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Justin Timberlake and Beyonce Rock!

Justin Timberlake and Beyonce Rock!

Justin Timberlake and Beyonce perform on stage during the Conde Nast Media Group’s 2008 Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Friday night.

JT and Beyonce performed Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” at the Fashion Rocks event.

Justin, 27, also rocked out the short tie and rolled up jeans on the red carpet.

Gold jumpsuit by Gaultier Paris.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin’s short tie look – BIG FASHION or BIG MISTAKE?

25+ pictures of Justin Timberlake and Beyonce rocking…

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justin timberlake beyonce rock 01
justin timberlake beyonce rock 02
justin timberlake beyonce rock 03
justin timberlake beyonce rock 04
justin timberlake beyonce rock 05
justin timberlake beyonce rock 06
justin timberlake beyonce rock 07
justin timberlake beyonce rock 08
justin timberlake beyonce rock 09
justin timberlake beyonce rock 10
justin timberlake beyonce rock 11
justin timberlake beyonce rock 12
justin timberlake beyonce rock 13
justin timberlake beyonce rock 14
justin timberlake beyonce rock 15
justin timberlake beyonce rock 16
justin timberlake beyonce rock 17
justin timberlake beyonce rock 18
justin timberlake beyonce rock 19
justin timberlake beyonce rock 20
justin timberlake beyonce rock 21
justin timberlake beyonce rock 22
justin timberlake beyonce rock 23
justin timberlake beyonce rock 24
justin timberlake beyonce rock 25
justin timberlake beyonce rock 26
justin timberlake beyonce rock 27

Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • emily F

    awww cute!

  • unknown

    her hair looks better times a thousand.

  • lana120

    I always wanted them to be a couple in real life. But alas, it looks as if that will never happen. :(

  • S

    Aaaaaaaah Justin!!!!!!!!!! Awwww he looks awesome, so does Beyonce!

  • http://deleted myoohmymy

    I like Beyonce minus the over the head clothes and the attitude–

    let her be the natural self that she is.

    beyonce: GIRL YOU”VE GOT IT ALL, you can keep pushing the boundaries…… don”t let the old school style fool you. try something new…. (glitter is NOT the answer)

    BUT if you NEVER wake up, u wil be DEAD~

    justin, you need to wake up also. we know where your heart is.

    be KIND to people that were in your life. you know what I mean………………………….

    PS: don’t EVER try acting again unless it’s another SNL skit.

  • Trp

    Justin looks gross. Like a druggie or somethin

  • You/Me

    And here I was thinking JT could not possibly get anymore douch*bag-ish,lol, his rolled cuffs match his jacket,lololololololol…gee, all he needs is his trucker hat (you do know he brought that great thing into fashion,right,lol) and his uh, “outfit” will be compete.lmao lmao lmoa
    What an idiot….why does he try so hard? I used to think he was cool….well-dressed, laid back, nice guy… he seems so….fake and b*tchy

  • john

    justin t is disgusting with that red can jessica be with him? jesusssssssssssss.

  • ally

    Justin looks like a chicken and has a penis nose, and Beyonce needs to lose about 50 more pounds before she even thinks about putting on that awful 70s cher jumpsuit.

  • CC

    I hate her pantsuit.

  • Becky

    I’m sorry but, OMG did Jessica dress you Justin? What a HORRIBLE outfit! Hate the pants cuffed up, the jacket and tie!

  • aimee457

    Aw how cool. I always thought those two would get together. But we all know the haters would NOT let that romance go past a month. Too many closed minded folks….Anywho, I’m glad she trashed the Etta James blond wig and I’m sure their performance was HOT.

  • amanda

    beyonce is sooooooo beautiful. i also think she and justin would of been such a hot hookup.

  • G.v.v.

    Jt luks bitchy in dose outfit nd beyonce luks stupid plsss try nd luz more pounds nd i hate d swimsuit

  • G.v.v.

    Jt u luk gross pls try nd b urself nd beyonce dnt dress like dat again.u luk like a bitch

  • Shannon

    i dont know i always wanted this two to be together but alas that would never happen the pictures of them is enough and the both look good thier fashion choices are questionable but that’s what fashion is becasue if fashion was about ppl looking the same well we wouldn’t have all the designers we have today and Jared were are all the fashion week pics !

  • emma-australia


  • Thebestever

    Wow, he has more chemistry with her than his own girlfriend. Kinda makes me wonder. Beyonce is so beautiful, so it makes me wonder why she picks such horrible outfits. If I looked like her you couldn’t catch me dead in something like that. She looks like what I’ve always invisioned that monster that lives in my sewage looks like.

