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Tom Cruise is a Monster

Tom Cruise is a Monster

Tom Cruise will produce and may star in the serial-killer thriller The Monster of Florence, reports Variety.

The film is about eight grisly double homicides believed to have been committed single-handedly between 1968 and 1985 in and around the Italian Renaissance gem.

The script will be penned by Chris McQuarrie, who also wrote the screenplay for Valkyrie (Cruise‘s next big film opening Dec. 26). If the 46-year-old actor likes what he reads again, he’ll star in Monster.

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101 Responses to “Tom Cruise is a Monster”

  1. 1
    sinna Says:

    This man has the scariest smile i’ve ever seen

  2. 2
    t. Says:

    Interesting choice. He gets a bad rap because he’s a nut job off screen but the guy is actually a really good actor.

  3. 3
    dido Says:

    he is a wonderful actor and escpecially for villain roles he is the perfect choice

  4. 4
    SASHA Says:


  5. 5
    GO TOM Says:

    i love him whatever he does im interested

  6. 6
    kizzyisakunt Says:


    I’ve had enough of certain bullies thinking they can get away with whatever they want. Therefore, I’m going to share this with you. One of the trolls from dlisted who mercilessly attacked you in Angelina threads is:

    Kimberley Sallenger (

    The poor, sweet victim was “driven away” from dlisted after too many attacks on posters there. You can’t address her there, but you can certainly email her & tell her what you think. Please do.

  7. 7
    this is a joke, right? Says:

    When will this arrogant, egomaniac realize that he cannot act? Oh, that’s right..he won’t because he’s been brainwashed.

    Why is it that he thinks he is the best choice to act in every movie he produces, etc.? Stick a fork in him…maybe it’ll make him realized he’s “done” and maybe it will deflate his ego.

    Wish he and his beard would sign up to be “experiments” on the international space station!!!!

  8. 8
    perfect part for a nutcase Says:

    Hey, finally some good casting for Tiny Tom…..

    One problem….everybody knows he’s a nutcase. He’d be playing himself.

  9. 9
    me Says:

    #6 – You need to QUIT posting other people’s personal information on this site. Chicken sh*t, why don’t you publish your email and name?

    Grow Up (or stay off the Internet)!!!

  10. 10
    Ivana Says:

    Tom Cruise is a Monster..
    Jared we know…. :-)

  11. 11
    No Tom cruise for me Says:

    Not a penny of my hard earned money to see this nut. Sorry.

  12. 12
    gross Says:

    he’s gross

  13. 13
    Dani Says:

    This is a great book and Tom Cruise will ruin the movie if casted in it. Just like he did with Interview with the Vampire. Douglas Preston if you have any say in the casting of your book’s leads SAY NO!

  14. 14
    LuckyKat Says:

    I am looking forward to seeing this movie! He is a great actor. Don’t really care what his religion or politics are just as I am sure he doesn’t really care about mine … or your’s. He hasn’t killed anybody .. has he? He hasn’t hurt anyone .. has he? He’s not a drunk, a drug-user … or any type of abuser … is he? Don’t hear about his other children driving drunk, abusing drugs, sleeping around. He always delivers when performing so I don’t feel I wasted my money in watching his movies. That should be the bottom-line. I am not invested in his life … just what he brings to my entertainment dollar. So far, he hasn’t disappointed me … except (in my humble opinion) for “Eyes Wide Shut” … didn’t understand that movie at all.

    By the way … isn’t America suppose to stand for “freedom” for all people? Forgive me if I am misinformed as I am not American … it’s just what I have always been led to believe and most of the Americans I have had the pleasure of associating with … reinforced that belief.

  15. 15
    raquel Says:

    LuckyKat: Yes, we can speak our minds in America, and I respect your opinions. I only have one thing to say though. He does NOT follow a religion — he follows a ‘CULT’. A ‘CULT’ that is being investigated for deaths due to their practices of keeping those inside the flock. People who leave are harassed and threatened if they speak out against the ‘CULT’.

  16. 16
    Annie Says:

    I wouldn’t give one nickel of my hard earned money to see this cult freak in anything.

    He donates huge sums of money to an organization that kills people, takes away their human rights, steals their money and attacks anyone they don’t agree with.

    He’s a monster in the real world.

  17. 17
    Lo Says:

    #14 –

    As far as anyone knows, no, TC hasn’t killed or abused anyone. But the “religion” he supports and promotes sure has. If he were to quietly go about being a Scientologist, then most people probably wouldn’t care. But he chose to become a loud, rabid mouthpiece for an organization that many people fear and loathe, so he has to accept that some people are going to try to tear him down. He made his bed. He has to lie in it now.

    And yes, America is about freedom. On that I can only agree with you. Scientology, however, does not. They routinely try, and in many cases succeed in, silencing their critics and covering up the truth about their illegal and unethical practices.

    If you want to enjoy TC’s movies regardless of his personal actions and beliefs, go right ahead. That is perfectly acceptable, and is your right. But there are many who feel that his association with a cult is worthy of scorn and criticism. Just because his kids don’t drive drunk or use drugs (that we know of) doesn’t mean that his ridiculous behavior over the last few years is off-limits.

  18. 18
    raquel Says:

    Lo: OMG! You hit it out of the ball park!! Great response!!

