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Christian Bale Parties in a Garden

Christian Bale Parties in a Garden

Christian Bale and his wife Sibi Blazic enjoy a garden party in Hollywood on Monday.

The 34-year-old actor is currently filming Terminator Salvation in Los Angeles. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver both visited the set on Monday and chatted it up with Bale.

Terminator Salvation is being directed by McG and is set to be released in May 2009.

Last month, Bale was arrested and questioned about whether he had assaulted his mother and sister in London, but was not charged due to insufficient evidence.

10+ more pics inside of Christian Bale partying in a garden…

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christian bale sibi blazic garden party 01
christian bale sibi blazic garden party 02
christian bale sibi blazic garden party 03
christian bale sibi blazic garden party 04
christian bale sibi blazic garden party 05
christian bale sibi blazic garden party 06
christian bale sibi blazic garden party 07
christian bale sibi blazic garden party 08
christian bale sibi blazic garden party 09
christian bale sibi blazic garden party 10

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  • Kalilah

    Love Batman. Love Terminator. Love him.

  • jam

    yum, he’s lovely :P

  • Ali

    Woohoo!!! Thank you!! He’s my favorite!

  • olga.t

    My God Christian I adore you! I totally admire you as an actor!!!
    But what the hell you are wearing Baby??!!!
    Stop with this casual countryside style, be sexy!!!! I beg you!!!

  • thelma


  • lurker

    Bale is aging badly. He has a gaunt look these days.

  • ……

    Terminator movie with McG? yikes

  • cherrysky

    Bale is molten hot.He is so sexy that his sexiness can be harnessed to rid the effects of global warming. Love him.

  • ar

    He changes his build and look for characters. In the war torn post-apocalyptic world of the Terminator movie I doubt his character is eating good, thus the gaunt look. I think he’s he’s one of the few getting sexier with age. Even the gaunt look is OK on him because it shows his great bone structure.

  • Ali

    CB is great! :)

  • Joanna Gilby

    Ooh, hello! Someone’s looking mighty fine today! I’m glad they are not charging him for that horrid business in July, he did nothing wrong and if he did, that’s private. I can’t wait for the new Termatior 4 one, so going to see that and the fact that he met Arnie! Wicked stuff, love you Christian.

  • shemp lugosi

    This dude has some seriously gorgeous feet!

  • Gaby

    I looooooooooooooove Christian, he is the best!

  • jake

    What a hottie – I love him!!

  • gina

    He looks great here, and I heard about him meeting with Arnold. I wonder how that conversation went.

  • Star

    This guy is one of the best actors out there right now and he’s all the more believable in the peformances his gives because he keeps himself to himself and doesnt let people know too much about him. The only problem I have with him is his wierd decision to use different accents depending on the promotes because his best and sexiest accent is his natural British one.

    I can’t wait to see Terminator Salvation and also Public Enemies.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Can you please stop posting that he got arrested. IT’S OLD NEWS!!!

    Love Christian. He’s an amazing actor and gets so into his roles it’s scary some times. HE’S JUST AMAZING!!!

  • newport beach, 92660

    DUDE: SHAVE please… you look way better.. but then again so does every other guy.

  • Cleopatra Mumra

    I got really scared the first time I saw American Psycho on the telly.
    So I thought wasn’t watching properly because I thought he was shagging two womens assholes.

    I got scared because I thought someone watching it would want to shag me in my asshole.

    I finally got the courage to watch it in later life to find out that it does involve the sexual activity of the female asshole.

    But I’ve seen it properly and I watch it now and again and find it not so scary now and think its a great film. I guess I’ve got over the fear of the asshole thing.

  • natasha

    selfish sob

  • ar

    How is he selfish? He’s supports his wife and kid. He spent his youth paying all the bills for half his family while the other half sent requests for money until he was a broke adult whose home was being repossessed. If he doesn’t want to further bankroll estranged relations who make demands for hundreds of thousands of dollars there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • emma

    He is rich. Give a little then move on at least you did your part and not totally ignore your own blood no matter how imperfect they are. He’s not perfect too like the rest of us.

    The Gov. and Bale are talking Republicans all the way!!!!!lol!

  • Good victoria

    Christian is adorable and HOT !!!!!! AGREE NUMBER # 21….It was stated on another site, that he has generously given to his family over the years, even paying off enormous debts……..BUT, they keep getting themselves into financial trouble by overspending………….Inside Edition had shown footage of some friends of his sister, who said they “”can spend it as fast as he gives it”"………….And his sister will not ask the courts to help her get the child support that HER children deserve….( 2 fathers ) involved……. She expects her brother to payroll the “”whole lot of them “”, according to this neighbor. AFTER this latest blowup, he agreed to AGAIN help them, but ONLY if he set it up through a financial counsler and bank………….Of course, this part was tabloid news, so i don’t know how much truth there is to it. BUT, I hardly think he is “” selfish “”. He has been TOO generous to a family that is ungrateful. This interview ( above ) came AFTER the blowup, when the media was looking for an insight into his family’s life.

  • DCfan

    He should just cut his sister off. Why doesn’t her baby daddies support her and her kids. Why hit up your younger brother.? It was her choice to have kids. She should take full responsibility for them. I heard he was giving his mother and sister 10,000 dollars/month in support. What the hell? And they still want more?! Insane. Christian, if you must give them money, do it through a lawyer or accountant and have no personal contact. Why trust them? You wouldn’t want them calling the cops again on you.

  • zoe

    he was great as batman. i love this man.

  • YazP

    lurker–aging badly?? He’s only 34! Gimme a break…

  • pomme

    he’s a great actor,the other stories are over! i’m not concerned about it!

  • brazilian girl

    I really love him! He’s so hot… and talented!

  • peach

    Christian Bale is the Best!!! At everything – except maybe his taste in apparel. He looks good in anything and I hate to say this – but his choice for a “garden party” looks more appropriate for a BBQ. But then this is Hollywood and anything goes.

    I love him anyway ………

  • Looney Toon

    It’s good to see them. They’re a lovely couple

  • Sirena

    I love him… He is a really good-looking guy and I like the way he changes his appearance when he plays his roles…
    I just wanted to add that he is one of the best actors we have today…

  • BLT

    #3 He’s my favourite aswell!

  • Christian for Batman

    Some of the Batman T-shirt’s I’ve seen are great. I play Basketball in mine.

  • Anon

    They’re a lovely couple and their daughter is really cute

  • Badass

    I can’t wait for Terminator or a real preview

  • in Garden

    Just put it in the garden

  • na Garden

    Too hoppy. Be gone from garden.