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Jennifer Garner: Check-up Time!

Jennifer Garner: Check-up Time!

And the baby bump continues to grow!

Mom-to-be Jennifer Garner heads to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for her regular baby check-up in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Jen, 36, is expecting her second child with husband Ben Affleck.

She will be one of many celebrities offering their time to take calls from viewers during the “Stand Up to Cancer Broadcast” on Friday evening.

10+ pictures of Jennifer Garner and her baby check-up time…

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jennifer garner check up time 01
jennifer garner check up time 02
jennifer garner check up time 03
jennifer garner check up time 04
jennifer garner check up time 05
jennifer garner check up time 06
jennifer garner check up time 07
jennifer garner check up time 08
jennifer garner check up time 09
jennifer garner check up time 10

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  • ellie

    jen can’t wait for you and ben have your beautiful baby,your such a happy family

  • Katia

    She’s great ! Go Jen !

  • Daria

    Can she not even go for a prenatal check-up without being hounded by paps? Nice as she is, why do we need to see pictures of her every single day? It’s just not that interesting!….and I’m sure Jen would totally agree with that!

  • http://Ha!Ha! peepee

    Ben, be a man! Go with your wife for her check-ups! At least pretend to love her for the ride! Sorry but thats just sad that hes not with her. Its not like hes working on anything.

  • http://Ha!Ha! peepee

    Ben, be a man! Go with your wife for her check-ups! At least pretend to love her for the ride! Sorry but thats just sad that hes not with her. Its not like hes working on anything.

  • lala

    I have to say razzi should not hang out at hospitals taking pictures of people.

  • Ha!

    Seriously, she can’t go to a doctor’s appointment without being hounded? Ridiculous. She’s in a parking garage, for goodess sakes!

  • love her!

    she looks great :)

    how often a pregnant woman goes for a check – up?

  • mikey

    useless celebrity. for what? her last hit was alias. oh…and how she tried to steal the spotlight for her small role in juno…when jason bateman and ellen page were the hits of that movie. of course no ben AGAIN and AGAIN

  • shammy

    C’mon people, leave the preggo lady alone. She is just trying to live as humanly possible just like you and me. Also, how in the world do we know she is going to the doctor? Do the papz follow her into the office and pee in the cup, get weighed, heart beat checked, and so forth. Please, enough with this nonsense.

    Happiness and health to the baby and familia!!!
    Send my love to Benny boy!


  • Adoring Fan

    Jen is beautiful and we are happy for her. As much I enjoy seeing her and Vi and keeping up with whats going on with them. Enough is enough. I agree, she really should be left alone to enjoy her pregnancy in private. Can’t the paps wait until she is working on something to hound her. Jeez!

  • Adoring Fan

    This woman is so classy. She really knows how to handle the paps. She goes about her busy as usual. What a lady. She keeps her cool, I would have gone off those AO long time ago.

  • Good victoria

    People gripe about the paparazzi’s hounding everyone and being everywhere……. Well, how do they know WHEN Jennifer’s Dr.’s appt.’s are unless they are tipped off…… I’m sure they do not camp out in front of their home or the poor Dr.’s office, because she is NOT going THAT often yet…………….. But, Jennifer obviously does NOT care who is taking her picture, because her hair is never done and she rarely has make-up on…….She is just being herself and having fun….

  • http://Ha!Ha! tough

    Where in the world is Ben Affleck?

  • Adoring Fan

    You are so wrong Good Victoria #13, they do infact camp outside Jennifer’s house. We have seen the videos of the paps there as early as 7:00 am. They follow them on a daily basis. What a nightmare that must be.

  • Adoring Fan

    In response to tough #15, Ben is on set filming a movie.

  • Janna

    God Bless her. I hope and pray she has a healthy baby.

  • http://Ha!Ha! tough

    Why is it Adoring Fan knows way too much information?

  • Adoring Fan

    It’s easy, true fans take the time to find out. That’s how.

  • anon

    Ben is actually filming a movie so he is “doing something”.

    Women can go for check-ups by themselves…yeesh and the fact she went without Ben means nothing. People just can’t be happy for them…all those rumors of there being problems are just that..rumors.

    I’m not a huge fan of either of them, but to me, they seem happy and have a darling little girl. Whether or not they are photographed together is besides the point…pics are just little glimpses into their life.

    I agree with the rest of you that the paps being at the doc office is too much. They’ll stop at nothing…even for uninteresting pics.

  • i agree

    I doubt she is going to a prenatal visit every week now. The paps sit outside Cedars Sinai on on the chance someone famous will either be visiting someone or be going there themselves or doing charity work becuase its such a big place they camp out there like its a famous restaurant or something. She’s gone there aND been photograhed before she was preg. (last Feb) so its obvious she has other business there.

  • wendy

    Filming or not Ben is always MIA!

    She could avoid being spotted by the paps if she REALLY wanted to. She loves all the attention, period! Poor little Violet is photographed more than any kid in Hollywood because her mother exposes her to it.

  • Adoring Fan

    Oh Wendy #22 STFU. Whatever you would have to complain about if not this?

  • Everest

    I agreed of #23
    JG is beautiful even in her casual outfits
    Check up for baby? her new baby may look like Scott F. or Michael V.
    She left them with their big broken hearts. She left 2 nice men for goofy and big poker BA !!
    She needs to pay the price

  • truth

    Adoring Fan = Jennifer Garner

    It’s so obvious, lol

  • Ben Fan

    Where’s my Benny Boy? I miss him….

  • Zoe

    Sheesh. So what if Ben doesn’t accompany her to her Dr.’s appointments. I have 3 kids and my husband never did until I went into the hospital. They aren’t needed unless there is actually something to be concerned about. This is stupid.

    That being said it would be nice to see them together more. And when they are together they never look very happy to me. I don’t think this is going to be a couple that is going to last. BUT I would love it if I’m wrong. :-)

  • lisalisa

    wow, I would never know she is preggers from some of those shots. She is doing a good job concealing! She looks amazing!

  • et

    I wish that Ben would leave her alone long enough to give us an ‘Alias’ movie.