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John McCain Beats Barack Obama

John McCain Beats Barack Obama

In the race for ratings, John McCain has beat Barack Obama for viewership during their respective convention speeches.

According to Nielsen, McCain drew 38.9 million viewers for his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention while Obama only drew 38.4 million viewers for his acceptance speech. 38.9 million viewers ranks as the highest rated convention in history.

In related news, Oprah Winfrey has stated that she is more than willing to interview Sarah Palin after the campaign is over.

“The item in today’s Drudge Report is categorically untrue,” Oprah says. “There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the beginning of this Presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over.”

Now onto the race for the White House!

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  • j-j

    Is it me or justjared really like Mccain ?

  • blue

    Oprah is scared because once Palin shows up on her program she will win more hearts than she’s already doing.

    49% says Barack is ready to be Pres.
    39% even says Palin is ready to be Pres. – how high a poll for only 6 days America knew Palin unlike Obama campaigning for YEARSSSSS

  • teejay

    screw him
    obama all the way

  • yeah

    the only reason he got more was because of Sarah Palin.

  • pea

    Thanks Jared for reporting all fronts. The media only reports all good things on the Democrats and nada on McCain and Palin.

    They really seduce Americans to vote for Osama I mean Obama.

  • shenanyginz

    wow a whole .5 million more! way to go mccain…
    pu-lease the only reason people tuned in is because they were hoping to see palin make some sort of fool of herself

  • brooksie


    sorry McCain, but i like obama and the only way your gonna win is if “sara barakoota” gets you through! without her you wouldnt stand a chance!!!!!!!!!

  • lola

    His speech is what a real America and true America is about.
    Let us preserve the old America not this perverted nation is heading.

    Im happy Conservatism will be back once this 2 are elected.

  • celia

    ONLY??? Are you kidding me? The only reason McCain drew more is because of Sarah Palin and all of that controversy. But seriously, 500,000 is not a big difference at all. OBAMA baby!!!

  • jen

    First, THANK YOU for being a “gossip blog” that is actually covering this election fairly… cough Perez Hilton sucks cough.

    Way to go JOHN!!
    McCain-Palin 08!!!

    Oprah is a hypocrite and she is losing viewers because of her support of Obama. She knows Sarah would shine on her show and Oprah can’t let that happen. Sarah (and John) don’t need the Oprah machine.

  • hahaha

    Yep, McCain beat Obama on the rating of convention speech. Obama is done.

  • CZLF

    I think the only reason people tuned in is to see what McCain has to say for himself… which ultimately ended being nothing in particular. Early reports are saying the McCain didn’t address anything in his speech except to talk (in a lengthier version of POW story) No disrespect to how McCain fought for our country but he a heartbeat away from his 6th heart attack!! So do we really Sarah Palin as Pres!?!?

    I thought JustJared was above all the lies and manipulation that is the Republican party!! I wanted more from you!! Let’s talk about issues please and how McCain/Palin have skated over them! And they are all for themselves first, country second and after 8 years of Bush we cannot handle another 4 years of lies and manipulation that is the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!

    “Terrorism is not Americas greatest threat the Republicans are.

    Truest words ever spoken!!


  • dee

    I agree, the only reason that there were more viewers was because of the bulldog with lipstick, not because of McCain. Ratings are certainly not going to sway my vote, I am voting for the “real” change candidate, not the geriatric guy who says he is bringing change to Washington even though he has been there for almost thirty years.

  • danielle

    Yeah, I think people tuned in mostly because of the controversy surrounding Palin and NOT because of Mccain. Now on to the debates!

  • Grace

    40 million saw Sarah Palin. Oprah is afraid of Palin. Oprah has always said that women can accomplish anything they want in life. Sarah Palin accomplished something huge and Oprah refuses to interview her. Oprah is a hyprocrite.

  • CZLF

    And OPRAH not wanting Palin on her show… why would she? Palin is full of lies and secrets and inquiries into how she has been handling her duties in Alaska. So let’s not paint her as a saint please… she if far from it… I cannot believe in this day and age (and after something has clearly been decided… ROE v. WADE) that someone would question a woman’s choice/right to have an abortion!! I am dumb founded…. Has she done any research AT ALL!!! I am sad to say that I am American right now because of what it represents from a country who’s own president doesn’t care about us!!

