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Sienna Miller Has a Soho Smile

Sienna Miller Has a Soho Smile

Sienna Miller can barely control her smile as she leaves the Soho hotel in Central London on Wednesday.

The 26-year-old actress was also seen leaving the Quo Vadis restaurant in Soho, where she took a taxi to her hotel across the road. Upon exiting the hotel, she got into a car with a mystery man (not Balthazar!) and sped away!

Sienna‘s stepmother, Kelly Hoppen recently spoke about her daughter’s plans to move out of England to escape the media spotlight, saying, “It’s disgusting that she can not live in her own country. Now she’s going to have to leave the country to get on with life. She can’t live here now!”

15+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller and her Soho smile…

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sienna miller soho smile 01
sienna miller soho smile 02
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Photos: Flynetonline, WENN
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  • hehe


  • ouch

    Sienna- better not get the idea to come to the States. We don’t need any more of your kind.

    You are still young and can change your ways. No matter where you go- as long as you practice slutty behavior- bad things will follow you. simple as that!

  • bdj

    That chick looks like she is on the verge of a breakdown. She looks haunted or wasted.

  • mju8

    Uhh, what makes her think she’s welcome in the states?
    Maybe her home won’t be graffitied like in England, but people will still hate her wherever she goes.

  • dialectic

    you dont want attention so you move to LA?! great plan im sure it will work out extremely well…..

  • sse

    oh please….her mom needs to get a clue. sienna chooses to be a celebrity- it is all part of the job!

  • Oh Dear!

    Don’t go to America Sienna – stay here in England/Europe!

    America is a cheap and tacky dive…. (with the exception of New York).

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Canada all the way =).

  • Oh Dear!

    Sienna (in case you are reading this blog)

    I just looked at these pics and you look wonderful (don’t let that slip even if it is just out of spite). And if that is your new man, he looks like a vast improvement on the last; who looked like a waster!

    P.S. Never run away turn around and fight girl in short don’t leave England – thanks!!

  • Fruit Loop

    What a nobody.

  • jenny

    She is not even from England, she was born in NY. Her dad is American and her mother is from South Africa. So, I don’t really get why she is even considered British, anyone can fake an accent. If she can’t stand the heat then she should have never got into the business in the first place. If she could keep her hands off of married men then maybe her life would be better.

  • ouch

    #11 Jenny- amen!

    It’s funny how a certain person way above on the comment area—says silly things about America. I have family in Europe and have traveled all over Europe. I have learned that a lot of Europeans don’t understand US culture- They just read/hear silly information from places like NY or Hollywood, etc,,and think all of America is like that.

    Some shoot off their mouth about something as if all of US or All Americans are the same way. Hilarious!

  • Oh Pooh !

    I have to disagree! Sienna still looks s l u t t y. It seems she has yet another man?? If that is true- its HER problem. She will be the one to suffer the consequences of her stupid actions.

    I have a strong feeling that she will have a situation that will not be cool in the near future if not sooner.

    Stay with your mother Sienna. She is probably the only one that will tolerate you right now.

  • Oh Dear!


    Yes it is Hilarious isn’t it, but I still wouldn’t go there even to be buried. And if you have been to Europe you should know that only you Americans think that you are something everyone else thinks that you are sh*t – worldwide! perhaps you should work on your public image before you throw mud at Sienna Miller!!

    And that is the last time that I am going to respond to you people – I saw Richard E. Grant walking down Charing Cross road today and it made me feel good that not all of our actors think that Hollywood is the place to be – goodnight all!!

  • Oh Dear!

    P.S. do your research twit – she as brought up here and considers herself to be British – the accent is not faked..

    Bloody idiots!

  • siennawannabe/ohdear

    lol are so wrong! You know nothing about Americans. Only from what you hear, read,etc…..from certain places. Not all of america is that way…..don’t you seem to understand that? I know for a fact that a good number of Europeans are hard headed about reality, and too many claim to know everything about America, etc.

    buh bye to you! I did not know you were on your way out! …talking about being buried. goodness grief

  • Jake

    huh? There are idiots in England too! As a matter of fact- in the world….so, don’t think you know it all Oh Dear….

  • Oh Dear!

    LOL!! Wannnabe am I LOL!!!!

    Piss off go and kill some Arabs for oil!!

    You spinless wasters (Americans) let George Bush steal an election and couldn’t be bothered to rise up and right that wrong – anything for a quite life eh – you deserve everything that you have suffered under George Bush – ha ha !!!

