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Katie Holmes Has Rehearsal Redux

Katie Holmes Has Rehearsal Redux

Katie Holmes heads to (surprise, surprise) rehearsals for her Broadway debut of Arthur Miller’s, All My Sons play in New York city on Wednesday.

The play is set to debut on October 16 amidst Anti-Scientology protests by the “Anonymous” group.

The 29-year-old actress went out with daughter Suri last night to Chelsea Piers and had a great time!

10+ pictures of Katie Holmes and her rehearsal redux…

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katie holmes rehearsal redux 01
katie holmes rehearsal redux 02
katie holmes rehearsal redux 03
katie holmes rehearsal redux 04
katie holmes rehearsal redux 05
katie holmes rehearsal redux 06
katie holmes rehearsal redux 07
katie holmes rehearsal redux 08
katie holmes rehearsal redux 09
katie holmes rehearsal redux 10

Photos: INFdaily, Flynetonline
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  • Rebecca

    Does she ever not wear sunglasses anymore? It’d be great to see her face sometimes.

  • lots of cult tickets not sold

    Oh puulllllleeeeeeeeeeease not again, everyday the same old same old. Again, the same sourpuss, looking like she borrowed her grandma’s clothes.

  • anon supporter

    She’s ashamed to show her face in public – hence the sunglasses
    Just say no to the cult
    Go anonymous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yikes

    She looks super sad.

  • Kelly

    Did she get dressed in the dark?

  • Rodi

    Man, she is gross. She looks pale, old, tired, and sad. She is 29 but looks like she is 45. Boring same old, same old.

  • ///

    Holy crap, Batman, what ever happened to Katie Holmes? She used to be all smiles and giggles just a few years ago! Shouldn’t having enormous wealth, a good-looking husband and a cute child not bring you joy? This is not a poker face for the papz, this is the face of a sad, empty woman. I guess being the Scientology muse is wearing her down.

  • Susan

    I’m sorry..but does any miss Katie Holmes? Or wonder what she would have been doing had she not bought into all this crap?

  • coza

    Yeah.. I agree. She looks like she lost her best friend!

  • defap

    Katie, go strong! you have your right to your beliefs.

  • OpsSS!!!!


  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    She looks sad but I don’t think 10 photos can explain her emotions or situation. This is overblown.

  • Michell

    Smile chick it can’t be all that bad and you wanted this life style….just goes to show all the money in the world can not buy happiness.

  • Tammy


  • BigMama

    I hope the Mother Ship comes for Tom soon. This girl needs some help.

  • wow

    Another day, another walk to rehearsal ! Oh and lets not forget a look at her shoes. I guess nothing exciting happening today.

  • lots of cult tickets not sold

    isn’t she embarassed for herself? she thinks she is a celebrity? she looks like a mental case. especially how she carries her soon to be 3 year old daughter around like a baby. what is WRONG with her mind?
    tc said the cult can cure everything, so what about her? the niacin didn’t work, try something else, fast.

  • Dracula

    Right, #12

  • lots of cult tickets not sold

    she may need a transfusion before her debut.

  • boomer

    #12 and #18- huh?

    If you were to go back and look at the photos on JJ of Katie…most of them look all the same. It’s not just 10 photos.

    Something is wrong with her. She probably made a huge mistake marrying Tommy Boy.

  • brad

    She’s trying to channel her bff Victoria Bechkham with that constipated look…

  • cutie

    she’s very cute but she dresses too old for her age.

  • syl c.

    She sure is wearing loose tops…..hmmm…invitro perhaps? Looks so down I guess the money is losing its luster. Why in the world is anyone taking pictures of this has been TV actress .

  • nanci

    very chic and adorable

  • lurking

    Jared keep posting on Katie. Look at the whining and mental cases that gives your site lots of hits.

  • Y

    luuuv her attire and shoes

  • agnes

    I think its the annoying paparazzis that makes Katie miserable
    not the tabloid delusions by those slow on the brains.

