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Gerard Butler is Toronto Film Festival Friendly

Gerard Butler is Toronto Film Festival Friendly

Gerard Butler gets tough and rough with costar Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris, at the premiere screening of their new movie RocknRolla during the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) held at the The Visa Screening Room at the Elgin Theatre on Thursday in Toronto, Canada.

At TIFF, the 38-year-old Scottish stud was asked if he’d heard anything more about the recent rumors of a prequel or sequel to his blockbuster action movie 300.

“I’ve heard some backroom chatter, but nothing more,” he told SHH. “So I don’t know if it would be a sequel or a prequel. I don’t want say anymore than that, because I really don’t know. I haven’t read anything. I can’t see it myself–sequel for me absolutely not, but I just mean the idea generally, I’m really not sure which way they would go with that.”

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler being Toronto Film Festival Friendly…

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gerard butler toronto film festival 21
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gerard butler toronto film festival 24

Photos: C.J. LaFrance/Getty
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  • Whaa


  • joanna

    he’s looking a bit rough

  • whoo


  • joanna

    and i don’t mean in a tough way……not that i don’t think he’s still gorgeous

  • whoo

    rough the hard way. life is not so great as movies…

  • Nikki

    He’s looking the best he has in quite a while.. Nice =D

  • Rachel

    He’s gorgeous. I’d love a 300 sequel/prequel. He was so hot as Leonidas! Infact there were too many hot men in 300 haha!

  • Joanna Gilby

    Hmm, liking what I’m seeing here! I think 300 is a stand alone movie and does not need a sequel or prequel, it’s fine as it us but if they have the cast and the director back then yeah I suppose. But let’s focus on RocknRolla and how he looks very dashing in his suits. Why does this man look hot and smart at the same time? Hell I know but I love it! Keep Rocking babe!

  • follet

    Anyway,the charm&stylish hunk guy Butler is just for serving your desire.

  • sarahbgood

    He never has a date whats up with that??

  • suse

    He is delicious

  • noyb

    Best he has looked since 300 – hot.

  • yikes

    K i was there and it was like madness…. sooo many people.. it was actually really funny cause the people in the mall across the street stopped working and were trying catch a glimpse of the celebs!!!

  • raven

    He is really a handsome man. Gerard is looking hot lately.

  • Grace

    #12 – VO – “women should never have got the vote.”
    Here is a vote for Vice President Palin. This will show you that women are strong.
    Gerard Butler is rough and tough and handsome. Just the way I like them. Don’t care for sissy looking boys.

  • crazy4u

    He has been looking great since he came back from vacation. Straight—-gay—-I’d do him in a hreatbeat!!!

  • Aggie

    Awesome. Can’t get enough of MANLY men. This guy HAS IT!

  • maddyct

    Where are the picture of Guy Ritchie ????
    HE ROCKS !!!
    Anyway it’s his birthday wednesday, he turns 40 !!!!!!!!

  • toronto

    i was there at the TIFF premiere!

    he was gorgeous and so charming. excellent film too. rivals lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

  • good grief

    He seems to pull himself together for premieres and such. However, I’m looking at his swashbuckling shoes. Never knew those were back in style.

  • kim

    GOD I live in Toronto & never got a change to go down there & see him ….

  • scottdavis0676

    I’m probably the lone dissenter here, but whenever I hear people rhapsodize about how “good looking” this man is, I can’t help but chuckle. To me, as a man, he doesn’t possess enviable good looks. He appears bloated, rough around the edges and unkempt often times. His face is terrible looking, but he has decent stature. He must be one of those guys who has an “attractive” personality which makes up for his lack of good looks. I have no hidden agenda, but this guy is overrated! I’d much rather look at photos of Brad Pitt, Mathew McCaugney, Huge Jackman, etc. They maybe “sissy” boys, but at least their not hard on the eyes like this guy. Yuck!

  • marieme

    You know what? Ludacris is a really natural presence on screen. I enjoy watching him act.

  • Bailey


  • primitivesoul

    If he is hard on the eyes, you need your eyes checked.

  • Tracy

    #10, He has said in numerous recent interviews that he doesn’t have time to date, where have you been! and even if he did have a girl (which there was one there in a leopard print coat and long black outfit that kept putting her hands in his arm etc.) she probably couldn’t have made it to Toronto anyway.He has just been in London, now he’s in Toronto and next he goes to Japan, he is just to busy to take time out for anyone but himself, give him a break already, Life can be enjoyable while you are alone too.

