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Vanessa Hudgens: Back On The Road

Vanessa Hudgens: Back On The Road

Vanessa Hudgens gets back on the road as she arrives at LAX Aiport in Los Angeles on Monday after having attended the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

Sister Stella Hudgens was also traveling with older sis V! The Hudgens family are traveling to support Vanessa‘s upcoming show at the Arena Monterrey in Mexico Tuesday evening.

With the recent success of High School Musical, Vanessa, Zac and Ashley have all padded their bank accounts!

“For the first two HSM movies that aired on Disney Channel, the cast all made about the same,” an insider tells InTouch. “Now that HSM 3 is headed for the big screen, all of their salaries went up, but no one made more than $3 million.”

Zac reportedly made $3 million for the recent HSM movie. Ashley reportedly made $2.8 million while Vanessa made only $2 million. An insider said that Vanessa was paid less due to the photo scandal that hurt her image previously.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the reported salaries our favorite HSM actors?!?!

20+ pictures of Vanessa Hudgens getting back on the road…

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vanessa hudgens back on the road 01
vanessa hudgens back on the road 02
vanessa hudgens back on the road 03
vanessa hudgens back on the road 04
vanessa hudgens back on the road 05
vanessa hudgens back on the road 06
vanessa hudgens back on the road 07
vanessa hudgens back on the road 08
vanessa hudgens back on the road 09
vanessa hudgens back on the road 10
vanessa hudgens back on the road 11
vanessa hudgens back on the road 12
vanessa hudgens back on the road 13
vanessa hudgens back on the road 14
vanessa hudgens back on the road 15
vanessa hudgens back on the road 16
vanessa hudgens back on the road 17
vanessa hudgens back on the road 18
vanessa hudgens back on the road 19
vanessa hudgens back on the road 20

Photos: JFXonline, FlynetOnline
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  • leila

    people say she’s pregnant ?? haha look at the pictures , she’s still skinny !

  • leila




    lmao VANESSA MADE ONLY $2 million due to the photo scandal that hurt her image previously.

    don’t forget she can’t act she should be happy with that amount because she’ll never make as much as angelina jolie or any of the other good acting actresses

  • tracy

    she has very long hair again :)

  • Zanessa

    I love you baby V!!!
    you are the BEST role model and actress and singer!

  • car

    She looks gorgeous, that color is pretty. Man she has been running back forth, oh well she’ll enjoy Mexico.

    Whatever about the salaries, she, Zac and especially Lucas are actually going to last.

  • codizzzzzzzzle

    she suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

  • Gabi

    i love her!!!
    she deserved more money! :)
    x x

  • ohnoes

    lol w.e, ashley needs to die though, what a useless piece of fuck.

  • omj

    beautiful as always! i love vanessa, she’s teh BEST!

  • valeria

    i think it’s stupid they paid her less for the photo scandal nobody remembers but i still love her

  • Cindy

    I don’t believe this salary comment. I also read that Zac made any where from 6 mil to 2.5 mil, Vanessa made anywhere from 3.5 mil to 1.75 mil and Ashley made much less than Vanessa. Depending on which article you read at the time , the salaries were all different. Unless I see it in writing or Vanessa, Ashley , or Zac confirms it, I don’t buy it. Somehow , I can’t see Disney doing that to her, especially since she was one of the first ones to sign on for HSM3. Hopefully this and the pregnancy rumors will stop soon. Vanessa is not in the least, pregnant looking in these photos. Again, chalk it up to rumors. I wonder how much of what we read about these stars is actually true? Not much , I’ll bet. She looks really great here btw.

  • Iris Belem

    Vanessa is a bitch .
    She shouldn’t be in HSM is good to much for her .
    u suck , bitch
    Zac , i love you baby boy .

  • Lalala

    No its true. It was on E News or the Daily 10. One of those. They are known to be resourceful…

  • http://wow wow



  • Tracy

    vanessa totally should have made more then ashley! vanessa is the leading lady and the photo scandle shouldn’t have affected it! it was
    personal and shouldn’t have interrupted her work.

