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Katie Holmes: All My Rehearsals

Katie Holmes: All My Rehearsals

Katie Holmes takes a break from rehearsals for All My Sons at the Minetta Lane Theater in New York City on Saturday.

With TomKat and Brangelina vying as Hollywood’s number 1 couple, a Cruise family insider tells Life & Style, “Brad‘s and Angelina‘s careers have taken off. It seems as though Tom‘s always trying to compete with Brad, and that’s a difficult job.”

“All the negative press Tom gets over Scientology and the rumors about how his relationship with Katie was fake have left him with the sense that he’s not, you know, as beloved anymore,” says an insider close to the couple. “And Brad has these causes – save the children, rebuild New Orleans, donate to charity – while Angelina‘s practically St. Angelina these days. How do you compete with that?!?!”

is the real Hollywood golden couple — Brad and Angie or Tom and Katie?

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Credit: A. Miller, Jackson Lee; Photos: WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • kiki

    brangelina all the way!

  • Jackie

    Brangelina ALL the way

  • Here’s The Deal

    Brad and Angelina are not Hollywood’s “golden couple”.

    They’re more like Hollywood’s royal couple. ;-)

  • zen2

    Yes baby, BRANGELINA all the way.

  • Jackie

    same thing # 3

  • jj

    i like both…tomkat i think is a cuter couple but i like brangelina moree

  • vool


  • mesulla

    Do people seriously think that Angie & Brad are sitting at home thinking of ways to one up Tom & Katie? on top of raising SIX children, two of which are 7 week old twins? SERIOUSLY?!!!!!!

  • bdj

    Slow News day. You should have gone with the baby bump watch, guaranteed hits. Katie is sporting a “mild” bump to the Blogger eye.

  • Rodi

    Brad and Angie. Tomkat sucks

  • poetstar

    doesn’t she look pregnant here? She has definately lost her sparkle.. poor girl

  • vivir sin aire

    Katie is so pregnant.

  • suzanne

    what is the deal with the way she is dressing lately. she went from being so classy to a frumpster.

  • sam p

    she wants us to think she maybe be pregnant,,,
    free publicity for her broadway debut

    and BRANGIE are my fav celeb couple

  • OrkDorkBjork

    Damn. She didn’t want to show her chest, so she wears a shirt underneath, didn’t wanna show her legs, so she wears leggings, and didn’t wanna show her arms, so she wears a sweater. She seems to be really self-conscious. Or maybe Tom’s hurting her and she doesn’t want to show her bruises.

  • bdj

    Baby Bump Watch. Works every time.

  • .

    Jared what happend to you?? Leave this kind of things is for tabloids. i love Brad and angie but I don’t belive they are in competion with anyone.

  • mesulla

    One more thing…. Angie has never aspired to sainthood. She is living HER life with her family the best she knows how. She will be the first person to admit her flaws and own up to them. The media like to tag her as “St. Angelina” to snark on her and minimize her philanthropic work. She is living her life with all the complexities and foibles that make her human, just like you and me.

  • Ely

    When it comes to fashion, this chick is either trying too hard or not trying hard enough.

  • hehe

    Leave the girl alone! she is just doing just like ” sweet” Jennifer Garner doing. Try to use her kids even the fake/real pregnancy for carrier advancement. They are the same except Jennifer garner is 7 years older than katie and one has wuss hubby the other wacco. lol.

  • the dq

    Well, it ain’t the Cruise’s!!!!

    Put a wig on her and she’d look like Helena Bonham Carter.

  • shoes4life

    Brad & Angelina!!!

    By the way I love her shoes!

  • coza

    She look cute!
    I love her shoes too :)

  • Trip

    Why would Tom being competing with Brad when Angelina is the one stealing his roles. haha :lol:

  • Dancer

    Brangelina wins hands down.

    But I hardly think Tom is sitting home chewing his cud over this. In his mind he never lost his number one spot.

  • shea

    definitely Brad and Angie….Tom is a weirdo and Katie is a drone IMO.

  • Dancer

    She looks truly dreadful. Does this woman not look in a mirror before she leaves her multi-million dollar apartment? Ohmigod. Nothing goes with any thing else. The boots are truly dreadful with this outfit. She is wearing a dress that looks like a dress. She must be pregnant. She is wearing a white undershirt thingy that she wore all during the last pregnancy.
    Please Jared NO MORE.

  • neer

    mesulla @ 09/06/2008 at 8:56 pm

    Do people seriously think that Angie & Brad are sitting at home thinking of ways to one up Tom & Katie? on top of raising SIX children, two of which are 7 week old twins? SERIOUSLY?!!!!!!


    mesulla @ 09/06/2008 at 9:13 pm

    One more thing…. Angie has never aspired to sainthood. She is living HER life with her family the best she knows how. She will be the first person to admit her flaws and own up to them. The media like to tag her as “St. Angelina” to snark on her and minimize her philanthropic work. She is living her life with all the complexities and foibles that make her human, just like you and me.


    I totally agree with you, mesulla. Angie & Brad are not in competition with anyone else. They just live their own lives not dependent on the lives of other celebrities. They are not superficial!!!
    Tabloids like Life & Style just want to profit out of this so-called “competition”. That’s why let’s stop reading tabloids and just read legitimate reliable publications.