  19. 19
    LuckyKat Says:

    I respect your opinion, too. I cannot comment with any authority on something I personally have not fully investigated. However, I also will not accept any opinion expressed or a story told/sold/planted in a “tabloid” about anything either. Unfortunately, they (the tabloids) have been getting away with writing lies about any/every/body/thing because, let’s face it, lies sell. It’s very sad commentary on our so-called civilized society that people are so willing to blindly accept this stuff as “truth”. It’s not even entertaining. People emotionally attach themselves to this “stuff” and make it their own truth.

    As far as the “cult” thing goes, I can only observe that he appears to have a solid family life. His relationships are relatively long-term (even his exe’s have not had anything bad to say about him). Other “cult members” also appear to be solid in their lives, too. I have no interest, myself, in the “cult” or any other organized (or even unorganized) religion .. I can see/hear God all around me and he/she is a very loving presence in my life. However, I respect any other person’s right to believe as it suits them. Each of us will come to God (or whatever name that Presence resonates with you) in our own time and in our own way.

    So, yes, I will see his movies or any movies … that interest me regardless of who is in it. I will only be disappointed if I did not get the value of my ticket price.

  20. 20
    No Tom cruise for me Says:

    Ignorance is bliss.

  21. 21
    LuckyKat Says:

    I’ll take your word for it.

  22. 22
    andrea Says:

    Im there

  23. 23
    rain Says:

    I like the writer and I like Cruise the actor….

  24. 24
    yeah Says:

    So which ones are official? the chef comedy? another comedy with Ben Stiller? Sleeper comic book from Warner Bros.?
    Dreamworks also wants him for Shrek so which ones are fact and fiction?

  25. 25
    gina Says:

    He rocks in Tropic Thunder which puzzles me why he’s still snobbed by the Academy along with many incredible actors!

  26. 26
    Mav Says:

    The photo accompanying this blurb is hideously hilarious. Excellent work.

    “I cannot comment with any authority on something I personally have not fully investigated.”

    You know who did investigate? The Federal Bureau of Investigation. For some reason they seemed to think the reinforcement of America’s freedoms might somehow compromised by the organization’s illegal and unethical activity, but I’m sure that’s just another tabloid rumor.

  27. 27
    Lauren Says:

    Tom Cruise is so over. He can put out press release about anything he wants. No one is going to go see his movies. The only reason Tropic Thunder did well is because of the other actors.

    When you shove your insane beliefs down everyone’s throat, insult women by saying that PPD doesn’t exist, call an entire medical science (Psychiatry, Psychology and Social Work) a “Nazi science” on nationwaide television, donate millions to a cult that murders people, goes after anyone who disagrees with them and makes children work instead of going to school, and tell everyone that if they don’t like your religion, “well f**k you”, you deserve to be OVER and Tom is.

    Lions for Lambs TANKED. Valkyrie will too and so will every other movie Tom does. Good. I know I won’t ever see another film with him in it.

  28. 28
    Krissy Says:

    Lucky Kat #19

    I respect your belief in God.

    Did you know that Scientologists do not believe in God once they have passed OT III? L. Ron Hubbard taught that Jesus Christ was an implant used to control the masses in OT III. Then in OT VIII, he teaches that Jesus was a pedophile. Isn’t that lovely? I know this because I’ve read the text myself.

    I encourage you to do a little research into Scientology and find out why so many people are against it. Please read the survivor’s stories. There are thousands. Please read the court cases and information on the FBI investigations. A good place to start is

  29. 29
    bianca Says:

    Bring on Valkyrie

  30. 30
    ..... Says:

    Lions for Lambs is the only anti war film that didnt tanked:

    production budget = 35 million

    Lions for Lambs total gross = 67 million

  31. 31
    LuckyKat Says:

    Thank you, Krissy. I am neither for or against any cult or religion, including Scientology. However, I am completely “for” any person’s right to their own beliefs. If the FBI is investigating Scientology and they find grounds to prosecute (or whatever they do), then that will be good enough for me and I am sure we will all hear about it from reliable news sources … not tabloids or blogs. Until then, I am neither for or against it.

    Truly people, believe what you want. I have no issues with any of your beliefs. But I don’t have any issues with Tom Cruise either and I will go see his movies if they appeal to me. To me, he is just a great actor.

  32. 32
    new fan Says:

    Versatile actor and the more this bashing gets the more people will get behind him.

  33. 33
    LuckyKat Says:

    Last comment … promise! I need to get back to work!

    My husband and I saw Tropic Thunder last weekend (I didn’t really want to see it as it the previews looked kinda silly but my husband insisted). I have to tell you that we laughed all the way through it, as did the rest of the audience (theatre was packed). Our favourite character was played by Tom Cruise. We didn’t even know he was in the movie. We do not think it would have been so funny if somebody else had played that part. He was brilliant. Absolutely hillarious. But then … he is a really good actor.

    Peace to all!

  34. 34
    anon Says:

    $cientology is a business
    that operates as a cult
    pretending to be a religion.


  35. 35
    To LuckyKat Says:

    If the FBI is investigating Scientology and they find grounds to prosecute (or whatever they do), then that will be good enough for me


    They already did investigate.

