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Rachel Bilson Talks Hayden Christensen

Rachel Bilson Talks Hayden Christensen

Rachel Bilson speaks semi-openly about her relationship with Hayden Christensen in this week’s Page Six Magazine. (She even spoke about her “H” necklace to Glamour.) Here’s what the 27-year-old former O.C. starlet had to say:

On landing in the crosshairs of the fashion police: “I think it’s cool to be on the worst-dressed list. If people aren’t accepting, that’s OK. Bring it on, I don’t care!”

On her new clothing line Edie Rose (named after her late grandmother), debuting on DKNY Jeans: “[Even though I can't sew,] I came with some pictures, a couple pieces of my own clothes and some ideas in my head. It’s simple with one pop of color, which is like me.”

On crediting her style to her mother, Janice, a spiritual adviser: “Vintage is her love, she has a great eye, which I think I’ve inherited from her.”

On ex-costar/ex-boyfriend Adam Brody: “They say don’t date your co-star, but that’s who you’re around. If you’re in an office, and you see someone everyday and you click well, you’ll start dating. It’s the same thing.”

On rumored boyfriend Hayden Christensen: “I’m happy and that’s all that matters. I have someone really great. Someone who can make me laugh”that’s always what comes first. It’s the best to be able to really, like, truly laugh with someone like they’re your best friend, you know?”

Rachel will also be serving as maid of honor at the wedding of her Josh Schwartz (creator of The O.C., Gossip Girl and Chuck) and his fiancee Jill.

Check out this week’s issue of Page Six Magazine, free inside the Sunday edition of the New York Post and online on Monday at

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  • wasteoid

    This girl is pathetic on so many levels, trying to capitalize on a relationship that Liman admitted that he trumped up in order to get interest up around ‘Jumper.’ Hayden never ever said he was dating her. She never ever said she was dating him. They aren’t photographed together since the DVD promotion in early June. She doesn’t even say his name when talking about the man in her life. This is a miserable attempt to get herself attention, and in the only publication she could get this gossipy garbage into: the free Page 6 section.

    Give it up, Rachel. Cultivate whatever talent you have (and its not in clothing design that’s for sure) and try to make an honest living instead of sleeping with directors and spreading gossip in 3rd rate newspaper publications.

  • otelia

    too much hatred, just because of hayden?

  • lissa

    looks amazing

  • tessa

    # 52


    # 51

    You are pathetic, with your lies and your different names here Ha

  • matissed

    It’s interesting that no article in any magazine says anything about her being talented. Pretty, yes. Talented and intelligent or at least thoughtful, NO.

    Girl has no job. No prospects for a job. If she gets on it will be for what she does on her back for a director or a producer. GIRL HAS NO TALENT.

    And even she doesn’t say outright that she’s dating Hayden, even after all this time. She is a famewh*** and a desperate pathetic trash actrine trying desperately to get some attention. Maybe she should shave her head. Worked for Brittney.

  • Bogus

    I agree with what someone said earlier, this girl’s one and only talent is her uncanny ability to manipulate the PR machine. And she’s supposedly such a fashion icon? Really? She dresses like every other young woman in Hollywood. Her fashion line? Pfft. She’s admitted she can neither draw nor sew, so it’s going to be someone else’s design and work. Now she says she wants to do musicals. LOL, does she not realize she needs to be able to sing, dance and read music, and by her own admission she can’t do any of that? Plus all this leading innuendo about who she is or isn’t dating, telling the interviewer “Make your own assumptions.” She’s so transparent it’s laughable.

  • anna

    Well she will be back in LA soon because josh and jills wedding is on Sept. 20th

  • **

    funny thing is that the same people are always the ones bitching and moaning. yet they are the first to post when a new post is made. and it’s always the same disgusting trash they post. get a life people. don’t you know that you are only playing into Jared’s game. he posts stuff about her because like mindless drones you all flock and give the site hits.

    btw for that person that said Rachel slept her way into parts or whatever. how do you know? where you there? if not, you are disgusting for spreading such hate

  • Jackie

    she is gorgeous!

