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Jude Law Promotes Peace In Kabul

Jude Law Promotes Peace In Kabul

Jude Law promotes Peace Day at the UNAMA office in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan (UNAMA = United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan).

The 35-year-old British actor, along with British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, returned to Afghanistan after their successful mission last year. Once again, in conjunction with UNICEF and UNAMA, they made a ‘call to action’ 21 days before Peace Day, September 21st, an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence, in order to galvanize the people of Afghanistan to observe the Day.

“The extraordinary events in Afghanistan around Peace Day last year set an important precedent. Jeremy and I are returning to the country this year to help keep the momentum going,” said Jude. “As an ambassador for Peace One Day and as a filmmaker myself, I hope that my involvement will help the project to grow. I’m proud to be part of it.”

He added, “When I left Kabul last year, I was hugely moved not by the conflict that I have read so much about, but by the people’s courage and the people’s sense of hope. It seemed that they really want to make this day, the Peace Day, work. And they did. People recognize the day, because they recognize that lives could be saved.”

To watch the video of Jude and Jeremy being interviewed, visit To listen to another interview of the pair, visit

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law promoting peace in Kabul…

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Photos: Shah Marai/AFP/Getty
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  • Jennifer

    he used to be really hot. not so much anymore… but I’m glad he’s doing something meaningful


    This is really sweet.
    Good on him he really does give back.
    but until then-
    MIRANDA COSGROVE ON JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie smith

    Well to start I’d say that this is an OK initiative…

    YET is it meaningful in any way???

    What exactly are they putting their effort in? Are they trying to promote a cease fire? are they trying to send a massage for peace???

    Where?? Anyone you has follwed at least part of what has happened and still happening in Avganistan knows that this is, and I am sorry to say, just PR for the benefit obviously more of Geremy Gilley and less so yet also of Jude Law.

    Where did they go to spread the message?? There is total chaos in the country, there are guerilla fighters, no communication networks- even owing a TV set is a crime!!

    So what are they really doing there? To make a meaningless speach to a handful of people gathered up by their trip organissers?? And have live links with BBC and other westen media!! They wenlt all the way there to be heard in the UK ???
    Cause no one listened in Avganistan I can tell you!!
    And even if they had the tecknical means to listen – what difference would it make?? Come on both guys need some backroung reading on the real issues and situation down there and if they actually wanted to do something they could call on their famous friends and gather money to do something practical!! Not speeches and live links!!

    They went filming around- so what? We have seen footage and we know how it is!! it doesnt take ageniou to understand the county’s state after the war left chaos behind!!

    I would love to see that they made some sort of a difference but I can only come to the conclusion that they are in it for the publicity, especially the director because I suppose Jude doesn’t really need it unless it is some PR imagemaking new turn!


    He looks like the type of guy I go to AA meetings to pick up. Dirty, sweaty hot drunks.

  • Idril

    Hello perfect man!

  • three

    Natalie Smith – I’m glad you think a recognised world peace day is an ‘OK’ initiative….

    How about you in turn do some ‘background reading’ and all your questions will be answered……before stating your uneducated negative rubbish.

  • Natalie smith

    To three…

    ……You totally swept me out with YOUR ARGUMENTS… hurt!

    If I am uneducated and need to do some reading than you surely lack IQ dear!!! But you cannot do anything about that!! Sorry!

  • rien

    @ Natalie Smith

    OK Initiative?! Excuse me?!

    Do you know, that in 21th September 2001, the member of UN, adopted the first-ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence, or so called Peace Day.

    Jeremy Gilley , my dear, and not Geremy, started this action. In 1999 he tried to establish the first-ever Peace Day with a fixed date on the calender.

    A question, or better, some questions. Do you ever know that there is a website: exists? It doesn’t hurt you if you just click this links and read.

    Do you know, that this is the second time that Jude and Jeremy went to Afganisthan? Promoting peace will make sense, if they know what they talk about, seeing the conditions with their own eyes. They risked their life by going to the most dangerous place for the moment, to educate some people who refuse to know about anything except their surrounding, and you call it “PR benefit?” The benefit of peace, is not only for soldiers who are there (I hope your brother/sister are not there, because if they knew what you wrote, they would be extremely thankful), but also children, women, and old people who can not defend themselves, and become only victims.

