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Katie Holmes: Jeans Watch Continues!

Katie Holmes: Jeans Watch Continues!

Katie Holmes breaks out the pencil jeans as she arrives to her All My Sons rehearsal at Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City on Thursday.

Seems like Katie‘s definitely been putting in her dues, yes?

Katie’s recent musical performance on Eli Stone was commented on by co-star Matt Letscher. “She does a song-and-dance number that is the best one we’ve ever done,” Letscher said. “We’ve done tons of [musical numbers], and she was just phenomenal!”

Eli Stone airs on Thursday at 10pm on ABC starting this fall.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and the continuing jeans watch…

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katie holmes jeans watch 01
katie holmes jeans watch 02
katie holmes jeans watch 03
katie holmes jeans watch 04
katie holmes jeans watch 05
katie holmes jeans watch 06
katie holmes jeans watch 07
katie holmes jeans watch 08
katie holmes jeans watch 09
katie holmes jeans watch 10

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  • nina


  • live

    I heart her and her look. Looking good Katie!

  • eco

    I see why some including the media calling her Jackie O.

  • Selina

    This is a little better but those other rolled up things were so stupid.
    To me she is no Jackie O. She is alright nothing special. To bad Suri is the popular one in the family.
    And another thing why can’t Suri wear regular kids play clothes. Suri looks sad on a play ground with a church dress on.

  • just Jared and scientology

    HHA, the 3 scientologists have descended.

    Jared, based on this latest post, can there by any doubt that this is all being sponsored by the cult of Scientology? None in my mind!

    Are they paying you, or worse yet, are you one of them?

  • Dancer

    Hate those shoes. The rest of her outfit is okay today!

  • Diandra

    UGH! Not again! What person in their right mind give a crap about this chick? She looks 60 and completely out of it. What a freak.

    Jackie O my A$$. That’s an insult to the real Jackie.

    That one fan she has (a scientologist) will be posting 100 times again today. LOL!

  • ouch

    how silly accusing JustJared of being supportive of Scientology. It’s his website. It’s part of his job.

    I have always believed the world is in such a mess because of fighting over religion. Who cares if a person wants to workship a piece of wood? Does not effect me. Not the most important thing.

  • sue

    “Seems like Katie’s definitely been putting in her dues, yes?”

    Why? Because she’s doing what anyone who was going to be appearing on Broadway does, i.e. going to rehearsals? Where’s the praise for her castmates or any of the other hundreds of people currently doing the same thing?

  • diana

    so beautiful. stunning. i adore her and her family

  • just Jared and scientology

    Reponse to #8:
    Why do I think this is being sponsored by Scientology? Look at the quote from the producers of the TV show. How did that get there? Either the cult is looking for ways to advertise their convert, or that TV show is so desperate for publicity that they’re contacting tabloid blogs for advertising. Which would you bet on?

  • ha ha

    The only way this robot can get any attention is by what she wears. Pathetic.

  • Betty Sue

    I can’t stand Katie Holmes. She can’t act, she looks like crap, she’s married to a freak, is as dumb as a stump and she’s a pretentious poser.

    Why the hell do u have to ruin this site everyday with pics of her. I never say anything JJ, but I can’t stand it anymore. NO MORE KRAZY KATIE. She’s a waste of space.

  • just Jared and scientology

    oh god. another scientologist just came out of the woodwork. or maybe it’s the same one posting over and over under different names. or, maybe it’s tom!!!


    Gorgeous & classy! Love you Kate.

  • Sam

    or, maybe it’s tom!!!

    Maybe. He has nothing better to do all day anyway. He isn’t working and he already said he doesn’t run United Artists. LMAO!

    Scientologists come to sites like this to post over and over about Holmes. Not too long ago they got caught voting over and over in a poll by Parade Magazine about her freak-ass husband. Turns out thousands of responses came from 3 computers at the Scientology center in LA. LOL! Parade wrote about it in their next issue.

    Look at all the positive posts. They are all worded the same and I guarantee they come from the same person. How pathetic is that. No body cares about Holmes.

    Hey JJ, no other site posts KH pics anymore. I live in NY and the papers dont even post pics! No one cares but you.

    Hope Scientology is paying you well!

  • Rachel

    What the heck happened to Katie? She used to be so pretty and perky! Now she looks miserable all the time and she looks anorexic. Man, Tom Cruise really ruined her. She should get away from him ASAP and take her cute daughter with her!

  • Dracula

    She doesn’t look sad, #4. And even if she was, I doubt she’d be sad about clothes.

