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Katie Holmes is a Ballet Babe

Katie Holmes is a Ballet Babe

Katie Holmes walks out a pretty pair of ballet flats as she heads into Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City on Friday morning. For more than a month, the 29-year-old actress has been rehearsing daily for her Broadway debut in the revival of Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons.

Eli Stone star Matt Letscher recently told People about Katie’s upcoming cameo in the hit ABC drama.

“She does a song-and-dance number that is the best one we’ve ever done,” Matt says. “We’ve done tons of [musical numbers], and she was just phenomenal. She’s the sweetest person in the world, down to earth, simple. She’s just like anybody else. I met her daughter and her husband was on set. It was great.

When asked if she’ll return for more episodes, he said, “They’ve left it open. I think she had a great time, which made it easier. Everyone was welcoming and it couldn’t have worked out better.”

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  • bb

    The shoes aren’t new. She’s worn them many times before. I love how Jared always pretends that her shoes are new just so he can have something to write about. lol

  • linda

    what happened to the old katie omg her new style is sooo boring! but still she’s pretty :(

  • michelle

    Ughhhh enough with Katie Holmes.

  • bet betty

    Just. Too. Many. Too. Much.

    The. Dull. Face.

  • e

    It is 86 degrees in NYC today. WHAT is she wearing?

  • andamentothat

    whats with the same comments in all her posts Jared? We know she was good in Eli Stone.. just because you have a new pic doesnt mean the praise has to be repeated.. we get it!

  • ouch

    I am pretty sure J Jared is not keeping tabs on how many and which shoes are new or not. LOL

    (rolls eyes)

    86 in NYC ?? I would want that scarf off of me! I used to live in New York (not NYC) and the mornings in the Fall are very cool…so, perhaps she is out in the am…or,,,,.maybe she is just being “stylish”. lol

  • Dancer

    Jared, what is with you? You are showing pictures of clothes she wore before and rehashing things you’ve written about before? Haven’t we all seen enough of this person?

  • ouch

    ummmmmm..i just noticed in two photos…she seems to have a little belly pouch and the naval outline shows a bit . ummmmm. lol

    oh maybe its just a button

  • Dancer

    However, she does look like she has a bit of a tummy on her in pictures 5 and 7. Outfit is worse than a resale shop bargain. Jacket is okay, but the rest is pretty awful.

  • abby

    I love her new style. But New York is hella hot for that.

    BTW, does she look knocked up to anyone else?

  • missy

    Adorable as usual

  • 911

    Thanks JJ keep it coming!!!

  • lololol

    So freaking hilarious the ones that dont like Holmes are the ones everpresent posting and watching her pics daily. They say Tomkats are freaky but look who’s talking.


    I’m bored seeing her on here everyday…do you just know the time and place she’s going to appear everyday and then take her picture everytime around…boring!!!

  • me

    Let her wear what she wants and it does get cold in New York and other U.S. cities even in this summertime.

    Only God controls the weather not even experts can.

  • live

    Pretty woman and cant wait to see Cruise soon.

  • mya

    LOL I knew that someone will talk about the belly button!

    For the rest, it’s sooo boring. She’s not the one who drive the car and the window’s car are tinted. So why the sunglasses, if she just have to cross the boardwalk?

  • tess

    Jared has a contract with Katie Holmes’ publicist to post X number of posts of her within a certain period of time. if he doesn’t do it he won’t get paid. he has the same arrangement with other celebrities.

  • ?

    Sweethearted lady and gorgy to the maX

  • anon

    Eiwww, that girl has a hideous belly button, like a troll doll.

  • manette

    She resembles Jackie O so much and its good through Katie and a few others old Hollywood glory is coming back.

    Thanks for the People link Jared.

  • anonymous

    naturally lovely

  • Wendy Lou

    She has a huge ‘outie’ belly button. Got nothing to do with a baby bump. It’s always there protruding.

  • Osama contract with jared?

    does osama have a contract with jared too? is that why Palin and her beautiful family were so exposed and trashed here?

    if not, why aren’t osama ‘s and biden’s personal lives also exposed by jared? there are lots of skeletons in the closet we’d like to hear about.