  • Lonewolf

    Trace (#26)-missed that one. Wheres the one in the black outfit/leopard skin coat? Before Toronta pics…….must of missed that one-saw the vid where some dumb a** grabs his face/cheek.

    Not only does he not have the time, but he is probably suffocating due to the clinging of certain women and scared when he is going to be grabbed next ( one time a woman grabbed his bu**).

  • The dating game

    # 26 I think GB does have time to date. Me thinks he is casual dating but nothing serious. You see him flirt around and then you see him checking out an attractive woman on the street. I don’t think he has found the “one”.

  • Justine

    He has time to date but not to get serious about anyone. Too bad, I guess because he would probably make a great one and only for somebody. He also prefers not to date Hollywood bimbos which, unfortunately is where he spends a lot of time.

    Yes, women really go for him because he is so masculine and flirty.
    Also, I fell in love with him when I first saw him on TV in Atilla. He was so gorgeous, I couldn’t believe it. He is starting to look more rugged and not always at his best. I didn’t like his looks in PS I Love You as he seemed to have such deep creases in his face. Now he seems to have gained a few pounds which makes his face kinda bloated.

    I’m looking forward very much to see RocknRolla mostly because of him but I’m a big Ritchie fan as well.

  • Toni


    I hate to tell you, but he is seriously “dating”. He is starting to bring it out in the open as he’s doing in this interview:

    I understand he is worried about what the reaction might be, and what it might do to his career therefore, at the moment, will not openly commit to this lady. From my understanding, the lady was photographed with him within the last month and might be found on the catwalks during New York FASHION WEEK. He might be seen supporting her during her shows before he leaves to start filming his new film.

    Tracey #26 The lady in black/leopard skin print is Marcia, his publicist.

  • Tintangel

    Sorry Toni, But some of your info is incorrect.

    The lady in black/leopard skin is in a hooker he picked in front of
    the Waverly.There is a written account of their encounter on one of
    the fansites.They got into a cab and he asked Her wher e they were going and then told the cabbie.

    The woman he is “dating” is Jasmine Burgess. If you go to the
    Gerard butler is Headset Happy thread on this site, check out
    BizGal#24. She says they are longtime friends with benefits.

    What is interesting is the wording and timing of this “revelation”.
    Somewhat single? and “dating”. And he announces it in the middle of a press junket for RocknRolla. Why?

    There is a minor homosexual subplot involving Gerry’s character. The only purpose in revealing that he is now “dating” is to discourage any
    gay rumours.

    Pre-emptive PR strike by Gerry’s team

  • Tintangel

    Damn! Sorry about the typos. Keyboard problems.

  • Toni

    Thank you for ‘correcting’ me Tintangel #31

    The lady I refer to (and what I thought Tracey was refering to) was at the recent RocknRoller Premiere in Toronto, where Marcia can be seen leading him by the arm on many photos. She is such a stylish lady. My apologies for the confusion.

    I can respect your point of view regarding the gay issue, and quite rightly it does seem too coincidental. And should he be truely ‘single’, there is no shame in that, as many people live quite happy and extremely productive lives without partners. I understand the recent pictures of his ‘lived in’ apartment on a fan website couldn’t help matters much. But you are right, this indicates an insecurity around this issue, either coming from Gerry or his PR group, which is such a shame as they should have more faith in people that actually go to see his films but, hey, they’re selling a commodity here.

    As for the lady, the ‘information’ is that it’s not Jasmine Burgess. This also accounts for the reports of him going home alone on so many occasions. No idea who this person is, however, looking at the pictures closely on the fan websites I have noticed a certain tall, elegant, dark haired lady on the red carpert at the RocknRoller Premiere in London and at the Toronto after party (not Marcia).

  • Tintangel

    I’M sorry.I hope i didn’t sound too obnoxious,Toni.

    By some bizarre coincidence I happened to see adocumentary which
    dealt with the rather symbiotic relationship between celebs and the
    paparazzi/tabloid press. Specifically why actors choose to go public with certain details of their private lives.Usually to promote an upcoming project, but also to counteract any negative publicity which has arisen or might be imminent.I believe the latter applies to Gerry

    Iagree with your statement that Gerry’s people should have more faith in his fans, but image and perception are all that matter.

