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Rachel Bilson Talks Hayden Christensen

Rachel Bilson Talks Hayden Christensen

Rachel Bilson speaks semi-openly about her relationship with Hayden Christensen in this week’s Page Six Magazine. (She even spoke about her “H” necklace to Glamour.) Here’s what the 27-year-old former O.C. starlet had to say:

On landing in the crosshairs of the fashion police: “I think it’s cool to be on the worst-dressed list. If people aren’t accepting, that’s OK. Bring it on, I don’t care!”

On her new clothing line Edie Rose (named after her late grandmother), debuting on DKNY Jeans: “[Even though I can't sew,] I came with some pictures, a couple pieces of my own clothes and some ideas in my head. It’s simple with one pop of color, which is like me.”

On crediting her style to her mother, Janice, a spiritual adviser: “Vintage is her love, she has a great eye, which I think I’ve inherited from her.”

On ex-costar/ex-boyfriend Adam Brody: “They say don’t date your co-star, but that’s who you’re around. If you’re in an office, and you see someone everyday and you click well, you’ll start dating. It’s the same thing.”

On rumored boyfriend Hayden Christensen: “I’m happy and that’s all that matters. I have someone really great. Someone who can make me laugh—that’s always what comes first. It’s the best to be able to really, like, truly laugh with someone like they’re your best friend, you know?”

Rachel will also be serving as maid of honor at the wedding of her Josh Schwartz (creator of The O.C., Gossip Girl and Chuck) and his fiancee Jill.

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  • ~

    so that is talking candidly ? by just saying she is happy. come on JJ, are u still gonna call them Bff’s ?

  • StillKate


  • Frankie

    If she is so happy and with someone great – for god’s sake name him!.
    She doesn’t have to talk about him, but what is wrong with saying “yes, my boyfriend is Hayden”.
    The only answer I can think is then the so called mystery is over and she will sink into oblivion.
    The faux relationship is the only thing she can rely on to keep her in the news.

  • pff

    sorry but not convainced everybody know that press magasine can wrote everything and not what the person said so … there is anything to prouve it’s true or that they are more than friends to me wait to see pics of them really in love as a couple before being happy for them ….

  • Vanessa

    .She is so BEAUTIFUL.

  • Brian

    Pff, please you’re one of those fans that are still indenial that your hollywood crush might have a girlfriend.

  • alba

    What is she promoting? Her movie doesn’t come out till next year and she’s in there for about ten secods.

  • Katie

    I love Rachel!! Thanks Jared

  • :)

    I love Rachel toooo!!

    she is so cool

    but Hayden should be myn lol


  • molly

    sorry but i dont think its hayden if it is its so stupid not to just say his name you can say yes your dating so and so and keep the details to yourself alot of celebs do that its stupid if your so inlove to hide

  • molly

    all she is doing is useing his name to promote her clothes line

  • Marley

    So Beautiful

  • Katia

    She’s beautiful and cute at the same time.

    And, I love the way she dresses!

    Go Rachel!

  • @10

    back when they were promoting jumper. hayden was asked what has he made for a girl and he said “a swing” and in another interview rachel said a boy made her “a swing” so it’s obvious . They should just come out and say it and Rose or Edie is Hayden’s Grandma’s name

  • blondee

    i think it’s hayden who is shy about PDA’s, he showed PDA with Sienna Miller then was humiliated and very hurt by her and i don’t think he every wants to have that happen again, much less in the public area. so quit the hating and judging.

  • Susie Q

    Is it just me or does she look like Cindy Crawford more and more all the time???

  • meagan

    Where do you get that she talks “candidly” about Hayden? She didn’t say one word about Hayden. Why? Coz there’s nothing to say. If he were her boyfriend, that little fame whore would be parading him all over town 24/7.

  • fran

    Hahaha, she’s gonna be Jill’s maid of honor?
    Nice, Adam Brody is going to be best man.

