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Brad Pitt: Oh, Canada!

Brad Pitt: Oh, Canada!

Brad Pitt catches a departing flight out of Marseille, France en route to Canada for the 33rd Annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Friday. Once again, he sported the “Boyd” sunglasses in espresso by Badgley Mischka.

The 44-year-old father-of-six will be promoting Burn After Reading, his new highly anticipated Coen Brothers comedy with BFF George Clooney. The film opens everywhere next Friday, September 12.

Brad‘s ex, Jennifer Aniston, will also be in town to hype up Management, her new romantic comedy that she’s wooed by Steve Zahn and Woody Harrelson.

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Nicole

    1st ha

  • wow

    After all these years the media still has to throw their names together in the same paragraph!!

  • Nisha

    Why the little blurb about the ex wife? Who cares for that horseface?

  • showers of Blessings

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • great blog

    OK! I found out this blog, I really love, here it is:

    Jennifer Aniston- The Eternal Victim
    August 17, 2007 by maary
    I must confess, I never paid any attention to her before her split from Brad Pitt, and then the Vanity Fair interview happened. After reading the interview, I thought, what a cold, conniving, manipulative woman. I would have had more respect for her as a woman if she had come out and said “Brad cheated on me”, but NO, in that passive aggressive behavior of hers, she tells us she will always love Brad but unleashes her friends to do the attack, and allowed the interviewer to bash Brad’s new woman and her young children. If there was ever any chance of me feeling any pity for her, that dissipated right there.

    The Vanity Fair interview gave birth to the pity party and the never ending triangle that has become a cottage industry for the tabloids. “Poor Jen”, dumped by “the cad” for the “homewrecker” Jolie, every woman that has ever been dumped now had a figure to unleash their hurt feelings. Brad Pitt became that guy that dumped them or cheated on them, even though Brad has never had any reputation of ever having cheated on a partner, and his ex-girlfriends have always said he was the perfect gentleman.

    Whenever I read articles saying how Jennifer handled her divorce with class, I am amused to no end. Is making a career out of your divorce classy? Nicole Kidman handled her divorce with class, even publicly wished her ex-husband well at the birth of his daughter, but Jennifer was too bitter to show that kind of class, because she doesn’t have it.

    The media has to a large extent become enablers for this girl-woman. They never hold her accountable for her behaviors, they seem to be beholden to her Publicist and of course, it sells to continue feeding the public the girl next door image, though I don’t know how many people could afford a $1om dollars home let alone live next door to her. I am still laughing at how the same media was played by the “American sweetheart” constantly telling them that a baby is on the way even as she signs up for seven movies while her marriage disintegrates around her. This is a woman who chose movie stardom over a family life, nothing wrong with the choice, but be clear about your choices and own your life’s decision instead of blaming it on someone else.

    I am tired of the media treating this woman with kid gloves and glossing over her mistakes. She is never responsible for any of her actions, not in her personal or professional life and yet I am supposed to feel sorry for her because she lied to her husband about having a family that she never wanted, and when he wised up to her deceit, he high tailed it out of there. This is a woman with a manufactured public personae and that is why she looks scared to death in most of her pictures. She looks like a woman who is afraid her real life will catch up with her and she will be exposed for the fraud that she is. That must be the biggest price she has to pay for fame, knowing she has to live a lie. Some public people would rather be hated for who they are than to be loved for who they are not, and those people have my utmost respect because they live honestly.

    Jennifer worked so hard to get my pity even as she exploited her breakup for career advancement. I adore strong women who live their lives boldly and honestly and make no apologies for their choices. The poor Jen shtick has worn thin. She is still working that pity party the way that only she can, I am almost certain that she doesn’t miss her marriage, but misses the opportunities that being Mrs Pitt accorded her, and she will continue ride his coattail for as long as it serves her well.

    There is something ironic about the media appointed “American Sweetheart”, they always end up imploding. Who can forget how the media treated Christina Aguilera very harshly while selling Britney as the wholesome virgin, time has a way of exposing the truth, between Christina and Britney, who is looking wholesome right now? So I do have faith that after all the PR orchestrated new relationships, Jennifer might still redeem herself by owning up to her life and telling the truth, and then maybe she could stop looking like a woman who is afraid of her skeleton filled closet being exposed to the world, Christina is certainly having the last laugh over the media crafted image of Britney, the real Britney emerged, just that it took a bit long. The real Jennifer will be exposed, it just might take a bit too long.