    The world is laughing at you…

  • Oh Dear!

    …the land of the free..


  • eza

    Anybody know who makes the bag she is carrying?

  • edie

    She’ll do better in England than in the States- stay on your side of the pond, s*ut.

  • C2

    “It’s disgusting that she can not live in her own country. Now she’s going to have to leave the country to get on with life. She can’t live here now!”

    1) No, what’s disgusting is that RG and her kids can’t live their lives in peace because SM keeps “posing” for photo-ops with the married man and releasing PR stories about her adventures with the married man, just to remind them and the world that she “won”. What woman is proud that she had to compete with a mother of 4 for a man? SM prances around with the married man, while RG/her kids have to deal with the mess created by these photos-ops and PR stories. SM pain can not compare to that of RG/her kids.

    2) SM could have AVOIDED this whole situation by telling the married man “**** no”, “go home to your wife”, or “wait until your divorce is final”. Did she do that? Nope, she posed naked/topless with the married man. Followed the married man to Italy and LA as he chased after his wife/kids. Showed up in LA and released photos and stories after reports came out that BG was planning on getting back with his wife. She wore shorts just to show off the bruises she got from sleeping with the married man.

    3) So “live her life” means that SM wants to sleep with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN and flaunt it(via photo-os and PR stories) without having to face the consequences of her actions or be reminded of the pain that she is causing RG/her kids.

    4) She must not be too stressed about the “unfair” treatment from the media, because she made sure that they captured her wearing the married man’s watch as a “keepsake”. She probably bought that watch for the married man just so she could wear it and make people think that she and the married man have a “great romance”. Sorry, SM, you have to try again? BTW, has BG filed for divorce/legal separation so that he and SM can live happily ever after in their “20 M mansion”? If BG intended on having a long term relationship with SM, wouldn’t he have gotten a divorce by now so that he can marry his mistress?

    5) The only purpose for this recent report is to once again remind people that SM is a “victim” and announce to the world and RG/her kids that SM is moving to LA and living in a “20M mansion” with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEAGALLY MARRIED MAN. She expects us to believe that the married man cares so much for her that he is willing to pay 20M for a mansion? I doubt that this man would pay that much money just to sleep with her everynight, when he has been sleeping with her free of charge for 3-4 monthsin a hotel room she probably paid for. She is footing the bill for their “mansion”.

    6) I thought that she didn’t “court attention”. Here she is wearing a smile and not looking distressed, even though those “mean papz” are taking pictures of her. So those faces she makes when she is posing for photo-ops with the married man are just an act to make people feel sympathy for her.

    7) She has to leave her own country? Wait, that story sounds familiar. Didn’t RG and her kids have to leave LA and Italy to escape the humilation of BG very public affair with SM? What makes this story even worse is that SM followed the married man as he chased after his wife and kids. Where was her sympathy for RG/her kids then? SM gets no sympathy for having to “flee their home” when the real victims have barely uttered a word about their pain/stress.

  • jc

    jenny – She was born here (NYC) but she was raised in London (she left the states when she was only a year old). Even though she’s American by birth, she doesn’t consider herself one because she grew up in London. It makes sense. Your affinity tends to be with the place you were raised, not where you were born.

  • jc

    …therefore, her British accent is in fact authentic. For all intents and purposes, she is British since she’s lived there most of her life.

  • Her

    I like Sienna because she proves you can still be short and get a shag!!!

  • why???

    Wow she is only 26. I though she was much older than that!

  • Her

    I like Sienna because she proves you can still be short and get a shag.

  • jc

    and Oh Dear – I LOVE Richard E. Grant! I think he’s an amazing actor. Cheers!

  • Oh Dear!

    Yeah! He’s fu*king brilliant isn’t he? He was walking down Charing Cross Road smiling to himself.

    Ah – you don’t know how pleased I was to see him there….


  • Janie

    Sienna, stay in England! You are a PIG and a SLUTT!

  • jc

    Oh, and he’s also a brilliant director. Loved the film Wah-Wah with Gabriel Byrne, Emily Watson and Miranda Richardson. He’s one talented man! And I’m really looking forward to the new Bond film with Daniel Craig (love him!). Britain is filled with talent in my opinion. I’m an Anglophile if you hadn’t guessed! Dont’ want to keep you up. It’s late there. Good night!

  • tell the truth

    Hey, Sienna, yeah if you’re reading

    you just be YOU and DESTROY all the lives you want!!! You GO girl!! Women, men, children, anyone who gets in your way. You’re PRETTY and SPECIAL and a FREE SPIRIT and that mean you can cause all the pain you want you sexy thang!!!!