    They’re just popular, #5. Anybody who likes TomKat isn’t a Scientologist.

  • Lisel

    Put big round sunglasses on her and suddenly she’s Jackie O? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    Comments like that shoul;d be reported as abuse! lol

    Sorry, but no. Just no.

  • Its The Truth

    i adore her and her family

    Then maybe u should get a life. Whats to adore? She’s married to a cult freak who believes all psychiatrists and psychologists should be killed and she thinks little ghosts of aliens control her body and she has to audit them out. She gives money to a cult that makes children work instead of going to school, has their own concentration camps and wants to rid the world of all handicapped people. Yea…..she’s a real sweetheart! FIND OUT THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY

  • Dracula is a moron

    Uh-oh! Dracula/Clinton is here to tell everybody the real “truth”. What a moron. LMAO! Dracula, you’re an obnoxious freak.

    KH isn’t popular. Its just you that adores her. You and your scientology buddies! How much do u get paid?

    She’s a sh*t actress, a rotten mother, a braindead zombie and an idiot for marrying Tom Cruise.

  • Dracula

    Yes, I’m a Scientologist. I was told to come here and attack everyone who doesn’t agree with me. It’s called fair game.

    I don’t care that Scientology is a cult and I don’t care that they mistreat people, are responsible for many murders, hate handicapped people, think all black people are lesser human beings and want to kill all the psychiatrists and take away all the medication out there. It’s my job to tell you all what to think and I have no life otherwise.

    PS. Please help me!

  • kongomorgo


  • tawi-tawi

    i hope some angry new yorkers will punch those papz in their stupid faces. i mean NY has always been a city where nobody cared about celebrities, where you could meet a celeb in a local bar, or a local park, or just walking down the street, WITHOUT herds of talentless idiots with cameras. i hope new yorkers will not let them ruin the city atmosphere. look at them sitting on the road. where are the caaabs?

  • Dancer

    I’m almost 100 percent sure that these are photo ops set up by Katie’s publicist or someone. Every morning she has coffee in her hand–do you ever see any pics of her in the coffee shop? No. She manages to get in and out of town with no one noticing. I really think she could avoid the daily pics if she really wanted to.
    Yes Dracula I know your position on this, so you don’t have to say it again.

  • bb

    Dancer, the cofee that she carries is in a metal cup. It looks like she brings it from her home not a cofee shop.

  • frg

    bb, that coffee in her hand is clearly from a coffee shop.

  • lots of cult tickets not sold

    so, our daily dose of this dead mannequin transported on tree trunks.
    what’s for tonight, this nutcase carrying her barefoot daughter in a blanket to try to sell tickets

  • frg

    Besides which almost any coffee shop will fill your thermos, as mine does every morning. Most sell the metal ones for that purpose.

  • Tisha

    Katie is beautiful

  • anon supporter

    Is this site being paid to promote this cult member? Probably.
    No $cientology handlers are ever shown in the pics here.
    And they ARE accompanying her.

    But let’s face it NO celebrity in the world can make this cult look good.

    Splashing Katie pics everywhere is not positive pr when the majority of the comments are negative. And all the cult one liner comments are transparent – makes her look even more stupid and desperate to ‘appear’ normal.

    All the cash in the world wont change the minds of the majority who think Tom is a poster boy for a cult and Katie is a shadow of her former self.

    Additionally, I think this whole Katie in NY, Tom in LA is yet more spin. Katie is off on her own proving she is not under Tom’s thumb. Suuuurrrre we all believe that.

    Tom Cruise is reportedly worth 600+million dollars, Katie has a young child – being is this play is just a smokescreen. But then that’s what the cult does best – smoke and mirrors to hide the truth.

  • Tia

    She looks nice . I didn’t like her new hair at first ( I loved the bob ) but I think she is very pretty. I think her new casual style is based on the fact that she is rehearsing , nobody dresses to the nines to go in and dance/rehearse and sweat !

  • defap

    Go strong Katie. you’re sweet and smart.

  • based

    There is no dancing or sweating involved in this play, Tia.

  • 2008

    classy gal

  • babysome41


    GOD I HATE HER!!!!


    Tom Cruise is crazy:/

    Bible thumperrrr

    so dont even diss on me.

  • syl c.

    You can tell she’s desperately trying to walk without her usual pigeontoed walk. She must read everything about herself and then try to correct any negatives. Poor thing, has to keep up with the status quo. She used to be so nice and down to earth now she’s stuck up and pompous. I guess that comes with being money hungry and stopping at nothing to get what she wants.

