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Bristol Palin: Levi Johnston, Meet John McCain

Bristol Palin: Levi Johnston, Meet John McCain

Republican presidental hopeful John McCain greets his running mate’s pregnant teenage daughter Bristol Palin and her fiancé Levi Johnston at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport on Wednesday in Bloomington, Minnesota. The entire Palin family was at the airport to greet McCain and his family as they arrived for the Republican National Convention.

Check out the great family shot! From left to right: Track Palin, Piper Palin, Willow Palin, baby Trig Palin (in Willow’s arms), Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin, Todd Palin, vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, John McCain, McCain‘s wife Cindy, Jimmy McCain, Jack McCain, Meghan McCain and Bridget McCain.

McCain is scheduled to accept the Republican nomination for president during a speech at the convention which is being held at the Xcel Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

15+ pictures inside of baby-daddy-to-be Levi Johnston meeting John McCain

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levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 01
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 02
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 03
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 04
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 05
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 06
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levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 08
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 09
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 10
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 11
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 12
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 13
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 14
levi johnston john mccain bristol palin 15

Credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh; Photos: Scott Olson/Joe Raedle/Getty, Robyn Beck/AFP
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  • Shar

    John Mcain’s hand is so nasty looking!!!!!

  • Original jpf


  • john

    shar! have some respect! his arms were disabled when he was a prisoner at war. His arms were seriously injured and he is unable to raise them any higher

  • meh

    wow, thanks for squeezing in that prisoner of war comment. she said his hand were nasty looking which has nothing to do with how high he lifts his arms.

  • -

    Wow, Levi is rather dashing! Yes please.

  • Shar

    Ididn’t say sh!t about his arms asshole! And his hand is still nasty looking!!!!!

  • Idril

    This story with Palin makes the US ridiculous abroad

  • Sharon D.


  • hhmm

    I’ve always wondered about his arms.

    My my how the mighty(USA) have fallen…look at what will might be representing our country…

  • shelby

    In the family picture, AGAIN, sarah doesn’t hold that newborn baby. Has anyone noticed this? She hands off that baby to the girls, and the Dad never is seen holding him. She would never get my vote to begin with, as it seems she’s never that interested in really being a mom…Down Syndrome…who’s going to take care of him?

  • sam

    I hope the sick in the tank media for Obama especially all these sites will leave a candidates children alone, I don’t know anything about Joe Biden’s kids, his kids boyfriends or girlfriends. The same media studiously avoided any and all information about Clinton’s daughter or even Obama kids even thou he has allowed them to do interviews ,the media would never in a few years dig into his girls relationships, and friends and report it . I talked to too many people who find the media awful and hypocrites to make a blood-sport of a 17 year old kid and a over reaching of what the pubic will tolerate, It will effect their vote on Nov 4.

  • carlile

    levi is hot!:) jaja

  • tom c

    Bristol picked a real winner. The kid doesn’t even know how to wear a suit or something nicer when greeting the Republican Presidential Candidate. Real loser. Feel sorry for Bristol. He’s got a foul mouth like anything (his blog).

  • yeah

    he has short Trex arms

  • sad

    #11 Sam…she should have thought about that before she accepted McCain’s offer…FAMILY COMES FIRST!!! But Palin wouldn’t know that!

  • cody

    I love this family, I am so happy that McCain chose Mrs. Palin. She is a breath of fresh air to this stuffy election. I was on the fence until now, I am so voting for McCain/Palin in ’08

  • melissa

    Oh please what is with all the BS about her not being a good mother, they have a normal all american family and the fact that they are not perfect makes them all the more endearing to me. I suggest you clean up your own house before you judge others.

  • Caring

    Poor guy thought he was having a little fun withhis girlfriend, now he is forced into a shutgun wedding and to appear on TV to make her family look good!! Screw abstinence people it doesn’t work…use CONDOMS or PILLS!!!!!

