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Violet Affleck is a Pastel Princess

Violet Affleck is a Pastel Princess

Mom-to-be Jennifer Garner takes daughter Violet Affleck and husband Ben Affleck to ‘Giggles N Hugs’ restaurant in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday.

Check out Ben‘s new beard!

To learn more about the restaurant where they specialize in birthday parties and fun times for the family, go to

Little V, 2 1/2 was last seen out with mom Jen shopping last week at the Country mart.

20+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck, the pastel princess…

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violet affleck pastel princess 01
violet affleck pastel princess 02
violet affleck pastel princess 03
violet affleck pastel princess 04
violet affleck pastel princess 05
violet affleck pastel princess 06
violet affleck pastel princess 07
violet affleck pastel princess 08
violet affleck pastel princess 09
violet affleck pastel princess 10
violet affleck pastel princess 11
violet affleck pastel princess 12
violet affleck pastel princess 13
violet affleck pastel princess 14
violet affleck pastel princess 15
violet affleck pastel princess 16
violet affleck pastel princess 17
violet affleck pastel princess 18
violet affleck pastel princess 19
violet affleck pastel princess 20

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  • sabrina

    shes a cute kid, but looks really weird here.


    Good Lord! Put the kid down already. She can walk and can certainly crawl up into the car and get in the car seat.

  • Lis


    1. I can see that they carry her maybe to protect her from paps, but couldn’t Affleck help out a bit??? He’s not the pregnant one.

    2 Could he ever smile or pretend he likes his family??

    3. I think Jen is soo cute…hope she’s having a good time!

  • b.

    why Ben don’t take Violet for walk or something like that? Jen is pregnant, and she is all the time with her.
    and Violet look weird in the picture.


    Ben Affleck is really lame and childish to act so morose and disinterested…..He needs to get a clue and act like a participant in his family!

  • douchebag

    I can’t wait till Jen finally divorces him, if my husband was always acting so miserable and unhappy I’d show him the door. Life is too short, Jen is pretty independent too she can take care of herself, she doesn’t need him. Public sympathy would go to her, because of his ugly past. I wonder if he realizes that these constant pics of him looking miserable only adds to the downward spiral of his career, he’s not doing himself any favors. Ben’s publicist needs to advise him quick. Oh well, once a douchebag always a douchebag!!

  • r.

    You seriously are judging his involvement with his family based on not wanting paps to get pics of them together? Also, I think Jen uses the kiddo as a buffer between her and the paps. I don’t think it’s a matter of Ben not wanting to help with his kid.

  • marion


  • Madison r.

    Come on people. These celebs are surrounded by Paps. What do you think would happen if they set their child down while in the midst of a photo frenzy. The child would be swarmed by the paps. Frightened and possibly hurt.

    Think before you post.. how bout that! As for Ben I agree he doesnt look so happy, but, with second baby on the way I am guessing that Ben and Jen are getting along pretty well.

  • laura

    Yeah, r, I agree- I don’t think you could pry Violet out of Jen’s arms. The pic of her with Violet was on earlier, which is exactly what she wants. I know Ben doesn’t like the pap attention like Jen does, but it seems like he goes out of his way to seem disinterested. Weird, something’s not right here.

  • ally

    Madison, have you never heard of a band-aid baby? Or, in Jen Garner’s case, an “I’d better find a way to keep people interested, keep my husband tied to me” baby? That’s EXACTLY what this baby is. But at least Violet will have a sibling to help her cope when Ben does bail- which will happen… eventually.,

  • veronicas

    oh lord, what happened wif ben? he looks disoriented and unhappy.

    but violet is the way too cuteee…

  • douchebag

    If ben isn’t interested in being with his family then he shouldn’t bother spending any time with them at all. If going to breakfast with them once in a blue moon is too stressful for him, then f-ing stay home!!
    Practically his whole career has been lived out in front of then paps because he chooses to have relationships with famous actresses, if he thinks things are going to change now he is naive. Ben should cherish these moments you have with your family especially your children, because you can’t get them back, you never know when tragedy might strike and you lose someone in your family, you’ll look back with regret, but maybe that is what Ben wants so he can get back his freedom that he obviously misses.