    The photos of his apartment didn’t help. Rather…er… interesting choice of artwork.LOLOLOLO

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    I like seeing this guy he’s stylish, great clothes, amazing actor!

  • Toni


    I agree with you, some celebrities have a really bizarre relationship with the press.

    In Gerry’s interview with the Guardian newspaper on-line, ‘A Tormented Torso’, he came across quite subdued and depressed. I think it was a very good interview and how very brave it was because at least it was honest. You can almost hear the PR in the background going ‘noooooo!’ Following that we see a glut of happy interviews.

    I have no illusions about Gerry. I really like the guy. A good actor, and probably a much better one than he himself may believe. But at the same time, like you, I think he and his PR group knows exactly how to manipulate the press, the photo opportunities, and the fans. He knows what pushes all the right buttons.

  • Tintangel

    The Guardian interview was quite a surprise. Very open and revealing.
    Then suddenly there is a complete shift in his other interviews. I believe his people weren’t too happy about this statement by the reporter in reference to Gerry’s character- “It’s in many ways the perfect Butler part; a hard man with a soft centre, rough-edged but still sweet enough to accommodate the gay advances of a mate.”

    I believe Gerry underestimates his abilities as an actor as well. I also question some of his film roles. I could have lived without “Nim’s Island” and I have my doubts about Game.
    With Law Abiding Citizen, I had hoped he would play the part of the criminal rather than the D.A. It seem like the more complex role.

    rather than the district attorney

  • Gillianfey

    It’s always a pleasure when JJ features Gerard Butler. You can never be too thin or too rich or come across Gerard Butler too often.

  • Toni


    If this statement about “dating” is just about damage limitation regarding potential gay accusations, you of course could be right. With the imminent start of LAC, this could be a possible negative issue for his first production outing.

    I think you can look at the “dating” statement in a many ways:-
    1. Damage limitation for certain accusations:- I believe his fanbase is solid enough to withstand this (and his fanbase is much broader than the simple fanatics).
    2. That he is gay and is trying to come out slowly:- His PR group could be advising him not to do this at this moment in time. Many of his fans are very understanding and have made many comments that no matter whether he is straight, gay or bisexual, all they wish is for him is to be happy. Having said that, I accept people can scare easily and that being open about your sexuality is extremely difficult especially for those wishing to work in LA LA land.
    3. That he is actually just “dating” someone:- It may or may-not be a serious relationship. Granted some people seem never to be able to commit to a relationship, and maybe this is symptomatic of his ‘mid-life crisis’. It could be just as simple as, the relationship is in it’s early stages let’s not blow it. People have said on JJ that he would be open enough to admit to a relationship, and perhaps that’s what he could be doing. But slowly!

    I’ve not seen “Nim’s Island” so not able to comment, but even a fluffy part would have kept his profile high. Like you, in LAC I hope he would play the part of the criminal rather than the D.A., and I hope not in a pretty-boy way. It would be nice to see if he can develop a more ugly, unsympathetic role if he wants to compete with other actors such as Daniel Day Lewis. I think he could be capable of this.

  • Lonewolf

    Toni (#30)-

    Here, allow me….

    As for his off-screen life, Butler, who lives in New York with his pug, Lolita, said he is somewhat single, noting he is “dating” a girl from the Big Apple. But one romance he assured the magazine never happened, was a reported fling with Cameron Diaz.

    More from Access Hollywood
    Photo gallery: Gerard Butler
    Photo gallery: Brit pack

    “She’s amazing. But there’s nothing going on. It just happened one night, with a crowd of people, we had dinner,” he said. “Then another night we ran into each other completely by accident. And then, another night, we were at different birthday parties at tables next to each other. Suddenly the press is saying we’re together. I’m amazed how these things spread.”

    He was refering to the insinuations regarding him being seen with Cameron (Diaz)…..he also stated in a July and August interview he hasnt found anyone…..

    Just MO

  • Lonewolf

    #30-here is the one article, paragraph 3-he says nothing of “dating” or being with no one in particular……in previous posts while he is in NYC, it has been Jasmine, who, according to what is posted also (and on other sites) wants something more, he doesnt…. which I have seen a few pics, which you can tell he doesnt lok like a happy camper in regards to being pictured. And I have also seen those pics of the Rockand Rolla and Toronto gigs-and have not seen this woman you speak of…not one time….. to me seein is believin…like that of the Cameron/Gerard relationship or the Nalmi/Gerard relationship and so on…

    Have a nice day..