  • ANNA

    Ah, look how America has fallen because these people are all better looking then the weird Canadian Prime Minister’s family or Great Britain’s nerdy Brown and plain as as@ wife or Hip Hop Obama his amazon wife and hair plugs Biden, or France’s first lady posing with no clothes on in pictures and having affairs with have of the rock groups in the 80′s, I really don’t know where some of these people get their stupid rational for their comments, these people are better looking then most Hollywoods families, jealous much Obama supporters

  • whatever

    McCain ’08 all the way!!!! Palin is an amazing lady!!

  • WakeUpPeople

    She is NOT a good mother because she placed her daughter in the scrutiny of the world knowing that she is a pregnant 17 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus the policies she wants to force on the American people does not work. STop being idiots and see the true picture, sensible people do not vote for candidates because they are a woman they vote for teh right candidate based on their qualifications and views on important issues!

  • Yep!me again, jared!!

    Nothing turns me on like good clean Christian (unprotected, of course!) teen sex.

  • UK

    This ticket put together is a complete joke. I am ashamed of the republican and I am not proud to be one. I am so changing to independent. Unbelievable, I am still in shock!

  • Kristy

    Sarah Palin should quit already

  • ace tomato

    For those questioning Sarah Palin’s qualifications to be in office when she didn’t know what was going on with her own daughter . . .

    No one asked that of Hillary Clinton, and we all know what was going under HER nose.

    Obama’s preacher for 20 years screams inflammatory, degrading comments about the United States, but he just never noticed in two decades. Uh huh.

    Also, how many kids does Nancy Pelosi have??? FIVE? Why she’s been in public office since 1987. Where are the liberals screaming about how Pelosi should have stayed home with her kids?

    The libs are so incredibly stupid when they freak out.

    Sarah Palin has the Dem’s collective knickers in a twist.

  • whatever

    well, base on qualifications I think McCain and Palin both have the qualifications to lead this country. As far as Obama, how long has he been in his political office??? Can’t hand over this country to someone like Obama…..he still has alot to learn and everything he said are just talks… no actions will follow, guarantee!!!

  • Mccain for president

    This is going to be one interesting race. Why so defensive, people? Afraid McCain might be on to something here?

  • ellen

    OBAMA/BIDEN 08, they put McCain and Palin to shame. For those of you saying Palin is qualified, what happens if our country goes to war again? she’s a governor, for christ’s sake!

  • pinkydoo

    I can’t wait until this election is over and we can get on with our important issues that need taking care of. I want these Republicans to go far away. Maybe Palin can take McCain back to Alaska with her and keep him there.

  • Tom

    What hypocrites Obama supporters are, what year is this 1958, I don’t recall anyone telling Hilary Clinton to stay in the home and pay more attend to her husband because she it was obvious she wasn’t satisfying him and maybe he won’t molest every women he came in contact with, or Nancy plastic surgery face Pelosi has 5 kids, funny how everyone in the media praised her for juggling a family and a 20 year in Washington career while her family lives in San Francisco. Or how about Joe Biden winning his senate seat and his wife dying and he leave to go to Washington , leaving to young children in Delaware with a nanny, no one questions what kind of father Obama is. Liberals don’t want to be judged put are the first to judge others

  • skeptic

    Ace Tomato, Sarah Palin is the member of a church that is quite controversial as well, so before you keep ranting about Rev. Wright, perhaps you should do some research on your candidate.  She is also affiliated with a party that wants Alaska to secede from the US, now that doesn’t sound patriotic to me.  And of course, the Republicans will blame the media instead of blaming their candidate.  We went through Obama’s life with a fine toothed comb, and now Palin is exempt from the same scrutiny because her daughter is pregnant.  If this was a Democratic candidate the Republicans would be yelling about morals and values, now the new strategy is to blame the press.  Blame McCain for not vetting his VP.  And blame her for putting her daughter through this circus.