  • lilly

    i love baby v. she is very pretty and its unfair that ashley got paid more than her

  • Kami

    thats gay that they paid her less and i dont really believe this till i get the source and if its reliable then i guess i do believe it
    V FAN 4EVER!!!!

  • VAnessa lover

    She looks so pretty….luv her

  • Jennifer W

    vanessa is amazing and i love her shirt

  • VAnessa lover

    She looks so pretty….
    luv her

  • erica

    vanessa is not essential to high school musical, i mean, she can be replaces for any actress in the rol of gabriella or a similar, i think that she dsserves the 2 million, zac is the main character, and sharpay is one of the best characters of HSM

  • alie

    i love her an zac
    zanessa 4 ever

  • april

    Z and V got paid the most…then Ash, Lucas, Corbin, and Mo.

  • Hello

    I love her outfit.

  • clara

    yeah e news reported it but they never said it in absolute terms. Most likely it was “leaks’ & a bit of guesstimattion. If the cast specifically reveals their salaries or disney does then they will be the ones I will fully believe. Also money doesn’t always define everything, Lucas is one of the most talented or the most talented in that cast, yet I highly doubt he made anywhere near as much as these 3.

    I like her top, she is looking good.

  • Malia

    Wow, this story changes all the time. What happened to the original rumor that Zac got $6 mil, Vanessa $3 mil. And who is this “insider” at In Touch? Oh, right the janitor.

  • NIETTa

    Wow Vanessa are pregnant and who is the father?

  • lilly

    i love vanessa so much
    its unfair that ashley made more money than she did

  • Oprah

    I don’t understand the “huge” hype around Vanessa Hudgens. Sure she’s the female lead in the High School Musical movies and dating her co-star…but that’s kind of it, besides two albums and a movie that’s title keeps on changing

  • lola

    anyone know where her bag is from??

  • april

    LOL Malia…the janitor !! Yeah, an In Touch Insider…a real credible source !

  • Tami

    I’m curious who would be releasing that kind of information. Seems to me it would be someone who would benefit from such a rumor. Think about it.

    It’s a known fact that the main characters–Zac and Vanessa–got the highest salaries in all the of the movies.

  • ashelee

    only a few more concerts to go and vanessa can kick back and rest for a few days. hang in there vanessa girl.

  • Malie!

    she deserved more money!! =|

  • baby V

    Can all of you haters die like right NOW PLEASE!!!! Im sure it did’nt bother her because she is getting money from her ads and did a movie and is going to do much more movies I’m sure. So why the fuck should she care.

  • .

    haha #32 i was gonna say the same thing!! i love vanessa and ONLY 2mill….thats still a lot

  • SAm

    I think its fair, to be honest ashley is much talented than vanessa.

    After hsm2, nearly everyone agreed that ashley shined while vanessa was ok.

  • Angelika in Poland

    she`s beatifeul
    she`s great
    she`s amazing
    kiss for you vanessa!!!!!;**********************

  • ANDY


  • ANDY


  • .

    oh snap / #3 shut up thats more than youll ever make!!!

  • helen

    i thought her tour finished?

  • lullu

    She looks tired. You can see she has huge bags under her eyes. Poor girl needs some rest.

  • x.x :)

    Love her ;P <3 who cares if ashley got paid more, and we dont even know if this is true ;P anyway, $ 2 mill is alot of money, so i would have been very happ7y if i got that, and they have alot of money from the others movie they have been in…. =) lol! i dont think vanessa is pregnant, i bet someone just said it once on a random site and then someone made a rumor and spread it everywhere;P

    <3 zanessa

  • lol

    This was all in In Touch magazine. Sorry if you read the actual numbers, it’s all bull sh*it. but you brainless kids can believe what you want.

  • lol

    by actual number I mean, the ones for the entire cast btw.

  • ashelee

    she has on sunglasses and someone can see she has bags under her eyes? good x-ray vision there.

  • kira

    Ashley has the talent of a trash bag. It will be fun watching her fade away after this, while she surely will try and continue her self important, smug little bi tch act.

  • http://hsm-rocks abi

    she is not pregnant c’mon
    vanessa is the best she deserve it more money