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Miranda Kerr - GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2008

Miranda Kerr - GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2008

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr keeps it cute in a two-tone dress and Burberry heels at the 2008 GQ Men of the Year Awards at the Royal Opera House on Tuesday in London, England.

Who else attended the ceremony? None other than Miranda‘s current squeeze, Orlando Bloom.

The couple didn’t do the red carpet together, though. For shame!

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr @ the 2008 GQ Men Of The Year Awards…

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miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 01
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 02
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 03
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 04
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 05
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 06
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 07
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 08
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 09
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 10
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 11
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 12
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 13
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 14
miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 15
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miranda kerr gq men of the year awards 2008 17

Credit: Lia Toby/WENN, RCFA; Photos: John Furness/Mike Marsland/Wireimage, Chris Jackson/Getty
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  • b


  • b

    yay, hehe !!!!

  • the shiznack

    is she even an official Victoria’s Secret angel

    even if isnt everyone so over all that Victoria’s Secret malarky now

  • danielle

    nice body, fugly face!

  • sara

    So famous!

  • vivir sin aire

    This girl is super cute.

  • Ugh her again

    I’m sorry this girl isn’t known for Victoria’s Secret…she’s a pedophiles dream! I love how she’s at the GQ awards when she’s never even posed for them…how about having a victoria’s secret angels who has set records for GQ be there..oh like…Adriana Lima. I’m so tired of this girl getting publications and etc for being Orlando’s girlfriend, that’s all she is and all she’ll ever be. Oh and has anyone seen her take40 interview…girlfriend needs to deflate her head a bit.

  • diana

    she is so beautiful. stunning

  • charlie

    if your sick of seeing her don’t look at it then easy!

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    HAWT HAWT HAWT!!!….not? No but really she looks great!

  • Steph

    She looks so beautiful.
    My favorite Angel.

  • cremebrulee

    This is probably the best that I’ve EVER seen MK look. Except for the shoes – they’re awful.

    I’m not really sure that her presence at this ceremony is newsworthy though. Slow day in the gossip biz?

  • stephanie

    i love her. :)

  • james

    stupid SLUT GO TO HELL

  • dizzy

    She is stunning.


    She is not so beautiful but she has a nice body !

  • sick of her

    Im sick of her sorry, I used to like her, but not anymore.

  • whose dress??????

    JARED FOR THE LOVE OFGREAT FASHION! please tell us whose dress she is wearing….:-)

  • I’mwatching you

    So that’s why Orlando is grinning from ear to ear. He is so proud to show her off. She’s gorgous!!





    People like: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Politicians, The High School Musical cast, Reese Witherspoon, Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes,Tom Cruise,Lindsay Lohan, Sienna Miller, Britney Spears,Jennifer Garner, Jake Gyllenhaal…ARE WORTHY OF NEWS..NOT THIS FAME HO

  • rYAN

    this girl is soooooo uneducated

    her heads blown up (literally) and her ego is going to make that giant head burst.

    She thinks shes the hottest thing out

    get over her JJ, she is just a dumb girl trying to buy publicity

  • nexxie

    Hey she’s riding the Orlando train all the way to the top! Grab a hot celeb and get out of the VS ranks…no wonder she’s so happy – everything’s going just the way she wants it.

    She’s nothing special. Adriana Lima is prettier.

  • jujubee


    Burberry, I believe.

  • Jennifer

    man,how many things can u post up about this girl? it’s bad enough she’s dating orli but she’s always posted up.almost every time i come on this website there’s something new about this awful,lousy looking loser!geez.

  • mpao

    She looks pretty!! I think she is a beatiful model..
    But I must admit that this girl wasn`t too much known before she started datting OB, after the news were spread about them togehter, her “fame” started tu build up. As a model the main contract she only has is for VS and even at that, before her girlfriend status, she didn`t rank too high in the VS models rank..
    Amazing what can do to a carreer to date someone famous, at least it seems to be helping her a lot, I don`t think it is helping Orlando too much though, but I prefer him to be dating this girl and not Kate Bosworth whose anorexic looks are horrible.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    the girl is beautiful and i love the dress im an orlando fan and i have no problem with her he can date whoever he likes IT IS HIS LIFE AND NO ONE ELSE’S AND HE DOSN’T OWN AS TO DO ANY MOVIE IF HE DOESN’T WANT TO he will be back to work when he wants to HE TOLD YOUR CRAZY ASSES HE WOULD TAKE A LONG BREAK FROM MOVIES

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    when he was doing press for pirates he said he would take a long break from movies it was all over the news i don’t get all the drama about it

  • @27

    She’s gorgeous!

  • bristol palin

    she’s one of the few models that I see why there’s a lot of fuss/buzz about her. she’s adorable and she looks healthy not like she needs an IV feed.

  • ac

    She was already in the Top 10 Earning Models list before her relationship with Orlando was public. Maybe she wasn’t on some peoples radar because they aren’t into high fashion and are completely insulated to only whats going on in the US? Teenieboppers.. Get over it. Shes pretty, nice and seems to make him happy. Let them be.

  • Leea

    #7 – She has posed for GQ hunny, do your research. And she’s 25, hardly a pedophile’s dream!


    Miranda was a V.S ANGEL before she started dating Orlando i’m quite sure. Though I don’t think much of him, I think she’d be better off with someone else.