  • lms

    What’s with Oprah’s comment?

    (…I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates.)

    Oprah decides this AFTER Obama appeared on her show and AFTER her ratings plummeted?

  • andamentothat

    Oprah should be above this.. She should interview both VPs and Presidential candidates..

  • blayne

    The numbers don’t reflect the fact that everyone was asleep by the end of McCain’s speech.

  • whatever

    The only reason McCain won in the ratings is because he elected that woman and all her drama. He knows people love a good soap oprea. This way she can get all the attention and he can slip under the rador with all his outdated bad ideas to run the country.

  • Hmmmm

    Gooooooooo McCain and Palin!!! 2008

    I stopped watching Oprah long before the presidential campaign and I am happy I did.

    Abortion = murder to an innocent child who did not have a choice.

  • sheryl

    Thanks Just Jared for a decent report on a McCain campaign success.

    Now that both speeches can be compared; here is a very good article about the differences in the messages between McCain and Obama’s convention speeches. Excerpts:

    “But perhaps nothing has been more surprising than the fact that Obama’s own speech was far more personally and ideologically negative toward John McCain and the GOP”

    “there is still something to the notion that the comportment of the leader of the Free World is important, and that we expect such a leader to focus his attention on higher matters. It was therefore even more stunning that Obama, who made such a point of running as a change agent sick of the same old Washington bickering during his ascension in late 2007 and early 2008, chose the moment of his greatest visibility to muddy his own message and to blur that image.”

    “Obama’s decision to go at McCain rather than ride a higher horse left McCain with a colossal opening, and he took it last night. His speech was the most non-partisan address I think any of us has ever heard at a political convention, and it was explicitly directed toward the people who were seeing him for the first time. He told anew the story of his captivity and his life of service, so they would know what kind of man he is outside of politics.”

  • slim shady

    McCain was the filthy dog who started rumors about Obama being a terrorist. LOL! McCain is too old and senile to do anything but parrott everything stupid bush did.

  • bella

    Lets not forget Palin is not the one running for president it is McCain.
    In my opinion, no one was even interested to talk about McCain until he picked Palin. It is all a ploy in my opinion to get a vote and pull at your heartstings. Really have some cute photo ops say you are like us a hockey mom, etc . . .blah blah blah. . . .they are need a reality check. The focus is on Palin and not on McCain. At least with Obama it was focus on Obama not his running mate. Palin is not running for president McCain is people, and he has done nothing to promote himself, but rather Palin’s so called cookie cut image of a typical family and hockey mom. If that is the case why not get a real hockey mom out there running for VP!!!
    Sorry OBAMA supporter 100 percent, we deserve a change not 72 year old and a hockey mom!
    Sorry if this p isses people off.

  • kris

    Oprah’s a b**ch

  • sheryl

    In front of McCain’s largest listening audience, after being interrupted by a Code Pink protester, McCain had a very good ad lib:

    “Americans want us to stop yelling at each other O.K”

    Ad libs are very revealing about someone’s true nature and this off the cuff moment, in very few words, showed a lot of Americans that McCain has a very non-partisan person and that’s how he would lead this country.

  • sheryl

    In front of McCain’s largest listening audience, after being interrupted by a Code Pink protester, McCain had a very good ad lib:

    “Americans want us to stop yelling at each other O.K”

    Ad libs are very revealing about someone’s true nature and this off the cuff moment, in very few words, showed a lot of Americans that McCain is a very non-partisan person and that’s how he would lead this country.

  • Who cares.

    Maybe Oprah doesn’t want to talk to her. I wouldn’t.
    It’s her show, not the nightly news.

  • sheryl

    The Democratic Party trying to connect McCain to Bush is getting old and lame.

    There is a new book coming out by Bob Woodward that during the discussion on the Iraq surge, McCain is quoted as saying abou the Bush Administration that it “all f**king spin with them”.

    Couple that with all of the instances McCain’ went against the GOP & Bush = a tired, untrue talking point.

