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Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron - MTV VMAs 2008

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, aka Zanessa, announce Christina Aguilera at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Vanessa announced in Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo shoes. Zac announced in Louis Vuitton.

High School Musical co-stars Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu were also on-hand to present. Tizz announced in Roberto Cavalli.

English comedian Russell Brand will host the event while Britney Spears will be opening up the night with a surprise performance. Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak of America’s Best Dance Crew will battle it out to determine who will present the Best Dancing in a Video award.

15+ pictures of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron together at the 2008 MTV VMAs

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  • katy

    I love them! they’re gorgeous!

  • REnan


  • vanessa

    I mean freackin gorgeous ^^ Vanessa and Zac all the way =)

  • http://justjared jess

    ILOVETHEM ALL !!! <3

  • zanessa/jashley

    Aw…gotta love them together !!! I love Vanessa’s dress. Ahaha. I love Corbin’s hair !! Their looking great there. I was so upset that they weren’t up there for long…they were only up there for like 30 seconds max. Need more Zanessa !!!

  • ome

    yay!!! go zanessa

  • carol – brazil


  • carol – brazil


  • karly

    omg they are so awsome
    and make a cute couple
    i have the pics already i love this
    site and love zanessa!!

  • c

    Lovely dress. They looked gorgeous, her on his arm and the looked they shared while coming up was adorable.

  • jéssica

    finally! i love vanessaaaaaaaaa!

  • JU!!!

    la amo!!! ♥

  • zanessa4ever!!

    zac looked so sad on the red carpet without vanessa and he looked so much happier with her when they were presenting.

  • Valerie

    Vanessa’s dress was not that cute.
    I don’t like her dress her hair looks
    cute. other than that its eh. Ashley
    looks really pretty I love her dress
    Zac looks gorgeous! and Corbin
    is a hottie

  • yets

    so cute couple
    Zanessa is the best.

  • mishyB

    i taped them PRESENTING and then stopped my tape. ZANESSA SIGHTING FINALLY. Vanessa looks gorgeous in that dress and ZAc is and was gorgeous in person yesterday in Toronto!

  • first!


    I LOVE THEM!!!

  • shenanyginz

    corbin is looking very manly these days

  • rissa

    zomg! yes! v looks sooo beautiful! v and zac look like they wanna hold hands. hehe!

  • V-loyalist

    Man! I was waiting for Vanessa and Zac post and here it is. Thanks JJ, i’m sure you are restless and make sure once Vanessa arrives at the event she has a thread.

    And V is looking lovely as always despite rushing from the tour, exhausted and all, but still manages to be looking this great!

    I must say the four really looks amazing on stage!

  • trish

    saw her today at the concert so awesome but people be goin crazy but she awesome hope to meet her again she look the same in real life

  • Soni Hannigan

    I would like to just see pictures of Zac and Vanessa like at the teen choice awards. They are the best and so cute together.Keep it coming.
    Was Jared Murillo there with Ashley, I hope so.

  • mhay

    The best couple
    zanessa sighting finally
    i missed them so much thanks JJ

  • zanessa

    ahhh i saw her today at santa monica pier at her concert shes so quick she ended there at like 3 30 n now shes here wow i love her shes amazing she so beautiful n even more in person i wish i looked like her go zanessa

  • zanessa

    ahhh i saw her today at santa monica pier at her concert shes so quick she ended there at like 3 30 n now shes here wow i love her shes amazing she so beautiful n even more in person i wish i looked like her go zanessa

  • jenny

    ok we all waited and watched
    Vanessa made her entrance and was gorgeous
    i didnt see any one else but her
    they all lookes great but because of the expectation
    shes all i saw
    the VMA’s werent that great
    but i know Zac’s face changd when he saw her hehehe
    go zanessa

  • omgsh

    go zanessa ! u 2 r gorgeous !

  • Jennifer W

    vanessa is so pretty and looks amazing in that dress. Let me tell you zac is so hot and sexy.

