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Katie Holmes' Broadway Beginnings

Katie Holmes' Broadway Beginnings

Katie Holmes arrives for the All My Sons rehearsals at Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City on Sunday as she gets set for her beginnings on Broadway.

Opening Oct. 16, the 29-year-old actress has been working feverishly to perfect her lines and her performance.

On the jeans front, Katie opted to tuck them into her knee-high black leather boots.

DO YOU THINK it’s possible that Katie’s been rehearsing too much? Hopefully she doesn’t burnout before it opens!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes‘ Broadway beginnings…

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katie holmes broadway beginnings 01
katie holmes broadway beginnings 02
katie holmes broadway beginnings 03
katie holmes broadway beginnings 04
katie holmes broadway beginnings 05
katie holmes broadway beginnings 06
katie holmes broadway beginnings 07
katie holmes broadway beginnings 08
katie holmes broadway beginnings 09
katie holmes broadway beginnings 10

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  • susie

    Quick, hide! It’s the shmata lady!

    She needs to find a good stylist soon!

  • susie

    Quick, hide! It’s the shmata lady!

    She needs to find a good stylist soon!

  • defap

    Katie works seven days a week, because she is highly motivated, can be concentrated in what she’s doing without any burden. One sign of successful relationship. she found a good husband.

  • get informed or STFU

    Hey Mike – Mr bigot accuser

    Wahhhhh wahhhh wahhhhh – just empty words with zero impact.
    Everyone knows what Tom really stands for these days.

    Tom – and now Katie protect, support and ACTIVELY PROMOTE an organisation that destroys peoples lives.
    And they are accountable for their actions.


    And by the way
    google is your friend
    try using it sometime

  • ooops

    defap – how old are you? where do you live?
    by the sound of your complete delusion, I SERIOUSLY hope for your sake you are not yet 15 and live in a small isolated village somewhere.

    sad. yet perhaps quite fitting for the ongoing freak show that is katie, tom and the cult of cash.

  • Katie Holmes


    You don’t speak/write English very well. Hope it’s your second language.

    1) Katie rehearses when rehearsals are schedules.

    2) Being married is not a sign of a sucessfull relationship.

  • Lo


  • defap

    ignore the trolls. one commenter gave me the advice. thank you newsflash.

  • mslewis

    All of the actors are rehearsing but only Katie is shown EVERY FREAKING DAY!!! And she looks like a fool in those Fall clothes. And those boots!!! Oh my!!

    Previews of the play should begin soon . . . maybe in a couple of weeks. The NY papers will give their reviews and we’ll see just how awful Katie is. She is a terrible actress, even in the Batman movie, so I simply cannot imagine she would be good in a live play.

  • Lydia




    Will never get sick of seeing her WHOOOAAAA


    LOVE YOU!!

  • 2 lydia #60

    U R a LOSER!

  • snow

    In love with this look

  • Postwatcher

    She is ALWAYS

  • Postwatcher

    She is ALWAYS weather inappropriate. It’s not time for boots. It is still warm out.

    She does the same thing every season. Wearing coats too quickly while she leaves Suri jacketless and barefoot.


  • pr person

    I understand wanting to be comfy during rehearsals, I understand the jeans and t-shirts, I understand minimal or no makeup…. HOWEVER, Just because a person wants to be comfortable doesn’t mean that style or good taste or looking good has to go down the freakin toilet! UGGGHHH! Just one shiteous choice, of attire, after another. Doesn’t she have an ‘image’ to maintain? OOOHHHH thats right , her image is crap so why not dress the part.

  • deds

    Katie will never leave Tom before the cult of scientology collapses.
    She knows she will have no better luck extricating her child from Tom’s and scientology’s clutches than Nicole Kidman has had.

    And…I believe the Feds are now at the point of taking depositions from individuals harmed by the cult…here’s hoping FINALLY the cult will be held responsible for all their bad practices and policies!

  • violet

    No doubt Katie is beautiful,talented and fashionable but what takes interest in many is that she is fascinating and has a shining personality. Its obvious she and Tom are humble and approachable which are rare traits to come by in Hollywood.

  • koo-koo-ka-choo

    To #67

    Err Violet …
    Where is an example of her ‘shining personality’ post Tom?
    How precisely is it obvious she and Tom are ‘humble and approachable’?

    I’d say it was OBVIOUS that Tom and now Katie also, are utterly paranoid. Living in multi million dollar estates with fleets of bullet proof vehicles and surrounded by scientology minders and bodyguards.