  • OBAMAA 08!


    stunning. I love her, she is not an air head, she is very down to earth and is a strong advocate of inner beauty and self eestem.

    Nobody really knows how she is.

    I know she is a DOLL


  • wow…

    Miranda is stunningly beautiful…..Orlando must think he
    is the luckiest guy ever!!!!

  • vaseline

    Wow! With the way some of you people are kissing her ass, I hope you guys buy the stuff she endorses. Looks cookie cutter to me.


    Really, who the hell Kerrs?

    Another Bimbo in the house. Call the photogs.

  • Miranda lover

    This isn’t the best I have seen Miranda look….in fact she looks a bit weird in these pics….big teeth and wide nose….and a bit shiny. Is she even wearing foundation? Who would go to big event and not wear makeup???

  • @35

    Evidently you “Kerr” since you stopped and took the time to post.
    :) :) :) :) :)

  • http://justjared a fan

    love her she looks great

  • FroFro


    *******She was already in the Top 10 Earning Models list before her relationship with Orlando was public******

    That article, and the info given was a load of crappola…..Giselle even spoke out about the pumping up of the numbers. If you go back and read the article, you will see that the wording of it, and how they came to the conclusion of those numbers, would most definitely not hold up if anyone bothered to ask and see proof. Nice try though. Like everything with this girl, its fabrication and self absorbtion…..nothing more. MK’s mom is an accountant… would think she would feel compelled to not fudge the numbers. But she pimped out her daughter at a young age so I guess I wouldnt put it past her.

    Everyone knows that MK is only making piss in the pot compared to other models out there, and her looks are rapidly going downhill, so she’d better start saving what she’s got. I’d bet her “puffed up and fabricated” salary that by this time next year she will be a has been in the modeling world. Catalogs and cheesy runway…….thats her future.

  • http://justjared @fro fro

    why do you care if you hate her so much why come here ? ignore her what does it matter how much she makes she is richer than me and you that is for sure why is it so difficult for you people to just ignore her i will never understand

  • TSK

    Interesting! I wonder if Orli’s parents have met her yet? Given the fuss that happend when down under. Where they also went to an event as a couple, openly! Why hide now? Embarressed because she takes her clothes off for a living?

  • @40

    Some people just aren’t happy unless they are complaining about something.
    And these “haters” will alway find SOMETHING to complain about.

  • FroFro

    Why do I come here? Hmmmm…..well lets see. Could it be that STILL when I type in Orlando Bloom for a search at JJ, this greasy fameho is what JJ decides needs to come up. Maybe the more we complain about always having to see HER when we search for HIM, then maybe….just maybe….JJ will finally get the picture and separate the searches for who they should belong to. Tell me this….why do you care if I come here or not? If you dont like why I say…..DONT READ IT! Simple…but your curiosity will always get the best of you of why so many people find her absolutely ridiculous. So keep reading, keep complaining, keep boohooing about us “haters” by all means.

    That article was crap and fabrication, and yes, it irritates me when people continue to perpetuate the lies that this idiot continues to put out there about herself. I am in finance by profession, and I know the verbage that people will use to fabricate and fudge the numbers. That article had all the red flags and I pointed that out back when it surfaced, even before Giselle quoted what she did about the article as well. If you want to believe she is “all that” based on lies….go for it. But those of us smart enough to see through her fabrications and puffed up self-promotion also have the right to believe what we do about her and state it as well. As long as Bloom continues to put up with this dingbat and be seen in public with her, you will have people like me pointing out more and more of the idiocy of it. So deal. As long as JJ links them in every single search, those of us that read JJ will b!tch about it here.

  • @frofro

    So are you forced to read everything that is linked with Orlando’s name? You can’t just ignore what you don’t want to read? Instead you add to the hits and comment count for someone that you want Jared to stop linking to Orlando (even though she IS linked to Orlando)? Why would Jared stop doing something that makes him a profit? If you are in finance, you should understand the law of supply and demand. Your stopping to post, instead of scrolling past, is telling Jared that the more Miranda items he posts, the more hits he will get. It’s really quite simple. Your dislike is lining his pockets.

  • sopretty

    She has such amazing eyes.

  • FroFro

    I search for ORLANDO not MK. Orlando gets the hits not her.

    Maybe you presume that I force myself to point out how ridiculous she is. Dont worry…..I dont force myself. It comes very easy to point out all her flaws. If it makes you feel better I actually like the shoes and dress she chose for the occassion. Too bad she couldnt have shown the same amount of class at the Gorbachev event……but then trashy does seem to come so easy to her.

  • http://justjared @fro fro

    hahaha you like kate bosworth yes? well why don’t you go on her threads ? i sow yesterday that there were only 13 comments hahaha the woman is so boring and has 0 personality even her fans don’t bother with her all her fans well both of them are too busy bashing orlando and miranda because they are pissed she is so boring no one i mean no one gives her attention without orlando and please don’t even start mentioning 21 she has nothing to do with that movie being a hit

  • manda

    i think she is stunning!!!!!

  • red robin

    @ Fro Fro

    Okay we got it you can’t stand her. Why can’t you just ignore her? Did you ever heard of indifference?

    Too much negativity will kill you. Breathe girl breathe.

  • @frofro

    “I dont force myself. It comes very easy to point out all her flaws.”

    Whatever makes you feel better about your sad self, I guess.
    Keep on posting. Keep adding to her thread count. Keep lining Jared’s pockets.