  • erica

    I’m not a Rachel hater, I think she’s very girly cute and that’s why she has fans. But I have to admit she’s very limited as an actress. Her acting in Jumper was awful and she can’t break out of her OC character. She should make the same effort trying to improve her acting as she does on her fashion line.

  • Ashley

    maid of honor at josh’s wedding, that’s so cute!!!!

  • kim

    @ 56

    I agree 100%

  • roekeats

    Who cares about now on those OC tards when the “cream-of-the-crop nowadays are those newbies from Gossip Girl & BH 09210.
    Such a cunning move to be on the tabloids once again doing all those never-ending insinuations all over again. Way to go BilHO!

  • aberfitch

    @# 60

    As factly true as it is… Ratchel Bilson is a Queen-to-be of Rag
    Tabloids and forever Summer Roberts. Amen!

  • Quain

    Is she and hayden engaged or something?

  • Quain

    SHE IS WEARING a gold ring on her left finger in new candids. beautiful ring. I should ask his sis!

  • blairite

    Oh R. BLAHson just wake up hard!
    This interview looks just like ” recycled” as Ive heard it before during those Jumper promos w/c at this time are soo over & done.
    Even if there’s still NYILY in line for her, still no need to put up some more crap. The likes of Natalie Portman, Scarlet Johanson or even Blake Lively would be clear enough to upstage or even overlook her another set of cast-off antics.

  • tess

    Smart cookie. She hooks up with her leading man to get parts. Now her best friend is permanently hooking up with producer Josh to get Rachel more parts. She’s a smart one.

  • kim

    @ 67

    “This interview looks just like ” recycled” as Ive heard it before during those Jumper promos w/c at this time are soo over & done.”

    I have to say I agree, I heard that same quote about laughing together (more to do with smoking pot than “being best friends” and I say that because Misha was busted with pot) waaayyyy back from when Jumper was being promoted. I think Page 6 is a free or semi free ad mag and they just put in new pics and old interviews.

  • searlus

    @ # 68

    With an inadequate acting range & intelligence like her…
    Why cares for some acting gigs when she had a regular day job & bigger roles on those “trashy tabloids” huh!
    Rachel’s just like a brunette & flat-chested version of Jessica Simpson; just full of hype and only offers “zero” reading material.

  • sharon

    @58 i guess your a mindless drone too because you are posting comments so what makes you any different sounds to me you need a life too and quit your moaning and complaing if u cant handle what others have to say then dont come to this site and at @ quain if you know haydens sis then why are you reading and looking what is being said about rachel because you would already know right? peace out.

  • trevise

    A “promotion” for her clothing line…?!

    That another line of crappy clothing line designed by some bored & brainless celebutards… Whoopee!!!
    Seriously, that’s NOT work. They just hire a designer, and then give them a few ideas. Ever notice that ALL gold diggers and airhead starlets become “designers”? The “designer label” is just there to make them LOOK like they have a job and that’s just effin’ predictable!

  • emma-australia

    So…if Rachel is gonna be maid of honour, and there’s a big possibility that Adam will be at the wedding to support Josh, this could mean a reunion for them! Omg omg…
    Btw beautiful shots of Rachel here. Only thing that annoys me is that she won’t mention Hayden’s name. It’s not like nobody knows…far out.

    “They say don’t date your co-star, but that’s who you’re around. If you’re in an office, and you see someone everyday and you click well, you’ll start dating. It’s the same thing.”
    AKA –>> Reason why she’s with Hayden. Go back to Adam, damn it!

  • trueish

    @ #35 – And she alludes to a bogus relationship that even Doug Liman admitted was a sham that he created to promote interest in Jumper which he completely dropped the ball on. It’s totally pathetic.

    Really Truly???
    Not that it sound shocking (actually its “foreseeable” in the 1st place) but then would love to know MORE about that…
    Jeeez Doug Liman is really living up on his name… just like a DOG – rawrrr… lol!

