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Chris Brown Interview -- Exclusive

Chris Brown Interview -- Exclusive

Chris Brown chatted with a few days ago to talk about his first foray into the fashion world and the music he’s recording with the Jonas Brothers. Here’s what the 19-year-old Prince of R&B had to say:

JJ: Can you tell us about your collection of New Era caps?

CB: Yeah, I was doing six individual hats, where they got me to personally design the hats. And so I got a chance to do something more for the kids and not necessarily go into “high fashion” yet. This is more for the casual back-to-school kids, the everyday person that just wants to be casual. Later on in the future, I’ll do more higher fashion stuff. This is a good opportunity to work with New Air, because I love and support their products 100%.

JJ: How much of the designing did you handle yourself?

CB: I was, I would say 99% of the creativity. I wouldn’t say I was 100% of the creativity as far as the designs, I was 99% of it because you know you have to have a whole bunch of other workers to help your vision. I wanted to do some cool stuff for kids to start off with, some hats just to get my foot in the door because hopefully we’ll do another deal next season and have a wide array of designs and stuff for the hats.

JJ: What was the design process like for you?

CB: I always draw all the time. Notebooks, sketchbooks, tables, walls…I just draw all the time. As far as the hats go, I had an initial design of what I wanted, and then they had another artist tweak my idea, enhance it and so that’s how we worked it up.

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Chris Brown Interview — Exclusive

JJ: You have one hat where there’s a guy with boogers coming down his nose. Where did that idea come from?

CB: I would say it wasn’t the boogers, it was the comedic relief of it. It was more of my alter ego on the hat, like the nerd, me being a goofy teenager. With the hat, it’s cool and weird. It’s a good hat for the kids because it’s a cartoon character and it could mean whatever the kids want it to mean for them.

JJ: If somebody is interested in buying these hats, where can they find them?

CB: They can find them in their local LIDS, they could go to any mall. They’re putting 160 hats in every LIDS. It’s a lot.

JJ: You were recently seen running around with an “Obama or Die” shirt. What did you think of his speech at the DNC?

CB: It was incredible. Some people told me they cried when they heard it. But I think it was incredible. He’s a great person. I’m a supporter. I don’t really get into all the politics but I’m a supporter.

JJ: You’re recording something with the Jonas Brothers. Can you tell us something about that?

CB: I’m doing some stuff in the studio, writing for the Jonas Brothers and I think it’ll be a good look for us to do something together.

JJ: So you’re not on the record, just collaborating with them?

CB: If my record is leaked, like a lot of my records keep getting leaked recently, then you might hear me on the demo, but as far everything else is concerned, I’m possibly doing something with them. If they want me on the record, I’ll stay on the record, but I just wanted to write a record for those guys.

JJ: Where are you right now and what are you doing Labor Day weekend?

CB: Labor Day weekend, I’m traveling, getting ready for Fashion Rocks, because you know I have a Fashion Rocks performance so I gotta get ready for that as well as the [?]. Right now I’m in LA, rehearsing, in the studio recording, doing some records for certain people, having fun.

JJ: You’re an awesome performer. How do you plan each performance?

CB: I have a creative mind, so if I listen to the song, I have an idea, I thought of five or six months ago, I’ll bring it back into the playing field. I can tweak ideas or make them better. Just come up with something and then we go from there.

JJ: Do you start with dance moves, or start with costuming, or everything just comes together?

CB: It’s more the theme of what we’re gonna do first, and then the dancing falls into place so that’s what I think is gonna be dope.

JJ: After your lids hit stores, what do you think will be the next fashion step for you?

CB: I’m gonna do clothes, but stuff that kids can afford. I want to get into the high fashion world very soon, but the stuff I want to start out with is the small stuff, for the kids, that anybody can afford the Nikes, or the Jordans, Or let’s say they can’t afford the big brand name clothes, so I would make a lower end line but still high-quality.

JJ: Do you have any favorite fashion icons?

CB: I like so many different people. I like the traditional Gucci, LV, Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford.

JJ: Have you sampled any of Kanye [West]‘s Pastelle line yet?

CB: Yea, I took a couple of shots…shirts and jackets. It’s cool but I haven’t seen all of his pieces. Kanye’s a creative person so I wouldn’t put it past him…he’s gonna have a good success in it.

JJ: Are there TV shows that you’re looking forward to this fall?

CB: Heroes, I hope Heroes comes out with Season 3.

JJ: Do you have a favorite character on that show?

CB: Probably Peter. Peter’s the dope one because he could take everybody’s power.


Check back tomorrow to see how you can win your very own Chris Brown cap!

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  • Dancer

    Way to go Jared! Congrats for scoring the interview.