  • ahhhh!

    We don’t want her here! Nasty trashy smelly w h o r e

    If we take Gary Glitter, will you take her back?

  • Oh Dear!

    Hi JC,

    Yes I’m going to turn in now – thanks for th chat.

    @ 34 yes is the answer to your question. You can have Gary Glitter live in the same street as Michael Jackson, Rob Lowe and R Kelly!

  • Schoenedame

    Oh Dear! (#7): After having just spent 5 long, painful years living in London, I can confidently say that England is the cheapest and tackiest country I’ve ever been in. (That said, I LOVE Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.) You English are absolute drunken dolts who are fixated on Z-list celebrities and football, who haven’t a clue about drinking responsibly and who do nothing but whinge about absolutely everything. I got SO sick of constantly having to side-step urine, vomit and feces all over the sidewalks. I hope to NEVER again have to live in or even travel to England. It’s my absolute least favorite of the 43 countries I’ve visited!!

  • pj

    Boo-hoo, I really don’t have much sympathy. She chose to be an actress, which means you’re going to live in the public spotlight.

    If Sienna doesn’t like it, she should quit acting. And if she marries the super-rich Balthazar, she certainly won’t ever have to work again!

  • a realist


  • a realist


  • juo

    you guys are pathetic jealous insecure idiots. Sienna is NOT the one having the affair. Is she married or was she even seeing someone else before hooking up with Balthazar? NO. She is hot and you are not, because if you were this kind of jealously would not ensue. Leave her alone, if you want to go after someone then it should be the other half in this relationship. Oh but he is a man, so its ok…..its the womans fault right :(

  • Jake

    juo- how stupid that you think that way. or- maybe you are actually oh dear or a friend of hers…..ughhh

    another siennawannabee who dyou know what s * * *….does not have a clue. It takes TWO to tango .

    How closed minded and completely wrong about Americans/Bush that Oh Dear mentioned. Does she not know that not all Americans noted for Bush? No need to keep making a fool out of yourself..regarding what you think you know. Pls stay in England. Don’t need your vomit, or whatever on the sidewalks, ughhhhhh

  • anon.

    I’m so sick of European snobbery towards the people of the U.S. Making sweeping generalizations about other countries only makes you look like an ignorant ass, Oh dear!.

    You can have Sienna. By all means, keep her. We have more than our fair share of immoral, adulterous starlets.

  • ahhhh!


    She dumped Ryhs Ifans over the phone after she had been seeing Balthazar in Prague.

    No, she is not the one married, she is the one who allowed a married man to nuzzle her breast in broad daylight in public. It’s not always the woman’s fault, but, in this case, it’s Sienna’s fault. She knows he is married and still flaunts her stuff like her puke don’t stink. A family is detstroyed. She is a part of that. have some self control and respect for his kids.

    None of us are jealous of her. She’s beautiful, but she’s stupid and mean, and she’ll be old and ugly one day and have nothing at all.

    Everyone hates her. Why would anyone want that?

  • anonymous

    i think it is kind of ridiculous and amusing at how seriously and personally you are all taking this. None of these people are related to you or do you even know them. Gotta love americans and their ludicrous ways. Still, its all a bit sad how “personally” you are taking this. I suggest you get your own life perhaps?

  • shell

    Doesn’t anyone else think it’s scary that she doesn’t have a neck? I’m frightened by that.

  • boog

    #43- anonymous- I doubt we take it seriously and personally for heavens sake! It’s nothing to do with “americans”. Just a lame excuse. I do have my own life…thank you. Apparently YOU do not.

    This is a forum for us all to comment…didn’t you notice it?

    (rolls eyes)

    ..we don’t have to be related or know them….geez….kinda funny one would say or think that. It;s sad that you believe what you think. ha

  • C2


    1) When a married man makes a pass at a woman, it is her responsibilty to REJECT, NOT ACCEPT his advances.
    Since SM knew full well that BG was MARRIED and decided not to WALK AWAY, she is EQUALLY responsible and just as guilty as BG. She has to face the consequences of her actions and stop blaming people for her poor decisions and bad behavior. Being a woman that is being called out for her antics with a married man does not make SM victim of double standards. The double standard is thinking that BG should take FULL responsibility for the affair, while letting SM off the hook just because she “didn’t take vows”.