  • Hmm

    Lola, what are you talking about? You have had a conservative in the White House for the last eight years. Republicans are absolutely batsh*t. You act like you are going to take over Washington. HELLO!! Your guy is in office now and he’s the one who screwed it up with McCain’s blessing. McCain didn’t want to pick Palin, he wanted to pick Lieberman. If he can’t stand up to the far right wack jobs in the party, how in the heck is going to fix anything. Highest unemployment rate in five years. Record foreclosures. Over 80,000 jobs lost last month. Sinking stock market. Record budget deficits. Over $10 billion spent in Iraq each month. Our military is overburdened and we have an administration that doesn’t support them. Who voted against the GI bill? McCain. We’ve lost our stature in the world. This is the mess created by the Republicans and this is what we are fighting against.

  • LIA

    please….. not another bush.

    the whole world would be better off with OBAMA.

    the sarah palin drama was the only reason his rating were higher.


  • sheryl

    Also regarding the ratings. It should be noted that Obama had four extra networks showing his speech and not Palin’s (not sure about McCain).

    The four networks that showed Obama and not Sarah were: BET, TV One, Univision and Telemundo.

  • Hmm

    Why would Oprah have a woman on her show who thinks that victims of rape and incest should bear the children of rapists? Oprah was a victim of rape as a child and she must find Palin a scary proposition. And Jared, you have proven that you are not biased, so perhaps now you can avoid politics and post about celebs.

  • alh

    Oprah has said years ago she would not do a show on politics or race relations. She has not had Barack on her show since he announced his run for the presidency. Yes, she has gone to rallies but she has not had him on her show. She has not had Hillary or McCain on there so why would she ask Palin to be on her show especially when she is not running for president. What you think Oprah owe it to her because she is a woman???? Please the Republicans are trying to make noise about a no name woman and trying to push her on the American public. Well if she is all that along with McCain then let the polls speak on Nov. 4, otherwise drop it.

    This is why it is called the “OPRAH” show and she owns it and therefore she can do and have who the hell she want on her show. If she wanted to parade Barack on her show daily that is her right. She is the owner of the show.

  • LIA

    completely agree with ‘alh’ ….couldn’t have said it better.

  • Anon

    It’s nice to know that the American people are paying attention, but hopefully they will investigate the positions of the candidates and not vote based on whether someone is a hockey mom or a POW. It’s funny that last week all the Republicans could talk about was celebrity and rhetoric, yet this week they have described Sarah Palin as a rock star and praised her ability to give a speech. Pot meet kettle. Methinks that when moderate Americans realize how radical her positions are, they will not be as enthusiastid. Do your research people.

  • the real tita

    #6: Yes, they did but in the end what they saw was the big difference between the two presidential candidates. They saw how one loves his country that much. He won a lot more hearts than anyone had expected.

    While the Dems are saying people should unite for their party, the Repubs are saying let’s unite for the country. That resonated more with the viewers.

    And the more libs continue to trash Sarah Palin, the more people rally to her side for support. Look at the reports…even the foreign press loves her! She’s more famous than Obama now abroad. (Isn’t that what you guys keep harping on? Nobody likes us outside of the US? Now they are saying why couldn’t they have their own Sarah! LOL!)

  • sheryl

    The Do Nothing Democrat Congress and an Obama White House would be a disaster in the making.

    The Democratic Congress has an approval rating in the single digits.

    Before the Democratic Congress took control in 2006 gas prices were around 2 dollars a galllon, since they’ve been in power it’s doubled and yet they do nothing!

    Obama & the Democratic Congress is a loser team.

  • Kristy

    He sucked , now I know I’m going for Obama, this old dude can only talk about himself in vietnan, He has nothing to offer this country, he is just like Bush or even worse.

  • sheryl

    I could care less who Oprah has on her show and I really don’t think McCain and Sarah do either.