    An FBI raid on Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, FL uncovered documents that referred to their secret operation to take over Clearwater as “Project Normandy” as well as plans to infiltrate numerous federal and state government offices. The investigation resulted in several top leaders of the church going to prison.

    See what just a tiny bit of research can uncover? The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  36. 36
    anon Says:

    For those of you who are legitimate Tom Cruise fans and cannot understand why so many people question his motives. Please take the time to do a little due diligence on the cult of $cientology and what it stands for.

    I ask this because then you may really understand why so many of us are disgusted with his convenient ignorance and denial on what he represents as the mouthpiece for $cientology.

    There are thousands of ex members who are now finding the courage to speak out about what they experienced in this cult.
    Read some first hand experiences. You will be shocked at what Tom Cruise really believes in and defends.

    To call this a religion is a injustice of the highest kind.
    Scientology is not a religion. We need to stop calling it that.
    At it’s very BEST – it’s a corporation that sells self-help books and courses ( think hard selling Amyway for the mind ).

    Scientology is nothing but a sham – a money-making venture masking itself in religious clothing to avoid prosecution, and doing quite well at it, I might add – thanks to their secret deal with the IRS that gives them preferential treatment over any other religion in the US.

    Tom is trying hard to redeem his public image. He is attempting to whitewash his past antics, but seriously most people know where Tom Cruise is coming from these days.

    But don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself.
    Just google, scientology, scientology + abuse, scientology + hubbard, scientology + scam, scientology + tax exemption.
    Or go here for a comprehensive overview: lermanet(dot)com

  37. 37
    anon Says:


    To ignore injustice is cowardly, and apathy only contributes to the problem.

  38. 38
    ha ha Says:

    He is such a tool. He can’t even speak with a German accent in his new film. He needs to give it up already.

  39. 39
    tom is bats Says:

    It is scary that Tom and the rest of the cult actually believe the science fiction writings of ron l hubbard. For those of you sticking up for Tom and the “church” do your research. You will be shocked at what you find out.

  40. 40
    lucy Says:

    Is it wrong that I want to see Valkyrie just because I’ve heard how ridiculous his attempt at a German accent is? They say he might get more unintentional laughs in this than his comic cameo in Tropic Thunder!

  41. 41
    Dancer Says:

    Well, I read the book Monster of Florence and don’t see Tom Cruise in the lead at all. He lacks the depth that is needed for the role to really take off. Not to mention he never seems to get in character anymore…he just plays various phases of Tom Cruise.
    And to be honest I’d like to see the book made into a movie, but until Tommy boy gets out of the cult of Scientology, I will never pay another dime to watch his movies, Katie’s plays etc. And that includes other scientology actors/actresses. I won’t support this cult. My own opinion.

  42. 42
    moya Says:

    Actually Cruise is a Govt. Agent the Scientology stuff is just coverup to distract the public and media. God bless TC! He’s like the modern John Wayne so all American so loyal and worked for the Govt. secretly.

  43. 43
    iron chef Says:

    Im confident this man will receive an Academy award….

  44. 44
    peacekeeper Says:

    Pls respect all religions and beliefs and do not judge. Passing cheap juvenile comments only degrade yourselves,your family and the belief and teaching you hold true.

    How can others see you as real and true when you have no love and respect for others?

  45. 45
    defap Says:

    I think the haters are actually promoting Scientology, besides his lovely family.

  46. 46
    Bon Says:

    And I think you’re all one person. LMAO……

  47. 47
    raquel Says:

    Peacekeeper. You sound like a wonderful person, but some of us are not making fun of Tom’s religion because it’s NOT a religion. It’s a ‘CULT’.

  48. 48
    Good victoria Says:

    It is hard to comment on Tom anymore, without knowing what is going on…… DANCER, I read that book also, and was so intriqued by it….BUT, you know me and the Cruises, especially only Katie and Suri,…I do NOT see Tom as the lead role.. AGREED… I had pictured another actor doing the lead act…. Maybe Brad Pitt…? Ben Affleck? Tom does NOT FIT that character in the book…….. Besides, I thought he just signed up to do another fim recently……..A comic book type film…Am I wrong here ?

  49. 49
    raquel Says:

    Will Smith better watch it, because he’s falling into the ‘Cult’ trap and he’s gettig some major bad press as well. I would have gone to see Hancock in the movies but I was NOT going to spend my money on people like Tom or Will. It is such a shame, because I didn’t think Will was that weak minded.

  50. 50
    defap Says:

    Like I said the majority opinions don’t equal the right opinions. Accordingly, I don’t see the point to make up many names.

    Lackykat, I agree with you.

    I am sure most people are eager to seek out legal actions if they’re actually hurt unfairly. Isn’t Tom sued by some extras for 11 millions for his German partner’s fault? Since when all those victims keep silent and don’t sue for money and/or dignity? Fat chance. And if there are lawsuits against them, which cases can prove they are at fault? It looks like some anonymous are deliberate to spread defamation.

    Some outsiders are changing from indifferent neutrals, to defenders, to fans, which is what happens when people see a stranger get hurt for no reasons. Yes, everything we see contradicts what some anonymous say.