    2) Sienna is not the one having the affair? (I’m going to interpret this the way that it is written, and not by what you actually meant to write)

    She was photographed kissing,naked,topless and letting the married man suck/grab her breast. She has put out stories about wanting to marry BG, kissing BG at Ralph’s, being “touchy-feely and holding hands” with the married man, having trysts with the married man, and living & house hunting with the married man. She went out of her way to display the bruises she received from sleeping with the married man. As you can see, SM is clearly having an affair with BG.
    And lets not forget PR stories where her mother, step-mother, and SF acknowlege that SM is with the married man(they want to sell it as a “romance” so they use boyfriend/separated instead of married man).

    3) You must think that SM tripped and landed into BG’s bed, while out walking her mom’s dog one day? If being single and “young and beautiful” gave women the right to do whatever they desired, SM wouldn’t be trying to sway the publics opinion by depicting herself as a victim and whitewashing her image. SM does not have the right to hurt 4 kids and a woman who have done absolutely nothing to hurt/harm her. 5 people were hurt by this affair and all you can talk about is how people are being “unfair” to SM?

    4) When all else fails and you can not come up with any valid points to support SM, just brand anyone that doesn’t condone affairs with married men and flaunting it as “haters” and “jealous”. How well has this deflection tactic worked at earning SM sympathy/compassion? Considering SM’s growing ” List of Woes”, I think this deflection tactic is failing miserably.

    5) Leave SM alone? Tell SM to leave us(the public) and RG & her kids alone. Tell SM mom and step-mother to show some sympathy for RG and her kids and stop enabling SM antics with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN.

  • Vshizzle

    I thought she was moving to shack up with her new man? Weren’t they looking at places in CA? Oh well…whatever…how do these Hollywood elitists get in and out of this country and live wherever they want? I mean for my European friends who worked here, it was A HUGE ordeal with work visas etc….

  • Ruth

    She has only herself to blame for the public’s reaction to this affair. If they had been discreet and been quiet, as most people do when one of the couple is still very married with children, then we wouldn’t have seen the naked and semi-naked pics and all the other very intimate pictures which went around the world and brought THEIR relationship into our lives. It is their blatant and arrogant behaviour towards his wife and children that has aroused the extreme public comment and caused the backlash, which Sienna, as the women, is getting far more than the married man. Not fair, I agree, but women are always unfairly judged in these affairs.

    Personally I am absolutely sick of seeing her image on every single blog and in the media every day. It’s not true that all actors have to put up with so much publicity – there are many beautiful and talented actors who live very private and discreet lives. This was a career choice by Miller, her mother and her PR team, who worked closely with the paps from the beginning of her career in order to promote this “IT” girl. Sadly she can only blame herself and her stupid boyfriend for her present situation – it could have been handled differently.

  • lola

    Ha! I loved your post. I am neither English or American and I definitely agree about what you say about England. The English tend to think they are so great when in reality they drink too much and can be quite tacky. That being said not ALL English are like that and they do tend to be more open minded than many Americans. I do think America and Americans do seem like a bit of a joke to the rest of the world and there are actual reasons for that. Many Americans don’t understand why the world thinks they are crazy because they don’t have objective media outlets nor objective history books. But again, not ALL of America is stupid and ignorant. San Francisco is one of my favorite places in the world and it is very cultured.

    And I love Sienna. I do think she needs to be more thoughtful as a person and hope that she is not really the reason Balty left his wife.

  • C2

    There was a poll that asked who was to blame for an affair and guess who received the majority of the votes? It appears that in regards to blame it goes: wife,husband, and then mistress.

    When it goes to attributating blame for the affair, the wife and not the other women usually receives the majority of the blame because everyone always assumes that “she wasn’t doing her duty and that’s why her husband found solace in another woman”. That’s why the first thing SM used to justify her behavior with the married man was the “separation’ argument or the “I didn’t break it because it was already broken” excuse.

    Even SM mother, step mother , and “friends” jumped on the “blame the wife” bandwagon . SM step-mother said something to the effect of, “When a man LEAVES his wife…” to imply that BG wasn’t “happy” so he just up/left and never came home. That’s strange considering the fact that he followed his wife and kids to Italy and back to LA, now that doesn’t sound like a man that has “left his wife”.

    If BG had “LEFT HIS WIFE”, then why didn’t he file for divorce/legal separation so that he could start a life with SM? He didn’t do this because he had no intentions of leaving his wife or having a longterm relationship with SM, he wanted a wife and a mistress. His wife saw those photos and refused to take him back, so now BG must deal with the consequences of his selfishness and stupidity.