continue to age like crap because a person can only have that “is it tuna or is it fish” dumb ass expression for only so long before it looks retarted on a 30 year old.

  • mikayla

    jessica sucks…she is one catty,mean,rude nasty little beech she slams carrie on radio thats isnt classy thats beechy…way to turn off country fans when she’s barely tryin to pretend to be country…no one likes her another flop album for jessica how many is this now??

  • me

    Jessica Is gorgeous. She is very talented. She has an amazing voice. Her songs sound great and are really heart felt songs. Some of the radio stations are playing them. Can’t wait til 9-9-08 for her cd. It funny how they just found this story. It been out there for a while. They have been living together for quite a while now, at his bachelor pad. I like what Tony’s father said about Jessica. If you want to see the house which is really nice go to TMZ. They had pictures last week or the week before. It next to a golf course and has a pool a little dated, but I’m sure they can afford to bring it up to date. Jessica and Tony either are married or perhaps are getting married as reported in the rag mag OK.

    Why are people still mentioning Carrie Underwood isn’t she dating Michael Phelps. The rags are out dated. Find new places to get your info. By the time they catch up it’s history, not current events.


    Uh, people mention Carrie, because JESSICA keeps talking about her in interviews. And Carrie’s not dating Michael Phelps…that’s just total rumors….probably meant to stop the stupid Carrie/Tony/Jess triangle bullsh!t..

  • ~~{~~@

    Tony is not dumb. He will not be letting Jessica near his bachelor home. That house if for Tony and his buddies to party hard and bring more girls. They needed a more spacious area and Tony delivered. Jessica is just another bimbo for Tony to lay. Get in line, youre not that special Jess.

  • Daisy

    this story came off of tmz about jessica decorating. its old old like everything else out there about these two. Where are the pictures of them together? Is this a one sided relationship until the CD is released?

  • Selina

    Jessica is so pathetic. You can tell she think she is losing Tony. She is trying to tie him down. She is so desperate. She and Jennifer Aniston are the same kind of pathetic desperate clown for men. The difference is Tony is dumber than John Mayer he would not let a women rope him up like a fool.

  • Wow!

    She is very pretty, has Black Amex card, and has more money than Tony Dumo.

    I cannotbeleive TonyDumo is marryingher.

    I do not see the Dallas Cowboys have a winning season and I hope they don’t because Tony Dumo is too wrapped into her and being a star celebrity with her.His team is second. When players get wrapped up into that star Hollwyood thing, the forget the team and sport which is why they are in the limelight. Tony Romo has gone Hollywood!

  • kenya

    #11, ummmm!! I think you need to go back to grammer school because RETARD is spell this way. If you want to make a smart comment please check your grammer before you post IDIOT.

  • Daisy

    there are pictures of Jessica with massive luggage leaving the Burbank airport for Nashville. I think she will be decorating a house there. Alone.

  • @ kenya

    What word of mine are you correcting? Is it “artard”? Have you never heard of that expression? You’re even more stupid then I originally thought!!!!! Ohhhhhh…and by the way….it’s “GRAMMAR” not “GRAMMER” you total fricken moron!!!!! No wonder you like jessica so much…you think she’s smart!!!! ….and she is…compared to you. That’s rather sad really……..Do you know what “Chicken of the Sea” is??????? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eh

    LOL at #26. Yeah, if you’re going to spell check someone’s grammar on here (kenya) then please spell GRAMMAR right!!! LOLOLOL!

  • Irish girl12

    Ken Pervert needs to go back to beauty school! How can you go out w/ a client with 2″inch black roots? I guess Homo was partying alone over the holiday weekend as told to me by my friend in Texas. Could mean trouble in rivercity!

  • jessfan

    Really people…what has Jessica Simpson ever done to any of you? Does she deserve to be called names,and have insults hurled at her? No i dont think so…Sounds like a wee bit of jealousy to me. Like her or hate her…this girl is beautiful,and she is talented,or she would not be where she is today,you can say all that you want but that is true.As far as Carrie Underwood,and i love carrie too,but she started it by printing a comment that tony romo still calls her,she knew that would light a fire under Jessica,just like it would anyone.Some of you act like you know her personally,its ridiculous! I doubt any of you look half as good as Jess and never will,So why dont you leave the poor girl alone,and let her be happy,she deserves it…..I agree with Kenya,if your gonna get on her and spout your mouth off,then learn how to spell. Now answer me a question, Who does that make look dum? and before any of you get on here and say anything about my spelling…I Meant to screw up the spelling on DUMB,but some of you are probably to stupid to realize that.

  • People and GossIp

    So beautiful girl!!!