  • wildflower509

    I’m a registered Democrat, have been all my life coming from working class people. I listened to speeches, and rhetoric throughout this campaign to date, with an open and unbiased mind, having always felt that i would vote the issues regardless of my party afilation. Now i am certain of the candidate who most speaks to my main issues; cost of fuel, remembering we are volunerable to terrorists attacks (9/11), economy and lack of jobs, health insurance and/or lower healthcare costs for all. This year i intend to vote for the Mavericks; the two who will buck party to “serve the people” and have done so through out their careers. This is one democrat who will vote Republican, mostly because i care about our nation Under God.

  • yay

    I heart Sarah Palin. McCain loves his country. Obama loves himself.

  • sheryl

    Wow, the lack of grace of the Obama supporters is really sad.

    Obama’s young supporters like Kristy show such a lack of class and ageism when they talk about McCain.

  • the real tita

    #23: I think you are mistaken…it was the Clinton machine that did that. They even circulated that picture of him in Muslim garb…did you see that one? McCain was the one that refused to go down that road. Do some research…I think he even fired somebody for emphasizing the middle name Hussein when he specifically ordered them to keep it clean and cause Obama didn’t want it brutted about.

  • sheryl

    Real tita’s is correct. The Clinton campaign fired the guy after it was revealed….I think his name was Mark Penn, not sure though.

    But the whole Muslim connection is from the primaries and the Clinton camp.

  • alh

    Um Sheryl you are doing nothing but spilling Republican made want it to be true lies! The price of gas was well above 2.50 in 2006 and reached almost $4 a gallon when Katrina hit. Since then we have not been below $3.25 a gallon. Now, as far as the Democrats being in Congress how much do you think can be done when you have a Republican president who vetos everything the Democrat’s have tried to get passed. The Republicans have been in control for 20 years and what have they done, absolutely nothing.

    Oh wait yes the Republicans have done something. We have are trillions of dollars in debt, we pretty much are owned by China & Saudi, they allow fraudalent loan packages to be sold to outside investors which therefore caused the mortgage crises, they allowed big oil Exxon/Mobile etc. to break in record profits off the back of the working class with no questions (but pretended to ask questions once the American people complained but it did no good), allowed big companies to take huge tax breaks but yet these companies shipped jobs overseas, took away or cut back on their workers medical insurance, as prices went up but cost lowered for corporate America they cut back on giving raises to the working class but the CEO’s always received multi-million dollar bonuses along with their 6-7 figure salaries and I won’t even go into the Iraq war and the recent promise from your Republican president of $1 billion dollars to Georgia. So, yes thank you for reminding me way more so I need to rally for Obama to many others why we do need real change! Anybody outside of a Republican is change.

  • yay

    That’s true. College kids are so fanatic about Obama and for all the wrong reasons (he looks cool in shades, isn’t he a snappy dresser? and Ben Afleck likes him!). It’s scary to think that there’s a possibility our next president could be chosen by a crowd still young enough to be on their parents’ health plans.

  • Orchid

    16 CZLF @ 09/05/2008 at 5:15 pm

    … I cannot believe in this day and age (and after something has clearly been decided… ROE v. WADE) that someone would question a woman’s choice/right to have an abortion!!
    Surely you know that there is always an opposite, you know, up and down, hot and cold, man and woman, life and death, etc.
    There is also always an opposing view. Those for gun control, those against, those who are pro-life and those who are pro-choice, etc.
    You can argue forever, and not agree. Both sides think the opponents are bad. Palin is pro-life. That doesn’t make her bad, but she is also no saint. She is just pro-life.

  • sheryl

    In fact, when some speaker at a McCain rally used Barack’s middle name McCain denounced the man and said he is not welcome in his campaign.

    McCain wants nothing to do with this stupid slur and do most Republicans. Why?

    Because they know it’s stupid lie. They know Barack Obama is a Christian.

  • Orchid

    15 Grace @ 09/05/2008 at 5:14 pm

    40 million saw Sarah Palin. Oprah is afraid of Palin. Oprah has always said that women can accomplish anything they want in life. Sarah Palin accomplished something huge and Oprah refuses to interview her. Oprah is a hyprocrite.
    Obviously Oprah isn’t sure what to do. She backs BHO but at the same time she knows that women would like to know more about Sarah Palin, so she solves it by saying …after the election.
    Actually, I think women would welcome it if she interviews SP before the election, but hey, it’s her show.