  • afan

    Good luck on Broadway Katie and may God bless you and your family.

  • nk

    It’s rather warm and humid in NYC, what the heck is where she wearing??

  • cara

    Still hot even with no makeup and that’s a rarity in this business.

    Not many stars can pull off the natural look but Katie prevails.

    sucks to be jealous of families who are close to having it all.

  • weathergal

    #29 I was in NY last month and it can get pretty cold especially in the morning. Its on and off cold and warm. Ive been to AZ and Utah too and despite the heat there are some surprising lightning and heavy rain. Not only its cold for Katie in NY but living in hotels can be cold with those supercool airconditioners.


    I usually don’t comment, but looking at her sad, sad face (and looking aged) makes me wonder… I remember- just a few years ago- she looked so happy, alive, and full of life before she transformed.

  • thanks jj

    Bravo to Katie despite the scrutiny and attacks by those spending time with rags instead of real intelligent reading materials,spending quality time with families instead of gossip and looney conspiracies that America is so famous of way back and now…Katie is so together and poised and just living about her life and career gracefully.

  • 90210

    She is lovely to me. Katie is allowed to be tired from her daily work even on a weekend and a busy mom with a big family.

  • um yeah

    eat something! tom give her a cookie, please…..

  • scarlett

    I like her (not a mean bone in her body)

  • Margaret

    She looks ill. Seriously. She looks as if she’s aged 20 years in the last 2. I think she may be close to the breaking point. I wish all these so called fans (honestly, I think there are maybe 2 of you who keep posting over and over) would really look at her. Something is obviously very wrong with her. If you were true fans, you’d be concerned.

    I guess the old adage is true: “Money does not buy happiness” cause this is one unhappy woman.

  • fun

    With cute Suri growing up Im starting to see more of Katie in her.

  • Joe American

    @Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Hey are you the Scientology handler for Amazon, otherwise known as Java Developer.

  • ouch

    That’s as glum as I’ve seen her look.

    #30 – what sucks is being stuck in a cult. she lept before she looked. you see, once the heated passion of being with a movie star dies off, you’re left with reality.

  • united

    Obviously the critics cant stay away w/ the
    amount of staring and posting they do for Katie and her family.

  • anonymous

    Anonymous is really in love with Katie because of all the many cults and variety of religions in America and the world he only cares and wants to save Katie.

    Aawwwww. Awwwwww.

  • Read it and weep

    My Goodness, this Anonymous protest seems to be really upsetting the Tomkat fanatics around here! LOL!

    Scientology is a money grubbing, human rights abusing cult that believes anyone who is NOT a Scientologist should be “disposed of without sorrow”. Think about that. Is that something a real religion would say?

    Anonymous stands up for the men and women who have been attacked and damaged by the cult. They are against the tax exempt status of what is obviously a pyramid scheme, not a church, and they wear masks because Scientology has an investigative branch called the OSA which identifies critics and stalks them. You’d wear a mask too!

    Tom and Katie have every right to practice whatever “religion” they choose BUT Anonymous has the right to protest as well. Anonymous is protected by free speech and freedom of assembly. They are not going to stop and they shouldn’t unti the cult is erradicated.

    Get informed about Scientology. Do your own research. Google it, read and learn.

  • Lana

    She looks like a sick old bag lady! YUCK!

  • Wyatt

    Good lord she’s aged 40 years in 5.

  • sponge

    She has two old television sets on her face. I’m not impressed. Imax on head next time plz.

  • dido

    she is adorable god bless this family

  • the incredible edward!

    What on earth is she wearing again?

    Someone said something about having to take care a ‘big family’… excuse since when is one child a ‘big family’?

  • zoe

    thats an awful picture chosen. yes, she looks sad and i cant help but think how free- spirited she was before. anyhow, she looks kinda cute here (minus the grandmother cardigan) why is she wearing tht in such a weather? also why the boots? this outfit has potential.

  • AnYmOuS

    good luck Katie!