  • Halo

    I want to know why does Jennifer dye Violet’s hair? Violet is not a natural blonde, since she was born with darker hair.

  • lurkenstein

    jen’s looking like Liz Hurley with all that lip plump…she needs to tone it down. embrace her thin lips, ya know? ben is unhappy because the papz are intrusive and annoying…plus he’s just a pompous jerk regardless.
    we need laws regarding those picture snappers…have you ever listened to their ridiculous questions? low lifes.

  • mina

    Sorry but Ben looks like a “culo”.

  • bella

    Completely agree with #7.
    Also Jennifer looks great.

  • r.

    Halo, that’s just stupid. I’ll just assume you know nothing about children whatsoever. Many, many babies are born with dark hair and end up being blond children. I was one of them. My son had very dark brown hair that fell out and ended up being light brown. It’s very normal and no, this little girl does not remotely look like she has dyed hair.

  • Everest

    Agreed with # 6,13. Bad boy Ben is a big goofy, that JG choice in the beginning, whether she miserable or happy !
    Violet is growing up fast, she often look happy

  • Jennifer

    I think Violet looks different because her hair is not up in a pony-tail or pig-tails. Which is what we are used to seeing , so she looks VERY different. I think she holds Violet when the paps are around to give her a little more protection. It used to bug me until I realized WHY she must be doing it. Brad and Angelina do it too.

  • http://Ha!Ha! tough

    Who the h*ll is that girl? Thats NOT Violet. Weird.

  • Halo

    @ r.

    Oh really? as a soon to be college graduate, I’m sure I know my basic biology and chemistry. I didn’t say it was impossible to go from brown to blonde, but thats a gradual change. One day, she went from having darker hair, the next day, she’s a platinum blonde child for parents who are brunettes.

    And yes her hair looks dyed because in the first picture, the pigment of the hair look greenish somewhat.

  • shammy

    Violet must be going thru a growth spurt. Her little cheeks are fuller, she has more girth to her. Maybe, she is supporting Mommy thru the preggers weight gain. How cute!!! The trio are out and about having a good time together. Nice to see Ben with the girls again. One thing, Benny boy please shave the grizzly Adams hair off after the film is done with production. He looks so much better with a clean, close, shave showing off his divine and handsome features.

    Happiness and Health to the familia!


  • George

    That little tow-headed girl does not look like Violet Affleck at all. Is she a changeling?

  • http://Ha!Ha! tough

    Sorry. Thats Violet but that top pic looks nothing like her. Feel sorry for Jen because here she is trying to hold Ben’s hand with that photo op and he keeps it in his pocket looking irritated while she settles by grabbing his arm. She is so in denial. She carries this fake huge grin while he looks like he has a bad case of constipation. Not cool Ben.


    Ben looks like he wants to kill his family.

  • Mary

    I don;t think that is her kid, It does not look like her….maybe she is helping a friend…

  • STephanie

    You people on this board seriously need to get a life.

    You don’t even know these people. You don’t know if they are happy or unhappy but I will tell you one thing – you all sound very, very miserable and angry!

  • Adoring Fan

    For cuter pix of Violet and a more involved Ben Affleck, from this same outing, go to CelebrityBabyScoop. JJ doesn’t like Jen G. and only show pix that put a negative spin on this beautiful family. Maybe they don’t want to pay for the other pix.

    Anyway I love the Garner-Afflecks. They are my favorite celeb family.

  • Kelly

    I believe he is filming a movie isnt he? Thats why he is decked out in a beared.

  • tone

    He looks like he soooo don’t want to be there. He has that look that husbands has when they feel like they’re trapped..Why is he not carrying Violet, those pictures tells alot….

