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Robert Pattinson - MTV VMAs 2008

Robert Pattinson (in Marc Jacobs) and Kristen Stewart (in Derek Lam & Sergio Rossi) arrive at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday.

English comedian Russell Brand will host the event while Britney Spears will be opening up the night with a surprise performance. Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak of America’s Best Dance Crew will battle it out to determine who will present the Best Dancing in a Video award.

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson at the 2008 MTV VMAs

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robert pattinson 2008 mtv vmas 05
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robert pattinson 2008 mtv vmas 07
robert pattinson 2008 mtv vmas 08
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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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Christopher Polk/Getty


# 1

he is breathtakingly handsome

# 2


rob and kristen look so cute 2gether!!!! ^_^

# 3

aghhhhhhhhhhhh he is soo hot!!!
i love him :D

# 4

1 <3 twilight
and robert pattinson is hot
so is taylor lautner
kristen is soo pretty

# 5

I never really understood his hotness until this post. I always thought Cedric should have been a hotter actor, but now I guess I am proven wrong.

# 6

jesus, Kristen Stewart is hot!

# 7

Robert, Ah!! He’s SO SO hot, they’re so cute together :) Jealous that you got to meet them Jared!

# 8

haha russell brand was really funny when he interupted him talking about a bunch of random stuff

# 9

Kristen looked so beautiful.

yay :) post more!!

Twifanatic Amanda @ 09/08/2008 at 3:35 am

Kristin is so pretty, great legs lol and Rob’s shoes are so funky haha

i love him!
he’s soo cute!
but i don’t like when russell brand interrumped him

He’s so gorgeous! Drop Dead Gorgeous. Thanks Jared!

Nice outfit, horrible shoes Rob! Screw Russell Brand!

Nice outfit, horrible shoes Rob! Screw Russell Brand!

Kristen looks beautiful
and I don’t know if I’m the only one that thinks this…but Robert always kinda looks like he just smoked some weed or something…

Wow Rob looks amazing. See he scrubs up real well.

Rob&Kristen would make such an awesome couple!

Beautiful handsome sexy hot man! I love him so much…..

Too bad that he didn’t have the chance to talk…

they are both looking fantastic
great to see them!!!
tick-tick, tick-tock, i hear nov.21 coming…

(still havent forgotten about u, russell,ugh)

ahhhhhh. hotness!

Love him. I wish MTV had been smart enough to realize that he is a major draw. Dumb asses. Thank you for all the Robert (and Kristen), JustJared. You totally knew. I kiss you on both your cheeks! Mwah!

LOL, bee. Brand better watch his back. O_o For real.

I love you JJ you know what we want. Rob looks incredible. Th emost handsome movie star ever.

So annoyed about Brand stopping him talking. So rude

I actually love those shoes

Pattinson is going to be the biggest film star in the world. Brand will be begging to kiss hia feet soon.

I didn’t know he played Cedric. He such a shy guy and so soft spoken, I like him a lot though. He reminds me of Ed Westwick and thats a good thing.

I think he’s the only guy who can pull off the hair thing that he does.

Sorry Just Jared forgot to say those photos of Rob are wonderful. Love them.

Brand probably had to stop him, there are time limits people.

Roberrrrrrrrt !! he’s too hot !
I’m dazzled *_____*

Rob and Kristen look great!! I love all the Rob pics you’ve posted lately. Thanks!

um Anthony:

What Rob was gonna say would probably only take a few seconds max. he was just gonna introduce paramore, but russell interrupted by babbling about something random that no one even understood. he talked way longer than rob would have. not only that, he stole the ONE moment mtv was saying was gonna happen. we were cheated, and russell is to blame for taking those few seconds away from all the fans watching the show just to hear the cast, especially rob say something, anything.

I agree with Bee. Brand took his time. I wondered if the two of them had history and Brand did it on purpose.

EW he has such a giant head

um Anthony:

What Rob was gonna say would have taken only a few seconds, max. He was just gonna introduce paramore. But russell interrupted, babbling about something random that no one even understood. He talked for like 5-10 seconds. He talked way more than Rob would take to introduce paramore!!! Not only that, he stole the one thing everyone was waiting for, suffering through the rest of the show just to see the cast, especially rob, say something, anything. Russell is the one that needed to be given a time limit.

