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Michael Phelps is Swimming in Girls

Michael Phelps is Swimming in Girls

American swimmer Michael Phelps parties it up with a bunch of girls at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Friday.

With the 23-year-old’s Olympic fame, everyone’s been wondering if Michael has a main squeeze! In a recent interview, Michael said, ‘I never said I have a girlfriend, and I never said I don’t have a girlfriend. My public and private life are separate. I keep my private life to myself.’

As reported earlier, Michael will host the season premiere for Saturday Night Live on Sept. 12 and will also be making a cameo appearance on HBO’s Entourage.

10+ pictures of Michael Phelps swimming in girls…

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michael phelps swimming girls 01
michael phelps swimming girls 02
michael phelps swimming girls 03
michael phelps swimming girls 04
michael phelps swimming girls 05
michael phelps swimming girls 06
michael phelps swimming girls 07
michael phelps swimming girls 08
michael phelps swimming girls 09
michael phelps swimming girls 10

Credit: Most Wanted; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • ti fan

    omg yes finnally i comment firs wow yes! well ok he’s school peace out y’all later

  • bee

    i love him…omg am i first??

  • liza

    I love him!!!!! he’s the best!

  • Diana

    I love him… too bad his hottie body is blocked in all of these pictures!!!

  • mikaela

    im just sayin…

  • -shelb nelena zanessa luver-

    Awsum!!!!! Micheal Phelps ROX!!!!!! UR SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWSUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u Micheal Phelps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ u 2 Hannah my BFFAE!!!!!!!!! &hearts ShElB

  • -shelb nelena zanessa luver-

    ♥ ShElB my bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • jughed

    it looks like that one chick is touching his chest….

    i can just imagine that conversation… :)

  • alanna

    Aww, I love him!
    He’s adorable.
    I wanna be the chick in the third pic.

  • agi

    super duper hot sexy guy….drool

  • suzanne

    I bet his ding a ling is gianormous


    i love him, he’s soooo sexyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  • K


  • scottdavis0676

    Let’s be honest, if this guy wasn’t famous, he would NOT be “swimming” in girls. He would be falling all over himself trying to get A girl to pay attention to him. He has decent abs, but is too lean IMO. I know his body type is ideal for swimming, otherwise I would recommend he bulk up and mantain his body fat percentage as it is (similar to my body type). It’s amazing how unphotogenic is, then you see him on video and he looks passable. Oh well, lap it up while you can Michael, before thechicks are no longer enamored with your celebrity!

  • Cheetah

    he has a nice body, and he swims good. But if he didn’t do such a great job at the Olympic, nobody would know who he was or paying attention to hem. AL those girls are money whores. Just looking for the big fish that will support them. makes me sick and feel sad for the guy.

  • bella

    agree with 14

  • nysro

    I can’t help but think of McLovin’ when i see this dude …

    only McLovin is 10x’s cooler than Phelps….

    overexposed, but at least he DID something of note.. unlike these damn near out of work actresses we get shoved down out throats..

    (REAL celebs, with talent, and jobs , avoid the paps for a reason… they dont need the shady publicity).

  • noyb

    He reminds me of Elliot Yamin (sp?). Seems like a nice guy and obviously very accomplished in his sport, but he is not physically attractive in my opinion.

  • leighton meester fan

    I love Michael.He is really hot

  • Melissa

    Michael is a popular and a nice guy. Yes there are a lot of girls who would love to have a chance with him, he is very polite to anyone who comes up to him. he will give them hugs, autographs if they ask and he just hangs out and talks to everyone. But he is absolutely not screwing around with any of them. He does not have a girlfriend but he will not just screw anything that comes along. He just isn’t that kind of guy.

  • Phelps is VERY hot

    He’s 6’4″ and has a smokin’ hot body. He’s adorable and he’s cute. With his hair longer, he’s DELISCIOUS!!!
    Who is considered hot or attractive in Hollywood dweebs like the Jonas Brothers or Zac Efron…or some washed up Jude Law or grandpa George Clooney! Ewwww…
    Get over it there’s a new killer dude in town and his name is Phelps!

  • Milla

    I love him, he’s cutie
    I don’t know what kind of differenty thing he has, and I don’t know how to explain it, But he has something that makes me stay looking to him for a long time!!!
    I mean he looks like hottie!

  • Good victoria

    Michael is a sweet looking guy…… I just hope the gold-digging women who fall over backwards to try and act cool around him,( most are not), know that they will have to pass the ” MOM TEST “. ….I believe that Debbie Phelps will smell a rotten rat hanging in the gold pit, before her son has a chance to open the door and introduce her…..She has invested a life time with her children, especially Michael, and she is NOT about to stop here…..( single handed also )…………Have fun Michael, you deserve it…… BUT BEWARE !!!!!! …………. The bikini’s are bumping and grinding around you for a reason.

  • buckeyegurl

    Love you Mike! Have fun.

  • Swimmertoo

    I am a swimmer…been in the pool with Mike. He is amazing in the pool…but let’s face it, he is not HOT! If he was’t the greatest athlete of all time, few would look at him. Now if you want to see a hottie, check out Ryan Lochte! He is hot!!!

  • Oprah

    Girls pretty much only like him for his body and his medals, if it weren’t for that, he’d be called horrible names like Rumer Willis, who is actually pretty at times.

  • tiabia

    LOVE HIM!!!!

  • wowzers!

    Michael Phelps’ body is so HOT. BUT if you seriously look at him (in the face, not his body…thankyouverymuch), you’d be like “damn! with all that money, you should think he’d get some braces or somethin to help out that face of his”. I feel bad for him. Girls are after his mulah not his mushu.


    OK, I take back what I said about Micheal Phelps. His HOT body outweighs ALL of his imperfections. LOVE YA Michael!

  • A.

    The only reason that people are going batshit insane over him is because he’s famous and he’s is popular at the moment. Otherwise, he’s soon going to be forgotten about – and he’s going to go back into that league of “Unattractive guys with a nice body.” That’s it.

    Girls these days are sluts. They like him him simply because he’s in the spotlight and they’d certainly want to be in the spotlight too for dating him. He’s not at all attractive in the face.

  • jessy101

    okay i’ll admit is not falout and die hot but he’s cute most girls only want or like him cause he’s in the spotlight right now but im the exeception i could care less about his abs but it doesnt hurt that he has them either i like the fact that when he talks about his accomplishments his left eyebrow slightly rises or that he has a smile to die for i love the way he talks and the fact that he loses wait so easily ( maybe he could teach me) and the fact that you only know what he want’s u to let’s face i’m i love