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Zac Efron to Star in 'Dreamcoat'?

Zac Efron to Star in 'Dreamcoat'?

Zac Efron is possibly looking to make his West End theater debut with the part of Joseph in the musical, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat according to the Mirror.

The 20-year-old High School Musical actor reportedly spoke with Andrew Lloyd Webber about the part. Lee Mead, who currently plays Joseph, will be leaving in January.

An inside source commented, “It is a marriage made in musical heaven. Zac loves the role and is keen to clock up some stage time in London. For Hollywood actors a spell in the West End offers credibility and can be extremely lucrative!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Zac playing Joseph in Dreamcoat — YAY or NAY?

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  • Kim


  • Paul
  • Nikkilou

    yaaay Zac come to London

  • Kada

    I vote Nay. I’ll miss him too much.

  • stephana

    i dont kno what to think,
    but go Zac!!
    i support you in whatever u decide to do!!!

  • tash

    I vote YAY!

    He spent a good bit of time in UK last winter and I know he loved it there and would like to go back. Plus he wants to do London theatre work so this is perfect. I dont know “Joseph” but I have no doubt he could make it great.

    He has to be riding high right now after great notices for MAOW over the weekend.

    Yay Zackers!

  • OpsSS!!!!


  • Zanessa Br


  • zanessa4EWER

    love zanessa

  • bella

    Congratulations to Zac! That is a wonderful opportunity and will get him out of LA and all the craziness. If he makes it there on the biggest stage in the world he will get tons of offers.

  • hali

    Go for it Zac. He is in need of a change and that would be super for his career. In his own words he wants to go in other directions and London is an awesome stage. Wow! That’s great for him.

  • anna


  • jenni

    Good for Zac . He can get away from the paps in the US and begin anew in London. So glad to see him shedding the dreaded ZANESSA label everywhere and making a fresh start. I wish him well as himself……Zac Efron.

  • http://jj Miley

    um… i don’t really know what to say. first high school musical and then this marriage musical? what is he thinking? i mean it seems he likes change but that much… i can just say that may be if he works on his acting skills he can make this thing and make it good because it’s not that easy to make a theater thing…but if he’s not really ready i say that it’s better to back off than dissapoint the fans.
    and.. what is going on with zanessa jj? i want some news.


  • Mandy


  • JDturks

    Zac Efron would feel right at home wearing a rainbow colored coat.

  • fabp

    it’s even going to be more of a sellout ! love the West End so it’ll be fab to have Zac

  • joyfull

    Wow i guess the predictions are all falling into place. Zac leaves to London, Vanessa back in LA all alone, how much testing can her little physique handle. This will be a true test to their relationship whether it ends or prevails. It will be interesting on Zac’s new partner or female friendship now that HSM3 is over. It will also be interesting who Miss Vanessa will become male friends with? But then again they are both still young and soon both of them won’t be in demand to the younger crowd so this kind of an exit is GREAT…. the silent exit so the next time you see both of them whether together or apart they’ll be like new news again oh how fun is hollywood.

  • Malia

    Unless Zac himself “officially” confirmed this information to JJ, then I consider it just that. Another rumor.

  • Roo`Juu

    hah lol.. gud for him :D

  • katie90

    Well,it’s a great opportunity…I just hope he takes Vanessa to London sometimes and they can be in peace and in love far away from Hollywood.

  • Florentina

    Totally yay :D
    He’s gorgeous <3

  • Bre

    Do it big, Zac. Just get out of the HSM phase!

  • mikaela

    I vote nay
    cuz he won’t b able to spend some more ALONE time with v! :(
    but if he does get the part ill b happy :)
    that’s how good of a fan i am!! :D

  • ashlee

    isn’t the mirror a british tabloid much like our star. aren’t they always making up stories without any facts. who is their source? if they said zac told them then i might believe it.

  • nicola

    Yeah come to london Zac! I would love to see you in the play! I don’t even like the play that much but with you in it i would defiantely watch! I would even meake the five hour car jouney to london to see you! PLEASE PLEASE COME!

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Hmm….he’s doin a LOT of acting :)
    Way to go Zac!
    I just hope we see some Zanessa times cuz theyve been seperated for a while since Nessa’s tour ♥

  • Malia

    This information contradicts Zac’s saying he didn’t want to have a singing career. The play Joseph is a major singing role. And, no offense to Zac, but he is NOT a singer.

    Lee Mead, the guy currently in the role has been in Phantom of the Opera. He IS a great singer.

  • goashley!


  • Louise

    I vote for Yay!
    We need a fresh face in London on the West End Stage and I can see tickets just selling like fire over here in the UK to see Zac perform in the coat of every colour!
    I think he could pull the look off.

  • marie

    i agree with malia, zac isnt a singer
    he should stick to acting only and maybe, musicals movies like hsm or hairspray… but singing all the time?? a singing character? lool.. to much baby

    i vote nay

  • emily.

    only if i get to go see it!

  • Tsquared

    I vote YAY, but take V with you…..Isn’t there a theatre over there doing West Side Story?

