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Tom Cruise is a Monster

Tom Cruise is a Monster

Tom Cruise will produce and may star in the serial-killer thriller The Monster of Florence, reports Variety.

The film is about eight grisly double homicides believed to have been committed single-handedly between 1968 and 1985 in and around the Italian Renaissance gem.

The script will be penned by Chris McQuarrie, who also wrote the screenplay for Valkyrie (Cruise‘s next big film opening Dec. 26). If the 46-year-old actor likes what he reads again, he’ll star in Monster.

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101 Responses to “Tom Cruise is a Monster”

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  1. 76
    Tammy Says:

    Read and learn

  2. 77
    Debba Says:

    I’m not sure about defap being a Scientologist.

    I simply don’t believe she can read. At least not English. And maybe not quite “right” in the head, prone to delusion and rigid in her belief, no matter how unfounded, that anyone who might voice a negative opinion of Tom Cruise is a hateful liar.

    No, I don’t believe she is a Scientologist….

    …. but she’s obviously ripe for the picking! LOL. Hey, Clearwater, come and get her! We got a live one for you here!

  3. 78
    Anabel Says:

    Damn defap! You have a serious delusion goin’ on! LOL! I would like to know if you agree with that sh*t Hubbard said too. “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt” honey!! LMAO!

    I used to be a Tom fan, but after he started acting like a lunatic on national television, I realized that his whole image was a PR show until he fired his publicist and started using his sister. He was able to hide the crazy until then.

    Now I just think Tom Cruise is a loser.

  4. 79
    defap Says:

    Find Lawyers, cry to them, Prove your point in court, almost everyone fights in court for money and dignity Unless Liars who will definitely lose.
    Lies won’t work. Defamation is worse than me no crying on lies.

  5. 80
    Someone who knows Says:

    Prove your point in court

    We have fought in court and we are continuing to fight. RIGHT NOW Tom Cruise is being sued under the Rico statute in the US regarding his involvement in Scientology. Germany has dozens of cases going on, and dozens of cases have been heard and one in the US. Many people have sued and many more are coming forward to sue.

    MANY CRIMINAL CASES ARE GOING ON RIGHT NOW including an FBI investigation. Which part of that are you NOT understanding.

    If anyone want to read about the various court cases, go to Many are there to be read.

  6. 81
    Jo Says:

    Thanks for the links “someone”. I’ll be reading them carefully.

    I wonder why defap doesn’t answer the questions about whether she agree’s with Hubbard? It sure sounds like she does, but Debba may be right. Maybe she’s just really screwed up in the head.

    Anyone who agree’s with what Hubbard said is a bigot and a really bad person.

    Oh and defap… should learn the meaning of defamation. “someone” is providing links to real information and asking that everyone see for themselves. Thousands of people cannot be lying.

    Its kinda pathetic that you are so in love with Tom that you attack thousands of people without learning what Scientology is really about. You’re afraid to learn the truth about Tom and I guess I can understand that if you are completely hung up on somebody, but it’s not an excuse to go on and on and attack people.

  7. 82
    Mike Says:

    defap is F*CKED UP. He’s probably the same one who posts the “I love Tom and Katie” sh*t all over the place here. I dunno if he’s a scientologist but if not he’s one giant loser. lol

    defap get a life and a reality check or learn to read. If you had any brains you would shut up. You’re a moron! lol

  8. 83
    Christian Says:



    He’s a cult freak. You should just go away and hide now. You just made an idiot of yourself.

  9. 84
    Lydia Says:

    Dayum! Did y’all read that shiz over at!?!?!? Court papers, survivor stories, stuff from the founder of Scientology, all there different levels, how much scientology cost (half a million buckaroos). That’s one f’ed up cult!

    Some people like defap are gonna run from this shiz no matter what. They’re so up Cruise’s a** that they are scared to look at what he is involved in. Its brainwashing and sick shiz!

    Cruise ain’t all that. He acts the same in every movie and he’s in a cult. He’s not worth the money you pay to get in a movie. Plus his wife is some kinda robot. LMAO! After reading xenu, I feel sorry for his kids. They have no choice.

  10. 85
    defap Says:

    What?! Everyone who dares to challenge your accusations and your hatred against Tom has to suffer from NAME CALLING, INSULT and BEING TRAPPED IN ARGUMENTS? Anything else?

    Fight harder. I’ll know your “good news” if you can remove “the biggest Liar” from Hollywood.

  11. 86
    defap Says:

    By 1) name calling, 2) insult, 3) wasting his/her time through trapping him/her in arguments 4) more?, You try to silence all disagreements, all doubts about Un-proven allegations against Tom. No photo, no other proof, no nothing from RELIABLE sources. Wow, “brilliants Ideas”!!!