  • defap

    violet @ #67, ur right. :)

  • Dancer

    #67 Vilet
    Is this your first time on this site? If not, how can you say that she is shining? She never smiles and looks dreadful.
    And humble and approachable? Get real. I think someone posted on the last thread they worked on Dawson’s Creek as crew and she was anything but humble and approachable.
    Furthermore, she is always guarded by her bodyguards so how does that make her approachable?

  • Mr. and mrs. holmes

    your daughter looks ill, you better come get her and take her home, she may need a transfusion or help for depression. come right away, she looks about to collapse. If she is pregnant, wonderful, but still take her home for a rest. I think she is dying in ny.

  • ann

    violet @ #67, absolutely agree with you.

  • koo-koo-ka-choo

    I’d say there are more than a few posters replying to themselves here.
    Right violet, defap and ann
    The scientologists haven’t worked out that no one believes a word they write here, no matter how often they repeat the same fake fan bullsh*t
    Carry on …

  • Good victoria

    Jared what is up with my comments???? ” Why do they await moderation?”"”

  • nk

    She should work the streets rather than Broadway, she’s better that way.
    It’s hot and sunny in NYC these day and she dressed like a polar bear. Understand she is making a statement wardrobing for Fall fashion but she looks rather stupid in 85 degree heat!

  • ninja

    I love what Famous said More More Katie…

    where are the pics of hunky Patrick Wilson
    and Christian Camaro who plays the brother of Katie
    because other sites have them….

  • twinkle

    Just what on Earth is this girl wearing? I’ve been reading Jared’s post and looking a Katie’s NYC photos. It’s freakin’ hot in NYC. It was 82 degrees today. Why is she dressed for Autumn? Just looking at her wearing the cardigans, tight jeans, scarves, layers, boots, etc makes me hot. NYers are still in our summer clothes. Good grief!

  • Tia

    Love the boots , to hot? ..probably,but I still like the boots.

    I don’t think Katie is the reason ticket sales are low ( or so some say) even with the seasoned veterans on stage with her, I think it’s simply because it sounds like a boring play . Some of the other plays sound much more interesting.

  • Creature from Black Lagoon

    There are many of those pics, #17. Just look at her archives.

    So what if she’s not smiling for you? Will you die if she doesn’t?

    Isn’t it a person’s individual choice to join any organized belief system, #24?

    Why so angry about something as simple like clothes, #26?

    She’s shopping for publicity, #29?

    They’re not guilty of anything, #36 and #54. Holmes doesn’t even talk about Scientology.

    It’s not that serious, #65.

    Who says Kidman’s kids were snatched away from her by Scientology, #66?

    Interviews and public opinion perhaps, #68?

    Didn’t you say you visited the set in North Carolina and she was always nice, #70?

  • defap

    How many seconds does she stay outdoor? She always stays in well air-conditioned indoor or car. When you rush out from cold indoor, you don’t feel the heat outdoor immediately for at least 15 minutes. You will be easy to catch a cold, if you don’t keep warm like Katie. Are you pretending stupid or what?

  • lee

    Please change the sunglasses. I just cannot stand them. Why do some of these celebs wear the hugest, ugliest sunglasses. They make their faces look like bugs. Yuck. Nicole Richie and Katie look the worst. And the hair, it’s ok to wash it. Really, it is.

  • slay The Creature

    Dear Creature from the black lagoon,

    Please allow me to say what everyone else here is thinking.

    Your posts are ridiculous and pretty obnoxious. Please do us a huge favor and STFU!

    Thank You

    All the Sane Posters on JJ

  • had to say it

    I think the one to worry about here is Suri, poor kid, she has to grow up with a dimunitive father who thinks he’s a god and a mother that never smiles and looks positively worn out and zombified! Still… it’s not as if the little sci-princess smiles either, and she probably doens’t know any better. We should start praying for her I think, and I read that she only drinks barley water and milk blend? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT TASTES LIKE!!!! Poor child she must not have a working tastebud in her mouth.

    But seriously, stop showing her on the way to rehearsals? It’s reaaalllyyy boring.

    But otherwise thanks for great information.

  • Creature Slayer

    Let me get this straight.

    It’s above 80 degree’s in New York City. Katie Holmes is wearing winter clothing and boots. Alrighty. That’s quite insane. Apparently, when Tom Cruise had her brain removed and turned her into a robot, he forgot to adjust her temperature chip. Bad Tom!!

    She looks like a depressed, out of it, homeless person who needs a bath. LMAO!

  • the incredible edward!

    I was honestly having withdrawal symptoms!
    Thanks JJ ;)


    Isn’t Katie taking this whole humility thing a little too far dress-wise?

  • >

    All the best to Katie in this play and Im happy to see her enjoying it.


