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Bar Refaeli - MTV VMAs 2008

Bar Refaeli, aka Leo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend, arrives in Hurley at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday.

English comedian Russell Brand will host the event while Britney Spears will be opening up the night with a surprise performance. Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak of America’s Best Dance Crew will battle it out to determine who will present the Best Dancing in a Video award.

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Photos: Wenn
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  • Jojo

    OMG she looks amazing!!

  • Soph


  • Amanda


  • ihb

    They were last seen together two months ago and they indeed had several ( at least Leo ) vacations separately. I`m really not a big fan of that dress.

  • gary

    this girl is so desperate for fame

  • ruth

    Why do you think she is desperate for fame? She is a hard working model and business woman who used to date a famous actor. She has been at home in Israel for quite some time so presumably they have ended their relationship and he certainly looks very miserable in all his latest photos.

  • french

    she looks horrible (she should stop uv) ,she is a very bad model , and i hope Leo broke with her

  • emma

    She’s gorgeous!!! Fab!!

  • french

    She took the big head

  • Kelly

    I think she looks hot, quite cool.

  • ihb

    Ruth, no offense but Leo looked miserable while he dated her, they always looked like two strangers who got paid to be photographed together.
    Anyways, Jared should lose the `aka Leonardo Dicaprio`s ( ex ? ) girlfriend` title so Bar could prove that she is a good model who can have a successful career without a famous actor boyfriend.

  • Nataly

    what she think she doing at the VMA’s???
    she got no connection to the event!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..why’s she there?

  • who am i?

    Why is it that any time we see this girl, Leo’s name must be mentioned? Oh yeah, it is because without Leo’s name attached to her, no one would know who she is!
    Frankly, she looks like a hooker! Gross!
    I don’t know if she and Leo have broken up, but I sure hope so!
    ihb – you are right, they BOTH look miserable when they are photographed together, I just don’t get it! And Nataly – I was wondering the same thing…. WTF is she doing there? I guess she will do anything for fame!

  • Kristine

    Who cares if we know her name because of Leo….

    She has a great body….but… although this look is nice, I think she could have done something better for the vma’s

  • french

    without Leo she’s nothing , i hope Leo broke with her because she use him for is career ( lol she’s nearly orange in this pics)

  • lilly

    If that dress had a different color maybe Bar`s look could have been better but she couldn`t do justice to that boring grey thing. And she is turning orange just like Paris Hilton. Why was she there?

  • fuuugz

    omg fug is the operative word to describe this chick.

  • who am i?

    Oh, it’s a Hurley dress – no wonder she was wearing it, since she is the new “face” of their line….they may be looking for a new one soon if she doesn’t start using sunscreen or something – DANG! Fug, fug, fug!

  • anti-Bar

    What kind of girlfriend doesn’t see her boyfriend for two months? Jared needs to find out if Leo really broke-up with Bar, which surely looksthat way. Does he know someting we don’t? What was Bar doing there anyway?

  • ihb

    Well, I`m sorry but I`m kind of disappointed in Jared`s `sources`so I wouldn`t say he knows something that we don`t. Bar was there probably as the new face of Hurley since she is wearing a Hurley dress `who am i?` pointed it out.

  • wTF!!!!!!




  • who am i?

    Yeah, ihb, I am with you on this one…Jared’s “sources” have been rather lacking lately. I bet Bar had to contractually be at this thing, to promote Hurley’s new line leading up to fashion week in LA.

  • tammy

    She looks orange! How anyone finds her attractive is beyond me…

  • Mary T

    why oh why has this fame wh*re to be at the VMAs. 3rd class “model” desperate for some attention. Sick of her face already!

  • Janet


    Why’s she there?
    why’s is not a word.

    Bar is fabulosity.
    She was probably there because they asked her to be.
    love her.

  • Naima

    Jared why do you always insists on posting photos of this girl, she is a nobody, who cares if she’s from Israel, the only way you can mention her is by mentioning Leo. She’s average at best and what are with the poses, she’s so deperate, you must be on her mothers payroll to be giving her so much unwarranted attention, please stop and show us some real celebrities.

  • laura

    Look at this chick posing like she thinks she is so sh!t hot. She’s pretty but not that great. What has she done except get a few modeling contracts simply because she was doing it with Leo

  • laura

    Going by the comments Bar always gets, I really have to wonder if she has any fans other that a few clueless 14 yr. old girls and a few horny 16 yr. old boys. Can’t wait to see who she will desperately latch onto if it is over with Leo.

  • http://barrrryouramazing Israeli girl!

    I proud of herr!
    she’s the most beautiful model in israel and this worllldd!
    bari אני אוהבת אותך חח :]

  • Mary T

    Last time I was in Israel I saw far more beautiful women than her. Sure she isn’t just a little fame wh*re sold out by her mother from an early age on?

  • mike

    Thanks for the gorgeous Bar pictures!!!!

    LEO AND BAR ARE VERY MUCH TOGETHER! The last time they were seen “publically” was in July when they attended the a concert. After that she left for Europe and Israel for several job assignments.