  51. 51
    Someone who knows Says:


    Its sad that you let your fandom of Cruise get in the way of what’s right. There are thousands of ex-members of Scientology who have spoken out about the horrors of this cult. They have nothing to do with Anonymous. Tom is being sued RIGHT NOW under the Rico statute for his involvement in Scientology. Do a little research. You’ll find it. The cult is under investigation by the FBI as well as many, many European countries who have declared it a dangerous cult. They are also a number of suits currently before the courts against Scientology. If you looked into the dangers of Scientology and what they do to people, you’d know that.

    If you want to be a fan of Cruise, that’s up to you, but PLEASE DON’T DEFEND SCIENTOLOGY unless you have done the research. If you had, you wouldn’t stick up for it. It’s quite disgusting.

    How do I know? I was born into Scientology and got out as a teenager. My life was a horror. I was made to work 12 hours a day rather than go to school. I was slapped and beaten regularly. I was denied medication for seizures, never saw my parents, and every single penny I earned was taken back by Scientology. When I got out, my family disconnected from me and Scientology’s investigative unit (the osa) stalked me, threatened me and made my life miserable.

    I am not Anonymous, but I am a critic. I do protest and I would like to get the word out about how dangerous the cult is and how many illegal things they do everyday. I know. I saw them with my own eyes.

    To you and all the other fans: Think about what you are saying. This is a serious situation that has ruined the lives of many people. Don’t be casual about it and don’t stick your head in the sand. Scientology is BAD and it’s only now that lawsuits are being filed and the truth about COS is coming out in the open.

  52. 52
    defap Says:

    Don’t worry. Reliable news sources also work their butts off to make money. I’m sure I’ll get my news immediately about Tom getting sued and a verdict of guilty of harassment, assault, fraud …anything of being an as hole, or even significant percent of scientologists getting such verdicts.

    Sure I won’t happy to see Tom found guilty of any crime. I like his movies.

    I also see some really bad “Christians”, but I don’t hate other Christians. Same goes to Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims and scientologists…

  53. 53
    magic Says:

    Tom is the main attraction of Tropic Thunder and the big asset why the movie is a hit….

  54. 54
    Someone who knows Says:

    My goodness. You’re a very cold person. Very, very cold. Maybe you are already a Scientologist. You talk like one.

    So if other religions are wrong, it’s OK for Scientology to be wrong as well? That’s a really twisted view of the world.

    Because you “like his movies” you are willing to accept the fact that he shills for and donates millions of dollars a year to a criminal organization. I think that’s pathetic. You have no conscious. Of course there are bad people in every religion, but the difference is that the scripture of other religions does not teach you to lie, steal, cheat, attack others, hate minorities and the handicapped and tear apart a family if they disagree with Scientology. Scientology scripture teaches all those things. Where in the bible or Koran are those teachings? That’s right. It’s not there.

    You’re a very sad person if you have no concern about those things. Sad and selfish. Thousands and thousands of people are suffering because of Scientology and what does Tom Cruise do? He gave them 5 million dollars last year (10 million the year before) to make sure they keep it up. Tom knows about these abuses, yet he allows it and supports it. Can I prove it……YES!! He is an OT VII and has learned about each of the abuses I mentioned, yet he stays IN.

    Thats not the kind of man I could admire. Again. Do your own research. Everything I am saying is TRUE.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting that just because you like a man’s acting. You should be ashamed of yourself for making light of my post and you should be ashamed of yourself for opening your mouth when you are NOT educated about a serious situation.

  55. 55
    defap Says:

    why don’t u sue, if what u said is true????? where is the verdict????? name calling reflects yourself. looks like a Liars.

  56. 56
    defap Says:

    I also can make up sensational stories myself.

  57. 57
    sarisue Says:

    Defap, you can’t even spell. I’d take a few English language and grammar courses before I moved up to telling stories if I were you. Just a helpful suggestion.

  58. 58
    defap Says:

    You were not me. I am OK with meself. Focus on your mission.

  59. 59
    defap Says:

    You hate Tom, then Katie, then Suri, the Will Smith and his wife, then their school, then their fans, all Scientologists, then maybe everyone who befriends with them, Wow busy, YOU should be focus on your mission and you hatred.

  60. 60
    defap Says:

    should I proofread? No, don’t care what you think of me.

  61. 61
    sarisue Says:

    “You were not me. I am OK with meself. ”


    I couldn’t make this stuff up, folks.

  62. 62
    Someone who knows Says:

    What’s obvious here is that we have an arrogant, ignorant, uncaring human being who is willing to call another a liar rather than do their own research and learn the truth. I have no reason to lie. You finally have an ex-Scientologist here telling you the facts and what to you do…..attack. Don’t want to believe me…..who cares. Do your own research. Google Scientology, read the positive and the negative and see for yourself. I’m sure you’ve never done that. Why? Because you’re a coward who is afraid that the truth will ruin your fantasy. How childish!!

    You might also want to learn reading comprehension skills, manners and how to spell before you open your ignorant mouth. You’re making a fool of yourself.

    For your information, de-whatever, I don’t “hate” anyone and never said I did. That’s your job. YOU hate. I don’t. I was abused and had my childhood taken away. I have a problem with a cult, their management and the people that promote it and donate large sums of money. If anything, knowing what I know, I feel sorry for many of the regular members of Scientology who can’t get out. I don’t pity Tom Cruise. He’s in the upper levels of CoS. He already knows what’s going on and still gives millions of dollars to them.