  • raquel

    What is she wearing? You can see her belly button sticking out? Horrible get up. It’s in the 90s in New York and she’s wearing all that?


  • KrissyKitty

    Oh dear God! Save us all, she has been sperminated again. She is going to have another ALIEN baby, an alien baby that dresses as horrible as her. We are in trouble! lol

  • ha ha

    Tom makes her wear those so he can appear just as tall as her. Why are their so many stories on what she wears? To take away from the fact that she can’t act?

  • Mary Su

    All seem normal except for her dress. Is she dressing for the Fall? She is like a department store, going strictly by the calendar? I have not found a second woman dressing like that in NYC. Poor lady.

  • hi

    Please , can’t nobody see the way she walks???? I am sorry I can’t help it! It makes me ill!!!

  • Dancer

    #22 MANETT:
    Jackie-O wouldn’t have been caught dead in this cheap looking outfit that Katie has on. Jackie-O wouldn’t have showcased her large thighs and calves in leggings. Jackie O would have looked in a mirror and realized the top didn’t flatter her hips. Look back at pictures of Jackie-O and it should become apparent quickly that she never would have gone out looking so trashed.

  • Dancer

    Well, your reasoning is a bit skewed. Yes I cannot stand this family and feel like letting you all know. BUT I don’t post because I’m expecting loons like you to change your opinion. And I’m sure with the next sentence I speak for many anti-Holmes-Cruise dislikers–we LOVE Jared and check him out several times a day. We support Jared even tho he is overdosing us on the Katie fashion freak show. Every post, every click for him makes his column more attractive to advertisers, the media and the public. We not only post on threads we like, but threads we don’t.
    And yes, maybe we should all be more mature about things, but there is just something about TomKat that makes me want to blow chunks. He is just weird and she looks like a stepford wife. I’ve never cared for him, but since he has embraced scientology I’ve come to actively dislike what I know about him through his interviews and YouTube vids. Scientology is a really scary cult. It isn’t a religion and the fact that he is shoving this down people’s throats is beyond awful. If the cult didn’t harass, ostracize, hurt, deny medical treatment, etc. to their members and harass and physically sometimes hurt nonmembers who get to close to finding their secrets out–then I wouldn’t give a damn. So I figure what Tommy boy reaps, he sows. If he wants to hurt people thru his association with Scientology, then he is fair game for haters.

  • Max

    Go Katie, ignore haters and bigots!!!

  • sun

    must have shoes

  • the incredible Edward!

    Dancer @ 09/05/2008 at 2:34 pm #22 MANETT:
    Jackie-O wouldn’t have been caught dead in this cheap looking outfit that Katie has on. Jackie-O wouldn’t have showcased her large thighs and calves in leggings. Jackie O would have looked in a mirror and realized the top didn’t flatter her hips. Look back at pictures of Jackie-O and it should become apparent quickly that she never would have gone out looking so trashed.


    *Thumbs Up!*

  • Jean

    put on some lipstick and smile girlfriend. you are the one who wanted to be in this play! i still love her though.

  • isa

    BIG HUGE calves and ankles. holly smokey!!! Look at those big, huge, calves and ankles — whew! You can use it as a weapon.

  • Jackko

    Honestly, comparing her to Jackie O does warrant report abuse. But, I know you don’t really mean it so we’ll let it slide th is time.

  • Good victoria

    HEY DANCER !!!!! agreed, on the jacket, but I don’t even get the other clothes…..On some other site like there have been pictures of Katie that looks like she COULD be pregnant, BUT it is hard to tell with the style of her shirts………………I also AGREE with you on the posting of our comments, whether it is negative OR positive. That is why JUST JARED posts what he does….. I don’t believe in all the hate either, BUT you and I have always come to the term of AGREE TO DISAGREE over katie and Suri…………HEY, by the way have you caught up with the Malibu Mary drama????? Look back on the old posts of Katie ( rogier shoe site ) and ( Suri eyes wide shut ) site, and get back to me to THIS site…………. DALE….RESCUE59,,,,,,,MAV…. And some others have chimed in….. See ya!!!

  • Brutally Honest

    katie holmes should i pick on you today? but of course’
    KATIE YOU DINK! you got on grey n black and some funky lookin gramma shoes on woah dude!

