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Jennifer Aniston is a Stalker

Jennifer Aniston is a Stalker

Jennifer Aniston shoots scenes at New York City’s Palace Hotel on Wednesday night for her guest-starring role on NBC’s 30 Rock as a “free-spirited, Fatal Attraction-like stalker”.

As reported earlier, the 39-year-old former Friends star will play Claire Harper, the former roommate of Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), and begins to stalk Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). The episode will air this fall.

30 Rock returns with its third season premiere on Thursday, October 30th 9:30PM ET/PT on NBC.

10+ pictures inside of stalker Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston stalker 01
jennifer aniston stalker 02
jennifer aniston stalker 03
jennifer aniston stalker 04
jennifer aniston stalker 05
jennifer aniston stalker 06
jennifer aniston stalker 07
jennifer aniston stalker 08
jennifer aniston stalker 09
jennifer aniston stalker 10
jennifer aniston stalker 11
jennifer aniston stalker 12

Photos: Humberto Carreno/, Doug Meszler/WENN
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  • Lynd

    can’t wait to see it.


  • luv it

    How are all these pics being taken on a studio lot.? Luv how she pretends she does not want attention . She is a media *hore like everyone else.

  • renee

    I’m glad jenn is returning to TV. I cannot wait to see her guest spot on 30 rock.

  • nevermind

    um, waiting for the haters to try to find something to B*ITCH about. She looks fabulous. End of topic.

  • tia

    i dont get why jared is so obsessed with her. I mean really, shes pretty much the most boring overrated fame loving person out there

  • amy

    im so sick of this chick! she was great on friends but that was a lifetime ago. why doesnt she just dissapear or better yet stop posting so much on her! u dont see perez going overkill with her and he goes overkill on everypne!

  • null

    This is really her environment. She really should just stick to what she does well – television. She just does not show well in the big screen.

  • jlow


  • Glenda

    She is not 38 and I’m glad she is back where she belongs – on tv.

  • Alania

    Why all the Jen bashing? I think she rocks!

  • Stephen


    angelina is way hotter and more talented than maniston will ever be.

  • A Greek


  • Jojo

    She looks amazing. This scene seems hilarious.


    she looks good.

  • Mar

    She looks like a well kept 40 year old. She needs to stay on tv because she won’t be able to play sweetheart girlfriend to a talented comic actor much longerno.

  • susan

    PSYCHO!!! Lol. J/k

  • Jill

    First she finds out that “He’s Just Not That Into You” and now she’s playing a stalker. Story of her life?

  • oh please

    *rolls eyes*

    haha Jared, you’re so clever.

    way to fuel the brang.a.loonies ragging on this chick with your thread title.

    you=drama queen.


    She is 39 1/2, Jared. Not 38. Jeez, I know she wants to look younger everyday, but the age number only goes up, never down, for all of us, and that includes Jennifer Aniston. The Big Four-O in a mere 5 months.

  • maria

    She looks good for 391/2. She can wear anything, always classy & sophisticated w/out trying hard. Why do people always have nasty comments whatever she does? If you don’t like her, then look at other pictures that you like. Angelina is only 33 but looks older so why can’t you accept that? Having so many kids now, it will be harder to keep young unless she’s doing all means to do something about it. All actresses do that to maintain their appearance so no criticism needed.

  • sonia

    sad,sad, sad, why don’t she just disappear already? is she waiting for not one person to post on her thread before she catch the hint? this old bag is mentally unstable, she has lots of money from pimping out her unattractive face, and riding brad’s gravy train, this old bag can not act, and a fame who re, I’m sorry, i don’t care how many times shes been banged and booted,she brought it on herself, sit your old haggard self down some where, she has to be broke by now, paying all these mags and threads to keep her relevant, it cost money, not every one is buying those mags with her on the cover, every store i went to there were plenty all on the place, her agent has to pay for all this exposure.

  • jp

    awww..she’s hot!

  • maria

    To you hater: You think those pictures are paid by her? Pictures are taken by photographers and paparazzi and sell them to magazines. It is their prerogative to take pictures of people that are sought after. They would not take pictures that magazines won’t buy. I don’t think a lot of people buy magazines anymore now due to economy and the existence of websites such as this. You see more pictures in websites than magazines and they are for free. Before you make comments, use your brain and think. I don’t buy magazines because they are expensive and it’s much better to look on internet. You even see videos.