    You don’t care. I think that makes you an ostrich. Someone willing to stick your head in the sand and ignore injustice and hate, just so you can “love” an actor. That, my dear, is truly pathetic. Tell that to all the people who are harmed by Scientology everyday.

    You’ve just succeeded in making a giant **** of yourself by being ignorant, mean and nasty. You should join Scientology. You’d fit right in.

  63. 63
    Someone who knows Says:

    Read it and weep decrap. None of us are lying. This is what Scientology is. Not the fantasy you would like to believe.

  64. 64
    defap Says:

    love tom hate liars

  65. 65
    pink Says:

    Still the best actor out there, a good man and so handsome for his age.

  66. 66
    m Says:

    I lost my respect for Tom Cruise after watching the 48 hours mystery show about scientologists, he made a fool of himself there talking
    s h i t about psiquiatrists.
    He is mentally Fucked up, ignorant and unable to respect other ppl’s point of view and argue like a 5 yr old.

    Not to mention that his wife who used to be a cute actress now looks miserable and is forced to dress like a nun.

  67. 67
    Someone who knows Says:

    love tom hate liars


    So everyone is lying? The thousands of critics out there? The court cases? The FBI who is investigating Scientology? The governments such as Germany who have it on a “cult watch list”? L. Ron Hubbard’s own words? It’s all lies? All those things are happening. Ever heard about Operation Snow White? What about Lisa McPearson?

    Do you realize how SICK AND DELUSIONAL you sound? Not to mention angry, vicious and just plain MEAN? You’re a cruel, cruel person with no heart and no soul if you think that type of abuse is OK.

    You’re truly pathetic. If you can read those stories on and go to and NOT see how destructive and insane Scientology is, the only thing I can say is I feel very, very sorry for you.

    I hope at some point, you are able to get past your delusional fantasies, your cruelty and your anger. A fanatic like you is far meaner and far more cruel than any critic could ever be. I pity you.

  68. 68
    defap Says:

    Do u have any more ugly names to label others? Or reward your kind of people beautiful names?

    Some names are definitely bad. Like bigot, it only works if it is well backed up.
    Some names are controversial. Like “free spirit”

    Only give you one name: LIAR. Well backed up!

  69. 69
    Someone who knows Says:

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it? You are willing to call thousands of people, whole governments and US investigators liars? Um…..that sounds insane because it is insane.

    How were you able to back up the fact that I am a liar? Did you actually read the website I posted? You have nothing to prove your accusations. I have thousands of pages of court documents, stories from ex-members and the truth on my side. You have nothing.

    You’re making a fool of yourself. I have never seen someone so unkind.

  70. 70
    defap Says:

    any point to talk to a liar. no

  71. 71
    Someone who knows Says:

    LMAO @ defap!!!!!!!!!!!! “ignorance is bliss” comes to mind. Decide for yourself!

    For those who want to know, do a simple google search for Scientology. Be objective and learn what Scientology is.

    Read L. Ron Hubbard’s own words and see if you agree with them. Here’s a bit of what Hubbard teaches to get you started!

    “Rather than give psychotics such treatment it would be far kinder to kill
    them immediately and completely…”

    “ENEMY — SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”
    “A Suppressive Person or Group becomes fair game. By FAIR GAME is meant, may not be further protected by the codes and disciplines or the rights of a Scientologist.”

    “The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to: suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty … this Policy Letter extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends.”

    “A Venezuelan dictator once decided to stop leprosy. He saw that most lepers in his country were also beggars. By the simple expedient of collecting and destroying all the beggars in Venezuela an end was put to leprosy in that country.”

    “If a person cannot be processed then that person, and all others like him, are to be disposed of, “quietly and without sorrow.”

  72. 72
    Tammy Says:

    STOP DEFAP! You are just being mean! Calling somebody a liar doesnt make it so. It looks like all the information someone who knows gave you is scaring you so you dont want to read it!!!!! Either go to the sites or dont but STFU if u dont know anything about Scientology.

    If u want to like Tom thats your business but calling people who went thru hell liars is sick in the head.


  73. 73
    defap Says:

    don’t mind be cruel to crueler people.
    You think you cheap lies can move everyone? See some Hollywood movie where a charming cruel killer suffers, You cry. I Don’t.

  74. 74
    Tammy Says:

    Why is it cruel to tell the truth? Why are you so afraid to look at Scientology objectively?

    Instead, you would rather call thousands of people liars. That’s insane!!



    So you think that handicapped people should be put into institutions instead of treated?

    Do you think anyone who disagree’s with Scientology should be “disposed of quietly and without sorrow”?

    Do you think people who disagree with Scientology should be “tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”?

    Do you think anyone who tells their experiences in Scientology is a liar?

    Why won’t you answer any questions?


  75. 75
    Someone who knows Says:

    Forget it Tammy. It’s not worth the effort. defap is obviously a Scientologist, and not a very intelligent one at that.

    Intelligent people will look at the situation objectively and do the research.

  76. 76
    Tammy Says:

    Read and learn

  77. 77
    Debba Says:

    I’m not sure about defap being a Scientologist.

