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Selena Gomez Takes After Jennifer Aniston

Selena Gomez Takes After Jennifer Aniston

Disney darling Selena Gomez is featured in the Young Hollywood October 2008 issue of Teen Vogue (the one with Zac Efron on the cover).

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star apparently takes her cues from an older ex-sitcom star. “I love Friends, so I try to bring Jennifer Aniston‘s mannerisms to my show.”

Selena will follow-up on her small-screen success with the TV musical Another Cinderella Story and her own record deal. On top of all of that, she’s set to star alongside fellow teen-wonder Demi Lovato in next year’s Princess Protection Program.

Other stars featured in the Young Hollywood Issue: Johnny Simmons, Elle Fanning, Haley Bennett, Luke Grimes, Jennifer Lawrence, The Boys Of 90210, Harry Tredawy, Matthew Beard, Kaya Scodelario, Olly Alexander, Juliette Lamboley, Mia Wasikowska, Imogen Poots, Kimberly Nixon and Eleanor Tomlinson.

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  • Lady Adorable

    1rst?there’s something i dislike about her and demi lovato…..
    but i love the show wizards of waverly place

  • Stephen

    shes gorjuzz!! right now im watching an old interview with hilary duff on youtube from when she was 16(and basically the most famous teenager on the planet) and its crazy to watch because that life she had, now these girls have it. its weird.

  • Loren

    First !! selena is so cool

  • Miley fan

    She’s pretty but… I don’t like her so much

  • tia

    shes really pretty. but thats a really weird picture. her facial expression is…weird…

  • WhatEver

    Her image is FUCKED Up. She looks like a hooker! I Hate this FAKE BYATCH,

  • Guest

    i hat selena, she is terible. and i don’t care what anyone says to me, i DON’T LIKE HER!!

  • Guest

    and, disney darling, what the freak is that all about???

  • mima

    love love love this girl! i wasn’t initially a fan but i think she is beautiful and talented and well grounded and i just hope she stays that way!!
    good luck to her!

  • lanie

    I’m not into any of the Disney tweens, but I think she’s cute. While it’s nice that she admires Jennifer, it would be better if she brought her own personality or mannerisms into her acting projects instead of trying to project another actor’s style. I know she’s young and has room to grow.
    And I’m sorry if I offend any of Jennifer’s fans. It’s nothing personal and nothing against her as a person. I just think her acting range is limited. She seems to bring in the same Rachel Greene mannerisms into every project she does—just kind of predictable. If Selena’s going to emulate another person’s acting style, there are plenty of better actors out there to “copy.” Or she can try honing her own style and skill. Just saying …

  • kourtney

    it’s funny that this post follows right after a jennifer anniston post…

  • jake


  • Rayt

    the fanning kid is more interesting, you should post about her

  • wow

    #11- ditto

  • Please

    I hope she’ll not follow Jennifer Aniston’s desperate bid to find a man.

  • » Distorted girl.

    LOVE Sel.

  • Dee

    It’s so desperate and pathetic the way her media team is trying to keep Jennifer Aniston in the media eye. Seems Jennifer is the media wh-re.

  • rawya

    cool slena is soo pretty in the show but there is always something wrong with her face in mags i am not saying she’s ugly but wtf why do they photoshop it

  • Alexi

    LOL she wants to be the most pathetic person ever: Jennifer Aniston LOL

    what a joke. she is such a wanna be. I DON’T LIKE HER!

  • Non

    #16 Lmao So True Ahaa :D:D

    Love Selena She Awsome And 4 All You Haters You Only Jelous !

  • http://justjared SELENA 01FAN

    Love Selena Shes Awesome And All You Haters Guess Your Jealous
    ~PEACE 2 U SELENA~ ~(L)~

  • mhm

    she’s soo cute, way better than that hooker miley

  • ellie

    Its real nice she admires a real nice person.