  • m

    I agree with shenanyginz (#18) Damn Corbin is looking manly and hot. His little goatee and the leather jacket and everything. :)

  • Avril

    don’t put only “Zanessa” on the headline!!!!!!!
    there were Ash and corbin too!!!!!!!!
    and Ash is much better than “Zanessa”!!!!!!!!
    love them all anyway!!!!!!!
    they all look gorgeous!!!!!!!
    and Ash looks really amazing!!!!!!!!

  • heh

    “ash” looks repulsive & tacky.

  • Zashley~lover

    cannot wait till after HSM3 b/c then they wont be together 24/7 and they’ll eventually break up.(if they dont already break up b/c they were just dating for publicity)

  • vanguard

    AShley got her own post earlier

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

    i was also at the concert. it was fantastic!!!! loved it she’s great and she looked great after catching a flight from utah’s last night straight to La to preform and from there right to the VMA’s. i hope the girl has time to take a break, but SHE WAS GREAT!!!!!!!

  • marie

    van is amazing :)

  • lmao

    lol zashley lover I feel sorry for you. It must suck to be the stupid kid your whole life. Why don’t you keep your delusions to yourself and go read a book.

  • Madison r.

    They all looked good! I really didnt care for Russell Brand hosting the VMAs. Seems like the VMAs have become very unsensational

  • Vfan

    Vanessa looks freaking gorgeous
    i was blown away when i saw her on TV

  • cristine


  • nett

    Amazing couple Zac and Vanessa ! They are so adorable together !
    They’re wearing their new matching rings too! Awesome ! You can see Zac’s face lit up and he keeps on staring at her when they were on stage.
    She must be exhausted from her very busy day but they’re together now so that’ what really matter. Ashley and Corbin looks good too !
    Thanks JJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cecilia

    Ashley looked amazing! Zac also.

  • nett

    Sorry but I watched and tivo VMA because of Zac and Vanessa. It was not good this year. I was focused on Zac and Vanessa. They both look amazing. Zac is gorgeous, love his suit, hair,everything and Vanessa is always pretty. They really have the special chemistry and they look great together. Thanks JJ !!!

  • Loiusa

    Thanks Jared :)

    They’re my all time favourite couple!

  • Carla

    Zac and Vanessa. Cute =]

  • h

    Apparently all isn’t happy in lala land for those two based on the mtv backstage blog.

    Ah but they don’t interest me, but I know they do others.

    Corbin looking real good.


    The thing I don’t understand is this: why is it ok for Ashley bashing to go unabated with even the so called older, wiser aka should know better fans standing by while that carries on? And then the *second* someone posts something even remotely negative about Vanessa then the claws come out. Post after post of how that person is “stupid”, “delusional”, “mean-spirited” Has it ever occured to some of you that there are people out there that simply DON’T LIKE Vanessa???. Someone posted about how she (allegedly) met Vanessa who was mean to her and the cries of ‘liar’ and making things up were heard from a mile away. Meanwhile on this thread several people have commented quite viciously on Ashley and these sane posters are nowhere to be found to rein them in. Interesting.

    It seems the only way you can be a “Zanessa” fan is to put others down, stand by idly while abuses are dished out to other people i.e Ashley and basically live in la la land where Zac and Vanessa are the happiest couple in the world. Like they’re the only people in a relationship. PLEASE! Double standards are sickening.

  • Vfan 4ever

    Vanessa is the most beautiful person in the whole world!
    She looks amazing! I loved her dress!
    damn, I love heeer so much!
    And we finally got Zanessa!! YAY!

    The best couple ever!

  • Em

    i love her dress! it’s a little hard to believe that she was late to the show bc she was doing a concert in santa monica…getting very much sweaty and tired in the process and shows up to the vma’s looking like THAT! too bad she didn’t make the red carpet, i would have loved hq pics of her in that dress. her hair looks good too. A+ on this look for v


    #45 I saw that blog too… hmm. The blogger certainly can’t be accused of making stuff up because they clearly have no interest other than reporting what went down.I can’t deny that something seemed “off” between them but shhhhh. Don’t say that on here, you’re liable to be crucified by the rabid fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bee

    she looks drop dead GORGEOUS!

    you wouldn’t even think she’d just had a concert before-hand..
    that concert was packed too..

    thanks Jared..