  • http://jj MB

    Susie Q, I don’t think she looks like Cindy Crawford, I think she looks more like Leighton Meester. What do you all think??


    looks like somebody still has a little thing for her ex.

  • Boo !!!!!!!!

    i’m kinda jealous….but they make a pretty cute couple!

    hayden’s hot

  • President Obama

    @20 – looks like somebody’s smoking funny cigarettes

  • Andhra

    She looks lovely!

  • Gwen

    Love the dress,looks amazing on her

  • katelyn

    Ordinary face covered with a ton of make up, no talent, no brains, no taste. She makes Hayden look like a looser for dating her.

  • Quain

    I am so happy that she is showing her beautiful face out. She is promoting for her clothing line.

    She is dating HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN and IM happy that she told everyone that she is happy & that they are like bestfriends.

    He is definatley having sex with her GO Hayden & I hope they move in together! love ya rachel!

  • katelyn

    How can anyone love Rachel, for what, being dumb and having no talent.

  • What?

    @ 20

    So instead she walks around wearing an “H” necklace and being coy about the whole thing in interviews. Which would draw more attention to it moreso than any PDA. That makes no sense. And if he’s over Miss Miller and is so happy with Rachel, what went down with Sienna wouldn’t matter at all. Also didn’t he hold Rachel’s hand at a public event?

  • Yeech

    Hayden held her hand while she went down a staircase in her fugly melted wetsuit dress at the Costume Gala back in May. It was because she could hardly move in the dress, there was so much material around her feet, and she was trying not to fall down (Rachel is serious fashion victim.)

    The fact that Hayden and Rachel aren’t even seen together in the same place since the last promotion for Jumper DVD, never ever had a PDA, means this talk about not talking is a whole lot of hot air. It keeps interest in a starlet that has no talent and no prospects. The more she keeps trying to whip up interest in nothing, and succeeding only in free newspaper sections like Page 6 (because no respectable mag will put her face on there anymore, because she isn’t working), the more pathetic she looks.

    Her line is unoriginal and boring, and even DKNY knows it won’t sell to the targeted customer (back to school teens and young adults.) That’s why they’re not rolling it out until the end of September, when about 7/8ths of kids already have their school clothes and the parents have spent their budget for them.

    The girl has nothing.

  • Bogus


    Right? And if they’re so happy together, why in the world do they go around looking so completely miserable all the time? I’m sorry, but if you’re happy and in love, you don’t look miserable. Plus, they haven’t been seen together since the DVD release, lovers don’t stay apart for three month stretches unless it’s work related, and neither one of them is working. It’s all smoke and mirrors, she has nothing else to keep her on anyone’s radar except that trash clothing line coming out. Desperation, pure and simple. I think she missed her calling, she should have gone into PR.

  • Quain



    hayden is with rachel. get over yourself!

  • locamochagirl

    She’s so pretty . :)

  • pff

    yes humm it’s so strange and it seems like nearly everybody have the same idear there is nothing there to prouve that’s hayden she would have had another atitude with him he was … even if hayden had been shocked by his story with sienna if he was really mad in love he wouldn’t keep his relation so secret during more than one long year because he would be so happy and we could see it on his face but he looks so sad when he is in LA … to my mind for sure lol

  • molly

    just because people dont believe what she says or the press because they do misqoute all the time doesnt make them jealous haters

  • Bogus

    Proof, #31. There is none. This 27 year old “girl” has no talent, no brains, no prospects, nothing but connections from her family. She contributes nothing whatsoever to society, she could be out there doing charity work, giving back, raising awareness, but no. She shops. And she alludes to a bogus relationship that even Doug Liman admitted was a sham that he created to promote interest in Jumper which he completely dropped the ball on. It’s totally pathetic. Her trash fashion line isn’t even her own, someone else designed it and she takes the credit. She’s never had an original or creative thought in her entire life.

  • pff

    right nobody is convainced because that’s not true you can’t lie during nearly two years while you are madly in love it’s so difficult !!! so there is nothing to prouve they are more than friends … they don’t look happy together at all !