    Angie is the first person to point out her imperfections. She never pretended her flaws. In fact, she is I think the most honest celebrity in Hollywood. To call her “St. Angelina” is just full of sarcasm. People can really be mean. I am wondering if people are just jealous of Angie’s kindness & blessings in life.

  • Anon

    I think they are just trying to stir up trouble between the two couples and it’s silly. Both couples are living their lives and they’re not bothering anyone else. Good luck to both of them.

  • cristina

    brangelina! they are like the jusus/god couple! i admire them for everything they do!

  • defap

    pretty dress, shoes. sweet girl.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..smh`. jared, jared, jared..

  • cult tickets for sale

    I think she dresses ugly and looks totally miserable on purpose.
    There is no other explanation.
    If she’s pregnant, then congratulations (maybe it’s a pillow tc gave her from last time, this way she can get out of the play, God only knows), but why so depressed looking for a mom-to-be. She looks like she was just diagnosed with a fatal disease.

  • Good victoria

    I love Angie and Brad….. I also love Katie and Suri… NOT so much Tom and his scientology beliefs…..If he thinks he is competing with Brad, there is NO contest………..Angie and Brad are NOT in a cult………………………… They do alot for charities and as Oprah once said about them, “”they talk the talk, and walk the walk “”……………….Brad is laid back, and does not make demands on his crew and staff, OR have them sign tons of confidentuality papers everytime someone deals with him,,,,,,,,,,,,( a crew member on Ocean’s Thirteen, who also worked with Tom )…………TO DANCER…MAV…DALE…RESCUE59…..more people have commented on the scientology issue and argued…( tom cruise monster site )….. about Scientology and the raid in Clearwater, Florida on a Scientology Centre there……..What do you guys think ? Post back on the NEW KATIE board………..OH BY THE WAY<<<< Katie REALLY looks pregnant in that first picture…..I guess time will tell…

  • Michell

    That’s not a baby bump, she dresses like a 50 year old, that’s her pants pulled under her boobs….LOL

  • jayla


  • eesh!

    katie, katie, desperate lady!

    damn girl, it’s hella hot in new york today with 90% humidity! we know you are trying–stress on the word trying–to wear fall fashion super early in hopes of getting your picture in the october issues of fashion magazines but, isn’t this get-up below even you?

    if you had to run the marathon last year as a PR move to sell “mad money” you need to come up with a doozy of a stunt to halp the play.

  • irene

    Anon, I so agree with you, this is a story as fake as heidi and spencer!!!!
    Tom might be self concious, but surely he does as he pleases, I do not like him now (used to), but I might do the sacrifice of going to see Tropic thunder because of all the other actors….

  • theresa


  • irene

    about the pregnancy comments, remember that he has bad posture, she hunches and that causes people to look as if you have no butt and some kind of a belly even if you are slim.

  • hot

    Brad and Angie are more glamourous and trendy…internationally world famous and loved.

    Tom and Katie are more powerful in terms of money and clout. Behind the scenes Tom has amassed a fortune…

    it’s a 50 50 split.

  • irene

    correction sorry, i meant: She has bad posture

  • Debba

    I agree that Tom Cruise is so narcissistic and delusional that he wouldn’t accept anything but number one in Hollywood. Wasn’t there just a report of him throwing some tantrum with a group of producers who kindly tried to suggest otherwise?

    Of course there is no comparison. Talent, looks, personality, character, inside and out, hands down—-Brad & Angelina.

  • Debba

    irtene, you are absolutely right about her horrible posture.

  • imaginaque

    Katie is nothing but a vapid, inane “starlet” with a rapidly deteriorating taste in clothes, and an obsession with shoes. Tom Cruise is… Well, he’s Tom Cruise, need I say more. Neither Katie nor Tom compares to Brad or Angelina.

  • Amber

    I definitely like Brad & Angelina better, but I was never a big fan of Tom or Katie.

  • Halli


    Brangelina on the other hand are International stars for sure. Even the French treat them as royalty. And the French are very hard to win over. Trust me.

  • Snowblood

    This is a tabloid invention, this so-called “competition,” I think it was Life&Style’s idea – I saw the mag cover while standing in line at Ralph’s last night.

    I love Katie, she just breaks my heart with her constant sadness, and her helpless position as a complete and utter slave of her husband’s cult, and her little daughter is adorable, but they are BOTh so, so fu*ked, and it makes me realluy sad for them.

    I bety she IS even extra-super miserable if she’s actually pregnant. Like the shoes she’s sportin’ there – bet she only gets to wear her pretty, fun heels when she’s not going to be photographed with her maniacal mini husband.

    But obviously, the Jolie-Pitts rule the Hollywood “power couple” thing. Come on, Life&Style actually thinks they can create a “competition” between these two couples? What a joke. They must’ve gotten paid a nice chunk ‘o $cientolocash to start this tabloid nonsense.

  • bon

    sigh…the amount of Tom’s money Katie spent on her extravagant designer shoe collection could have bee put to a lot of good in one of Brangelina’s charities…

    i think that says it all…

  • beverly