  • morning, sunshine

    The guy is a real loser for constantly leaving his kids. At least Angelina is bonding with her twins and the rest of HER kids.

    His movie will BOMB.

  • Stop Jared – u KNOW better

    Jared, there is no mention of Aniston and her movie in hardly any of the Canadian media having to do with this festival, not in film guides, or newspapers — apparently as far as they’re concerned, hers is NOT a film to see, or promote their festival with.

    The only places you see her name mentioned in connection with this festival, are in the tabloids and United States weeklies that associate her with Pitt for some bizarre reason after 4 years, and that everyone knows her PR team has had a hand in feeding. (One wonders what her PR would have done if she hadn’t been dumped by John Mayer?? I guess it would have been, ‘Will Brad Pitt cross paths with Mayerston???!! — insert breathless tabloid junkie gasp here –)

    Poor thing may have been hoping that that was the case (that she’d be coupled up with some other famous person), just so she wouldn’t look desperate and like a major coattail rider as some say. Seeing as she got dumped in such a major way, I guess linking her name with Pitt’s in any and all articles is how she gets revenge on Mayer. She’s saying, na-nah-nah John. I don’t know why you dumped me, I’m so tabloidy famous because I used to know Brad Pitt. Look how my name goes under his in the stories my agents feed the tabloids – I don’t need YOU John.

    I would have liked it if Jared hadn’t regurgitated this nonsense and taken her PR teams bait.

    For a board that got it’s boost from the Jolie Pitt fans, you sure seem to be following in the footsteps of all the annoying rude and stupid tabloids and blogs, that got fans to converge on your site to begin with. you were a safe haven from the idiocy Jared.

    How about an early present for the fans that have supported you and built this site all along – it’s real simple — just stop repeating annoying bullsh*t and focus on the amazing things that Brad Pitt, the actor, producer, humanitarian and family man has achieved. His great films and great work don’t need to be brought down by that TV isiot every time out of the box.

    I hope she and her PR get exposed and soon.

  • Dani

    Thanks JJ for the post!

    And MORNING, SUNSHINE are you blind as well as stupid? He has flown in and out of each festival promoting his film. The first one he brought Pax and Mad and the second one he brought Z. Doesn’t sound like a loser to me! Sounds like Dad of the Year!!!
    Sorry you are such a bitter, unhappy person that can’t leave the past behind and focus on the future and the good this man does with his acting, his charitable works and his role as dad and Angie’s man!

  • reality is this

    morning, sunshine @ 09/05/2008 at 11:20 am

    Brad has left for a few days total in the last 2 weeks, and the twins are now 7 weeks old. Brad did not leave his family at all until the twins were amost 6 weeks old. Brad has had some of his kids with him on each short trip for one on one time with his kids. Brad’s parents, Grammy and Papa, are there with angie and the kids when he is gone for WORK. Other people, especially fathers, are so lucky if they get a few days off in total with a new child.




  • suzy

    Hello to all fans from Europe!

    I am happy to see Brad, I would like to know are kids also with him?

    And, just like I wrote in a previous thread, Aniston is EX WIFE and nothing else, here in Europe every single article about her is starting with: “Aniston, ex wife of Brad Pitt,…” so I am not suprised that she has the same “career” in America, she is only ex wife …

    I can not wait for more pictures. Did Brad had some interviews for BAR?

  • janice

    Yeah for brad promoting his new film.

  • sharon

    Thanks JJ for the new thread. Brad looks great, I can’t wait for the RC.

  • BAR

    credit Alex15 at jjb:

    Hi Ladies, it has been a while, I just wanted to come on and say that I saw a screening of BAR last night and it was AWESOME. So darn funny. The whole cast were hilarious and Brad were FANTASTIC. I never laugh so hard watching a movie before. You ladies will truly enjoy it.

    Have a good day and a good weekend

  • morning, sunshine

    He only bonds with Pax, Mad , and Zahara. At least the twins will know Angelina and the bodyguard.

  • goree girls

    If Angie is sick it is for loss of that prime ass in her bed tonight! I’ll bet she will have something very special planned for his welcome home.

    LOL!!! It is always hilarious how the haters (and the fans -sorry!) make up scenarios based on a couple of photos [BRAD IS TAKING ZAHARA TO TIFF] when they probably just went to Germany for a day or something like that.

  • gladgladglad

    BAR @ 09/05/2008 at 11:37 am

    credit Alex15 at jjb:

    Hi Ladies, it has been a while, I just wanted to come on and say that I saw a screening of BAR last night and it was AWESOME. So darn funny. The whole cast were hilarious and Brad were FANTASTIC. I never laugh so hard watching a movie before. You ladies will truly enjoy it.