    I simply don’t believe she can read. At least not English. And maybe not quite “right” in the head, prone to delusion and rigid in her belief, no matter how unfounded, that anyone who might voice a negative opinion of Tom Cruise is a hateful liar.

    No, I don’t believe she is a Scientologist….

    …. but she’s obviously ripe for the picking! LOL. Hey, Clearwater, come and get her! We got a live one for you here!

  78. 78
    Anabel Says:

    Damn defap! You have a serious delusion goin’ on! LOL! I would like to know if you agree with that sh*t Hubbard said too. “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt” honey!! LMAO!

    I used to be a Tom fan, but after he started acting like a lunatic on national television, I realized that his whole image was a PR show until he fired his publicist and started using his sister. He was able to hide the crazy until then.

    Now I just think Tom Cruise is a loser.

  79. 79
    defap Says:

    Find Lawyers, cry to them, Prove your point in court, almost everyone fights in court for money and dignity Unless Liars who will definitely lose.
    Lies won’t work. Defamation is worse than me no crying on lies.

  80. 80
    Someone who knows Says:

    Prove your point in court

    We have fought in court and we are continuing to fight. RIGHT NOW Tom Cruise is being sued under the Rico statute in the US regarding his involvement in Scientology. Germany has dozens of cases going on, and dozens of cases have been heard and one in the US. Many people have sued and many more are coming forward to sue.

    MANY CRIMINAL CASES ARE GOING ON RIGHT NOW including an FBI investigation. Which part of that are you NOT understanding.

    If anyone want to read about the various court cases, go to Many are there to be read.

  81. 81
    Jo Says:

    Thanks for the links “someone”. I’ll be reading them carefully.

    I wonder why defap doesn’t answer the questions about whether she agree’s with Hubbard? It sure sounds like she does, but Debba may be right. Maybe she’s just really screwed up in the head.

    Anyone who agree’s with what Hubbard said is a bigot and a really bad person.

    Oh and defap… should learn the meaning of defamation. “someone” is providing links to real information and asking that everyone see for themselves. Thousands of people cannot be lying.

    Its kinda pathetic that you are so in love with Tom that you attack thousands of people without learning what Scientology is really about. You’re afraid to learn the truth about Tom and I guess I can understand that if you are completely hung up on somebody, but it’s not an excuse to go on and on and attack people.

  82. 82
    Mike Says:

    defap is F*CKED UP. He’s probably the same one who posts the “I love Tom and Katie” sh*t all over the place here. I dunno if he’s a scientologist but if not he’s one giant loser. lol

    defap get a life and a reality check or learn to read. If you had any brains you would shut up. You’re a moron! lol

  83. 83
    Christian Says:



    He’s a cult freak. You should just go away and hide now. You just made an idiot of yourself.

  84. 84
    Lydia Says:

    Dayum! Did y’all read that shiz over at!?!?!? Court papers, survivor stories, stuff from the founder of Scientology, all there different levels, how much scientology cost (half a million buckaroos). That’s one f’ed up cult!

    Some people like defap are gonna run from this shiz no matter what. They’re so up Cruise’s a** that they are scared to look at what he is involved in. Its brainwashing and sick shiz!

    Cruise ain’t all that. He acts the same in every movie and he’s in a cult. He’s not worth the money you pay to get in a movie. Plus his wife is some kinda robot. LMAO! After reading xenu, I feel sorry for his kids. They have no choice.

  85. 85
    defap Says:

    What?! Everyone who dares to challenge your accusations and your hatred against Tom has to suffer from NAME CALLING, INSULT and BEING TRAPPED IN ARGUMENTS? Anything else?

    Fight harder. I’ll know your “good news” if you can remove “the biggest Liar” from Hollywood.

  86. 86
    defap Says:

    By 1) name calling, 2) insult, 3) wasting his/her time through trapping him/her in arguments 4) more?, You try to silence all disagreements, all doubts about Un-proven allegations against Tom. No photo, no other proof, no nothing from RELIABLE sources. Wow, “brilliants Ideas”!!!

    All we can see is that the biggest “crime” that Tom has ever committed so far is couch jumping.

  87. 87
    To Someone who knows Says:

    So, you are bigot. We got it!!!
    So, you stink with Nazi minded propaganda. We got it!!!
    Instead of keeping hours your ass bloging here, get a live looser.

    BTW, all your nasty propaganda is nothing to do with Tom and Katie. They are Americans and have right to believe.!!!

  88. 88
    Debba Says:

    defap, what the h e ll are you even talking about? Do YOU even know? You haven’t provided one coherent or intelligent argument yet. You’re either ignoring the other posts or you simply don’t read very well.

    Unproven allegations? You’ve been provided link to investigations, criminal proceedings and court judgments against the organization Tom funds with all his money. If you think the FBI isn’t a reliable source then I’m really curious what is. LMAO…

  89. 89
    Debba Says:

    “get a live looser”

    I’m curious as to where one would get a “live looser”? And I wonder how much they go for?

  90. 90
    Lydia Says:

    BTW, all your nasty propaganda is nothing to do with Tom and Katie.