    By the way, it is message , and not massage . Of course, I will give Jude gladly and willingly massage, but that’s not what he did in Afganisthan (and not Avganisthan )

    You want to know what they did, are doing, and will do in Afganisthan? Look for information yourself, click the links, and stay away from OK magazine. May be you will have ideas on how to promote peace.

  • Camille

    And the britney spears, katie holmes, victoria beckam things seems to be SO insignificant compare to that….

    RIP to all the soldiers (Americans, Frenchs, Canadians, Germans, Englishs, Polishs and much more..) and civilians.

  • Natalie smith

    Dear rien,

    Thanks for pointing out my spelling mistakes but perhaps you should take into account that I am not a native English speaker and I am blind system typing in my native + 3 foreign languages so I think I didn’t do that bad! What do you say???

    To the point..

    Here are my answers:

    Yes I know about 21st of Sep and the site (yet I had never heard of the director, who’s name I cannot spell, before).
    Yet there are all sorts of international days established by the UN about almost everything- it is not as big a deal as you think!!!

    I merely pointed out that in self this doesn’t mean much if nothing practical comes out of it!!!!

    I know it is the second time they went to Afghanistan! I couldn’t have missed it THEY KEEP REPEATING IT–


    All theories about how nice peace is…
    That’s no news..the hard part is to really do something and that takes much more than nice words!!!!

    By the way I don’t read OK

  • Annie

    Jude is gorgeous, but that is not the important thing here. He is definitly my kind of man in so many ways.

  • N

    He looks like mojahed, and the shirt is in vogue among eastern men.
    Of course, I’m kidding, but this is a very masculine and mature, juicy look, omg.
    What a great Hamlet he will be looking like that, so testosteronic, so manly adult, so unlike his boyish looks in Wilde, for instance. :))
    He’s so different and special in all his appearances and really I like them all.

  • N

    Natalie Smith
    Why don’t you read the site with attention and without prejudice?

    You will fing a lot of interesting facts that will answer your questions.
    For example:
    “In 2007 according to the UN, over 100 million people were active on Peace Day, in 192 countries. There were life-saving initiatives in 14 countries and over 80 activities in Afghanistan alone where 1.4 million children were vaccinated against polio.”

    You were crying for something practical, here you go.

  • holly

    STFU Nanny f”"”"ker. Nobody cares what you think

  • rien

    @ Natalie Smith

    English is not my mother tongue, either. But surely you know the difference between “message” and “massage”. And if you read carefully what Jared wrote there, you would find “Afganisthan” early enough.

    The practical benefit of this action, in a short term, to make people -who read political magazine, or serious newspaper, who watched News Chanel (like CNN) – will be more aware of how serious the situation in Afganisthan is. And maybe they will work harder to solve the problems there. Of course, people – or sadly youngsters- who are busier to read gossip “news” will care a shite about it. That’s exactly the point. To reach youngsters, to make them aware that there is another world than only fit and fun.

    For the children and women who live in danger, daily, at least, if this action gains results, they can also have a luxury in their life. Safety. A feeling that is taken advantage by us, is a luxury for them. And, Jeremy and Jude can carry their voice to the other part of the world. Somebody listened to their feelings, try to understand their fear, may be also brought medicine along. Somebody who comes for them, without being asked.

    In the long terms, I am a dreamer, I dream the world can lay down the gun for a day. Because who knows, if we get used to a non-violence act in a day, we will get used to a non-violence act in a week, a month, a year…

    What do you think the Children of Kabul will feel? To be able to run around without having fear that a mine explodes exactly under their feet? Don’t you think that they have the rights exactly like the children in your neighbourhood, just to lick an ice cream, and laugh? Instead of witnessing their mothers to be killed, they could witness their mothers fry French Fries or simply taking them to school?

    And the soldiers will not die for nothing.

