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Shia LaBeouf Shows Transformers Tongue

Shia LaBeouf Shows Transformers Tongue

Shia LaBeouf sticks out his tongue on the set of the upcoming blockbuster, Transformers 2 at Marina Del Rey, Calif. on Thursday.

Christy Carlson Romano, who costarred with LaBeouf in the Disney TV series Even Stevens, recently told People magazine, “I have his back!”

“He’s been through a lot, he’s had a hard life, and he grew up with some scars. But he’s a fighter,” said Christy. “I grew up with girls like Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Duff, and I can tell star quality when I see it. He’s got it!”

10+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf showing Transformers tongue…

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shia labeouf transformers tongue 01
shia labeouf transformers tongue 02
shia labeouf transformers tongue 03
shia labeouf transformers tongue 04
shia labeouf transformers tongue 05
shia labeouf transformers tongue 06
shia labeouf transformers tongue 07
shia labeouf transformers tongue 08
shia labeouf transformers tongue 09
shia labeouf transformers tongue 10

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  • Sami

    his hand looks a lot better… :)

  • Kristy

    He is NOT cute

  • r.

    Many, many women disagree with you, Kristy. =P

  • tia

    do you noe whats funny is this dude is actually like dirt ugly. like if he wasnt famous no1 girl would look twice about him. but theres something about him, I dont know if its his personality or the fact that he’s a great actor, but he is just so damn sexy!

  • Vicks

    wooo!!! he’s so gorgerous!! ;)

  • Meep

    I’ve liked this boy since he was on Disney, it’s exciting to see how far he’s come!

    Sure he may not be the best looking guy, but something about his acting makes him really cute and likeable!

  • stepho

    kristy you need to slap yourself.
    shia is one of the most hottest guys in hollywood right now
    i cant wait to see transformers 2 and eagle eye. yay =]
    love you shia!

  • Ronnie

    He needs to stop smoking and drinking, because he is looking very rough.

  • Ashbury

    Kristy, I respect your opinion. Unfortunately, these chicken heads don’t.

  • jen

    his hair has improved so much. is the world too bright for shia, he’s like always squinting.

  • elay

    He is handsome in an unconventional way.

    Shia is sexy!

  • xtina

    where is megan

  • Helen

    Pug ugly

  • betty

    i can’t even explain my feeling abot him

    i guess he’s just an attractive guy and i can’t put my eye away from him when i was watching Transformers and Disturbia.

    can’t wait to watch Eagle Eye!!!!!

    Shia rocks ^^

  • Donna

    Omg, he looks so sexy there. I am excited about Eagle Eye and more things of his to come out.

  • becca

    he’s HOT!
    i’m glad he’s better!

  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    In response to the debate over Shia’s looks, let me add my two cents. Personally, I love Shia and I think he is very cute, but he also has sex appeal. Being sexy and being great looking don’t always go together and Shia is a perfect example. Though there are lots of actors better looking than Shia, there aren’t many who are sexier. I love Shia!!

  • r&b


  • ilovebadboys

    I love him sooo much.

  • rhonda

    So hoooooooooooooooooot

    More shia LESS zac

  • O.M.G.


  • Nikkita

    lanolin…like sheeps wool not only has a FABULOUS screen name but is completely right! Shia is not dirt ugly as someone put it, he’s an average looking guy. But it’s the way that he carry’s himself that makes us ladies go crazy. He’s not a pretty boy who u will have to fight to get to the mirror in the morning. And he’s not a sensitive guy who wants you to hold him when he cry’s. He’s an average guy with a hint of edge i.e. he’s low maintance and he might flip out and kick someone’s ass if he’s in a bad mood. If you don’t see that it’s because you’re one of two things: 1) an average guy with no edge and you think Shia is the same as you and don’t know why the ladies love him (bc you don’t understand the power of edge). You can recognize yourself bc you have probably called him a “douche bag” once or twice or 2) a 15 year old girl that thinks that spinning in circles with Zac Efron as he sings to you is the best thing in life.