  • french

    the last time they were seen in july but they didn’t attended the a concert and Leo + the ugly and bad model (bar) are not very much together

  • french

    I am disagree with you Mike his fact almost 2 months when we did not see them together, a true couple which likes itself spends a lot of time together what is not the case of Leo and bar

  • Just_Me

    Oh, boy! To all those who say she’s HOT…People!! You should see how she looks like WITHOUT all the make-up! You wouldn’t bother with a second glance if she walked by you with no make-up. A business woman?!!?!?!?!? are you for real?! Her mommy runs her “business” including setting her up with a fake marriage to “a friend of the family” (who’s as old as her dad, at least) just so that she could skip her obligatory army service and go stalk the pap’s in Holywood just so that they’d take her pic! If you would have heard her speak (when she speaks her own “mind”) you’d be blown away-she’s as dumb as a shoe! I wonder why she and Paris are not BFFs yet, their single brain cells could have kept eachother company…
    And, yeah, if Leo’s name wasn’t ALWAYS mentioned there…nobody would know who she was! She has done NOTHING note-worthy by herself! And to be known as “SOMEBODY’S SOMETHING” instead of your own self…is pathetic! But, then again, for people who are so publicity-hungry…ANY publicity is GOOD—which is pathetic all on its own!

  • P

    She looks great here; very beautiful woman.


    Man this girl will do anything for attention!! Seems like all she cares about is being famous. To be honest I didn’t even know her until she started dating Leo. With out his name attached to her’s I doubt she’d be where she is now. These models are all the same I swear. They’re so self involved. Leo needs to find a girl who wants to be with him for him not for his fame!!!! You can do better Leo!!!

  • Liora

    Jealousy is a really bad thing . Don’t you know ?

    Bar looks gorgeous in these pics as always .
    To anyone who asked why she’s there it’s because they asked her to be .
    For those who said she’s ugly : she’s one of the most beautiful top models ever and she looks exactly the same without make up . If she was ugly , I doubt she would have all these contracts all around the world and date a hottie and great actor like Leo .
    For those who said she’s a gold digger or something like that , just to let you know that Bar doesn’t need anyone ,she’s got a lot of money and she dates Leo cause she loves him .

    Get a life and take care .

  • kate

    when Leo and bar are together they don’t look happy (Liora see pics when they are together and you understand that Leo hate bar and she too)

  • Sharon

    Just because people don’t like Bar doesn’t necessarily mean they are jealous of her. A lot of people don’t like her, so maybe there is good reason. She just doesn’t present herself as a very likeable person.

  • anti-Bar

    “Israeli girl” is probably Bar’s mother. There are tons of prettier girls in Israel than Bar. Mike is definately a family member of Bar. She and Leo haven’t been together in two months! They obviously broke-up. They might be a possiblity that they are back together but I doubt it.

    Leo has been seen flirting with girls at nightclubs and he was seen leaving Villa with a gorgeous brunette. She was in the front seat with Leo’s chauffer and he was hiding in the back seat but you could stil tell it was Leo.

    It was reported on another website that Bar wasn’t happy when she was asked about Leo at the VMA’s red carpet. It looks like their relationship ended but with Leo you just never know. I will be pissed off if Leo took her back! I can’t believe Leo would be that stupid!

  • vicky

    you must be blind..I am not fan of Leo but I am seeing very beautiful woman here..No need to be jealous !

  • who am i?

    I am not jealous of Bar – I simply can’t stand her. She comes across as stupid in interviews and very stuck up. I have seen some paparazzi videos of her where her obvious desire to look “hot” and be in the center of the attention is laughable! I do adore Leo, but don’t really respect him much if he continues to carry on with her. She is obviously a total fame wh*re who will do anything to further exposure of herself. I think she is a joke. As all my israeli friends point out – her life is built on a foundation of lies and deceit. Physically, she may be beautiful, but the more her real inner self comes out, the uglier she becomes!

  • laura

    Do you know where I can find the picture of Leo leaving with the brunette?

  • ihb

    2nd video but to be honest I`m not convinced that she was actually leaving with Leo even if he is the one on the back seat. I hope because I don`t like Bar at all. You decide.

  • anti-Bar

    Thanks for posting the video ihb! I don’t understand why you don’t believe that the girl in the front seat is “leaving with Leo.” I’m curious as to why you think that.

    #43; You’re so right about Bar being a phony. In Israel it’s believed that Leo and Bar broke-up because she spent two months there after saying she wasn’t going to live in Israel anymore. Well if you get dumped by your live-in lover where else are you going to go but to your parents house in your home country.

    Leo has looked happy in Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York and shopping in Los Angeles with his good friends. Bar, on the other hand, looked miserable in Israel. Leo better stay away from Bar. I will have no respect for him if he took Bar back. No Leo No!

  • ellie

    she’s such a beautiful women!!!!

  • tammy

    #46- I agree. I hate to say this, but if Leo takes her back I can’t say my opinion of him won’t change. This girl is nothing but a fame wh*re and uses every opportunity to feed off of his success. I hope Bar’s meal ticket has finally seen the light….

    To the posts that say if you speak negatively about Bar-you have to be jealous of her. Not true. Bar comes across poorly and as a very cold person at heart. With so many people against her, why is it not feasible to you we might be right about her?

  • ihb

    Quite honestly I couldn`t even recognize Leo on the back seat and there`s a 3rd person in the car, the driver who might as well be the girl`s boyfriend. Look, I`m just as `anti-Bar` as you are so I`d be happy to see Leo with another girl and I don`t say it`s impossible, I`m just not convinced based on this video.

  • porsche