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Rihanna's 'Disturbia' Performance - MTV VMAs 2008

Rihanna performs “Disturbia” at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday.

English comedian Russell Brand will host the event while Britney Spears will be opening up the night with a surprise performance. Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak of America’s Best Dance Crew will battle it out to determine who will present the Best Dancing in a Video award.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s outfit and her performance — YAY or NAY?

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  • Dalva


  • kid kash

    i love me some Ri. but, the notes werent being hit at all. she did go better with t.i though. and that outfitt was much better than this one too.

  • Island Girl

    im not too sure how i feel about this performance

  • m.f

    i don’t think this was fierce enough for an opening act.. dunno.. no thumbs up from me

  • craig

    Whole show was garbage…mtv dropped the ball. Had a sick location for a show and blew it with performances like this. Think the director was on speed…cut way to many cameras

  • Freiheitfuzzy

    It was not a good performance at all.

    The intro was interesting when the stampede of zombie-like people came out, but it seemed like the backup music was doing more of the singing than Rihanna herself. And the choreography was sloppy and all over the place. Not very well planned.

  • becca

    grace jones, much?

    still LOVED it.

  • andrĂ©

    she looked desperate coz her voice wasn’t coming out (as usual)

  • alexkziel

    This show was embarrassing and awkward to watch.

  • yily

    First of all, Rihanna looks trashy as always, even when she’s performing! What kind of a performance is that? It’s the VMA opening, and Rihanna just move around lip synching like a freaking zombie!

    The VMA opening is a showstopper and Rihanna sucks! She looks completely disfigured in that disgusting outfit. Her legs and thighs are huge compared to her upper body.

    Perez Hilton said she was disproportional and I think he’s right! She look weird! Worst performance ever from Rihanna!

  • marisa

    the performance was alright. the outift didn’t do her justice. she could have worn something a lot prettier and stuff.
    russel brand was just an obnoxious idiot the whole show. what a coward. go back to the uk russel!

  • anthony

    The whole VMA sucked besides Pink’s performance and britney winning.

    I wish they would have went all out like they usually do but I guess even MTV is feeling the pinch of the economy

    They should have had it in a big arena with a big stage as usual, it all looked sloppy and stupid.

  • ^^
  • kathy

    first time ever watching this show, i really wanted to see britney, am also a huge fan of Rihana .but i didn’t like her performance

  • daniels


    she is such a fuckin whore…

  • marisa

    okay performance? russel brand suckedd!!!!

  • ispywithmylittlei

    Rihanna’s thighs are huge but her upper body is pretty tiny so she’d have to starve to get rid of the huge legs, i guess…i thought her performace was great, actually… i’m a fan…she could do something about those huge legs, though.

  • leighton meester fan

    It wasn’t a bad or good performance it was just okay.

  • cait

    it was a letdown

  • Victoria

    She should of worn something else!
    No offense to her but her thighs looked huge! Even my dad commented on it.

  • Matt

    Boring!!! Rihanna really needs to start getting original, everything about her performance was played out including that hideous rat tail.

  • gross


  • gross


  • mazey


  • Meg

    Absoloutly horrible..
    she sang horribly
    looked horrible
    the vmas suck this year!

  • Eagle

    Thumbs down. She cannot sing.

  • disappointed

    It sucked. The VMAs were shitty this year.

  • Archon

    Honestly, it was not too good. If we say she was fantastic, will you stop the incessant posts about her?

  • chelsea

    i don’t care how cool rihanna is… rat tails will always be disgusting. after all the hype, the vma’s were kinda slow this year. i’m on the west coast so they’re still going. i stopped watching after pink’s performance. i love pink and although she didn’t sing all of it, i still think her performance was the only one really worth watching. jb was pretty cool too.

    the award show was just slow though. i remember thinking ah just get on with it. like jamie fox? seriously how long did he have to talk to introduce something. i did like the countdown though so i could leave and come back to watch the parts that i wanted to.

  • deetz

    Rihanna sucked monkey balls!

  • kathy

    I just saw the performance with T.I and all i have to say is, this girl is drop dead gorgeous, its ok to be a little jealous for all those haters on here, made up mostly of ugly fat mostly white teenagers. this girl is naturally beautiful, just be honest

  • Tina

    Kathy is a racist and an ugly fat whore!