    We should listen to the message and not to the messenger. It is a sign of an open mind.

  • N

    everybody cares, even you.
    As to the rest of you post – well, yep, he’s a sexiest man alive, no doubt. :))

  • Andrea

    I’m sure that’s going to make all the warlords stop in their tracks. SUr

  • Andrea

    I’m sure that’s going to make all the warlords and the warring Afghani factions stop in their tracks. I mean, if Jude Law says to observe the day!

  • elle

    Thanks Jared!!!!

  • rien


    I believe that you were not serious with your comments, were you?

    You know that this message is not for them. It is for us. We are the ones who have the obligation to create peace.

    Thirty years of non-peace kind of life for the Children of Afganisthan. And you made such a naive comment like this? You must have been missing classes in your school!

  • Sara

    I think jude must be very excited with this campaign “peace one day” and i hope that this project goes far beyond what’s expected , because we can’t just turn our backs to the world and accept the fact of seeing million children out of school and people going hungy .. and we definitely don’t wanna see more tragedies …
    They certainly are doing a good job promoting world peace.
    I’m so proud of jude ! I love him ♥

    “make love, don’t make war”
    *All for education.

  • Sandy

    THis is a message for all you cynics who do not believe that a man
    who is involved in a make-believe world by profession can so clearly see the real world. Read the things Jude has said about what he has
    seen in Afghanistan and read them with an open mind. He is there
    because he is brave and saw a chance to do something meaningful along the lines of what an old friend had started and was slowly trying to acheive. Rome was not built in a day and Peace will not come in a day but it will be built little by .ittle and some day we willbe able to depose all the dictators of the world and make earth safefor the children and the generations to come. Bringing the mothers
    and children for vaccination is a way to get to them to help them and
    give them the courage to continue to fight the extremeists that devalue
    their life. Your attitude Natalie will get you nowhere but Jude’s attitude
    is another few steps down the road to peace, his goal and the goal
    of all of us for the future of mankind.

    Why, oh why, must people jump in to talk before reading all the facts and fully understanding the situation. If you want to say I hope that his effort will be successful but I don’t kinow what one man can do,I would understand.l believe that with concentrated effort one man
    can have a very important impact on the world. I’m sure he couold put
    this timje to more productive commercial use but i do not believe there
    is a better cause to espouse at the mojment than worldwide peace and this began with a little step and keeps getting bigger each year.
    I hope anhd pray it will one day drown out the voices of disaster and
    brihng us that peace we so desperately need and desire.

    Some poeple who singlehandedly had a big infoluence on the world -
    Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc. that’s the good ones ,I think you can figure out the bad ones yourself.

    Thank you rien for being patient and answering her tirade – your
    eloquence always amazes me and makes me say thanks but then I
    know how we both feel about this situation. BRAVO JUDE.

  • Sara

    @ Rien, welcome back :)

  • dulce mirita

    Jude is not risking his life for nothing, he trully believes in the project, it is stupid to think he’s making this just to have an imagemaking new turn by his PR team maneuvers, he’s trying to do his bit to get a better world by having more peace in this crazy, messy world.. and Afganishtan is obviously a hell, in which a children’s life is less than nothing. Bravo, Jude¡¡¡ Your contribution to the Peace One Day, conceived by Jeremy is very much appreciated. Rien, you are 100% and Natalie 3, don’t critize that much those kind of initiatives, instead of it, try to be proactive and support POD.

  • remember da truth

    #6 three

    ROFLMAO!!! Good on you — tell it like it is. I get so sick of people trashing anyone trying to do some good in the world. If you have a recognizable face and the money to do so, why not go somewhere to learn about something firsthand and be able to speak about it, using your ability to get the press interested in you.

    Instead of making sure they take pictures of you shopping, or spending money on thousand-dollar kids’ dresses, do something with your privilege!! Anyone who trashes that is a bitter, mean-spirited, uneducated crank sucking from society rather than giving. Or jealous that someone else is giving and getting “credit” for it rather than they — which leads to just why are they doing it in the first place?

    GO JUDE!!!