    Have a good day and a good weekend
    Great! Can’t wait for next Friday. YIPPEE!!!

  • inmomar

    I havent a more hands on dad than brad pitt – he has to work, like all dads, and he has not been away from his kids and ange for more than a few days – aniston is nothing, she cannot act her way out of a paper bag. BRAD AND ANGE FOREVER

  • Dani

    Melissa and Morning Sunshine
    You guys are so funny. It is obvious you are trying to disrupt this thread. Well all you are doing is giving JJ more hits. So keep it coming. Anyone with half a brain, mmm, make that 1 percent of a brain, knows Brad loves ALL his kids and Angie and NOT Jen. In fact Jen and Brad are not suppose to even be in town at the same time. The festival organizers have spaced their movies far enough apart that they won’t even accidentally meet. And if they do ‘accidentally’ meet, both of them are mature enough not to cause a scene–well Brad is at any rate.

    So keep your snarls coming little girls. JJ is benefiting by the traffic on his site and the rest of us are going to get some good exercise rolling our eyes!

  • awwww

    Brad looks so yummy.

  • morning, sunshine

    Angelina is suffering from post partum depression. Thank goodness she has the nannies and bodyguards to help her since she doesn’t have a good husband.

  • Phoebe

    @morning sunshine:
    you are kidding right? Brad spends time with his kids ALL THE TIME! he just left for two days! whats the problem? i am really no Brangie Fan but he loves his kids!

    and about Jen……the only people making her a victim are fans like you on here. she has moved on long ago. it really is a shame that you haven´t.

    why should Angelina be concerned abut Brad meeting Jen? its funny even her fans seem to think that ANgelina is an insecure, paranoid and selfish woman…..why else would they think that?

    why would Jen want him back? look at the guys. he is over. he is stuck with this insecure, selfish and skinny woman now……the only good thing to hang on for him are the kids. she is better off without him…..and she knows that. about her movie: dear god you guys need to get better informed.
    Bye Bye

  • passing Through

    Jared -

    Dude, you know I love you to bits and would normally have your back…seeing as how this IS your blog…but… Dude…you didn’t need to include that bit about X being in Toronto AROUND THE SAME TIME as Brad. And if you had to mention it, couldn’t you at least tell the truth – that Brad’s in like Flynn and X is out like Ian McKellan? I mean come on. The ho is pimping her flick because she needs to find a distributor for a movie that should go straight to be DVD and stop wasting money on a dead rat. Doesn’t the ho realize we’re in a recession!

  • a total fan

    Even if Pitt and aniston are in the same building I seriously doubt he would even look at Jen’s direction. I hope he is too much of a gentleman to give the media anything to write about. If he was to accidently glance in her direction honestly know she wasn’t there, we would see the headlines…”.He still misses her, he got to see how great she looks or she finally got her revenge showing him what he is missing”……..which I am sure is not true. PItt has a beautiful partner and family at home and wouldn’t bother to give that X a second look. You really want to know what an X is? It a mark we use to void things we don’t need or want. You know ,like X it out.

  • Phoebe

    @great blog:

    “The real Jennifer will be exposed, it just might take a bit too long.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA how long do you wanna wait? how long can you wait? you can wait forever dear…..the real Jen was there all the time, you just live in denial. thats too bad for you.

  • Kk

    All the tabs are once again eating their words brad did not leave angie before he had too like italy he will only spend the least amount of time as posable away from his family.

  • Dani

    Hey everyone–how much do we all want to bet that Morning Sunshine is like 13 years old? Her posts just smack of so much maturity (NOT)!~

  • reality check

    Phoebe @ 09/05/2008 at 11:47 am

    I think you are missing the point. No one cares if X meets up with Brad. What we hate is X and her people use Brad and Angelina’s name to hype her film. Very few people would know that X had a film at TIFF except for the fact that people like Jared keep bringing up her name when writing about Brad. If less people know that X movie does not have distribution. This is because it does not fit with the PR X wants.

    X has had that body, hair but she has a new face. Yet men still leave her. Why would Brad want that same person who he left in the first place back. X wants to keep her name attached to Brads. Why do you think she never corrects tab stories about her and Brad but does about everyone else.

    X wish she would have as supportive a man as Brad. Sadly she will have to date more rotten eggs that will compliment her as they are dumping her.

