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Rachel Bilson - "Glamour" October 2008

Rachel Bilson -

Rachel Bilson, Ali Larter and Diane Lane show you can be gorgeous at any age in the October 2008 issue of Glamour.

Rachel, 27, Ali, 32, and Diane, 43, are the three cover stars from three different decades showing three ways to love the skin you’re in now. Here a snippet of Rachel‘s funny interview, where she’s asked about her “H” necklace:

Let’s talk about the presidential election. It’s interesting, the way that young people seem captivated in a way they haven’t been in a while. Thank God! It’s very exciting. I’m really happy that there’s so much heat around this election, because there needs to be. Right now, we need a change. I campaigned for Kerry [four years ago], and I supported Hillary.

What was it about her? Did you feel drawn to her because she’s a woman? Well, I definitely like that idea. I mean, there’s nothing more empowering than to know that I was alive to see [the possibility of] the first woman president. I think our country needs that femininity, you know? Still, I hope Obama wins.

And what’s next for you? You seem to be between acting gigs right now. Does the world feel wide open? Definitely. I’d love to do a musical. I’d love to do comedies…. I know what I want to do, but it’s just not as detailed as I’d probably like it to be.

I have a few dating questions, even though I can tell you’re going to scrunch up your nose. Whose initial is that hanging around your neck, which you very cleverly tucked inside your dress? Well, I’ ll let you make your own assumption.

It’s an H. It is an H. And I’m going to turn red!

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37 Responses to “Rachel Bilson - "Glamour" October 2008”

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  1. 1
    ugh Says:

    Bilson and Larter UGH!

    Diane Lane is beautiful!

  2. 2
    r. Says:

    I think they’re all very pretty, but Diane Lane has always had that ‘something.’ She is still stunning.

  3. 3
    Frankie Says:

    Stop wearing the freaking H necklace, if as you say, you want to keep your private life private.
    She doesn’t deserve the attention you give her.

  4. 4
    kim Says:

    Diane Lane is in a different league as an actress compared to the other two.

  5. 5
    Tha Says:

    H= Hayden. As in Hayden Christensen.
    Stupid Rachel.. a monkey could figure that out. Keeping her love life private?


  6. 6
    Tha Says:

    Oh, and btw: Rachel is closer to 30 than 20.. who the hell put her in the youngest category?

  7. 7
    ~ Says:

    here we go again. what is the H for ? silly girl still trying to milk jumper promo for all its worth.

  8. 8
    katie Says:

    she got the H before knowing him it was for her sister Hattie we can see it on very older pics so she’s stupid to say anything else trying to keep the rumour on … still the same with mini paris hilton … that’s sad!

  9. 9
    otelia Says:

    here the haters again keeping the post very much alive

  10. 10
    @ Katie Says:

    can you actually provide a picture of her wearing that H before she was seen with Hayden? I’ve looked everywhere and nothing..

  11. 11
    alexia Says:

    rachel looks BEAUTIFUL…!!!
    she might b 27…bt looks sooo young…she is very pretty
    ..”mini paris hilton”…dats a title for chicks like taylor momsen, miley virus etc etc…

    Rachel is a sincere actress…nt a party hopper or an “everyday bf changer”..a gr8 role model…

    she dosen hav 2 xplain herself 2 others…she can wear ne alphabet she want…i dnt get wats d deal wid u pathetic haters…???

    even if its hayden or hatie…i mean…cummon!!

    atleast she is nt spending time bloggin against her own father…or goin 2 jail or gettin her bare-back pics taken or posting in ridiculous videos on You-tube….so jus take a chill pill…


  12. 12
    Kara Says:

    On the last candids of Rachel grocery shopping she’s wearing a gold ring on her left ring-finger…wedding ring?

  13. 13
    katie Says:

    look on rachel b france other people found the pics you can also look other post on old articles here what people notified… i have nothing against her with hayden but i don’t appreciate how she acts with the press it remind me Paris so i just think it’s sad doing that …

  14. 14
    ~ Says:

    same one she had with adam brody . old news. she really needs to pimp the edie rose line.

  15. 15
    otelia Says:

    she said in the latest issue of page six mags, she is happy and that is all what matters because she has someone really great

  16. 16
    cew Says:

    She looks adorable on the cover, not liking the bigger pic too much. I’d also like her more if she’d knock it off with the faux-coyness about that stupid H necklace.

  17. 17
    s'oso Says:

    Ali and Rachel ( L ) Two talented and beautiful actresses !

  18. 18
    Katie Says:

    Rachel is beautiful :) Thanks Jared

  19. 19
    DIDA Says:


  20. 20
    Ellen Says:

    ali is amazing in heroes :)

  21. 21
    boo Says:

    They should have picked a girl who was 22. Not that much of a difference between 27 and 32.

  22. 22
    shelbyloo Says:

    All 3 are beautiful. I sort of picture Rachels relationship with Hayden kind of like the movie “When Harry met Sally” They start out as good friends but grows into something more. They find themselves always with each other, love spending time together, but takes them awhile to admit even to themselves that they are in love.
    and you know, stop friggin asking her about the necklace if you are tired of hearing about it.

  23. 23
    bloopie Says:

    diane lane puts the rest to shame

  24. 24
    Intrigado Says:

    Diane Lane is so hooooooooooooot, and amazing actres wowowow

  25. 25
    kim Says:

    “I think they’re all very pretty, but Diane Lane has always had that ’something.’ She is still stunning.”

    I agree, you can really get a sense of how heavy and unrefined Rachel’s features are when she is next to women who are actually pretty.

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