    Only worse

  • LO

    they look so perfect together
    but beyonce is much hotter and more talented. but justin is good, too
    dont forget to buy beyonces new album in november!

  • Lisa

    awww Justin looks really cute!! as always
    and Beyonce looks great 2 they looked like they
    had a great time performing!!! can’t wait 2 see this Tuesday!!

  • katy

    I always thought they’d get together. They look great together. But some of the folks in this room obviously dont think so.

  • mickey

    Lame and lamer strike again.

  • They’re beautiful

    People with their ugly comments are LAME.

    I luv Justin. I luv Beyonce. Two very talented individuals. Get over what happened btw JT and MIss Jackson. Do you have to carry grudges forever? Move on already. Justin isn’t a bad guy. One mishap doesn’t make you evil.

    Justin and Beyonce would be beautiful together, much better than her with ugly Jay (being honest) and him with that Jessica girl who doesn’t match him. Well, Justin isn’t married yet, so he could still find a Beyonce lookalike to marry.

  • my god

    God beyonce’s outfit is ugly, and in her fat body that doesn’t suit her, her face with that ugly eyebrows man she looks like a drag queen.

  • blah

    my god, you are an idiot! You need laser surgery to correct your vision too.

  • janebaby

    I normally dont pay much attention to Justin anymore. But I gotta say it. Wow, that’s a lotta good chemistry going on. I’ve never even seen her smile that much with her hubby Jay. I mean really. I’ve checked some other sites and the pics show a whooole lotta touching going on. Hmm….intertesting….

  • jbiel is a sucky actress

    Justin is hot. Bottom line. Beyonce looks great but the outfit is shitious.

  • irene

    they look good, but too much gold. adn… didi you see the size of that rock on her finger?

  • hatin ain’t healthy

    Beyonce looks gorgeous. Everyone who has somthin else to say can kiss my ENTIRE AZZ. Talking about she need to lose some weight umm…Bebe how much do you weigh? I bet ya don’t look as good as Beyonce. Probably got self-esteem problems, so you come on here sayin rude stuff about one of the best looking women on the PLANET?!? Yall need to get it together and STOP HATIN because it is not HEALTHY. From what I see alot of yall must be SICK.

  • derek

  • Lucy

    Beyonce is so fat, she looks like a sausage. Nasty.

  • parisgirl

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought they could make a cute couple lol

    Do people realize her outfit is for the show? She doesn’t run her errands like that, jeez -_-

  • thetruththetruth

    aww ;)

  • KarenA

    They look so cute together. I also heard some of their performance on YouTube and they sound strong too. I think it’s going to be good. :)

    Go Justin and B!

  • trininats

    I wish they were married!

  • huh?

    For the last time, Beyonce is not fat. If you think she is fat, then Britney Spears must be obese. It’s the outfit. The material is very thick and the only person who could look thin in it is Posh Spice. Beyonce has actually shed pounds recently. I can really see the weight loss in her face. Her face looks different and smaller and her boobs have shrunk to nothing. Her small waist is completely flat. There is no fat on it.

    In short, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake look really great together. They should sing more duets because their voices mesh well.

  • aww

    I LOVE JT, he always looks great! and Beyonce looks good too.

  • COmeback 3t?

    Justine Timberfake is a tosser.

  • Lucy

    So its the material? Lol, thats ridiculous-Beyonce is very fat,like many black women(Tyra Banks for example)-she shouldnt wear such clothes.

  • scottdavis0676

    Get real people! Beyonce is out of JT’s league! If they weren’t fellow performers and celebrities, she probably wouldn’t give him the time of day! He is talented, but isn’t exactly easy on the eyes, if you catch my drift. However, JZ is ugly too, so this might be a marginal improvement.

  • huh?

    Lucy you’re either a man or a mouse. That’s what you are. Or a jealous woman who is angry that Beyonce got married to Jay Z without being preggers.

    Beyonce is not at all fat. She’s always been what people call “thick” in the legs and butt area, but that’s about it. And many men love her womanly body. Her waistline is really small and curvy – even when she was heavier. I saw her recent photos on this site and she has definitely slimmed down some.

  • loco

    whatever this girl puts on, it looks trashy,especially designer clothes
    so in reality the jumpsuit couture is very pretty,but here it’s just the oposite