  • Creature from Black Lagoon

    If you hate her so much, why do you repeatedly hang out her, #8? #14 is so right.

    Oh brother, #19.

    I’m sure Cruise can’t amke his wife do anything, #28. You can’t read minds so don’t pretend to do dso. Holmes wears heels and flats all the time with him.

    How can you tell how she walks via photos, #30?

    As if you’e so perfect, #37.

  • Claire

    I think she looks pregnant…

  • blue

    Beauty aside she is cool because she’s a wonderful person.

    Witnessing attacks on her,Tom,their kids,Jared and their fans its easy to see the bad guys from the good guys. Good things will come to them.

  • celia

    She’s soooo pregnant! I cant believe the media hasn’t picked up on it yet. Lol. they’re usually on top of their game as far as baby bumps go, but Katie is just slipping by.

    I love her shoes though. I bet they have a boy this time.

  • celia


  • Jackko

    She would have to back out of the play if she were pregnant. Think about it. If she’s pregnant and already showing now, she’d be ready to pop during the play’s run. But, she does look it, so I don’t know.

  • It’s PR Baby

    Beauty aside she is cool because she’s a wonderful person.

    Witnessing attacks on her,Tom,their kids,Jared and their fans its easy to see the bad guys from the good guys. Good things will come to them.


    How do you know she’s a wonderful person? Because you were told by her PR people? LOL!

    I worked with Katie on Dawson’s Creek for 3 seasons. I was crew, not cast. She was rude, arrogant, spoiled and not the least bit nice to anyone but a couple of cast members and the upper management. She thought she was better than everyone else, but the truth is not only is she NOT better, she’s much less of an actor than the other principals on the show and much less of a person. Her Mother was lovely tho. As for the other cast members, with the exception of JVB, they were lovely. JVB was almost as obnoxious as Katie, but not quite.

    Also, apparently anyone who’s tired of Katie or who isn’t a huge fan is a “bad person”? That’s not only sad, it’s delusional. In my experience, the “fans” (fanatics, I should say) are far more rude and nasty than any of the Katie critics. As an example, your comment is downright mean and personally attacks strangers. Critics on the other hand, are discussing a public figure. If you can’t figure out the difference, you’re not very smart.

  • Manhattan Babe

    The New York Times has a small article from one of their theater columnists today stating that ‘All My Sons’ is not selling tickets so it seems as if your constant pandering to her is not working, JJ! Lets be honest, NO ONE wants to see Katie Holmes on Broadway or anywhere else. I have my tickets for Equus. What about you?

    In addition, I’m a New Yorker who lives in the city. It was 80 degrees at 8AM when I walked to work. Katie is dressed completely inappropriately and that scarf is just ridiculous.

    I visit this site every day and I enjoy it, but I’m tired of all these posts on KH. It’s just silly. No other site is carrying them because she’s boring as hell. Please JJ…..enough! The only one’s who care about this are a few Katie fans who post over and over again! I understand that you post these pictures for the arguments that seem to occur each time you do, but really…’s annoying to your longtime fans and regular posters!

  • Mav

    “I’m sure Cruise can’t amke his wife do anything, #28. You can’t read minds so don’t pretend to do dso.”

    Again, this would be very good advice for you to take yourself.

    You don’t know the first thing about Katie Holmes. You have no access to any real information about her, as much as I’m sure that pains you. You have no kind of knowledge or credibility that would allow you to question or contradict anyone’s opinion.

    So you should probably stop trying to do that.

  • Carmine

    #41 Creature from the Black Lagoon/Dracula/Clinton

    I do believe you’ve finally hit on a name that suits you! LOL! You’re so rude and obnoxious that the term “creature” fits you quite well.

    As for Holmes, she looks ridiculous as usual. Blank, out of it, confused (apparently even about what season it is!) and not very interesting. I wouldn’t waste a penny to see Holmes in a film, let alone on Broadway. I do, however, feel sorry for the excellent John Lithgow and Dianne Weist for having the misfortune to be in a play with this uninspired actress.

    I’m another regular visitor, but I really am tiring of all these uninteresting posts Jared.