  • oh snap

    wow great job j2 i love the interview and chris brown ♥

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  • sophie.

    i really dislike the jonas brothers. Especially Nick and Kevin. I know i’m going to get a lot of hate comments from this, i’m just expressing my opinion, i’m not intending on bashing them. If you listen to their Disney Channel Games performance – i think it was Kevin, but one of them completetly screwed it up. They also seem like very up-tight, self-centered people. I love Miley Cyrus, and i have to deal with comments from Jonas Brothers fans bashing her everyday, and it’s quite upsetting. Now why don’t you take back what you’ve been giving? You eco-tiwsted Jonas Lovers. I have nothing against you if you like them, but it’s just i hate Miley Haters who are so far up the JB’s arses to actually inhale what they are saying. Miley made the Jonas Brothers. I like Chris Brown, he seems like an a ok guy. he’s got an amazing voice and he seems real friendly. Well done Jared!

  • black

    The only good stuff I read here——-he likes Heroes!!—-and Peter is my favourite character as well!!!

    ——————But that´s about all I liked to read—————

    Creative, huh?


    ———————–He really is every bit of the IDIOT I thought he would be——–*–*–>——>———>—————>—————————->

  • Breanna

    Chris Brown & Jonas Brothers…can it get any better? :]

    I love CB<3333

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  • iluvmiley

    i love the jonas brothers, and chris brown…what a great match! (but to sophie, as you can tell from my name i love miley too…not ALL jonas brothers fans are mileybashers.)

  • sophie.

    iluvmiley @ 09/04/2008 at 2:57 pm

    True, but it is true that the majority of miley bashers are jonas lovers. Which does annoy me as Miley basiclly MADE the jonas brothers from her best of both worlds tour last year. I kind of went overboard on the whole ‘jonas hate’ thing. I don’t competely hate them, i just think they could be better :)

  • Tayler

    Im in love with this kid<3
    cb :) <3

  • ☆ Shonathan Hilton ☆

    thats hot
    i hope the desins are like for my style too
    i dont want them to be like too ghetto-ish


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    jb and cb will be awsome 2gether!

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    omg! i love JB & Chris Brown.!

  • Sofia

    sohphie u r wrong, i respect ur opinion and everything but the jonas brothers where waay famous before the best of both worlds tour personally i think miley is stupid but what can u do

  • =)

    I’m so excited. I love Chris AND the JB. This is an awesome interview. Chris seems like a such a sweetie-pie. Lol. =p

  • i love chris brown

    nt mad bou the jonas bros dnt listen 2 them luv chrissi tho nd i luv miley cyrus her album is brilllo!

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    sigh. youve crossed to the dark side.

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    Fuck you # 4, 6 and 19. The Jonas Brothers are the best and you are just jelouse.

  • Krissy

    i love him soo much<333
    i can’t wait to dress like him & say im chris brown’s sexy lady hahaha:P
    awwww, he’s soo sweet, to write songs for the jonas Bros.
    I think it would b amazing if they did a song together:D

    :O we have soo much in common.
    Chris b mine!!! I draw tooo!!!! & create my own designs!!!
    but wit ri ri , yu guys are more amazing (L)

  • Krissy

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    ___♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫_______♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ ____

    &&& Chris brown<3

    if yu believe , they should do a collaboration of funky upbeat music together, repost this sign.

  • Cambria

    love chris brown never knew he liked heraos and if he does the song with the jonas brother that song will be a hit and then some!!

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    he is sooooo sexiiiiiiiii

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    He’s still so adorable!

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    omj first of all i love the jonas brothers. second chris brown is amazing
    can it get any better!!!
    come on the jonas brothers rock out while chris brown interludes
    it would sound amazing
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    luv ya with all my heart!!!

  • nickjisoffmychain

    ya btw if u like miley check her rep
    and then look at the jonas brothers rep
    please now lets compare
    besides her show is getting cancelled for the jonas brothers new show
    and she did not make them
    they were singing since they were 7
    and they got discovered in 2002
    they had a fanbase in 2005
    u have problems if u dobn’t like them!!!
    i love you jb!!!
    keep rockin!!!

  • yankies 4 ever

    agreed with the five comment! i don´t like nick and kevin but i love joe! i think that he has a great personality, he is more friendly. i thinked that kevin was but in the dc games i see how kevin is…disgusting! and nick jonas? i like JB since 2005 when they weren´t famous but i NEVER loved nick! i don´t know why! but i love chris with jb! i´m sooo in love with chris and it will be awesome!:D

  • christina

    well everyone has their own opinion
    I think joe is the stuck up one.
    He seems conceited and always wants to be in front of the camera.
    Kevin and Nick are ok.
    I’m starting to get away from their music because it’s like overrated now.
    So I’ll move on to Chris Brown. His music is really good and so catchy.
    Uhh he’s so adorable too.
    Jb with CB woah. that would be one nice collaboration and or CB’s song writing skills. It would be awesome.