  • remember da truth

    #14 holly

    Yes, people with open minds care. Obviously, you cared or you wouldn’t come here with such vehement anger for someone you don’t know, over a relationship you have nothing to do with.

    Get over your issues, and you might not have guys cheating on you!!

  • purpleworm

    I for one think P.O.D. is really cool. The news is full of violence, abuse, greed, destruction, intolerance, celebrity nonsense, political backstabbing and the like. Here we have two people, working quietly to make a difference, putting themselves in harm’s way to draw attention to a very simple concept: peace for one day. For goodness sake, what’s wrong with that?

    Oh, and clicking on those pictures to get a super-size Jude on my screen gave me a serious thrill.


    natalie smith,
    in a way i pity you that you are so cynical……one person can change many things for the good or for the bad. hitler was the face of evil and changed the world in a horrific way. frankin d. roosevelt brought hope back to the united states when it was in despair. ghandi, martin luther king all made a difference. jude law knows very well, as he is an extremely bright man, that he will not make a drastic change to afghanistan…but he and jeremy traveled to kabul the kandahar region amongst the taliban to film children to see that they were vaccinated…their efforts brought hundreds of thousands of mosquito nets to the congo to help avoid people getting malaria…what jude and jeremy are hoping for is ONE day of peace on sept 21st…not only in war torn countries but in people fighting with each other, bullying or maybe not writing insulting comments on the internet. no …jude is not foolish enough to think that he will sol;ve all the world’s problems. all he is trying to accomplish is to set aside one day for people all over the world to put down their arms and try peace. it may take a hundred years or never but he is trying….natalie what are you doing to make this a better world.
    on another note…jude law is an actor and a father. he makes a very good living in his profession… he’s been to the most dangerous parts of afghanistan twice where people are being killed and kidnapped every day. i really don’t think he’s doing it for personal gains. you don’t know about the history of peace one day to be so critical. first know your facts and then make an intelligent comment..

  • lori joyce

    Natalie Smith,

    I just want you to know that your posts make a great deal of sense. I actually agree with you to a very great extent.. You make some very good points if people will actually read what you have written.

    If POD is actually instrumental in getting children immunized for polio or providing mosquito nets to help prevent malaria then I am behind these efforts.

    In my opinion, they should be talking more about the practical steps they are taking to make people’s lives better. Most of what I hear is just a buch of words that are meaningless.

    We do need more peace in the world and it does begin with each of us individually. I don’t know how much these words help the dying children in Afghanistan but maybe it is a start. I don’t know. The issues are very complicated. And many of the Afghan people are very isolated and do not even know this is going on.

  • Allegra

    Thank you very, very much Jared – when the large pictures loaded I almost combusted :-D Jude looks amazing here, thinning hair or not. Like always he keeps it real – I really like that.

    But it almost feels wrong to talk about his looks when the subject is so serious. I for one think it’s a great cause to support. It might seem very naive and even sometimes like a lost cause – but for the 1.4 million kids who got vaccinated I am sure it makes a big difference. The project is obviously growing and when the president of Afghanistan takes his time to meet with Jeremy and Jude, i think it speaks volumes about the impact of P.O.D. Go Jeremy and Jude!

  • eddie jones

    gotta love it when actors tell others how to act. “actors” for god sakes, the worlds saviors, lolzers

  • erica

    Bravo ! Jude and Jeremy
    There are good deeds in this world worth standing up for
    and Jude and Jeremy are doing so.

    thank Jared

    love you Jude .

  • shea

    I think it is a wonderful thing that he is putting his time and energy into. Regardless of what all the naysayers think about this project and Jude’s participation in it, the bottom line is that he is doing a good deed and that is a lot more than most of hollywood and the hellacious pop-tarts like Sienna Miller, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or Lindsay Lohan can say. I say good for you Jude!

    And not to mention he looks gorgeous doing it!

  • sharyllee

    Bravo Jude!!
    Still Georgous.. Love you, Jude always..

  • sheryl

    Eddie, do you really think it’s about them “telling people what to do”? Of course not. Although…it’s obvious that those who WANT to fight do need to be told something.

