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Suri Cruise: Eyes Wide Shut

Suri Cruise: Eyes Wide Shut

Katie Holmes carries 2-year-old daughter Suri back to their New York City apartment after spending Wednesday evening at Chelsea Piers.

Before the Anti-Scientology Crusader Group Anonymous storm Katie‘s Broadway show All My Sons, on September 3rd, at 7:30 AM, the Human Rights and internet subculture group Anonymous will be holding a picket outside of the New Village Academy private school in Calabasas, Calif., specifically against the use of L. Ron Hubbard‘s and The Church of Scientology’s Study Tech and Ethics programs the school is implementing.

New Village Academy is a private elementary school founded and funded by actor Will Smith. Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, selected the management for the school.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise‘s eyes wide shut…

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suri cruise eyes wide shut 01
suri cruise eyes wide shut 02
suri cruise eyes wide shut 03
suri cruise eyes wide shut 04
suri cruise eyes wide shut 05
suri cruise eyes wide shut 06
suri cruise eyes wide shut 07
suri cruise eyes wide shut 08
suri cruise eyes wide shut 09
suri cruise eyes wide shut 10

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  • iz


  • Radnessmadness

    pfft i no…!!! but btchy as well for a 2yrold!!!!!!

  • defap

    The truth will always win in the end. So, even if all the people on this earth say something wrong is right, like the earth is flat, they can’t make it right, No matter how much time it will take for people to realize that. So, why are they so afraid of their beliefs? Even if they converted to the other religion or no religion, if what they used to believe is right, there will always be other wise and brave people to continue it. Why bother? It is not like if you work hard enough, something wrong will become right or right become wrong. The only difference is Maybe it will take a little more time for people to realize the truth.

  • defap

    Love Suri, Katie and their family.

  • megan

    that little girl comes off as a complete spoiled brat to me.

  • boo(real)

    kid is ok but i see nose job in her future.

  • diana

    defap..i like what you said. good job. suri is a cutieeeeee. katie -stunning. love them and tom

  • janel


  • yeah

    The all american family. Icing on the cake that Tom is just so cool and one versatile actor. Likewise with Katie.

  • 90210

    Beautiful mixture of Tom and Katie.

    She will be a heartbreaker when she grows up.

  • Wyatt

    What a strange looking toddler.

  • Dracula

    That;s good. They should be holding a picket outside someplcae actually Scientology related. Not the play of a castmember who happens to be a Scientologist.

    Why, #5?

    Don’t say that, #6.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..suri, and her family get so much love on this site. thanks, jared.

    i guess no pictures of, shitlow.. ‘the tard’? oh well, maybe they’ll let her out the basement one day.

  • Alex

    she´s just a little girl so stop been mean! she´s very cute!

    and by the way I´m a Nicole kidman fan and I don´t like TomKat at all

  • …….


  • nike

    such pitiful causes to protest when there are more alarming and bigger problems this nation and other countries faces.

  • jj roocks

    mom and baby

  • andrea

    aww suri is soo cute!

  • thelma

    All this pictures are heartwarming and special but I really happen to love the second one especially Suri smiling and Katie glowing as a mom to her child.

  • chessa

    class act all the way —

  • vivir sin aire


  • http://comcast susan

    These people need to stop over-exposing this kid to the paps! Ever heard of a back-door entrance? Or are the ticket sales still poor? For shame…I’d care more for my kids than publicity. Do you actually think this gives Suri sweet dreams? Irresponsible people.

  • boo(real)

    unfortunately TonKat are exposing suri to drum up interest for katie’s poor selling tickets. what other celeb parents bring out their child at NIGHT to a pap hotspot???

  • boo(real)

    and suri will have a nose job by her teens.

  • Nini

    Give the poor girl a bloody cardigan! Surprised she hasnt caught pneumonia yet!

  • free

    How blind and shallow for a small group of crusaders not committing into fellow citizens in real need like the environment,animals,wildlife,domestic abuse,the elderly,human rights,homelessness,military and veterans,terrorism,healthcare,gas prices,hunger et al because Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is the most important thing in this world.

  • blazer

    Such pretty sight! :)

  • coldkatie

    Katie is all covered up with sweater and scarf, and Suri is wearing sleeveless dress with no shoes.

    Is there something wrong with Katie, she has been wearing sweaters/ trenchcoat during the height of summer in August?

  • the incredible edward!

    Where are all the haters hiding?
    Come on ppl, this is not funny!!

    What’s that with shoes in one photo, barefoot in the others? I can’t for the life of me understand how this is happening! Aren’t the photos supposed to be taken within seconds?

    TOM! Get your wife a stylist!