Jared if you posted Rob images every day I’d be a happy girl. These are gorgeous. He’s a stunning guy and a sweetheart too. I completely agree he will be a huge movie star then MTV will grovel at his feet. Brand is a flash in the pan.

I agree Brand took all of Rob’s time and more. Idiot. Pattinson is the most beautiful guy in the world.

Pattinson is breathtakingly handsome. But more importantly a brilliant actor. I cant wait to see him as Salvador Dali. The producer of the film said it was an extraordinary performance.

OMiGOD Marry me Robert. Your so amazing, and handsome and that accent is just OMiGOD!

I want Rob and Krsiten to do the PR for Twilight. Sick of hanger on Taylor. He’s ridiculously pushy.

ome, i love rob’s hair and his expressions are priceless

kristen has a pretty smile, and hey, she dyed her hair again

gosh, if only they were a couple…^_^

I love his ducky shoes. XD

OMG ROBERT! He’s like, sooooo hot <3333 I can’t wait to see him in the Twilight movie! I love you Robert!

I am in complete lust with him

I wish Rob and Kristen were together. Wake up kristen

november 21st!! yess!

I can’t wait.

Rob is too hot for words.

still angry he was interrupted from talking last night. UGH

Wow! He DOES clean up nice!! He is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l !!

He IS Edward. Wow! WOw! WOW!

Thanks for the pictures Jared!

MTV and Brand so messed up not letting Rob speak. So annoyed. Rob looed sizzling hot though.

I so think Rob and Kristen will get together when they film New Moon. She and her boyfriend looked so uncomfortable together in the photos but she looked so relaxed with Rob

Pattinson is a greek god. He will become the biggest star in Hollywood and I’m glad Jared is giving him such early PR.

I think he wears those shoes on purpose like Johnny Depp wears a pair of manky old shoes. I like them.

Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t wait for the transcribed interview you have up in your sleeve. Thanks for this again!

I really hope he becomes Superman in the rbeoot. He’s incredibly talented and handsome. or at the very least the lead int he new Clash of the titans film.

Love Rob Pattinson! So pissed at Russell Brand. The only reason I watched last night was to hear Roberts sweet voice! Poor guy didn’t even have a chance. Thanks Jared for posting these Pics!

A truly beautiful man with buckets of talent and charisma. I hope you asked him about the Salvador Dali role in Little Ashes.

I’m glad people who come on here can finally see some lovely photos of him. Did you ask him about the TDZ video where that drunk woman tried to kiss him


JARED, you HAVE to post more about twilight!

Mrs. edward cullen @ 09/08/2008 at 7:57 am

i want MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE edward/ rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gad, he looks so HAWTTTTT :)

are he and kristen really dating!?

Aww… They’re so cute *-*

Thanks for these wonderful shots. He’s adorable and sexy and everything you could want in a man and probably one of the only heterosexual men in Hollywood.

Thanks Jared, they are great shots and I love the shoes. Rob takes my breath away.

Considering half the audience looked like circus freaks, Rob shoes should make Mr. Blackwell’s Best Dressed list.

Those two look too hot together.

And I love his dirty shoes!

has rob a girlfriend???
hes so hot

Awww Rob and Kris are so hot!
I hate the host! grrr!

Rob’s playing the field at the moment and I wish I was on that field with him. He’s the one actor in Hollywood who looks like he knows his way round a woman.

Jared are you keeping that space at the top of the page alongside Hudgens for Rob. Keep it nice and warm for him.

He’d make a great graphic novel lead. I fancy the pants off him

Rob is the man of my dreams. I really want him to be a huge film star as he’s so talented. At least we now know he’s doing Parts Per Billion next with the Little Ashes trailer out in October. I shoudlnt be so excited to see Rob get some man action in Little Ashes but I am.