  • Dancer

    If Palin wasn’t so gungho about her Family Values platform, this pregnancy wouldn’t have been this big in the news.
    However, try and find a birthday for Bristol. I bet based on my rough timeline she was 16 when she got pregnant.
    And Sarah herself married August 29, 1988 and the first son came April 20, 1989–8 months after the marriage…from 4 to 6 weeks early and I haven’t found anything to suggest he was premature.
    So, if you are preaching abstinence, no sex ed in school, family values etc.–what is this–do as I say, not as I do? I preach, you listen and do, but it doesn’t matter that I or my family don’t follow what I say?

  • Bailey

    What an absolute mess of a situation. It is incomprehensible that this boy is coming into the public to showcase his teen sex to attempt the Republican party to show that he now wants to marry the teenage Mom. This is an attempt to counter the trash he wrote on his MySpace account.

    Only a Republican could spin this around to now showcase this situation to identify with the teenagers that they had previously considered trash that did this.

    Yes, John McCain you have showed us yet again your poor decision making and now attempting to tout the female on the ticket to emotional females that will vote out of pity.

    This is beyond belief for intelligent people…

  • whatever

    OBAMA……….huh………sounded like OSAMA to me………his full name is OBAMA HUSSAIN BORACK………..does that sounds alarming to you???? Palin is a governor and what is Obama? also just a senator!!!

  • reporterswantDna

    Five months pregnant? “About” 5 months? Maybe 3-4 looks more accurate. A belted skirt? GOP is just trying to show that she is indeed pregnant, as if that will deflect attention from this astonishing mess. They’re running interference with this photo op, doing what they do best, confusing people who suspect there are terrible lies that speak to Sarah Palin’s character. With more appearances of a pregnant Bristol they expect this whole thing to die down. No one’s attacking this girl–she seems a lot more nurturing and doting on the baby than her mother. Sarah Palin has created this mess for her own daughter and that in itself speaks volumes. To describe her as “ambitious” is a gross understatement. Reckless, despicable? because she risked her unborn Down syndrome baby’s life on that plane, passing up two major cities and hospitals, then left Anchorage to drive to a rural medical center. Crazy, dangerous, stupid? Or maybe this concocted scheme and accompanying story just got away from her and she never dreamed that the amniotic fluid and contractions on a long plane flight would condemn her this way. She’s only used to doing damage control in Alaska–it’s not working now.

  • oh snap

    lol @ #1


    i feel sorry for that boy being forced to “marry” that skank girl


  • james

    To WakeUpPeople: The reason this even became an issue is because of the lies and smears of the Daily Kos. I guess raising taxes, government run health care, rights for terrorists…has all worked. What a joke!

    To Shar: Black much?

    To all of those making fun of McCain’s arms, hands or whatever iot is you feel the need to comment on, they are the way they are because of the torture he received when he was a prisoner of war, but I guess even that is not off limits to the angry left! I guess even what he endured has to be ridiculed by those ignorant enough to believe in the second coming of Christ (sorry, I meant Obama)!

  • Tom

    What hypocrites Obama supporters are, what year is this 1958, I don’t recall anyone telling Hilary Clinton to stay in the home and pay more attention to her husband because it was obvious she wasn’t satisfying him and maybe he won’t molest every women he came in contact with, or Nancy plastic surgery face Pelosi has 5 kids, funny how everyone in the media praised her for juggling a family and a 20 year Washington career while her family lives in San Francisco. Or how about Joe Biden winning his senate seat and his wife dyes, he still left for Washington, leaving to young children in Delaware with a nanny, no one questions what kind of father Obama is, while he does his ego tour , ah campaign run. Liberals don’t want to be judged put are the first to judge others

  • Hmm

    Tom, I’m pretty sure you know you’re comparing apples and organges. It is the Republicans who have always criticized a woman’s choice to be in the workplace. First of all, Hillary was the first lady not the President, Nancy Pelosi’s children were grown before she went to Washington, and Joe Biden went home every night to take care of his children which is what any working parent does, so your theory is baseless and wrong. I also find it incredible that Republicans are so up in arms over any criticism of Sarah Palin’s choices when they have been the very party that has sought to deprive women of their right to choose. And I would never support a candidate simply because she’s a woman, particularly one who doesn’t believe that women deserve equal pay for equal work. Her positions are as far from pro-women as you can get and your attempts to make this about misogyny obscures the real issues. There are enough problems with her stands on issues that render her family situation irrelevant.