    But what Jeremy and Jude are doing is not about telling people what to do…obviously…it’s about promoting an idea, shining a light towards
    something. It’s positive, and the world needs much more positive. It’s not going to cause the world to go quiet for one day, but it will keep the plight of other nations that are not enjoying peaceful times on the minds of others that take their situation for granted. I live in the US, and although our country is at war, I myself am not confronted with the reality of it on a day to day basis like those in Afghanistan are, like the school girls that attend school in spite of threat to their lives. I’m not even confronted with it like those who have family involved in the conflict, because I have no family there…so sometimes I
    tend to forget about it. That’s one of the reasons I really want to see Jeremy’s documentary, to see what it is they saw while they were there, some of the things I’ve heard them talk about. I think Jeremy’s idea is a very good one, and any effort starts somewhere and grows from the first footstep. And just as helping one homeless person doesn’t solve the problems of all the homeless, nor will this in itself bring peace to the world. It’s all in how the world responds to the idea of peace that matters, and yes, there will always be
    those that will never cease to embrace hate and violence over peace, but that doesn’t mean we should stop talking about peace or promoting the idea. If we did, what would happen to the rest of us? But if the idea catches on,maybe it could be a day that promotes not only peace among nations, but peace among races, peace among genders, peace among different lifestyles…being at peace with those who think differently than you. And while I said earlier that the violence of war does seem far off to me, the violence of attitudes that people
    have for one another is very real, the hate that is shown, kids shooting others kids at school, etc. So the Peace One Day effort can be adopted globally as a day where tolerance is promoted, in schools, on the workplace, a day set perhaps set aside for the education about our differences.

    Sorry for the long post…I got started and couldn’t stop, and now I’m too lazy to edit.

    But anyway, go Jude and Jeremy…I can see something like this growing into much more.

  • elle

    To understand what great job Jeremy and Jude make every of us should use a bit of imagination(sorry for my very bad English)
    What if the same happen in my own Land:WAR…when children lose they parents…when parents lose they children…children with poignant hunger…you live in such country and suddenly you lose everything..what feeling is that(i`m talking only about imagination)Can you imagine something like that.
    To promote POD is HONORABLE…to travel in such country is BRAVE and HEROICAL!!!

  • jill

    omg my dad works for UNAMA he probably saw himmm!

  • ericap

    Big kisses for Jude and Jeremy! :)

  • Natalie smith

    To LORI JOYCE: Thanks cause I think you read without prejudice what I wrote and realised my point!!

    To Rien:

    Dear Rien,

    When one makes a spelling mistake it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t know how to spell the work ! There a thing called LAPSUS CALAMI (to spare you the trouble of looking it up, it means ‘ slip of the pen’)
    And giver you seem to be so critical about spelling let me point out your spelling mistakes as you said it is Afghanistan and not Afganisthan as you incorrectly wrote and it is channel not Chanel (thought I love Chanel –especially the bags) and last but not least it is shit and not shite

    Ι personally credit you for being a dreamer as you say but think a bit harder! Do you really think that what they are doing will have any effect on the children of Kabul? International NGOs which commit human resources and huge funds and work there full time still accomplish very little because it is the people’s minds which is hard to change- we are talking absolute regimes here, Talibans – mentalities that we cannot ever begin to imagine! It doesn’t take a couple of nice speeches, Jude will tell them that mines are a bad thing and you are saying they will give a shit????? You are definitely a dreamer!!!!

    That is why I am saying it is an OK initiative for what ever is accomplishes! Because a trip to Afghanistan and establishing a peace day is nice but don’t try to convince me that they can actually change something!! If you’re saying it is better than nothing than I agree!! I am not cynical I try to be a realist and a skeptic! Their message is good but giver the actual reality of things and the possible outcome I wonder about the real motive!! Perhaps they do it out of the goodness of their heart I sure hope so!

  • rien

    So tell please, Natalie. Which is better, sitting at home, warm and cozy, having hot tea or coffee and criticizing somebody who really tries to do something, or to be the person her/himself who goes to the dangerous area, tries to collect as much data as possible and then spread the data all over the world.