  • Christy

    The all american family
    Huh. I didn’t realize the “the all american family” belonged to a cult. I’ll be damned. Where is her husband and his other children? Didn’t this “all american family” say they were all moving to NY? I guess Katie is not as important to Tom as his own career and visa versa. Some marriage. Lets get real. The whole thing is for show anyway. I just hate the way they drag that poor kid all over to promote themselves. It’s disgusting

    Anonymous has every right to protest Scientology. Katie is a Scientologist and should know the horrible things her cult promotes. If she doesn’t know, she needs to find out. Her daughters life depends on it. Obviously, she doesn’t mind that it’s a dangerous cult or doesn’t know, so now she’s going to have to pay the piper with these perfectly legal protests.

    We all know JJ is just looking for more hits and to stir up controversy around an actress no one cares about. That’s what this is really about. LOL!

    It’s become more evident recently that Suri has Tom’s nose, so sorry to say, she IS going to need a nose job.

  • !^$*%)%&

    Katie is wearing a long jacket and a scarf, but poor Suri is barefoot and in a little sundress!! Anybody else see something wrong with that? Geez Katie, don’t you have the common sense to put a sweater on your kid?

    Can’t you take her out a backdoor and stop pimping her out to the photographers so a few more people will come to your play?

    What a jerk! I have no respect for Katie Holmes. She’s a piss poor mother.

  • Daniee

    This kid looks a bit older than 2 doesn’t she? I guess she is having a growth spurt earlier. She’s such a cutie.

  • bud

    suri used to be cuter.

  • lupe

    The all american family
    Huh. I didn’t realize the “the all american family” belonged to a cult. I’ll be damned.

    Exactly, I guess they would say Charles Manson and his “family” was all american too.

    Wasnt Manson a Scientologist by the way?

  • dido

    love this beautiful family and ı see a little tom in suri ‘ s face, everyday she looks more and more like tom, god bless them

  • bonita

    She does look like she has had a growth spurt. And her nose looks bigger too. She’s starting to look more like Tom and his mom.

  • julie

    This child is always out late at night..wearing practically nothing compared to her parents. They usually are wearing long sleeves, sweaters etc., and she is sleeveless and barefooted.


  • test



    They are freaks!!! The kid included! Check out the video of Suri at the park in NYC. She was scared to interact with the other kids, kept clinging to her mom, and she did not even know how to climb up the stairs to even get to the slide. Katie babied her and held her hand while she went down a 2 foot slide.

    All U people who say this family is so beautiful are freaks too! Open your eyes!! What kid is scared to play at the park?

    Poor kid probably sees permanent flash bulb dots when she closes her eyes.

  • lindsie

    poor Sori Cruise

  • ellie



  • ellie



  • tish

    LOL usa… land of the free LOL
    but only free when you have same political view, same religion, same clothes and same everything as the majority
    im so happy being european!
    these people want to belong to a cult… yeah so?
    these people want there kid out at night dressed in a summer dress? :o … yeah so?
    maybe you dont agree with them but common please stop thinking you have any right to say how people have to live there lifes!
    you guys are so funny!

  • tish

    forgot another funny thing i notice
    some of you are moaning about the hiding of shiloh… saying its so great suri gets out in public and that its better then keeping a kid in the bacement LOL
    but then there are other moaners who are saying they should keep suri out of the pictures LOL
    i just come here to read the funny posts writen by some of you!
    its a great way to spend some free time!
    some of you have to much free time to be able to moan so much LOL

  • pauline

    NO WONDER !!

  • Ally

    Can’t she walk?! Katie or Tom ALWAYS carry her. Compare to Matilda Ledger who is that age and can walk and jump on her own!!!

  • zoe

    this kid is obviously overexposed to the paps. i feel bad for her. anyhow, she’s really cutee.
    katie looks nice here…the pegged jeans arent as obvious but its strange how she puts on a coat and scarf and suri only has a sundress on.

  • Lady Adorable

    as a lot of people annoy me on other threads, i’m gonna do like them.

    Suri is cute but Nahla Berry-Aubry is a BEAUTY!! the cutest cutie pie in hollywood.. she’s the most adorable baby.

    I hate Angelina but Shiloh is very cute too….. this is the top 3 :

    1. Nahla
    2. Suri

  • mya

    As we can see on those pictures, is that Suri is not so afraid of the paps. If she isn’t smiling is maybe that she’s always tired.

    As always since Katie is in NYC, she is covered from neck to anckles and the little Suri is in sundress. Day and night as this. If Katie feels cold all the time, so she needs a doctor. Is she too stressed? Haven’t she heard about thyroidis disorders?

  • Lady Adorable


    this is the top 10 of the cutest celebrity kids :

    1.Nahla Berry-Aubry
    2. Matilda Ledger
    3. Max Liron Bratman
    4. Jayden James Spears-Federline
    5. Honor Marie Alba-Warren
    6. Kingston Rossdale
    7. Suri Cruise
    8. Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt
    9. Levi McConaughey
    10. Harlow Ritchie-Madden

    woah!!.. they could all play together when they grow up lol……….however, there’ll be a lot of competition between the girls……i’m already wondering who will date who lol.. you know how it is in hollywood……they’re all dating each other so it’ll happen for those adorable cuties! can’t wait to see them grown up, they’ll blow us away i guess