  • Ha!

    ellen, no offense but she is running the largest state in the union. Obama is a 1st term senator with no real voting record to speak of. What he has going for him is a way with words – unfortunately, there is not much substance below the beautiful rhetoric. Why don’t you sit down and read the script of one of his speeches sometime rather than listening to him and see what you find. He is a lot of talk, but still hasn’t given us anything concrete. Does that make you feel safer? That someone with nothing real to offer and no track record to speak of (what DOES he believe in? Change? Could that be any more vague???) could be at the helm if we were to go to war again?

  • jm

    I am democrat but I will vote for McCain for sure. I was so moved by Fred Thompson and Lieberman’s speech last night at RNC. Obama is just a smooth talker. He has done nothing significant during his years as a Senator.

  • whatever

    OBAMA……….huh……….sounded like OSAMA to me……….his full name is OBAMA HUSSAIN BORACK……….does that sounds alarming to you?? As far as questioning Palin qualifications saying that she’s only a governor……….well, what about OBAMA??? he’s only a senator!!!!!people!!!

  • really??

    Seriously? His hands are unattractive?! Well, he deffinitly shouldnt be President then! Its a requriment that you have nice looking hands to be president…

    Some people say the dumbest things. I am happy to say I am not a Republican or Democrat. I like things about each candidate and I dislike things about each candidate. I dont believe either one represents the country the way that it should.

    I enjoy reading these stories because they are somewhat entertaining but the fact that all the stories these days are about Palin’s pregnant daughter and Obama’s long lost brother in Africa make us look like idiots! We should be focusing on what each person stands for!

  • peta

    beautiful ppl and God bless them

  • cody

    I am so glad that McCain chose Sarah Palin for his VP, she is breath of fresh air in this stuffy election. This family seems so real to me, I can relate to her and her issues. The fact that this family is not perfect makes them even more endearing.

  • Miss Jenny

    to “whatever”…. you can at least get Obama’s full name right…you idiot. I hope you’re not even old enough to vote.

    His name is ‘Barack Hussein Obama’.

    Palin is a Governor, but so what…she is unqualified. Obama and McCain are senators, which usually means they have more experience.

    OBAMA / BIDEN ’08!!! Because change is good.

  • tone

    How is this yout VP pick for the United States of America, and this looks like this is the first time he is meeting the entire family for the first time. I swear you can’t get anymore desperate and dense than this…

  • whatever

    to “Miss Jenny” so what if i didn’t spell his name right???

    you idiot!!!! I did it on purpose so that you would have to go and research it for yourself!!! it still does not change the facts that he has a terrorist name……..

  • whatever

    McCain/Palin ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    #11 tell why she is an amazing lady? And don’t dribble on about how she is raising five kids and working. Women have been doing this for centuries, my mother had six girls and her mother had 13!! This does not qualify for being a leader of any country, but maybe yes the leader of a small town. I don’t even care about her daughter having a baby, that kids needs sex education (which is not for) But whatever that is her families busy.

    Stop all of this that she is an amazing lady, you know her less then John McCain has known her. Wait I take that back, you may know her more that the media is doing the job of vetting her better then he did.

    She seems like a nice lady I will give you that. But Ladies and Gentlemen this amazing lady will throw us back to the 1950’s. I don’t know why the pro life people think that by overturning pro choice that abortions will stop. It will only bring back alley abortions.

    Thanks people.