    Do you really think that they only give speech? This part of act is the most published one. Because the other things that they did, they filmed it. The money from the DVDs, they can use for other thing. Buying a medicines, for example. Or, they can go to the people who have money or a Pharmacy Company. An indirect advertisement for this company, mentioned the name in DVD, and in return, they give the medicine.

    Do you know that Jeremy and Jude worked together with Mrs. Fatima Gailani? Do you know who Mrs. Fatima Gailani is? Then you will know that there is a what you called “practical benefit” from this act.

    Because Mrs. Fatima Gailani is the president of Afghan Red Crescent Society. (The moslem world uses Red Crescent instead of Red Cross). I do believe they did not talk about the latest gossip in Perez Hilton’s site!

    You know, the question is, will you or will you not help the children of war? Even one or two Euro that you put aside from your pocket money and give it to Bread for The World organization is already a help. These gentlemen went to a war area, they are not like journalist who gain benefit from the news, they are simply human being who are touched by the suffering of the children of war, and people like you accuse them for trying to gain a PR benefit from it?!

    Yes, I believe their act, or any other celebrity’s will mean something. May be not now, not today. The world will be a wonderful place to live for those children and us, if for one day, only one day, the guns are laid down. No killing.

    I suppose you get used to your instant world. Everything has to be now. A small step, like telling anybody who’s willing to listen, about how danger the situation in Afganisthan is, is kind of hard to follow. Because you don’t see the result now.

    I, on the hand, am a dreamer. I get used to build things from a small step. If you ever talked to a refugee, and heard them saying to you, “Thank you for listening. I feel much better now.” then may be you will start dreaming too.

    And dreamers like me, are the ones who fight for the world peace. Not the war lords. Without us, the war mongers will continue spreading their evil plans and deeds. So, yes. I am a dreamer.

    I still don’t get what you mean with “OK Initiative”. If you mean the magazine, then you should read more. Not the magazine, naturally. Because OK magazine or Jared in this question, is a little bit too late with the news. We (or some of us) – Jude’s fan – had listened and read this news about one or two days before Jared published it.

    About correcting misspelling….the more we learn about the mistake that we made is the better, isn’t it? Or am I dreaming now?

  • Alice

    He’s handsome, smart and very good guy! grande Jude! *__*

  • lori joyce

    I am not critcizing Jude or Jeremy or anyone else. The idea of Peace One Day is good. I hope that both of their intentions are the best and they do not seek positive PR.

    You say they can use the money from DVDs for other things. Well, before I spent my money on their DVD I would want to know exactly what their spending it on. I’m like Natalie Smith. I’m a realist and a skeptic. There are many organizations out there that profess to do good. Not all of them are actually getting money and practical help to the people that need it.

    My attitude is not just aimed at Jude and Jeremy. I have a close relative that has gone on a year long mission trip with an organization that I have doubts about what they are actually accomplishing. I have told my relative that I will support her with some money donations when she gives me some examples of what she is actually doing and making life better for at least one person. I don’t want to hear just idealistic and dreamy words.

    I have another friend of the family that has asked for money to go on a week long mission trip to Africa. What can be accomplished in a week in Africa? Not much. I did not give her any money.

    I do give money to charites. I just gave money this week to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I know that they do good work and help a lot of people. I knew one person and family personally that they helped a a great deal.

    I give money to my daughter’s school above and beyond her tuition. I give money to an organization that my high school age son is involved with that does a lot to help young people and keep them on a straight path. I give money to the church that I am a member. They help a lot of people locally and to a certain extent around the world. I give money to a foundation that works to find a cure for a rare disease that killed a close member of my family.

    So I do believe in supporting charities and causes. But I believe that you should study carefully the organizations that you do support because not all of them are doing a lot of good. And some of them are all show.