  • yo

    Ben is a smart enough guy to know that magazines do not pay for pictures of unhappy subjects. He is trying not to give the paps the perfect shot (also by trying to walk in front of them).

    The magazines typically buy pictures of smiling celebs. Only blogs post the unhappy pictures.

    See for yourself on’s website they only have smiling jen and violet–they cropped out Ben. If Jen and Violet weren’t smiling they wouldn’t have bought the picture at all–but it would be a little much to ask his wife and kid to fake frown.

  • Jackie

    Violet looks way different but in a good way
    More adorable
    Ben Looks kinda old with the beard
    Jen Looks Pretty and beaming whilst being preggers

  • Robbie

    tone @ 09/08/2008 at 6:37 pm He looks like he soooo don’t want to be there. He has that look that husbands has when they feel like they’re trapped..Why is he not carrying Violet, those pictures tells alot….

    tone, you do not even know Ben Affleck. He is probably so annoyed with people like you watching his every move. You seem like the one who is miserable. I bet a picture of you tells a lot. Alot of unhappiness!

  • tone

    He went home pissed, having to go to that resturant and having all those people looking at him. Look at his hands in his pocket, he didn’t even help put Violet in the car. I know that behavior that is a man who feels trap…

  • tone

    Robbie # 34 get a life, oh u don’t have one, you’re on this website just like me, and the camera would break taking a picture of your butt wipe face…Ben look like in the picture wtf….And u look like wtf everyday!

  • Ben’s just not into you

    Those pictures could be the movie poster for Ben’s next movie He’s just not into you.

  • Benji

    Leave Ben alone he can’t carry Violet she’s too heavy for him. It’s pretty clear who is the man in this marriage.

  • Murphy

    You ugly fat pimply women hang out on your computers all of the time
    day dreaming about celebrities!

    Get a life! These people don’t give 2 shiits about you!

  • agi

    the kid is different somehow is she sick?
    ben is handsome and sexy man

  • Violet

    sabrina, she doesn’t look weird at all. She’s a cute kid. Get a life and stop talking about babies’ looks.

  • Violet

    Benji , Violet is not too heavy. She’s two years old and she’s skinny for a baby! If anyone finds a two year old heavy then they’re weak. There are plenty photos of Ben holding her, so you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Agi, She doesn’t look sick at all. She looks adorable.

  • Violet

    Ben’s just not into you, what are you talking about? He’s not into the paparazzi. Stop trying to make up lies about him and his wife who are happily married and having another child. You’re pathetic. Ben’s just not into YOU.

  • truthfully

    Could Ben look any happier.? Words not needed.

  • ouch

    To –tone #35

    bull crap. Just because Ben has his hands in his pocket does not mean he feels trap by his marriage, etc. geez!

    To- Murphy # 39…you are so silly. I’m not fat or pimply. Just have extra time to relax and use the computer. Perhaps it is YOU that is fat and pimply!

    Some men are like that…..they need the woman to tell them to help out. ( rolls eyes)

    Ben- get your hands out of your pocket and help your pregnant wife with the carrying and putting your sweet Violet in the car- would ya?

    I thought Violet looked different too. I think it’s because her hair is covering her ears…..we usually see photos of her in ponytailsetc…..

  • Guz

    Don’t worry ladies – Ben Affleck would NEVER be interested in you!!! Go back to your lazy, fat, beer guzzling unemployed loser boyfriends!

  • Liz

    Tone #35 – you don’t even know this family.

    Your husband or boyfriend probably feels trapped with you!

    You probably don’t even have a husband or boyfriend!!!!

  • jenny

    Ben are you blind?? your wife is very pregnant and carrying your daughter whose quite heavy, show some kindness towards your wife and help her with Violet.

  • Karen

    #35 tone – you must know that behavior because whoever is with you definitely feels trapped being around your sorry butt ugly face!

  • Cuulio

    Very pregnant, yet still a woman with a flat butt.