    All we can see is that the biggest “crime” that Tom has ever committed so far is couch jumping.

  12. 87
    To Someone who knows Says:

    So, you are bigot. We got it!!!
    So, you stink with Nazi minded propaganda. We got it!!!
    Instead of keeping hours your ass bloging here, get a live looser.

    BTW, all your nasty propaganda is nothing to do with Tom and Katie. They are Americans and have right to believe.!!!

  13. 88
    Debba Says:

    defap, what the h e ll are you even talking about? Do YOU even know? You haven’t provided one coherent or intelligent argument yet. You’re either ignoring the other posts or you simply don’t read very well.

    Unproven allegations? You’ve been provided link to investigations, criminal proceedings and court judgments against the organization Tom funds with all his money. If you think the FBI isn’t a reliable source then I’m really curious what is. LMAO…

  14. 89
    Debba Says:

    “get a live looser”

    I’m curious as to where one would get a “live looser”? And I wonder how much they go for?

  15. 90
    Lydia Says:

    BTW, all your nasty propaganda is nothing to do with Tom and Katie.

    The point you are conveniently missing is that Cruise is the one who spoke about how wonderful Scientology is and how “they are the only ones who can help” and that he hopes everyone else “ends up in the history books”. Tom called Psychiatry a “Nazi Science” He also donates millions of dollars to them, so EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS THREAD HAS TO DO WITH TOM. Are you going to deny the words that came directly from Tom’s mouth because it doesn’t fit your fantasy.

    “Someone” didn’t “trap you” into anything. You kept going on and on with ignorance while he provided FACTS with links to sites where they can be found plus his own experiences. Rather than read the information, you attacked him and you deserve what you got back in return.

    I see proof of everything “Someone” said on the internet. All you have to do is a simple search for Scientology where you will find court documents and investigation resports. All I see from you are unintelligable posts, ranting, raving and generally acting like a spoiled, ignorant child.

  16. 91
    Good victoria Says:

    LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL…,,,,,,,,,,,, ok, let me pick myself up off the floor and TRY to comprehend DEFAP……. and the saddest denial I have ever seen anyone try to ignore…… I’M probably one of the BIGGEST Katie and Suri fan’s around……Always have been…..AFTER watching some of these video’s ( THANKS, “”SOMEONE WHO KNOWS “”), AND OTHERS, how could anyone STILL try to defend Tom Cruise………..You guys need to go back to other Katie sites, and “”Suri eyes wide shut “”, and read what is going on with my friend, who has claimed to have met, an “”ex-minder”", who got out of the cult……… BUT, of course, DEFAP, might just say the same thing to me,,”"”" YOU ARE LYING HONEY CHILD”"”…….” DO NOT BELIEVE YOU AT ALL”"”.,,, WHICH IS FINE WITH ME………This story is way too odd and different to have been “made-up”"….. YES, I love Katie and Suri, BUT, I feel they are trapped and are helpless to to do anything about it……………The more I read about Scientology and watch the video’s the worse it gets…………….I NEVER knew anything about Clearwater, Florida, ( horrible), and I wonder how long these men ( or creatures ) will have to spend in prison………………WHAT has happened to Hubbard’s sons???? Could not find out anything on his children…..I heard that one of his sons, thought he was a looney-toon, and later took his own life……………People said he was really screwed up by his father when he died, for taking away his childhood and his friends………………….ANY TRUTH TO THAT ”SOMEONE WHO KNOWS”? AND to DEFAP, I have come around and changed my mind on Tom Cruise….AND I admit it to my friends here,,,,,,,DALE…..DANCER…..RESCUE59….MAV….and to THE CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON…………..Katie and Suri will be my favorites and the ones to keep posting on…..BUT, TOM is a different story…I have researched this online and read everyone’s comments for months, AND watched video’s after video’s…………………His family I believe is trapped in this, and I don’t think Katie knew the extent of his Scientology Worshipfulness, until it was too late……………..SURE, I’m aware that Katie was TOLD, about what to expect, BUT, she was in love with a “”handsome Top Gun movie star “”" ( her words )……She still had a poster of him on her bedroom door in her childhood home, she stated…………….. THAT is almost like a puppy-love, mushy thing, that really took her by surprise……AFFECTION by Tom Cruise, and he acting “”giddy and in love”" just for her……( her words )………………SHE NEVER SAW IT COMING…………….THE WHOLENESS OF SCIENTOLOGY, AND HOW IT TAKES OVER A PERSON’S LIFE…………………NOW, she is in and with his child…………………………..I feel sorry for her, and YES I do think ( from the last site ), that she is depressed……..Poor Katie and Suri !!!

  17. 92
    Lauren said: Says:

    “Lions for Lambs TANKED.”