  • sheryl

    Lori Joyce,
    I know what you mean. I have become pretty skeptical even with some I’ve supported in the past. I think in Jeremy’s case, though, he has been working at this Peace One Day idea since before 911…this is what I gather from news articles and interviews…and it seems it’s an idea that has been struggling to catch on, so I’m not sure how much money has been directed his way for it or how donations work there. But I do know one thing, I do want to see this documentary. I think it will be interesting.

  • rien

    Lori Joyce

    As much as a dreamer, I am very realist in spending money. Before I say yes or no, I try to get any information about the organization. Not because Jude is in, and then I jump in without using my head.

    And I think, what Jeremy asks is to spread the word. Try to promote the peace movement in your environment. In you. You don’t have to spend money for it. Questioning their intention without reading or even trying to find out what they want to achieve with their action, is not a wise act (IMO).

  • lori joyce

    There is certainly nothing wrong with spreading the word about peace. It does begin with each of us.

    But every orgainization has to have money to survive.

    I think that every celebrity that gets involved with a cause is at risk of having their intentions questioned. It’s not just Jude. In fact, I think it is good to question what their true intentions are. Almost all of them want to give the impression that they are a “good person”. It’s good for their career. And the ones that have had negative tabloid coverage need it even more. People would be fools if they just believed every celebrity that got up and started spouting off about politics or world problems. Some of them know almost nothing and are just there for the publicity.

    I am not necessarily talking about Jude. Please don’t go off on me to defend Jude. I am talking about celebrities and higjly paid actors in general.

  • Natalie smith

    …to Rien

    Look I know what you re saying and I never argued that it is better to sit around and do nothing! On the contrary I repeated several times that even a little is better than nothing! I am just saying when celebrities (or aspiring celebrities) get involved don’t buy it at first glance that they are there because they care…I used to work for Vogue in my country (western European) and believe me (I got to mingle with well known people from abroad as well eg English and American) when I tell you judging by experience: there are very, very, very few who actually care!!! Most of them get involved for the good publicity-all steps are carefully organised and drawn out by publicists and image-makers – and if they are aspiring celebs, actors, directors etc it is a break for them to have on board someone really famous so that they will become better known!!

    And no I haven’t followed all their actions….(remember? I don’t read OK :)) but I take your word for it and I am glad if they managed to get even one child vaccinated and this is good in itself no matter what!! But don’t believe for a minute that all celebs involved really mean it!! 98% are involved for other reasons!! I hope this wasn’t the case but this is how things are!! And even if it was who cares why they do it! if something good comes out of it? But let’s not make them saints on the other hand!! Show business is sooo tricky!!

  • rien

    Of course every celebrity try to give the impression that they are good people. That’s their main commodity.

    But if they use their names or faces to do good deed, in my eyes it is much better than running around showing “how good they are”.

    And it is absolutely normal to question their act. But before giving a negative touch in the question, or even accusing them, it will be wiser to gain more information.

    And believing every word what they say is also as foolish as not believing it. Knowledge is a deadly friend, King Crimson said. But I’d rather have a deadly friend, than run around like a fool.

  • isa chandlers



    something you have all left out….. jude law has been acting for over twenty years. …he has three young children…. a human being goes through different metamorphosis in their life’s journey. isn’t it possible that jude law looks at acting with a different eye and feeling than when he was a boy. maybe he wants to do something to make the world a better place for his children. maybe he looks at acting as being self absorbed and self involved so he is putting his energy away from himself and into something for the common good. it would be great if .over the years peace one day has a small chance of suceeding. …..of course….based on the history of mankind and it’s insatiable appetite to kill , the chances are slim….however dreamers and many defining moments have all been realised by visionaries with imaginations. realists are very often skeptics because they see life as it is and look for reasons not to take a step. but if we didn’t have dreamers much of what we have accomplished would never have been realised.
    the chances may be slim but jude is trying….if nothing more is accomplished on september 21st than helping children and families across the world i congratulate jude law ,whatever his reasons, which….. i truly believe in this case are based on his growth as a human being.

  • Allegra

    I don’t think he would go to Afghanistan if he didn’t care – it’s not exactly a fun picnic. To me Jude seems genuinely involved with POD and I really admire him for it.