    My advice to you ladies, age 7-8 years, realize that Efron will end up being gay or a womanizer, and learn that you don’t want to pick a man that you have to fight for. Then come back and get on the Labeouf train! It’s oh so sweet and safe here!

    Sadly I have no advice for the men. You probably all grew up in suburbs and have no reason to have edge. And you can’t fake it. You can fake swagger but you can’t fake grit! Pretty Hollywood boys, pimps, and posers have swagger. Boys that grow up in bad neighborhoods and provide for their family at age 12 ,like Shia, have grit. No matter how goofy he acts on screen or off it’s there, under it all and women tone it to that like men to DD’s!

  • Nikkita

    Shia reminds me of Seabiscuit. He may not be the biggest horse in the stable but he’s got spirit. He could probably win any fight not on strength but on sheer force of will. The other guy will tire before him and then he’s the victory. Woman eat that sh*t up!

  • Zanessa-love4life

    He looks good, and so does his hand :)
    Cant wait to see the movie!!

  • scottdavis0676

    He would have to be a great actor to make it in Hollywood with that fug mug of his! I’ve never seen him in action, not that I think I would be missing much, but he would have to be a reputable actor to make it for any length of time. He is definitely not pretty and can’t depend on just his smile, so the boy must have talent, so that engenders respect on my end. That may seem like a backhanded compliment, but penup boy he will never be!

  • Nikkita

    Scottdavis0676- He IS a great actor and please refer to my advice in comment #22 because calling an average looking person “fug mug” is the same as calling him a douche bag. It’s ok scott… you will get girls someday too!

  • alkimi

    maybe not

  • Tab

    You know, I soo agree with Nikkita on comment #22, he’s not that good-looking, but he has an edge that makes him have that sex appeal!!

  • Justine

    His mannerisms, his speaking voice, his self-deprecating sense of humor, all serve to make him, an average looking dude, very appealing to women. I love a guy who isn’t all that handsome who comes off as sexy as he does. He is adorable and many women agree.

  • georgiapeach

    It’s so weird how everyone notices that about shia; I thought it was just me for a while! He’s kinda like Idris Elba to me…not conventionally cute but something about them is maadd sexy. Shia is sexy and I don’t quite know why. I think #22 probably hit it on the head. I’d dig a guy like Shia over any standard hollywood cutie any day of the week.

  • Venicenewyork

    Yeah, I’ve definately noticed his own brand of sex appeal which, despite his past, seems to come from within. It’s a kind of off-centered centeredness. I still think he needs to branch out from the entertainment business and become a Rabbi. Rabbi Labeouf. He could still work in the entertainment business but would have an outside source to draw from, for his centeredness and ultimately, a quirkier and broader sex appeal, ironically.

  • shiaisperfect

    you know i agree with only the ppl that think he’s sexy becAUSE he is..but im sick and tired of some calling him names..i mean i know that just beacuse you wish you were him and you dont have girls after you like him…doesnt mean you need to talk s**t!!!!!!!!!! he’s the hottest most talented and perfect guy in the entertainment buisness and he deserves every right to be where he’s at and it really kills me when bad things keep happening too him beacuse he doesnt deserve anything like that especially the car accident! i cried for a week when that happened! lol but anywayz shia will always be perfect to me even if he looses his hair or becomes crippled…he’s just that one guy ive always seen as my type:]<3 i love him and im always going to love the heck out of him forever

  • shibre

    shia = pure sexyness.


  • http://kim kim

    this guy gay i seen him with othe guy kissing

  • Sherry!

    I totally agree wit Nikkita! He just is sexi he has tht edge and tht cooleness. I like his personality too he’s not just another hollywood holehead, and he makes me laugh which is essential! He jus drives me craaaaaaaaaazy! P.s. his voice is the sexiest thing on the planet I don’t know why but his voice drives me crazy, I just love it!