  • ~

    @ 35

    Doud admitted to this showmance ? i would love to see that article. It makes rachel even more sad and pathetic now.

  • ?

    going back to adam?, that would never happen because if that is true what some people says about her, why go back to somebody who is less famous, i supposed, not so rich as hayden, and having lesser connections to promote for her career?


    Rachel Bilson has more personality than most of these starlets. I think she and Hayden make a good couple.

  • s

    now i want to hear something from hayden about being happy or whatever

  • reedley

    @ #78

    Id say you’ll just have to till “forever” as he’s not that lame or tacky just like the one who’s flaunting of how happy she is being a foremost “jobless” – lol!

  • reedley


    Id say you’ll just have WAIT till “forever” as he’s not that lame or tacky just like the one who’s flaunting of how happy she is by just being a foremost “jobless” – lol!

  • s

    @ 79,80

    ok, i get it

  • LISA

    one moment please, rachel is not more famous than adam, adam is slowly but surely getting to be a good india actor, and jleague movie will take him to a list catagory. rachel is only mentioned when they talks about fashion a nd gossip. where as director like mike binder wants to work with adam brody. so do the math first. hayden is more famous than adam not rachel.

  • LISA

    sorry indie actor, not india,

  • @lisa

    that is what i am talking about, hayden is more famous, richer, etc., than adam that is why she is not going back to adam and stick to hayden

  • shadowy

    @ #67 & 69

    Yeah its just as much the SAME thing as what she said at the GQ interview.
    “All I can say is, I don’t talk about the personal stuff. It’s the one thing you can keep to yourself. At least you try to. I can say that I’m happy. Yeah, I’m happy with my love life, that’s all I’ll say.”

    Dunno much if Page 6 just plastered an old interview w/ newer pics or she’s really that dumb enough not too expound again more of her thoughts or much more so that she cant really say anything DIRECTLY regarding that matter as its still been written in the water – sheeesh!

  • LISA

    i agree with u 84. adam is much more sexy without her. but i do love rachs style and thats why i read her posts here dont buy the mag though with her pic on the cover on it.

  • real world

    IT”S the same oh questions they ask her in magazines. And she give them the same answer.Why don’t tell the the truth that she date other guys? hayden don’t soppose to bbe issue here. IT’s suppose to be about her clothing line.But all of you have made good point about hre using him for clothing line .I do agree on the that. As long as he can get her in a movie she will do that.So far he has not been woking .HE has turn down a few jobs lately.I wonder why? I notice she have not mention him at all lately.Even when she got the teen choice awards.Ithink those interviews are done like months in advance to seen like it was done earlier.Also have not mention the movie she in with him.(she have two).Also what about the guys she been with this summer.IT could be one of the them.This relationship have already faded.Noone is interested in what she talking about. They just putting it because of her fashion line.And about sienna miller he only date her briefly then she went to JUde law.So has been with alot of guys during the summer so I don’t think he will be hurt over that.(because they are not dating) But i do enjoy all the pics and the comments i see and read. IT”S makes my day-

  • s

    i süppose everybody here has their own real world

  • cool breeze

    His name is not mention she could talking about someone else.Same old news.Maybe she get back with adam of something.Are maybe one of those gossip guys on gossip girl.

  • s

    and that is what rachel wants, people keep on guessing

  • toni

    I guess we will see who she is dating when pictures of her best friend’s wedding come out. She is the maid of honor so it only makes sense that she would bring her boyfriend.

  • kim

    “I guess we will see who she is dating when pictures of her best friend’s wedding come out. She is the maid of honor so it only makes sense that she would bring her boyfriend.”


  • Zephyr

    @35 and 74

    Could you point me to the article where Doug Liman admitted to setting up the showmance? I, and #75, would like to see this.

  • Bogus


    I’ll look for the article, but it won’t be til Monday. Maybe someone else will come up with a link for it before then, IDK

  • wasteoid


    I believe it’s on the extras digital DVD of Jumper, where Liman has his interview.