  • rockstar

    I agree with u on voicing our opinions, but wat i dont agree with is the dislike u share for JB. I am a Jb fan, n true most of us dont favor Miley, including me, but i dont go out saying things about her because i dont know wat kind of person she is or her personality. She can be the sweet person for all i know, but the fact that u said they “seem like very up-tight, self-centered people,” just irritated me. i know u probably didnt mean to but it did. Wat also got me was wat u said on Miley making JB. If memory serves me well, i believe their parents did. LOL JK (thought id lighten the mood) Anyway, Jb was well-known before Miley had them on her show. That episode had high rating because JB was on it, so I believe they had thousands of fans before.if u dont believe me than y doesnt every episode have high ratings? How would u like it if the roles were reversed n someone said JB made Miley Cyrus? Im pretty sure u would be offended n outraged, like me. Also, another issue to raise up, u arent the only fans getting rude comments on the artists they love. JB Fans also get bombarded with disturbing n sickening comments said by Miley fans as well as other ppl. im sure u arent one of these rude ppl, but just to let u know we(JBF) know how it feels. We r told how they r “gay” n other things that, I think, r inappropriate to mention because idk who will read this(agewise). ok thats pretty much all i want to say. Sorry my response was rude or mean, i didnt mean for it to. Thanx for listening, or rather reading.

    oh i dont think im “eco-tiwsted.” At least i hope im not. lol =p

  • Allie

    Good job Jared!!!!

  • newport beach, 92660

    You are awesome Chris… I love “Forever” so much!! and I love Heroes too!!



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    chris brown is one of my favorite fashion idols.

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    Chris, no matter what you do it is always great. Keep up the good work and give us more.

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    JJ: You should share and check out the webclip “Get your war on”. It’s pretty great, and brings up great social issues that we’re all thinking about! Check it out, this one’s about McCain’s war-internment, and it puts a funny spin on how often J-M talks about his POW days:

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    Ahhhh jonas && Chris… Heaven on earth :DDD

  • Marissa

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  • Marissa

    ~so glad jj got this interview~!

  • {official cb lover}

    I want the hat..L0L
    Love the Interview. Love ya Chris.!! o0o Yea O-B-A-M-A..
    that would be interesting if they do a song together., I Would most def. want to hear it.!! Much Love Chris!!

    {Official Chris Brown Lover}~Laura

  • {official cb lover}

    I want the hat..L0L
    Love the Interview. Love ya Chris.!! o0o Yea O-B-A-M-A..
    that would be interesting if they do a song together., I Would most def. want to hear it.!! Much Love Chris!!

    {Official Chris Brown Lover}~Laura

  • natalie

    yay! i didnt know my chris brown loved heros and me and chris have so much in common cuz i luv2 draw all the time 2, i cant wait till his hats cum out i will be waitin for the day they come out and wear it all the time for my boo you kno i got2 represent<3 love ya chris

  • natalie

    yay! i didnt kno my chris breezy liked heros and i luv2 draw all the time 2, i’ll be waitin the first day his hats cum out to get one and wear it every day u kno i got2 represent my boo!<3 luv u chris forever and ever

  • jblover

    if your a jb hater why do you have to tell people on this website
    no one cares
    im a total fan and true lover of the jonas brothers
    and no-jb doesn’t bash miley
    every time her racy photos come up for jb they become protective of her
    if people thinks their music sucks well whatever
    they really don’t need people talking bad about them on websites
    so stop.

  • patrick

    i’m pato, U fans..
    i from Indonesia, papua..
    iso like U chris in every time I saw U..
    PATO ’17

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    love it! such a great performer .. … will you do my sweet 16?

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    chris brown you are soooooooooooooo HOT I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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    im sooo in love with chris brown jonasses are ok sorta not really…lol but there cute dont chris DONT collaborate with jonass you can write songs and all but im BEGGING YOU DONT SING WITH THEM!!!! you could might as well break your leg before a show! your music doesnt sound good with jb and they dont deserve your helo your too good for them so please JUST write the music
    oh and BTW im gonna buy all 160 hats in my nearest lids!!!

  • jbjb

    i dont think miley made the jonas brothers big
    they have been working really hard and they have this charm, like different things that are so great and appealing to many people.
    Many people went to the best of both worlds tour to JUST to See the Jonas Brothers.
    anyway, i think it is cool if JB and CB collaborate music. i dont think chris should write a whole record for them,because they are great writers but i think they should combine ideas. they are both great .

  • ashley

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    &&& Chris brown<3

    if yu believe , they should do a collaboration of funky upbeat music together, repost this sign.

    cant wait to hear the songs