  • Emma

    PLEASE COME TO LONDON ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • carol – brazil

    YAY! I support you in whatever you decide to do, and it would be great =) ZAAAC I LOVE YOU SO <3 BRAZIL LOVES YOU!


    no zanessa news then soo i dont want that
    i want zanessa news and if zacs playin som
    west end roll then NAY!!
    hope its a rumor *fingers crossed*

  • rachell

    i think he should take it even though i think he’s not much of a singer anyway… but if he does take it this would test his relationship with vanessa to see how far their love is willing to go.

  • angela clarke

    its hard but I vote yay.

    cuz if zac really wants to do this he can :P.
    plus hes a AWESOME singer and hot too :P.

  • bettybaby

    as a fan i support whatever he decides. but i think veering away from musicals at this point in his career is a better move for him, and if the reviews for M&OW are any indication, he is more than ready to take on more dramatic roles. but in the end its his choice.

    london would also be good for him as it seems as if he would get a break from the relentless paps, so that is always a good thing. if this rumor is true, and he gets the role (rumor is its still in talks) i would assume that he would sign on for a finite run. that is what “hollywood” actors do when they take a role on broadway, especially if its an established show.

    unlike most rumors, this will prove itself one or another very soon, as the actor he would replace is due to leave the show in january.

    as far as his relationship with vanessa, they’ll work it out. that’s what couples do.

  • beverley

    I’m not really sure how much faith I’d put in an article in the ‘Daily Mirror’,its a UK tabloid newspaper,so who knows…..

    I agree with Malia,Zac isn’t a singer,whoever takes on the part of Joseph needs an incredibly strong voice to be able to perform every day.

  • serena

    I have to disagree with those who say that Zac isn’t a singer…he may not have cut his own record yet butthat is because that is his choice…he has been offered a record deal by no less than simon cowell and simon knows real talent when he sees one..
    I have to say that i have only heardhim sing a few songs from HSM 2 and Hairspray but based on that i have been amazed at how souldful he is as a singer, has the ability to sing a varirty of genres from the ballads of HSM 2, a R and B type like Bet on It, and he sings theatre style too like the songs he did on hairspray.. he has excellent phrasing, has a wide range and can sound very soulful and seductive as welllike the way he sang Everyday…
    he is amuch better singer than he would give himself credit for and I believe he is saying that simply because at this point he feels he wants to concentrate on his acting career.. but the truth is he happens to be a actor who also happens to be a great singer, and he can even develop that singing further if he wants to…he can actually take it to the next level and certainly mr.cowell took notice of that and not simply because he was popular from HSM…

  • angela

    If he does leave I will be happy beacause he treats Vanessa like crap and they probably broke up or she broke up with him espiacally after the hookup he had with Ashley.He needs to leave Vanessa so she can find a MAN and so he wont break her heart but he probably did already. Well I thinkt hey did break up espacially after what I heard at the mtv blog.

  • Jennifer W

    if zac wants to do this i will always support him in anything and he will be my favorite actor forever

  • serena

    I have to say that a perfect example of how great a singer he is was how perfect he sang It takes Two from Hairspray…braodway style, perfect phrasing and intonation, diction and amazing energy..nothing was oversang and he was simply amazing…that wasnot an easy song to sing and that is an example of what he can do with his voice and he will get better with further training and a vocal coach…

    I believe his voice is still changing and has not yet reached full maturity but will probably get deeper as he gets older…his vsinging voice will sound even more appealing and sensual as he gets more mature…i have already seen some changes from hairspray to HSM 2…there was somuch soul when he sang everyday (which I love) and ofcourse the very romantic way he sang you arethe music in me….i cannot imagine how some of his fans will not see his singing talent and how much he can do with his voice if he wants to.,…

    And you have to remember that Zac’s training started in theatre as a young boy and he is a veteran of being a supporting role in many thatre shows when he was growing up…he has also completed a full course on musical theatre and he will really go back to his first love, which is musical theatre…

  • nomy

    gross what a ugly fag

  • Amelia25

    He cans do all, he is amazing!

  • Karen

    Actually Zac does have a lot of potential for doing musicals on stage. Plus, in a few recent interviews he has spoken about how much he loves singing which I found interesting. We will have to wait and see what happens. As far as Vanessa is concerned, they both have been so supportive of each other in personal and professional ways. The different in him going to Europe now and when he was there earlier this year is that if Vanessa is not working full time on a movie on some location, she could go spend time with Zac in London. They have both said in the past how much they liked London and they do get more privacy there. I think they have seriously tried to gain some privacy in the last couple months for themselves after the madhouse they faced when coming back to LA once they got done filming HSM3. The craziness they faced then NOBODY could endure for long.

    I think when Zac was with Vanessa on her tour they enjoyed just being out and around without constant paps being all around even though fans knew who they were. I don’t think they really mind that but when they can’t even go out to eat without paps being in their face is another matter. In London they wouldn’t have to deal with that as much—MAYBE.

  • anonymous

    HELL NO! poor vanessa will be all alone. :( then they’ll be no zanessa. :’(

  • carly

    he can stay in america we dont need any puffs over here in the UK

  • jessica e.

    BUT THIS IS GOT TO BE THE WORST BY FAR DESICON EVER MADE IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dont leave your baby v….please…for all the zanessa fans out there
    and the people who dont want you to leave america…and besides its all the american gals who made YOU the AMERICAN heartthrob!!!!!
    *pouts*….dont leave vanessa && come 2 london…please…

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