    RB was wearing a gold ring on her third finger back in December of last year, also hinting that it was a promise ring or engagement ring. And then it vanished for 8 months. Now it’s back. Some kind of great financee she is, not wearing her engagement ring for 8 months (not to mention if they’re married, her wedding ring.) There was also an article that appeared early this year in a tabloid that indicated that Rachel told Hayden she wasn’t ready to get married and have kids, that he needed to slow down. This is such garbage. It’s all trying to get attention on her as she gets ready to launch her fugly and sloppy line, lobby Schwartz for a job.

    The girl is a worthless publicity-seeking famewh***

  • @ 95

    what dvd did you watch? this is the first time I’ve read anything about Doug saying that. if you are going to claim he said that, at least provide actual proof

    none of her fans are making anything of that ring, we all know it doesn’t mean anything. It’s certain people here that want to make a mountain out of an ant hill. and about that article in that gossip mag, if you are going to accuse her of saying something at least have your source be legit and not Star Magazine or something like that.

    bottom line is that you accuse her of being a publicity seeker, yet yourself are spreading lies about her without proof.

  • Chill Out People

    People are actually taking Page 6 as the truth?!?! LMFAO Page 6 is notorious for making sh*t up! Damn there’s A LOT of pathetically gullible people in this world if they believe the trash mags as THE word. Face it people. NO ONE knows anything about it and what you think you know, on both sides of this really sad “debate” (I use that word very loosely here), is NOT what it seems. PR is written all over it. Smoke and mirrors. Whatever it may be, it’s a total, utter load of BS. NONE of it adds up.

    To the for they are dating group: Get your head out of fairytale land right now. It’ll do you a lot of good since they really isn’t one damn thing that supports that they are dating and there’s a huge reason way fairy tales are just that TALES. They are fiction plain and simple. Actions speak louder than words and their actions scream not dating. You guys are the ones who are living in the fantasy and in denial.

    To the for they aren’t dating group: You too don’t really know what’s going on either. Yes, PR is written plain as day all over it. It reeks of BS. But, no one really has the inside scoop of what’s going on and if they say so, they are lying big time. Why would anyone connected to them that would have that information come on here and say it. This place isn’t worth their time. As Rachel said in the Glamour article: “I’ll let you make your own assumptions.” She wants the controversy. She wants the attention. You’re bull’s eye on that one. Just leave it and ignore her or you keep giving her exactly what she wants. It’s not her fans she’s going after but her critics. She wants her critics defiling her because they are more outspoken than her small fan base. You guys are playing right into her hands. Lambs being lead to the slaughter and keep giving her the opportunity to laugh all the way to the bank. Just boycott her a** and be down with it. You guys are the ones she wants the reaction out of since there’s more of you than the other side. Wake up already.

  • Chill Out People

    Sorry. I mean done not down.

  • kim

    “As Rachel said in the Glamour article: “I’ll let you make your own assumptions.” She wants the controversy. She wants the attention. Just leave it and ignore her or you keep giving her exactly what she wants.”

    I agree 100%

  • ATlqueen

    You guys are so sad. If you guys truly deeply can’t stand this girl, get off her ass! Instead of carrying on about how talentless and dumb she is find someone you really admire like Scarlett or Natalie (both whom you often compare her to) and post on their threads. Do you really think a few blasting comments are going to stop this girl from doing what she has to do to survive? No. Rachel has fans. You people don’t. get a life really already. If she is still ‘pimping’ herself as Hayden’s gf so what. Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. I remember when Natalie kissed Scarlet on the mouth to promote their movie. They went all over the place bragging about how much they enjoyed each other’s ‘company’. People when will you realize it’s called promoting. You can’t let it annoy you like that. AND I KNOW THE ONLY REASON WHY YOU GUYS ARE ALL BENT OUT OF SHAPE ABOUT HER IS BECAUSE IT INVOLVES HAYDEN. Let it go already! She keeps feeding it because YOU DUMB ASSES absord it.