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Sophia Bush is Toronto Film Festival Fun

Sophia Bush is Toronto Film Festival Fun

Sophia Bush attends the Heckler premiere after-party during the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) held at W-Studio on Saturday in Toronto, Canada.

Earlier in the day, the 26-year-old One Tree Hill hottie dropped by the Tastemakers Lounge held at the Portman Room in the Intercontinental Hotel.

Heckler is a comedic feature documentary exploring the increasingly critical world we live in. After starring in a film that was critically bashed, Jamie Kennedy takes on hecklers and critics and ask some interesting questions of people such as George Lucas, Bill Maher, Mike Ditka, Rob Zombie and many more. This documentary gives you an uncensored look at just how nasty and mean the fight is between those in the spotlight and those in the dark.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush looking Toronto Film Festival fun…

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sophia bush toronto film festival 01
sophia bush toronto film festival 02
sophia bush toronto film festival 03
sophia bush toronto film festival 04
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Photos: Teresa Barbieri/Getty, Sonia Ramos/WireImage
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  • ~*nelena luver*~

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like her dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But shes OK!!!!!!!!!!! IM FIRST HANNAH LOVE YA SHELBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ~*nelena luver*~


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  • Liora

    Beautiful !!!
    Love the black dress !!!

  • Sandy jo

    does she have a life? and what exactly is she known for. she is everywhere, she is spamming justjared. is she just another random celebrity?

    the third picture is not flattering. it looks a little creepy. she has a big head, or maybe her neck is just short idk?

  • zaina..

    i dont think so,
    sophia bush is amazing

    shes an actress sandy jo..
    shes been in a few things actually
    john tucker must die, she was in that!!…

  • ew

    I only know of her because she dates like all of her costars right? Idk.

  • leslie

    fatass legs! and HUUUGE head :O

  • crazy girl

    She is really beautiful girl even without make-up
    I love her thanks jared

  • hey u


    She is attending TIFF because the narrows is set to premiere tomorrow :)

    I cant wait for to see it.

    She looks amazing in the black dress, love the pockets..

    And you guys who comments on her thighs and head…Sophia has an ovalshaped head which suits her fine. Her legs are looking great, she works out and therefore her legs are not just bone :P

    Sophia, you rock my world and you inspire me.

  • cutie


  • randi

    she loooks stunning like usual! i love the black dress…the white dress not so much but she pulls it off so well…i love the gold flats though!!

    i cant wait to see the narrows!

  • oth

    very pretty!!!

  • michelle

    Sophia and Brittany Snow are my heroes. Sophia is absolutely amazing and I’ll believe her over Chad Michael Murray any day. Sophia looks gorgeous in anything! She’s barely dressed in something that I haven’t liked.

  • roe

    She is a no neck.

    That black dress is way better looking and better fitting for her than the white one. She needs to stick with things that length instead of going for the way short dresses that make her legs look like tree trunks.

    How funny is the casting of Austin Nichols on One Tree Hill, btw? Everywhere Sophia turns on that set now, she’s going to run into someone she’s spread her legs for her. Awk – ward.

  • jennifer

    she looks gorgeous! both dresses are really pretty. I’m excited that her movie is premiering at the film festival. Love her!

  • Sandy jo

    thank you for answering zaina. by reading the comments i can see that she was the girl who had been married to cmm. i have never heard of those movies. but okay.

    i agree with whoever said that she shouldn’t wear short dresses. it does her legs no good.

    wait, she also dated austin nichols?

  • xgame

    was she in the movie?

    Sandy Jo, yeah she dated Austin Nichols but now shes dating james Laffterty(another co-star). Austin just got a role on OTH so things will get very interesting…

  • xgame

    ROE^^ i also think it’s funny how there’s gonna be three guys on set that Sophia Bush has slept with. I wonder if James and Austin will get along. Chad’s just gonna sit back and laugh. Karmas a bitch Sophia!

  • Katy

    She looks amazing!! I wish I could see the Narrows!

  • Sandy jo

    that sounds very awkvard xgame. i don’t get celebrities like that tbh. they should learn how to seperate pleasure with work. perhaps they ccould all share notes? heh. okaiiii that was a little rude. lol

  • michelle

    I don’t see why everyone is dissing on Sophia. She hasn’t done anything wrong. So what if she’s dated her co-stars. Their the ones that screw her over in the end. And she isn’t even fat. She looks great!

  • sophia!

    Sophia Bush is flat out amazing. She hasn’t done ANYTHING for anyone to hate her. She’s a great role model.
    I love her. <3

  • Laura

    I love Sophia and she looks great! I don’t get what so wrong about dating a co star, I mean those are the people you are surrounded by I mean whats next telling me regular people haven’t dated people from their works or even classes.

  • Kristy

    Sandy Jo,
    To answer your question about whether Sophia has a life. YES SHE DOES. Sophia is in Toronto right now for the screening of her film “The Narrows”. Its supposed to premiere this week at the festival.

    And I think Sophia looks so freaken AMAZING in those pictures!!!!! Especially in the ones in that short little black dress. She’s a beautiful girl.

  • maddie

    She is the best ! I love Sophia :)

  • Mike

    Her body is so damn hott. I love the fact that she has these sexy curves and doesn’t look like a skeleton like most actress’s do in Hollywood.

  • roe

    I’m sorry, but with how awkward her break up was with CMM for all of their co-workers, I do think it makes her look bad to hook up with someone else on that same exact set. Did she learn nothing for her divorce? Why set yourself up for that situation again? And not just yourself, but for all of the innocent bystanders that had to deal with the fallout too? Work is not the place for your personal life.