  • ohh duh

    Don’t worry people this old hag will disappear in HW soon… she’ll be turning 40 next year bwahahahahh!!

  • Hannah

    she is sooo pretty!! looking forward to her on the show!!!

  • melly

    She looks so cute. I can’t wait to watch this and Management too.

  • The story of her life !

    She is not acting she is…she stalked John Mayer till Europe and grabbed his arms running after him after concerts and grabbed his … in that car ! She was stalking Brad’s mum through phone calls lately !

    She is a psycho !

  • mmm

    Many trannies looks more feminine than her body wise and mainly face wise…she looks so mannish and harsh looking the more she ages.

    Those botox injections have a boomerang effects on her while erasing superficially her former deep aging lines she already had at 30 ! Anyway she is 50 inside. That nicotine of her has innerly aged her body for sure.

  • Betsy

    maria -

    Jennifer Aniston has a good plastic surgeon. She has the money to buy botox, change her hairline, fix her nose, and enhance her breast.

  • to maria

    Maria # 20 -

    This is what lainey said about your idol Jennifer Aniston.

    from lainey -

    Us Weekly is reporting that Jennifer Aniston sought the services of Ashlee Simpson’s special nose doctor and underwent the knife herself on January 20th because…wait for it…she had a deviated septum that was preventing her from sleeping and breathing properly – the official word from her publicist Stephen Huvane who, as Us Weekly has also pointedly reported, hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with the truth on more than one occasion.

    The magazine goes on to say that Jennifer “Jen has hated her nose ever since her first nose job. She always said how lousy it was and that her nose was still too wide.”

    So is it out of the ordinary for a celebrity to fix up her face? Absolutely not. Happens all the time, every day. But THIS particular celebrity has always denied enhancement. THIS particular celebrity (meaning Jen) has cultivated an image out of convincing people she’s Au Naturel – with the help, of course, of the Zone Diet and a steady stream of cigarettes.

  • anon

    >You think those pictures are paid by her?
    sometimes they hire photographers when she is acting : ie with Mayer at the swimming pool. Security would have thrown out any photographers. It was all ACTING and PR. That’s life….

  • haley

    Amazing woman!

    She looks just fabulous.

    I love her work on tv AND on the big screen.

  • brutally honest


  • LOl

    AH Brought down to earth back on TV.stalking Brad and Angelina for years so it shouldn’t be difficult to play the part.Its good to see the press attacking her,long overdue

  • lucas

    Ahhhhh, she looks amazing.

    I can’t wait for her movies to come out. Jen rules.

  • brutally honest

    wolf whistles 8-)


    VEINY FEET!!!! OLD HAG FEET!!! She needs to start injections on her veiny feet cos they are a giveaway on her age. Maybe remove the varicose veins…

  • http://justjared jennifer fan

    i see the haters are here before the fans you people have no life anyway jennifer looks great and im happy she is working again and can’t wait for her movies to come up

  • hehe

    she is being herself she has been stalking you know..for 4 years now.

  • hehe

    she is being herself she has been stalking you know..for 4 years now.

  • FRänkthetänk

    she is very hot :)

  • Julien

    God she still looks good at 38!!!

  • Wow

    She looks evil.Chubby legs.Go back to your first love Jen,exercising.With you her history of depression its not good to comment on her chubby legs,She’s not stable enough to take critisism.

  • OMG

    She has aged poor Jen. Its not a good when people say she looks good for her age.

  • the incredible edward!

    I can’t believe some of the comments here… so childish!
    Waddya know? People have VEINS!! impossible…

    wake up call: veins show regardless of age

  • divya

    YAY Jen!!!

    :) glad she’s back

  • cabbie

    I think she’s 39 not 38. That’s why she is looking for a future baby daddy!

  • LA

    that same hair , be a little creative would u, boring


    Of course she will look younger.




  • stalkerjen

    Lol, Jen would be a natural as a stalker im sure, she stalked Angelina in England last November/Decmebr 2004, she wanted to know if Brad visited her.

    Also she stalked Mayer in NYC just last month after their break-up, and remember she also went to London to stalk Vince, when Vince refused to go back to LA to be with her after like 3 months or so.

    And this is not the first time she is playing a stalker, she was somewhat a stalker in Friends with Money, where she calls her exhusband and hangs up the phone and goes to check on him and his GF in their house.