  • Bambimyst

    I think she should just come out and say it. Wearing that necklace and being coy the way that she is, is just bringing more attention to it. I wonder if she’s worried that if she actually admits it, she won’t get as much attention as she pays for. And people will stop caring because she’s not really doing anything else. That’s all she has right now.

    But once again what she’s promoting has been overshadowed by the whole Hayden thing. No one is talking about her clothing line, they’re talking about her relationship.

  • molly

    they cant talk about her line because all she ever says is how she cant sew and how much she loves fashion thats all i have seen with her interviews about it the rest is about how coy she is about Hayden

  • http://google mememe

    i love her!

  • di

    jeeze. they’re together. just because they don’t molest each other when they know the paps are around doesnt mean jack. would you smile if someone was taking a picture of you pumping gas? probably not. and while she’s not the most talented “starlet” out there…i haven’t seen her crotch when she was getting out of a car, her DUI arrest photo has yet to appear, and she hasnt done a stint in the betty ford clinic. let it go. talking shit about her on here isn’t going to stop her from continuing to do what (and who) she wants

  • Bambimyst


    Well that’s pretty sad. She probably needs to focus more on speaking about her line, and to stop bringing so much attention to her relationship. Her clothing line is the only reason she’s on the cover of these magazines this month. She has the power not to say anything at all, but chooses not to exercise it. But maybe she does indeed enjoy all the attention Hayden brings her like people have been saying. I’m actually starting to think that myself.

  • Quain

    @ 40

    amen! you make the most sense thank you!

    talking sh** on a gossip board will not stop her from seeing Hayden!
    they are together and loving it!

  • Brian

    Haha. Why the hell is the same person posting the same exact thing over and over again under different names? And talking to themselves? SAD.

  • Trish

    All we know from this article is that she’s happy and she laughs a lot. Nothing about being in love. I think it’s you other people who should stop putting words into their mouths and practically have them getting married. Actions speak louder than words and there has been absolutely no actions to speak of. Until then, everyone on both sides should relax.

  • Ry

    The haters so hysterical as always hahahaha

    Rachel and Hayden are couple … poor haters hahaha

  • blondee

    i don’t get it……..
    she is a publicity hound, always wanting the limelight, i guess she feels she needs it in hollywood to get to be a “movie star” which is what she wants and she also seems to enjoy the attention.

    now hayden is intensely private to the point of almost being a recluse (he has farm in canada he luvs) and doesn’t need the attention, he is already a movie star. he doesn’t seem to be in hollywood with her this summer. so i don’t know what to think. if they’re a couple, good and if not, good.

  • Bogus

    #43, just because there are several people posting that see right through this talentless hack, media/fame wh*re and have the intelligence to write a proper sentence and voice their thoughts, you think it’s all the same person? Ridiculous.

  • alice

    she’s so beautiful!
    if she was on gossip girl, that would be amazing

  • Carrie

    “[Even though I can’t sew,] I came with some pictures, a couple pieces of my own clothes and some ideas in my head.”

    Please.. this sentence alone just goes to prove that this tawt has no brains or talent whatsoever. She is just another dumb talentless actress whose name is attached to a clothing line.

    Rachel honey in lieu of your payments for being Hayden’s beard go and do yourself a favor and sign up for some acting classes. Because daddy’s and Josh’s connections in Hollywierd can only get you so far.

  • Irishdreams

    Notice the comments people, Page six claims RUMORED BF..she never Said she was with him and said BFF and magazines always twist a story to sell..UNLESS you hear it from Hayden who has verbal said he WAS NOTdating her then again Miss Hot Topic here can say what she wants she never gets her story straight anyway but, wants people believe it just enough to sell her Jean line..And bottom line that is all she is trying to do get people to run out and buy her back to school line in late Sep/Oct when school already started.

    Add to it she will be at this wedding of the OC person and So will BRODY..I don’t see Hayden attending this at all.