I love his style_he’s my favourite actor

the whole cast looks great

grrrrr! I taped the mtv awards show soley to see Rob Pattinson present and then that idiot Russell Brand interrupted him and he never got to speak.
anyway, super hot as always….can’t wait for the movie!!!

ohhh, LOVEEE this man!!! but really hated the stupid (non-funny) russell brand ¬¬ i could kill him! all night waiting for the twilight crew and that jacka$ss of brand interrumped every time Robert tried to speak…

Twilight will rock!! :D

PS: dieee slowly brand :@

he was the only reason i watched the vmas and then he got cut off by the host!!!!ps: him and kristen should totally start dating

The hair! Don’t stare at the hair too long, it will break your spirit down faster than you can say “uncle!”

His hair needs it’s own agent, I swear to you. It’s absolutely hypnotizing.

I know they aren’t together, but KS and Robert look good together. They are going to be amazing onscreen for Twilight! They look like kissing cousins!

So mad that Russell Brand cut Rob off. By the way, as much I want Kristen and Rob to be a real life couple, her boyfriend was a the VMAs as well. His name is Michael Angarano.


no, he hasnt a girfriend

I can’t wait to see Kristen and Robert onscreen for Twilight. You can tell they have mad screen chemistry-you can see the chemistry when they are simply posing for still shots!

These two are so awesome together!
So much hotness!!! Chemistry. If only Micheal wasn’t there, they could have flirted like normal.

hahah, I know that Michael boyfriend dude ruins EVERYTHING….lol

God Robert Pattinson is BEAUTIFUL! *dies*

TwitasticlyTwilight @ 09/08/2008 at 1:44 pm

He’s wearing his Twilight costume (again) the shirt is the same on as the one he wears when he’s with bella in his room .

They do totally flirt. At least when her boyfriend isn’t

Those MTV interviews holy heck, KS looking at RP was like watching a fat kid eye a cupcake.

he’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freackin’ handsome =)
and kristen is beautiful, but… she have this boyfriend… mmm. yeah ¬¬

rob is waaaaaaaay better
thanks for posting it JJ

Rob= hotness. No doubt about it.

But will someone please feed that girl a sandwich? Look at her legs!

that’s not the shirt na ah, this is like green with stripes
the other one is like baby blue

Yaay Kristen is so amazing! *-*

They are both so gorgeous!!! And Rob’s outfit is hott!

i totally think that they should get together .. everyone is talking about their onscreen chemistry! woohoo cant wait
btw he totally loves her .. and he knows it to

dang, those two have squiggly sex vibes just bouncing off one another. I can’t wait to see their kiss in Twilight! It’s gonna be hot and they’ll make it dirty, even for a pg-13 rating!

naana *braasiil* @ 09/08/2008 at 3:53 pm


I love how he doesn’t really give a crap about how he dresses. His shirt is wrinkled and his shoes are all holey, that’s awesome next to all those high school musical pansies.

He doesn’t seem really comfortable being so mainstream and bubblegum famous. Bonus points for that.

Thank you for all the lovely pictures of Robert. Can’t wait for the interview. Hope his other projects get mentioned Little Ashes, How to be, Parts per Billion.

P.S. Love the boots!

Soooooooooooo cuiiite!!

loove robertt (L)

Kristen needs to ditch the boyfriend and get with Rob already!

Love Him.
He IS Breathtakingly Handsome :)

Sweet lord! Rob is yummy. Kristen is so beautiful!

he is the nexzt Johnny depp for sure

Hottest man in the world

I agree he adores her. she is so stupid

Totally agree the next Johnny Depp. Pattinson is an exceptional actor but not many know that yet. I cant wait for everyone to finally understand.

When you think of all the idiot boys that got the spotlight on MTV when Rob is a sex god under their nose. Its criminal

Parts Per Billion now has an IMDB page. Cant wait to see Rob in all his new projects

The second shot bottom row of Rob is so stunning. he should have been Dorian Gray.


Right now.

Love you, Rob! And I loved that you shaved.

Clean Shaven!Rob is the best.


Right now.

Love you, Rob! And I loved that you shaved.

Clean Shaven!Rob is the best.

ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! @ 09/08/2008 at 6:52 pm


I agree clean shaven Rob is godlike

His Salvador Dali film really excites me. Rob is going to be a top Hollywood actor. He has the versatility and sex appeal to go far.

When is the full trailer for Twilight out

I hope he does a full fashion shoot soon but without the other Twilight actors. The one with the black suit and top hat looked interesting.

no. ONE. should ever interrupts robert.

i stopped watching the vmas after that.

but he looks amazing, =]

newport beach, 92660 @ 09/08/2008 at 8:23 pm

#114- It is out.. check out “Twilight Tralier” OHHH he looks unbearably gorgeous!!! I bet he had to stay away from the sun for awhile to play Edward Cullen.

omg i love him and kristen!!!! I was so pissed when russell brand interupted him when he was speaking at the vmas.

cullenist @ 09/08/2008 at 8:40 pm

my friends came over to watch the twilight cast introduce paramore and mainly to watch Rob but Russell Brand had to interrupt him and right when he did that all of us screamed!!!!!!!!!!ps kristen seriously needs to date rob:)

He’s so freakin gorgeous. It hurts to look at him! More pix please.

mrs. pattinson @ 09/08/2008 at 8:45 pm

Kristen Stewarts boyfriend is cute but she needs to start dating Rob, it would be perfect if they started dating while they were promoting the movie!!!!!!!

i love him
he looks so great with everything
and Rob and Kris looks so nice and cute together
like a real couple!!!

Thank you for posting more Rob! Keep the Rob posts coming! NOW! :)

Robert is sooo hot and talented.He has the most adorable laugh in the world.

thank you, much love to justjared for bringing us twilight. xoxo

love the pics keep ‘em coming. we want more of that sexy rob and kristen (not taylor, he’s starting to bug me) ^_^


i really like his shoes LOL!

Rob looked gorgeous, Cam fine as hell, Taylor cute, and Kristen beautiful. Mostly liked the way they dressed but what was Rob thinking wearing those shoes? Big feet though! >: ) Russell is a dumbass who kept interupting and should not have been allowed to hold a mic.

Rob and Kristen look so good together. Them dating would be hott! Thanks for the Rob love!

he is soo handsome, i love him, i’m obsessed, I see great things in the future for this man!

Kristen looked happier with Rob than she did her boyfriend. Give it time and they’ll be together. Who wouldnt want Rob and he looks at her lik ehe adores her.

I really want Rob and Kristen together. They seem like soul mates. I hoep to goodness that New Moon has more edwar din it as I cant take that jacob kid for hours.

Love his shoes

He’s so handsome. I could look at photos of him all day.

I do like his hair shorter. Like it was a few years ago. Hope he gets a really huge role like Superman.

Rob bring joy into my dull life.

Robert is so talent and so hot .he has the most adorable laugh.he is perfect.

he is so cool. As cool as Depp

He brings a lot of happiness to people. He should be proud.

In the MTV behind the scenes blog, it said that Rob and Kristen looked “very much” like a real life couple backstage. Not sure what that means exactly, but pretty worthy of mentioning ;-)

He’s hotter than any other Hollywood actor. That natural charisma is beguiling.

Seriously, he’s so cool, it’s breathtaking.

Sadly Kristen’s boyfriend was at the awards but admittedly he didnt look happy at all. I’d be surprised if Rob and Kristen arent together eventually. It does feel like a matter of time.

my god those 2 are stunning…especially together. I think they’ll be great together in the Twilight movie! =D

I love her dress, and him! :D! These are just so gorgeous; wow.

hottest englishman ALIVE!

redinthehead @ 09/10/2008 at 3:42 pm

ok, so he’s rather hairy, has a bit of a uni-brow and is like way cocky! but there is something about him that makes you want him to want you! no?

I cannot wait for the movie!!

What a rebel! Sporting those nasty boots on the red carpet…

thanks for the pics, they are great !! if you could have pics of kristen stewart it would be also great!!
it’s cool that you mentioned what they wore, less fansites do that and
i think i’m not the only french fan who appreciates that you do so !!

twilight fan @ 09/20/2008 at 4:49 pm

Him and kristen stewart would be the perfect couple.