  • way too easy

    way too easy

  • Taj

    Rihanna’s going bald. That rat on her head ate her hair!

  • The Realest

    first of all, fuck all the bitch ass haters who wanna hate hate & run dey mouth full of bullshit comments bout mah girl RiRi. i don’t give a damn wat nobody say, she did GREAT as usual.. maybe the vocals weren’t all da way up to par, but she still did a FAB job nonetheless. RiRi & CB are the #1 musicians in the game today, so to all yall haters & fake bitches, get it together and start to appreciate.

    Rob looks gud in anything she wears. the fits may sometimes be a lil provacative, but she has the shape & money for it… so stop the wack as HATiN. damn yall need a hobby

  • amanda

    i didnt like this performance at all. she sounded horrible. the other performance with t.i. was ok but she should of had more energy. it was just blah to me.

  • Luke

    I hated the VMAS this year. It seems so intimate b/c of the location. It wasn’t loud when people applauded, less cameras getting audience reactions/crowd appearances, the host sucked, the host material was shit (why talk about the pres. election. We hear that enough), and the stage was waaaaaay small. It just seemed it was a small budget VMAs. It wasn’t large enough. However, Britney looked great!!

  • danz

    #35 The Realest, you need to get real. Rihanna is a SINGER! If her vocals aren’t up to par, she ain’t doing her job very well. She is #1 right now because of a talented team behind her and a marketable image. I’m not “hatin”, that’s just the truth.

  • blabberstar


  • d

    i guess you are all realizing she sucks. i’ve known that for a while

  • kan

    She looks like a Vegas showgirl again. No surprise there.

    This “singer” needs to practice more if she likes to laugh at Britney Spears. Really. I’m not a Britney fan but you all go to admit that Britney rocks whenever she performs at the VMAs.

    She has nice songs. But she can’t sing them live properly. What the hell. At least make it up with the performance.

    Too much hype on this “singer”. She isn’t all that great as she thinks she is. And with that white highlights, talk about a “skank”.

  • tellin it like it is

    I didn’t really enjoy the performance, and was it not really obvious that she was lip synching… or whatever that was? There was very obvious loud recorded singing in the background while Rihanna’s lips weren’t even moving. It was really bad over all, I personally think that song is… disturbing. She looked really zoned out and just not with it. I think she could have done that performance with a little more clothes, less freaky contacts, and less awkward movements, and oh yeah, less recorded vocals.

  • enoughalready

    Why did they do this, Pink should’ve open up to show this girl what a real Rock, Pop or what ever is suppose to look and sound like she was terrible (as usual).

    She lip sync on the wrong song…

    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

    This is why her label want invest in her…


    The costumes were phenomenal. I loved the whole look and style of it.

  • H.marie

    She is such a cute girl with a cute voice…it would be nice just to see her in a cute out-fit singing once in awhile. All the props and garbage out-fits does not do a cute little thing like her any justice.

  • juls

    no no no no

  • Kalilah

    Eh, it was OK. Her voice wasn’t up to it though. I thought the background dressers were more interesting then her. :P

    Someone above said Pink should have opened? Never hear a statement more true! Pinks’ act was deff’ the only thing worth looking at!

    I feel so disappointed. This is the first time I’ve ever got to watch the VMAs and it sucked. I wish I could have seen the previous ones :(

  • mischa

    Rihanna….Most overrated and untalented “singer” with a megabucks contract!!! In fact…that set the tone for the night. The only true singer (Leona Lewis) was relegated to doing backup for Lil Wayne…or Neanderthal..whatever his name is. The American music scene is in the toilet….and it needs to be flushed right away!! I like Britney…but cmon 3 awards??? Rigged. Just like the Presidency. Manufactured just like the Jonas bros/Hanson….

  • tam

    I so wanted to like her performance but it was lazy, sloppy and not worthy of opening the VMA’s. Britney’s performance last year, even in the haze she was in, was better if not the same as Rihanna’s. I was very disappointed. The thing high boots made her thighs look like absolutely huge. Not flattering at all. It was disappointing to say the least.

  • sHAY

    Rihanna’s performances made the show. I like both performances but enjoyed the TI collabo the best. Everything else was SO BORING.