  • εїз Butterfly εїз

    she is sooo nice!!! and gorgeous!!! she sings great too!!!
    she is cool!!

  • djf

    everybody knows rachel is awesome

  • omgsh

    who cares what she does ? Lol

  • mickey

    Selena takes after Jennifer Aniston? So, is she going to be whiny, desperate and insecure now?

  • Anna

    LOL WAT #28 SAID.
    SHES GONNA BE a man wh-re..


  • Guest

    Hey selenafan#1, we are not jealous. Why would i ever be jealous of THAT? i mean, just LOOK at that picture of her!!! i will admit she has a pretty face, but she just sucks at acting, and singing and to tell you the truth, WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE is the most retarded show on the planet EARTH!!! thats my opinion.

  • Zanessa-love4life



    The girl needs to actually try ‘acting,’ instead of Aniston’s TV ‘mannerisms’ (actually that’s a good way to describe what passes from acting for her) – if she wants comedic timing and good acting, watch almost everyone else on that show BUT Aniston, they were all recognized with Emmy award noms and wins long before Aniston, and are all infinitely more talented, particularly Kudrow, even Cox is better. But I understand she THINKS associating herself to someone who gets that much tabloid ink, but unless she too wants to be kicked to the curb by a real movie star to get her tabloid press…..I’d suggest she expand her horizons and watch REAL actresses…or better yet take acting classes and raise the bar higher…cuz Maniston as ‘mannerism’ role model is just f*cking pathetic.

  • wtf

    She’s pretty but that is a really bad pic of her…=/

  • Sonny

    This sounds like Jennifer’s media team trying to link Jennifer to this young girl since they were unsuccessful in linking her to John Mayer.
    Jennifer Aniston is pathetic, she needs to take her cues from a better person than Aniston.

  • glen coco

    awe shes so nice! haha

    but that pic reminds me of the ones in teen magazine that vanessa hudgens were in. the issue that came out a month before those pictures that claimed shes a role model for young girls.

    i love both of them haha im just pointing it out

  • m

    Demi should be there instead of Selena she is far more talented i don’t even like Demi.

  • m

    Demi should be there instead of Selena she is far more talented i don’t even like Demi.

  • Ashlee

    I like selena.
    she is so much prettier the Miley, and can sing better

  • michelle

    i love her<3

    i just hope she doesnt turn into a jennifer anniston..
    just the “cant stay with one man”..i love selena but jennifer..HATE!

  • mz Sass

    #’s 11, 32 &36,

    I actually prefer Miley and Demi, and really I don’t like any of them. But everytime I visit a gossip site these teens are featured!!

    IMO it’s pretty telling that of all the actresses in Hollywood Selena would choose Jennifer Anniston:

    Jen’s a pretty-but-average actress who attached herself to a big star (Brad Pitt) in order to “piggyback” her way to fame……Selena’s a pretty-but-average actress who attached herself to a “big star” (Nick Jonas) in order to “piggyback” her way to fame.

  • Kay

    Selena your cool but weird pic of you.

  • Tab

    She’s ok, I mean, she’s not my favorite actress, but I guess she’s ok, and she’s pretty and all, but just not in that picture

  • kenzie

    haaaate her so much

  • selena


  • Charamaine

    i love selena! and i love demi too! demi is my favorite out of the two.

    oh and i agree with 11 about the whole she should own her own acting style. she’s good enough to do so :)

  • Hannah

    really, i don’t like selena

  • tell me something i dont know.

    for all those people that say her facial expressions look wierd, the photogropher wanted that kind of look for the magazine. it’s not her decition.

  • andrea

    u guys don’t like her cause of nick like u have a chance!!!

  • be

    hate her

  • jessica

    you rock

  • lEX

    selena rox! i like her more than demi & miley but i like them 2. and u guyz who come on here just 2 diss selena then u suck just go away never come back cause selena rox end of story get over it your jealous u stupid *****s whatever luv lex <3