  • Max

    Stinking bigots, leave this beautiful American girl along!

  • Tia

    That’s why I said dance or rehearse (or I guess, sing) #34 . I haven’t seen the play so how would I know. But i’m sure rehearsles are not a piece of cake , otherwise anyone could be on broadway. I still think her new style is based on the fact she wants casual comfort not designer duds while rehearing.

  • Good victoria

    AGREE DANCER on the clothes…. her shoes, are uncomfortable looking, and they look odd with that outfit………Save the shoes for a dressier event, or a night out…….. No-one will ever let her have any peace…………. So why should she change her habits OR the way she lives her life……………. AND we do not know what goes on behind closed doors with Katie, and without Tom……She could practice her former faith, ( roman Catholic ), say her rosary and read HER bible !!!! Scientology she goes along with, for the —- of it. She never, ever, EVER comments on this part of her life as Tom does. AND Leah Remini ………………………… Other site about Katie show the same outfit BUT different angles, and she DOES look pregnant in those pictures. I guess time will tell.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dracula

    You’re the obnoxious freaks, #21. Ragging on people you’ve never met and haven’t done jack to you and talking to fans like this.

    She is popular whether you want to admit it or not.

    She’s not a rotten mother no matter how much you’d like to spin she is. (Bottles? Blankets? Barefoot? Potty Training?) I really don’t think marry the person you love and loves you back is idiotic.

    I haven’t attacked anyone and don’t care if people aren’t fans, #22. I never promoted or defended Scientology.

    And I know YOUR position on this, #25. So why do YOU keep spouting this conspiracy theory?

    I wonder if you show the same scrutiny for other celebrities or just TomKat.

    How does that even work, #28? It’s insane for anyone to think that they could get publicity by pretending to be a good mom. How are the two in any way related? And if fooled, why would people care enough to see a play?

    She has no Scientology handlers, #31.

    They don’t care about changing the mind of a bigoted public. What I like about TomKat is the way they kept bravely making their marriage and tending to their family as if everyone wasn’t spouting conspiracy theories about them all the time. They take it all in stride. I really respect that.

    It’s a catch-22. If Cruise and Holmes are together, he’s keeping an eye on her. When she goes to other STATES and even COUNTRIES without him, it’s some silly PR ploy. They can’t win. Luckily for them, they don’t care. They know they’re legit and very happy.

    Whoa! Are you actually saying that Holmes shouldn’t do this play because she has money and a child??? You’re an idiot!

    Hide the truth about what?

    How the hell is she stuck up and pompous and money hungry, #37? You got that from the way she..walks? You can’t even tell how a person is walking from still pics!

    She doesn’t read everything bad about her and try to correct anything you feel is wrong with her.

  • defap

    Love Katie and her family.

  • Mav

    “They don’t care about changing the mind of a bigoted public. ”

    Perhaps you should try to better emulate your idols and give it a rest then, hmm?

  • fuuugz

    “What I like about TomKat is the way they kept bravely making their marriage and tending to their family as if everyone wasn’t spouting conspiracy theories about them all the time. They take it all in stride. I really respect that.”

    I threw up a little just reading that comment.

  • just Jared and scientology

    Clinton (aka Dracula),
    In one breath you claim not to attack anyone and in the next breath you call a poster an idiot.
    Hmmmmm. Not that you had any credibility to begin with, but I think it only right that you respond to yourself (that woule be #41) on that transgression.

  • wendy

    some of the haters get so defensive and doubly hateful because it hurts to see Katie and her family so blessed. They are angry by what they see because the rumors are never right.

  • Deneb

    She looks great! GO KATIE!

  • american

    A real pick me up for me since I cant see Broadway but I can watch Katie on TV. She is simply amazing.

    McCain and Palin ticket baby!!!!!!!

  • Rescue59

    #41…oh yes…she most certainly DOES have handlers. Type what you wish, it won’t change the truth. The handlers keep her from running away, screaming because she married a homo, couch-hopping, freak of nature.
    Seriously, go collect cans or take a pottery class…do SOMETHING besides defend aliens you’ve never met. Dude, the Cruise-Holmes bi-nightmare would not even pee on you if you were on fire. Heck, they wouldn’t even notice.
    But of course, JJ would miss you inciting anger and harassing people with opinion’s different from yours. Are you guys butt-buddies? It’s beginning to seem you both have the exact, same agenda.

  • pauline

    hOW RIDICULOUS !!!!!