    On 17th of July of 2008 to 21:02 · William Volcov – Straight of the Editorial staff in SP · Filed under Movies It

    Interviews with the Actor Gerard Butler

    Gerard Butler, King Leonidas, after 300 blows up at the cinema and in the papers, did not stop being besieged. Both for Hollywood, which bombs him with offers, and for the fans, who started to pursue him in the streets. In an exclusive interview to the July ELLE, the actor reveals details of his run.

    Frightened with the sudden fame, the actor did a spiritual retirement for India. “I panicked with the success that came overnight. Now I am already recovered, ready to face the tiger up front”, guarantees Butler, which began to practice yoga and meditation last year and he walks in a zen phase. In spite of the whole siege, the Scot says not to want to lose the spontaneity of the anonymity: “If you do not put the focus at the certain place, it is easy to be seduced by the glamour of cinema”.

    A bachelor, the actor confesses still not to have found the certain girl. “Some days, I thank God that I am unmarried, since I am surviving everything. But there are moments in which I am wishing to be with someone. Principally when I travel and finish alone in a hotel room”, he unburdens himself.

    Butler fell in love with Brazil, he says that he might live in a country like Brazil, where there is an atmosphere of almost tangible happiness: “Any one smiles when he or she has Rio de Janeiro as a scenery”.

    Next Friday (day 18/7), the actor returns to the cinema, in the movie Nim’s Island, playing up to Jodie Foster. He also will be in RocknRolla (of Guy Ritchie, husband of Madonna), in the futurist thriller Game and in the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth, what still has not dates for premieres in Brazil. And, the next year, he begins to film The Untouchables: Capone Rising and Law Abiding Citizen.

  • Tintangel


    Given your comments.Iwent back and re-read the entire interview.And I just realized that while the link is msnbc, the interview was given to Access Hollywood.Aren’t they a television tabloid?

    In light of what I saw while watching the documentary, this is exactly the way celebs PR people would go about using the tabloids to control their clients image. I am now completely convinced the statement was released to negate any potential damage.

    If he is in fact “dating” and the relationship is in its infancy ,why say anything? Better to wait and see how things progress.Gerry has always been very careful with his private life.
    The timing and the avenue used to release the statement are too

  • Toni

    Lonewolf #41

    Thank you and I appreciate your opinion, and the information you have supplied. But can I just say though, magazines such as Elle are prepared up to two months in advanced, so those statements he made in say May/June in readyness for the July issue, may not be vaild now. People can be become smittened very quickly!

    He has stated two days ago to Access Hollywood that he is dating. All I’ve heard is that it’s verging on being serious, and that it’s not with Jasmine Burgess, but another model, and that’s why he has been seen leaving various events alone, or being accompanied by PR.

    But like you, know one can be absolutely sure….either way. IMO.

    But it has also been pointed out in earlier comments that the “dating” statement might be a distraction from certain ‘gay’ accusations, and a ploy by his PR, possilibly meaning that he not dating at all and therefore the info I’ve heard is not true!!! This cannot be discounted either.

    Don’t misunderstand my comments…I like the guy! I just think it’s good to stay open to all possiblities, don’t you.

  • Tintangel

    I just realized something. The photos of Gerry’s apartment were on the internet 2 weeks ago.
    Last week Gerry was photographed on the patio of a NYC cafe. There are photos which show him eating and studying a script.But they also show him checking out the women who passed in front of his table.
    The blurb accompanying the photos said that Gerry was seen “checking out the eye candy”. Definitely damage control over the apartment photos.

  • Lonewolf

    #43 your welcome. But the link posted in #30 is the exact same one as in Access Hollywood…if I may…(sorry, neeed to scroll down for the artice, I copied the whole thing. Its and I searched G-B-.

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    Gerard Butler Talks Unzipping Thandie Newton, Nurse Madonna & Those Cameron Diaz RumorsSeptember 5, 2008

    Tags:Gerard Butler, Celebrities, Movies, Brits, Guy Candy
    Buzz up!on Yahoo!ShareThis enlarge 1/3
    Gerard Butler attends a screening of ââ?¬Ë?RocknRollaââ?¬â?¢
    Warner Brothers
    Gerard Butler in ââ?¬Ë?300ââ?¬â?¢
    Butler, Gerard LONDON 3 14 â??07 AP 1
    Star Sightings

    Access the dayâ??s hottest photos!