    The point you are conveniently missing is that Cruise is the one who spoke about how wonderful Scientology is and how “they are the only ones who can help” and that he hopes everyone else “ends up in the history books”. Tom called Psychiatry a “Nazi Science” He also donates millions of dollars to them, so EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS THREAD HAS TO DO WITH TOM. Are you going to deny the words that came directly from Tom’s mouth because it doesn’t fit your fantasy.

    “Someone” didn’t “trap you” into anything. You kept going on and on with ignorance while he provided FACTS with links to sites where they can be found plus his own experiences. Rather than read the information, you attacked him and you deserve what you got back in return.

    I see proof of everything “Someone” said on the internet. All you have to do is a simple search for Scientology where you will find court documents and investigation resports. All I see from you are unintelligable posts, ranting, raving and generally acting like a spoiled, ignorant child.

  91. 91
    Good victoria Says:

    LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL…,,,,,,,,,,,, ok, let me pick myself up off the floor and TRY to comprehend DEFAP……. and the saddest denial I have ever seen anyone try to ignore…… I’M probably one of the BIGGEST Katie and Suri fan’s around……Always have been…..AFTER watching some of these video’s ( THANKS, “”SOMEONE WHO KNOWS “”), AND OTHERS, how could anyone STILL try to defend Tom Cruise………..You guys need to go back to other Katie sites, and “”Suri eyes wide shut “”, and read what is going on with my friend, who has claimed to have met, an “”ex-minder”", who got out of the cult……… BUT, of course, DEFAP, might just say the same thing to me,,”"”" YOU ARE LYING HONEY CHILD”"”…….” DO NOT BELIEVE YOU AT ALL”"”.,,, WHICH IS FINE WITH ME………This story is way too odd and different to have been “made-up”"….. YES, I love Katie and Suri, BUT, I feel they are trapped and are helpless to to do anything about it……………The more I read about Scientology and watch the video’s the worse it gets…………….I NEVER knew anything about Clearwater, Florida, ( horrible), and I wonder how long these men ( or creatures ) will have to spend in prison………………WHAT has happened to Hubbard’s sons???? Could not find out anything on his children…..I heard that one of his sons, thought he was a looney-toon, and later took his own life……………People said he was really screwed up by his father when he died, for taking away his childhood and his friends………………….ANY TRUTH TO THAT ”SOMEONE WHO KNOWS”? AND to DEFAP, I have come around and changed my mind on Tom Cruise….AND I admit it to my friends here,,,,,,,DALE…..DANCER…..RESCUE59….MAV….and to THE CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON…………..Katie and Suri will be my favorites and the ones to keep posting on…..BUT, TOM is a different story…I have researched this online and read everyone’s comments for months, AND watched video’s after video’s…………………His family I believe is trapped in this, and I don’t think Katie knew the extent of his Scientology Worshipfulness, until it was too late……………..SURE, I’m aware that Katie was TOLD, about what to expect, BUT, she was in love with a “”handsome Top Gun movie star “”" ( her words )……She still had a poster of him on her bedroom door in her childhood home, she stated…………….. THAT is almost like a puppy-love, mushy thing, that really took her by surprise……AFFECTION by Tom Cruise, and he acting “”giddy and in love”" just for her……( her words )………………SHE NEVER SAW IT COMING…………….THE WHOLENESS OF SCIENTOLOGY, AND HOW IT TAKES OVER A PERSON’S LIFE…………………NOW, she is in and with his child…………………………..I feel sorry for her, and YES I do think ( from the last site ), that she is depressed……..Poor Katie and Suri !!!

  92. 92
    Lauren said: Says:

    “Lions for Lambs TANKED.”

    This movie tanked because it sucked, not because society has changed into a TC hating machine. Did you even watch it? Also, war/terrorism/9-11 movies have been doing horrible at the box office in recent years. Speilberg’s “Munich” bombed, even though it won oscars. Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center” was a huge bomb. Angelina Jolie’s “A Mighty Heart” did poorly.

    “IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH” (budget 23 million?) only made 6.7 million domestic (29 million overall) and I remember it to be a much, much better film.

    ‘STOP-LOSS’ this year did WORSE (10 million domestic + 1 million worldwide) with a 20 million dollar plus budget .I could go on, but I see you get the point.

    Lions for Lambs was a talky political, left leaning film about the Iraq War…it was destined to tank financially.

    Its BIGGEST failing and humiliation is that it failed to achieve any critical acclaim.

    Here is my argument: Tom Cruise’s weird behavior occurred in 2005. Specifically, the Matt Lauer interview and the Oprah incident. “War of the Worlds” came out directly after those events and made half a billion dollars. Moreover, unlike Lions for Lambs where TC has relatively little screentime, Tom Cruise is ALL OVER the War of the Worlds. He is in nearly every single scene. But hey, don’t let something like the facts get in the way of a good delusion!

    “Valkyrie will (tank) too and so will every other movie Tom does. ”

    People don’t seem very very interested in seeing WWII movies anymore……remember what happened to “Flags of our fathers” and “Letters from Iwo Jima”?

    Hopefully Valkyrie does well though…..