Hmm.. very good looking. Can’t help but notice the shape of his eyes. He must be half Asian (though you never read this) His eye shape is very Korean. Anyone??

Rob is so hot! He makes a perfect Edward… I hope they make the rest of the books into movies, I can’t get enough of Rob! Kristen and Rob should be dating, they would make an awesome couple.

luv the shoes he loks awesome even with the shoes cant wait for twilight hes my edward cullen

luv the pics thx and dont make fun of rob by saying he doent hav clothes its cuz he didnt bring alot from uk so who cares and the shoes too who cares but still luv the pcs watch twilight november 21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

luv the pics thx and dont make fun of rob by saying he doent hav clothes its cuz he didnt bring alot from uk so who cares and the shoes too who cares but still luv the pcs watch twilight november 21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

robert is just WOW omg like wow im speechless
i adore kristen’s eyes! they are like omg really beautiful!

engineergrl77 @ 10/19/2008 at 6:03 am

do u think that Kristen and Robert UNDERSTAND that they are about to become HELLA FAMOUS (more than they are now) due to the AWESOME Twilight Series???? They are going to BLOW UP BIGTIME…next we’ll be seeing splattered all over the celebrity magazines!!

Twilight fan @ 10/20/2008 at 1:08 am

i love edward

Aleksandra @ 02/06/2009 at 10:02 pm

I love rob!!!! i dont want him with kristen i know i sound really blunt right now, but hey its true, what girl doesnt want rob all to her self, right! GO ROB! I guess kristen is okay thought, shes not that bad…

Robert pattinson should be Dorian Gray… both are so hot!!!!

Ben Barnes sucks!!!!!!!!!! he’s so ugly!

if Rob is not going to be Dorian that movie is gonna suckkk!!!!

I guess this is an old issue but still this is what I want 2 say and hopefully, KStew haters would read: To those who say KStew can”t ac, it’s either you did not read the book or you did not understand it.The book describes Bella is unpopular at least while she was still living in Phoenix with her mom.She is shy and clumsy.BELLA’s RECEPTION OF THINGS IS ALSO VERY COOL.I mean her being “cool” is one thing that attracted Edward towards Bella like when Edward admitted that he was a vampire and asked her if he was scared,Bella said”No.” She was “cool” about dangerous things and Edward said that that is not normal 4 a human.(I wanted 2 cite here the pages where Bella is described as such but i don’t have the time so all i ask of you is to read again the books and you’ll see what i mean.Don’t criticize too quickly).Kstew is a great actress.It’s just that BElla is an uninteresting person at least in the human eyes.I hate 2 say this but why did the author-Stephenie Meyer- made Bella’s character a boring one at least in the eyes of people but not 2 Edward.Kristen’s acting talent was seen in Panic Room with Jodie Foster among other independent movies.Although she did not yet win any awards,her talent did not go unnoticed.I pity KStew because she is a very talented actress and was not able to show her talent in “Twilight” primarily because Bella in the book is basically a boring character.I am looking forward to see her “New Moon” because her acting prowess would finally be showcased in this movie.Lastly, let us not forget that KStew and RPatzz have a great on and off screen chemistry and this helped a lot in the success of the movie.Had Emily Browning played Bella,I don’t think the movie would have been as successful as it is now.I for one and many others I know do not think much of the movie but because of the “smoldering looks and obvious attraction” between RPAtzz and Kstew off-screen, it made the movie worthwhile to watch and the book 2 read.We would not have bought the “Twilight book series” if not 4 Kstew and RPAttz.We love watching them over and over again specially the fan made videos of the two in YOU TUBE.By the way, thanks a lot to those fans who make the Robsten,r//k,etc music videos.They’re great and fun 2 watch.Hopefully,RPAtzz and KStew would become a couple in the future- when they are ready 2 settle door now,let’s leave them 2 thier present partners and allow them to tresaure and nurture whatever friendship they have right now(KStew and RPattz).

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