    This movie tanked because it sucked, not because society has changed into a TC hating machine. Did you even watch it? Also, war/terrorism/9-11 movies have been doing horrible at the box office in recent years. Speilberg’s “Munich” bombed, even though it won oscars. Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center” was a huge bomb. Angelina Jolie’s “A Mighty Heart” did poorly.

    “IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH” (budget 23 million?) only made 6.7 million domestic (29 million overall) and I remember it to be a much, much better film.

    ‘STOP-LOSS’ this year did WORSE (10 million domestic + 1 million worldwide) with a 20 million dollar plus budget .I could go on, but I see you get the point.

    Lions for Lambs was a talky political, left leaning film about the Iraq War…it was destined to tank financially.

    Its BIGGEST failing and humiliation is that it failed to achieve any critical acclaim.

    Here is my argument: Tom Cruise’s weird behavior occurred in 2005. Specifically, the Matt Lauer interview and the Oprah incident. “War of the Worlds” came out directly after those events and made half a billion dollars. Moreover, unlike Lions for Lambs where TC has relatively little screentime, Tom Cruise is ALL OVER the War of the Worlds. He is in nearly every single scene. But hey, don’t let something like the facts get in the way of a good delusion!

    “Valkyrie will (tank) too and so will every other movie Tom does. ”

    People don’t seem very very interested in seeing WWII movies anymore……remember what happened to “Flags of our fathers” and “Letters from Iwo Jima”?

    Hopefully Valkyrie does well though…..

  18. 93
    sarisue Says:

    You fail to mention that Tom also produced Lions for Lambs, so, yeah, he kind of WAS all over it. It was the first movie out of his big new studio take-over and it tanked. Valkyrie is the second one out, and is surrounded by a lot of bad buzz and bad predictions. There are many movies with great Oscar buzz being released at that time and already being talked about. Valkyrie isn’t even on a “maybe” list.

    Tom produced AND starred in Lions for Lambs, so the success of that film falls more on his shoulders than anyone. (And for some very curious reason—though there is plenty of interesting speculation—Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, two legendary Hollywood icons, gracefully declined to make appearances at the premiere with him.)

    And the fact is, it’s been widely reported that many insiders believe War or the Worlds could have done better. It was a Speilberg big budget, special-effects laden film released in the summer months, so it was a no brainer that it would make money. But it fell short of expectations. Wonder why? Speilberg himself wasn’t too happy that Tom decided to use the film’s promotion to promote his religion instead. Don’t hold your breath waiting for those two to ever pair up again.

    Sorry, but just because you choose to spin the story in favor of Tom Cruise doesn’t make the other side of the argument “delusional”. You conveniently left out some facts.

  19. 94
    Lana Says:

    Lauren’s comments above are exact quotes of something said by someone called drwomb on IMDB. He is a Scientologist who has anything he doesn’t agree with on IMDB deleted. Think I’m lying? Go to IMDB and search drwomb. WE ARE TALKING EXACT QUOTES HERE.

    The Scientologists are out in force on these threads doing their best to attack anyone who has a problem with Cruise and spin the fact that Cruise is no longer respected as something positive. It ain’t happening people. Cruise is a laughingstock.

    Back in the day, Lions for Lambs would have done decent business just cause Cruise produced it and was in it. NOT ANYMORE. Those days are gone. People know that Cruise is crazy and are not interested in seeing him anymore. It took a couple of years to sink into the public, but Cruise is OVER and his robot wife never was.

    Valkyrie will tank because no one wants to see Cruise as a Nazi. His next films won’t do well either. I guarantee it.

  20. 95
    To lana Says:

    If you are bigot, it doesn’t mean that most people are. If you hate Tom it doesn’t most people are. Yes, people didn’t like Lions for Lambs but a lot of people like Tom in Tropic Thunder.
    You should realize that bigotry is disgusting and hate is destroying your soul.

  21. 96
    pathetic Says:

    wrong Lana, Lions for Lambs did well for an anti war movie. All anti war films are not accepted by Americans but so happens Lions did well. Look at the Ryan Phillippe movie,Rendition by Reese,Theron’s anti war film etc….all did badly.
    Get your facts straight

  22. 97
    God bless the USA Says:

    All antiwar movies dont succeed and its a given even the W movie by the liberal Hollywood against Bush by Oliver Stone will also flop.

    It has nothing to do with Cruise, have Matt Damon or even Pitt do some anti war film even Depp and America wont watch.

    Poor Maggie G.

  23. 98
    Ida Says:

    the monsters are the haters

  24. 99
    sienna Says:

    tom you are so hot!!!rock on!

  25. 100
    Joe American Says:

    I think the fact that Tom has a pilots license would be hard to top for pure terror.

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