  93. 93
    sarisue Says:

    You fail to mention that Tom also produced Lions for Lambs, so, yeah, he kind of WAS all over it. It was the first movie out of his big new studio take-over and it tanked. Valkyrie is the second one out, and is surrounded by a lot of bad buzz and bad predictions. There are many movies with great Oscar buzz being released at that time and already being talked about. Valkyrie isn’t even on a “maybe” list.

    Tom produced AND starred in Lions for Lambs, so the success of that film falls more on his shoulders than anyone. (And for some very curious reason—though there is plenty of interesting speculation—Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, two legendary Hollywood icons, gracefully declined to make appearances at the premiere with him.)

    And the fact is, it’s been widely reported that many insiders believe War or the Worlds could have done better. It was a Speilberg big budget, special-effects laden film released in the summer months, so it was a no brainer that it would make money. But it fell short of expectations. Wonder why? Speilberg himself wasn’t too happy that Tom decided to use the film’s promotion to promote his religion instead. Don’t hold your breath waiting for those two to ever pair up again.

    Sorry, but just because you choose to spin the story in favor of Tom Cruise doesn’t make the other side of the argument “delusional”. You conveniently left out some facts.

  94. 94
    Lana Says:

    Lauren’s comments above are exact quotes of something said by someone called drwomb on IMDB. He is a Scientologist who has anything he doesn’t agree with on IMDB deleted. Think I’m lying? Go to IMDB and search drwomb. WE ARE TALKING EXACT QUOTES HERE.

    The Scientologists are out in force on these threads doing their best to attack anyone who has a problem with Cruise and spin the fact that Cruise is no longer respected as something positive. It ain’t happening people. Cruise is a laughingstock.

    Back in the day, Lions for Lambs would have done decent business just cause Cruise produced it and was in it. NOT ANYMORE. Those days are gone. People know that Cruise is crazy and are not interested in seeing him anymore. It took a couple of years to sink into the public, but Cruise is OVER and his robot wife never was.

    Valkyrie will tank because no one wants to see Cruise as a Nazi. His next films won’t do well either. I guarantee it.

  95. 95
    To lana Says:

    If you are bigot, it doesn’t mean that most people are. If you hate Tom it doesn’t most people are. Yes, people didn’t like Lions for Lambs but a lot of people like Tom in Tropic Thunder.
    You should realize that bigotry is disgusting and hate is destroying your soul.

  96. 96
    pathetic Says:

    wrong Lana, Lions for Lambs did well for an anti war movie. All anti war films are not accepted by Americans but so happens Lions did well. Look at the Ryan Phillippe movie,Rendition by Reese,Theron’s anti war film etc….all did badly.
    Get your facts straight

  97. 97
    God bless the USA Says:

    All antiwar movies dont succeed and its a given even the W movie by the liberal Hollywood against Bush by Oliver Stone will also flop.

    It has nothing to do with Cruise, have Matt Damon or even Pitt do some anti war film even Depp and America wont watch.

    Poor Maggie G.

  98. 98
    Ida Says:

    the monsters are the haters

  99. 99
    sienna Says:

    tom you are so hot!!!rock on!

  100. 100
    Joe American Says:

    I think the fact that Tom has a pilots license would be hard to top for pure terror.

  101. 101
    drwomb Says:

    “Lauren’s comments above are exact quotes of something said by someone called drwomb on IMDB. He is a Scientologist who has anything he doesn’t agree with on IMDB deleted. Think I’m lying? Go to IMDB and search drwomb. WE ARE TALKING EXACT QUOTES HERE. ”

    This is why anti-scienos fail at life.

    Just for fun, I thought I’d google my name “drwomb,” and this article is the first entry that pops up. And yeah, that girl Lauren did take my exact quotes (not that I care, copying is flattery). But I am no way, shape, or form a scientologist. I have also never marked a single post for deletion. I have never once endorsed that religion, nor would I ever want to. You see, anti-scienos live under this delusional paranoid belief that anyone who shares contrary views to them MUST be a scieno. in the lunatic anti-scieno brain, you either pro scieno or you are anti-scieno. It’s like McCarthyism or the Salem Witch Trials.

    This is the way it usually goes down: I’ll say something like, “anti-scienos need to tend to their own lives and stick their noses out of other people’s personal religious decisions.” Immediately, anti-scieos will fly off the handle and make ultra paranoid statements that I am some undercover scientologist operative sent to IMDB.COM to undermine their cause. This crap, REALLY HAPPENS. They think that IMDB.COM is some holy battlefield in the internet battle against scientology, and they are SO IMPORTANT that the church of scientology is going to send secret agents to infiltrate it. I’m serious. These delusional lunatics truly believe that crap.

    It gets worse. After they slap the “scieno” label on you for merely disagreeing with them, you try to explain to them that you don’t like scientology either. Then they say, “A-ha! That’s exactly what an undercover scieno operative would say.” Geez, how fair is that? If you criticize them, then you are a scieno. If you explain to them you aren’t a scieno, that does nothing but further their delusional beliefs that you are some scieno spy.

    In sum, if you disagree with an anti-scienos viewpoints, then it MUST mean you are a scieno. That’s like saying anyone who hates the red sox must be a yankees fan … or anyone that hates republicans loves democrats … or anyone that loves Pepsi must hate coke. They fail to understand the concept of the greater/lesser of two evils. Anti-scienos will always be a luantic, delusional, and uneducated minority.

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