    LOL @ 84

  • Dancer

    Creature from Black Lagoon @ 09/07/2008 at

    Sorry creature it wasn’t me that met Katie the robot in S.C. AS you well know since you refute everything I say!
    However, someone in the last thread posted that they had worked with her and that she wasn’t the nice little persona that she tries to show the world. Stuck up, arrogant etc. So I believe you mixed us up or something.

  • Dancer

    Well, I’m sure like the rest of you I’m breathlessly awaiting today’s Katie post. It is currently 73 in NYC going up to 85. Shall we start taking bets on her being in a winter overcoat?

  • Debba

    I was the one who visited the Wilmington Screen Gems set on several occasions during the Creek run, #79. I know you love to try to tilt everything said about Katie Holmes into your opinion, but sorry. Wrong again.

    No, she was NOT always nice. A bit too good for the common folk and was NOT approachable. The others were very friendly (except James, but who cares about him). Josh Jackson was a riot and always making the set fun and even Michelle was sweet and funny, though shy.

    There was a always a comment about her having a bad day or something. But she always seemed like she was having a bad day or in a bad mood unless she was in a scene with Josh. She cheered right up around him. One interviewer who came to set once even said he couldn’t really get anything of out Katie and she seemed stiff and silent until Josh joined her in the interview. Maybe she always needs a man around to make her feel good about herself or maybe she just has nothing to say. Now we see how she always let’s Tom talk (though no one could shut that idiot up anyway).

    In between takes in the sweltering North Carolina heat, Katie would often be wearing what appeared to be winter jackets. She had people waiting to place them on her. It was very strange.

    She had a condo on Wrightsville Beach and I know all the restaurants and bars she frequented in downtown Wilmington. There are great stories about her out and drunk. LMAO…

  • Debba

    And I agree Dancer. Now that I read your post I remember someone else also posted once who said he or she worked crew. Aparently we both got to see Katie’s best side! LMAO….

  • bon

    I cannot believe you’re still at it, Creature from the Lagoon, but it seems most made the wise decision to ignore your postings so I will also.

  • bon

    “Holmes doesn’t even talk about Scientology.”

    She doesn’t, #79?

    From People Magazine (your officially approved source) on Katie Holmes, June 2005 [ when asked if she was taking Scientology classes]:

    “Yes, and I’m really excited about it,” she told reporters in London June 12. “I know how important it is to Tom, and I want to be able to share that with him.”

    “So what if she’s not smiling for you? Will you die if she doesn’t?”

    Hmm…do you often think that, #79? That celebrities in photos are trying to communicate something or holding and expression just “for you” ?

    Because that would explain a lot.

  • camelot

    Gotta love Katie and Patrick Wilson together for this play. Katie is not rehearsing alone but the other cast are too.

  • Maria angela

    Looks like another slow news day.

  • Maria angela

    Looks like another slow news day.

  • Good victoria

    HEY DANCER and DEBBA………..That is the second time I have read where a crew member from of one Katie’s movies have said that about her. ( other on )…….AND this person just LOVED Katie and took the job as part of a food related service to the set, just so she could see her maybe Tom and Suri………Well, she did get to meet Tom and Suri ( who by the way was gracious ), and signed several pictures for her AND her hoodie shirt……Then took a picture with her…..BUT, Katie was ” aloof, withdrawn, seemed depressed, and was extremely arrogant and demanding”…….No-one would approach her if they did not have to….She was only nice to the crew member’s children who visited every now and then………Several times Tom was seen talking to her and was overheard asking her ” what he could do to make it better”……Then they would retreat to the trailor………..She was disappointed she said that Katie turned out this way…………..After awhile, Katie quit coming out and visiting on the set anyway, except when Tom made her, or her mother came for a visit…..Then she ordered cupcakes and pizza’s for everyone, like she had been doing that all along, and trying to be “”all nice “”" with her husband staying for awhile with her mother……………..She said it didn’t work, and most crew would not eat anything she ordered out of spite of her nasty attitude in the beginning…………I guess Katie really has problems going on………YOU THINK ????

  • Debba

    She struck me as being totally high-maintenance, good victoria, but the unfortunate thing was that so many up the higher-ups on set seemed to fawn all over her which didn’t help her attitude . I’m a huge fan of Josh Jackson and he totally lived up to my image of him as a great, fun, sincerely nice guy but I was disappointed to see that even he seemed ready to cater to her on set all the time.

    I have to say I’m shocked that Tom Cruise is also playing along with that game because I figured he would be too busy worrying about himself. But I guess he knows he’s “the only one who can help”, right? (Especially if there were witnesses, right *wink*) LMAO….

  • Debba

    She “retreated” to Josh Jackson’s trailer a lot too from what I hear! LMAO…