  • a total fan

    Correction: I

    even if he was to accidentally glance in her direction, honestly not knowing she was there, we would see the headlines…”.He still misses her, he got to see how great she looks or she finally got her revenge showing him what he is missing”……..which I am sure is not true.

  • LUV

    brad looks great.

  • test


  • piper, with a low


    Kinda digging the jogging suit that Brad’s rocking.

  • thelookoflove1365

    # 6 morning, sunshine @ 09/05/2008 at 11:20 am The guy is a real loser for constantly leaving his kids. At least Angelina is bonding with her twins and the rest of HER kids.

    His movie will BOMB.
    Fu cktard, stupid ho that you are…get some clue! He is promoting his movie that he got paid to do cuz um…that is his JOB!

    He is not like your mate, so happy to be away from you, hanging out with his/er buddies all the time instead of being with you. Quit projecting your own miserable life to Brad and Angie.

  • juju

    a total fan @ 09/05/2008 at 11:49 am


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    You’ve been reading the tabloid news haven’t you? They just want drama to sell their covers.

    At the time Brad Pitt is doing the Red Carpet in Toronto Jeniffer Aniston is doing the “Stand Up To Cancer”. Unless she decides to skip the event and go stalk Brad, there is no chance that they even be on town at the same time.

    But i do hope that one of these days they meet so this cr*ap will end and people move the fuck up. It’s 4 years in 3 months, it’s about time.

  • TERI

    I guess we’ll be seeing desperate Jen in a childs two piece with her butt in the air in an attempt to get Brads attention. I bet she’s getting a body wax as I write this.

  • BRAD the cad


  • linda


    I second the motion. JJ stop doing nonsense for the sake of a hit. You’re doing fine just from Jolie-Pitt’s fan alone.

  • fyi2

    Brad will fly in, walk the RC tonite for BAR, and fly out. He did not fly to Toronto early as speculated by some, he is getting there just in time to work, he does not leave his family other than for short trips of a day or 2.

    Cannes, Marseille, Nice are all located close to where Brad, Angie, and their kids are living in the south of France.

  • hmmmm

    Brad will just show up on the red carpet, then he will head back to France immediately. He probably will be at home with Angie by tomorrow morning.

  • a total fan

    How amazing that we can say , when writing about Brad.

    “The 44-year-old father-of-six!”

  • linda


    I mean #7, I second the motion.

  • nina

    Brad, the dad is the hottest.

  • Morning, Sunshine

    Phoebe @ 09/05/2008 at 11:47 am

    @morning sunshine:
    you are kidding right? Brad spends time with his kids ALL THE TIME! he just left for two days! whats the problem? i am really no Brangie Fan but he loves his kids!


    Just how do you know this? It could be that the only time he spends time with the kids is when he calls the photographers to capture “the moment”. stupitt pitt fans are so gullible.

    he is hardly ever seen with the BIO kids. He does not like them because they look like Angelina’s first ex husband.

  • bdj

    Just Jared is a playa. Too funny. Ritzy/Sunshine is a tabloid hound. Hens keep hope alive. I dig your tenacity. Poor unsinkable Jen would be so proud, not to mentioned the Super PR guy. That chick has not met a coattail she will not ride. BP must be a heck of a fellow for the hens to still whine four years later. Vinny (I’m not fat, just bloated), the model boytoy, the grip, the camera man and my favorite Peeboy must be feeling left out. Go on with your bad self, Brad Pitt. You are the man. Best of luck at Toronto and much blessings to the entire family.

  • nina

    Morning, Sunshine @ 09/05/2008 at 12:14 pm
    ROTFLMAO. you are the most stupid idiot.

  • crazy

    Morning, Sunshine @ 09/05/2008 at 12:14 pm

    OMG! Like Angelina’s first husband?!? YOU ARE REALLY CRAZY!! You see how you are desperate or what?!? Just like Maniston!

  • TIFF

    The whole town is crazy about Brad Pitt. The man is the sexy GOD.

  • Brad Fan

    Since when is George Clooney Brad’s BFF? I mean really ..using that term for middle aged successful men is over the top. Leave that for the kindergardners.

    Thanks for the thread. Pappa Pitt is BUSY!

  • Dex Dexter

    Man Brad is traveling all over. No wonder he and Angelina get along so well.

  • huh

    I see Jen hens are so desperate this morning. lmao.

  • Dani

    Morning Sunshine–you know didn’t junior high start Tuesday? Shouldn’t you be studying or gossiping with the other 13 year old bitches? Instead of trying to play grown up on the computer?