    Scenes From â??The Dark Knightâ??

    Hot shots from â??The Dark Knight.â?? On the set and at the premieres!

    â??Gossip Girlâ??

    Scenes from The CWâ??s hot show â??Gossip Girl!â??

    more galleriesmore galleries ORIGINAL ARTICLE: September 5, 2008 14:18 PM
    LONDON, U.K. —
    Scottish actor Gerard Butler sent millions of tongues wagging when he sported a six-pack and a short, Spartan military loincloth in â??300.â?? Though he has a few less CGI muscles on his physique these days, heâ??s now lighting up the screen (and still baring bits of his body) alongside Thandie Newton in Guy Ritchieâ??s new cockney film, â??RocknRolla.â??

    Starring as a street-smart mobster named One Two, at one point in the film Butlerâ??s character finds himself in a hot on-screen romp with Newton â?? one that happened despite Butler having a cold.

    â??Iâ??d had a bad throat infection, and it wouldnâ??t have been fair on Thandie for me to kiss her. So Guy went, â??Right, weâ??ll do it like this – get in there and undo her zip!â??â?? Butler told the October issue of Britainâ??s Marie Claire. â??That was the day I realized how professional Thandie is.â??

    During the shoot, Newton made a couple of in-the-heat-of-passion on the spot faces, leaving Butler stunned.

    â??I was so impressed. But that was Thandie – bang on it every time and just a great girl,â?? he said.

    The kiss also brought the 6â??2â?? actor to the attention of Ritchieâ??s wife, Madonna, who had some special get well remedies lined up for him.

    â??One night during filming, Madonna turns up and goes: â??Are you the sick one?â??â?? he recalled. â??â??You wanna get better?â?¦ Do everything I say.â?? [Madonna said]. At this point Iâ??m giggling like a little kid and sheâ??s like, â??Do you wanna do this or not?â?? So Iâ??m like, â??Yeah, I do â?? but youâ??re Madonna!â??â??

    Apparently though Madonnaâ??s cold remedies werenâ??t as successful as either of them had hoped.

    â??It didnâ??t do a f****ing thing,â?? he laughed.

    As for his off-screen life, Butler, who lives in New York with his pug, Lolita, said he is somewhat single, noting he is â??datingâ?? a girl from the Big Apple. But one romance he assured the magazine never happened, was a reported fling with Cameron Diaz.

    â??Sheâ??s amazing. But thereâ??s nothing going on. It just happened one night, with a crowd of people, we had dinner,â?? he said. â??Then another night we ran into each other completely by accident. And then, another night, we were at different birthday parties at tables next to each other. Suddenly the press is saying weâ??re together. Iâ??m amazed how these things spread.â??

    Copyright 2008 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.
    This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  • Lonewolf

    basically, as usual there is a lot of pharaprasing (sp), meaning the interviewer/reporter added their 2 cents. If you go in on his youtube interview regarding Rockand Rolla he himself states HIMSELF there are many times he hears of things that he was supposed to have said but doesnt remember saying it. (She had asked him if it was true in regards to a comment he said about lliking women to make the first move…in turn, she gives him her card and askes ihm out…)

    So, you have a article posted in different sites/areas yet the same one……but no pics. Now, if he can openly deny the “relationship” with Cameron, dont you think hed be up front in regards to finding the right one? This isnt the first time hes appeared alone at premieres, the Villa, etc. And it is no secret Gerry protects his personal life…..

    Read that last remark….about how things get said……..

  • Cynthia

    What pictures of his apartment???? Where are they, I can’t find them. Can anyone help?

  • Lonewolf

    #47-one place you can find them is in thephoto gallery in the GerardButlerGALs website

  • Tintangel

    #47- If you go to the Gerard Butler message board at IMDB, on the top right hand side of the list of threads you will see page numbers. Click on pg.8. Scroll down the list of topics and almost at the bottom you will
    find one that begins-The bird in the ceiling…..
    And another below that titled-They’ve posted more pics of his apartment…….
    If you can’t be bothered,the photo of part of the ceiling in Gerry”s apartment shows a painting .When enlarged, you can see painted tiles depicting “The Rape of Ganymede”. Google the title.

  • The dating game

    GB should avoid “dating” models because its the same thing all the time and it doesn’t last.