  • Mel

    She looks amazing!!!!!!!! I wish I could see the Narrows.
    I love her

  • Jen

    Roe and xgame-
    I think you guys seriously need to get a f*cken life. Austin Nichols and Sophia have the exact same agent. That’s how they met and thats how they became friends. She never dated Austin but did go out with him a few times just to hang out as friends. So get your damn facts straight before you go around spreading lies about sh*t u don’t know anything about.
    And xgame- that little comment that u made about Chad sitting back and laughing…….here’s the thing genius…..the only person thats getting laughed at is CMM for all the sh*t he’s pulled. People still make fun of him left and right everyday. So to clear things up-Chads not the one who’s gonna be doing the laughing but instead, the one getting laughed at.

  • patrick

    she looks hot!i love these sexy curves

  • Kate

    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roe

    Jen, she f ucked him. I’m sorry if that ruins all of your hero worship whatever for Sophia, but she did. The same way she’s doing it with James Lafferty. And the only people who try to say that she hasn’t are her own psycho fans who know that it makes her look bad.

    And its not true that people only laugh at CMM. Because there are a lot of people laughing at Sophia right now about how she’s screwed half of the male cast of OTH.

  • ana

    She looks amazing!!!

  • B*

    i love her

  • vanessa

    Lucky Sophia ! James is very hot !

  • Esther

    Sophia and James clearly said they never dated. They are just friend.
    When asked about the kiss she shared with James in the fourth season of the CW show One Tree Hill, Sophia says it was like kissing her little brother.
    Now it may seem naive to trust her easily when the media is working hard to make everyone beleive they are/were dating, but I respect this girl and I’ll trust whatever she says.

    Sophia and Austin? I’ve seen some picture of them together, all from the same day… but nothing romantic.

    Sophia and Chad… they dated, got married, he cheated, she got annulement papers signed.

    Sophia and Jon… they dated and no one knows what happened after, the only thing we know is they’re not dating anymore.

    Now what’s wrong with dating co-star?

  • Shannon

    she looks amazing in the balck dress u hardly see her in that colour and for the haters u are so intent on bringing sophia down that u have actaul points on her life i mean really if u dislike her so much how com u kno so much about her life

  • Tina

    Do you have a life???? I can’t help but laugh seeing as how you’ve posted like ten times already and keep on commenting on other people’s posts. Go get something else to do.

    Sophia has NOT “fucked him” as you so eloquently put it. Those were just rumors because the paps had gotten pictures of them hanging out a few times so some people just started to assume that they dated or whatever. But you seem really sure. So I’m assuming that you have pictures of them doing the deed or whatever to back up your little claims??

    And before you go around calling her fans psycho, why don’t YOU take a long hard look in the mirror. Because her fans are making posts about how much they love her whereas you keep on popping in here every few minutes to post your 2 cents in when its’ pretty clear that you don’t even like her. So who’s the psycho now???????

    You sound like a CMM fan. Why don’t you go find ones of his threads to go post on and get out of here???? Because your coming across as quite pathetic.

  • lisa

    These haterz r sooooo fucken stupid that its not even funny. The dumbass’s need to find something productive to do with their lives and fast.


  • Esther

    Roe… Where do you get you’re info from!?
    I guess it’s not from the most reliable source…
    Unless someone actualy saw them in bed, no one can tell. You really shouldn’t believe everythnig said on the net girl…

    Watch some of Sophia’s interview, you’ll see she has nothing to do with the bitch you think she is!

    That being said… I can’t wait to see her in the Narrows!! :) I hope in comes out in theater soon!
    And the black dress looks amazing on her! She always looks so damn pretty!

  • michelle

    THANK YOU JEN AND TINA for putting these people in their place. And she hasn’t even dated half the cast. I highly doubt she’s dating James. So that leaves Chad. ONE GUY out of like 7. So quit dissing on her.

  • betty

    I can’t wait to see her in the Narrows.I love her.

  • Charlotte

    Who the hell are you to call her fans psycho? The only psycho I see here is you. Because unless you have pictures of them in bed together, you can’t tell. And it’s not wrong to date your costars, the same way people date classmates, or coworkers! And CMM isn’t gonna sit back and laugh about her, because first of all, he cheated on her, and second of all, they are friends. And Sophia and James are just friends, because she said shooting the scene where they are kissing was one of the hardest to do, becuase she considers him as her brother!

    She looks amazing, like always!!

  • anna


  • Manon

    Omg ! She’s so pretty !!
    I love her dress, and her make up :p
    Omgosh !!!!!!!!

  • alypet

    Dammit I wish I knew she was coming I love sophia!! :)

  • Camille

    She’s actualy not dating with James Lafferty and she never dated Austin Nichols. I don’t understand why some people are so mean with her, she’s gorgeous and a good actress ! When I read the comments about her, i have the impression that people think she’s a whore and she’s totally not !!

    Sorry for my English, I’m from Belgium and i don’t speak English !

  • anna

    it’s not wrong date your co stars and James is very cute and hot.
    Sophia looks amazing!

  • Dana

    Sophia is hott and James is hott.
    2 unbelievably good-looking people.
    So if they are dating, who cares??
    Its there life and they can do whatever they want.

    But anyways, Sophia looks really pretty in those pictures. There are more pictures of her at the Heckler event on some other sites and those are even prettier than the ones that Jared posted. Her beauty is so breath-taking.