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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Jabs Michelle Obama

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Jabs Michelle Obama
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck rips Michelle Obama
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  • Roger Federer won his fifth straight U.S. Open title and his 13th Grand Slam title yesterday.
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  • blackfriday1978

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…. don’t put E. Hasselback picture or big shot on this blog… this is one of my most frequent visited blog, good news, bad news – I am okay, but this Hasselbeck crazy person?! Com’on… too scary to even look at her… looking at her, we are constantly reminded how dumb people can be… too cruel (to us).

  • who cares

    i put her and no talent , shallow, bed hopping, fame who re seeking, man look alike, waste of space non relevant chinnifer manlesston (jen A,) in the same boat ( dumb fake fame seeking, can’t give up the lime lights, because what else do they have going on? think about it, lime light seeker.

  • hahah

    seriously, elizabeth needs to sit down. She’s a seriously dumb broad and whose 15 minutes of reality “fame” is up. Go away already.

  • Loula

    I can’t watch The View anymore because of her. I don’t want all that nasty negative political criticism first thing in the morning. She’s just a nitwit. I sure miss the old View. It was great.

  • mike

    I love the View but Liz gets on my nerves sometimes…like today!!! lol

  • Isabella

    Correction Jared, Roger Federer won his 13th Grans Slam not 14th. If he won his 14th, that would have tied him with Pete Sampras. He needs one more to do that.

  • Crystal

    I DO NOT LIKE Elizabeth Hasselbeck!!!!!! Can I express that enough? I find her to be the most annoying and repulsive person who chooses to look at issues with blinders just to make her opinions seem like the correct ones when they couldn’t be any more wrong for everyone else! What a B**** to use her position on the View to criticize such a classy woman with wit, charm and most of all, integrity that is Michelle Obama! She may be on the View, but no one agrees with her views!!

  • shea

    I can’t stand Elisabeth Hasselback either! Ugh, she annoys me down to the core. Go away you stupid b!tch.

  • sinna

    If this comment was coming from someone with hafl a brain I would sit up and take notice, this chick is the most ignorant, narrow minded person ever. Too be so young and so freaking stupid, what a waste of space. It’s sad that her kids are going to grow up being forced fed her ignorance.

  • Anna

    Elisabeth is obviously totally entitled to her opinion, but why didn’t she have the balls to call Michelle out on the “off limits questions” if it really went down that way? Instead she waits until she’s in front of a friendly crowd to throw Michelle under the bus. Classy! If I responded publicly, on camera, about something that (allegedly) went down at my job, I’d be canned – and rightfully so. She just seems so immature to me, irrespective of her political views.

  • lola

    this chick brings down the collective IQ of “The View” down by like 80 points. She can’t hold a discussion when there’s an alternative view, and when she’s losing an argument, she starts blubbering as a deflection. It’s completely disgusting.

    And the worst part? She’s breeded! She’s continuing the bad gene pool!

  • Tracy

    This is the same idiot who started crying in her debate with Whoopi regarding her denial that racism still exist and there is no difference between the race lines. Wake up! What fantasy world are you living. Please fire her. She is so annoying.

  • anthony

    No one cares about what she has to say. She is only a seat filler for the view. Which is why whenever she talks the other girls just ignore her. She tries to shove her opinions down your throat, just another stupid bible beater who thinks shes always right.

  • Janeway

    Elizabeth Hasselback is an idiot. She doesn’t have a brain to think for herself that is why she uses Republican talking points. I am sure they keep her on the show because they enjoy the controversy when the other ladies, who have intelligence, challenge her. I love the way she smiled when Michelle Obama was on her show and stabs her in the back the first chance she gets. This is the reason we have had the divisive government we have had for the last 8 years. When will Americans realize we are all in this together?????
    Obama-Biden ’08

  • tia

    omg i HATE elisabeth hasselbeck! she is such a self righteous republican b!tch! the view should have kicked her as$ off instead of rosie.

  • anthony

    shes the stereotypical republican enough said.

  • Brutally Honest

    the truth unfolds

  • ignorant

    As Russell Brand said…..Republicanism is the definition of evil…..
    so true!!!!

  • anna

    Elizabeth all you got is you BIG mouth and most are sick of it
    Of course not your HUBBY

  • shoes4life

    Elizabroad is chicken sh$#! She is nothing but a follower and just repeat what ever Fox News or any other conservative media feeds her. Proof of that was evident to me a long time ago when she tries to bring up certain situations but when challenged she can’t argue the point without getting upset, why because she is just a wanna be republican noise box set up on repeat. Nothing more!

  • stefystef

    I am not a Michelle Obama fan, but this Elizabeth Hasselbeck ain’t worthy to shine that woman’s pumps! All Hassebeck has done is be on a reality show and marry a 3rd string quarterback who can’t work. She is a stupid pile of dung and a disgrace to conservative women throughout this country. Even Sarah Palin is too good for this 3rd rate TV personality.

    She is a disgrace to the human race. Can you tell I can’t stand her?

    Keep Elizabeth talking, Obama will be assured the Presidency.

  • lucas

    this is a new low. even for her. i hope they fire her ass.

  • april

    OMG….I absolutely hate her…she is an embarrassment to women.
    Please don’t give her any more publicity !!!

  • fran

    She is a fucking backstabbing bitch. All guests have a list of things they don’t want to talk about: politics, their psycho ex, the last movie that sucked, their lovelife, stalkers!!!!
    Guests will sit on that couch and wonder, “what part of this interview is she gonna use against me in the future.”

    Elizabeth BacKSTABBER is her name.

  • CrazyDaisy

    I would not care one bit if Elizabeth Hasselbeck would get run over by a bus.

  • haha

    Talk about bad judgment. Does she not know that guest will trust her again? She couldn’t have said enough nice things about Michelle…on FOX!!! But to watch that speech with her nasty little smirk…she is a lying two-faced bitch. I hate people like that!

    I guess her career isn’t as important as trying to shove her head up Cindy and John Mccain’s ass.

    Do you think she’s trying to get a job with THEM?!!!

  • BJ

    What a pathetic freak! I can not stand to hear her say any thing. She is so disgusting.

  • ElizabethHasselbeckisamoron

    Why is this idiot on The View, she is the least accomplished of them all, she’s known only as a former Survivor contestant and that’s it!
    And her husband was a lousy quarterback!

  • jdg

    Forget her politics for one second…


    RULE #1
    thou shalt not piss off Barbara Walters by looking like an idiot and in turn making Barbara look like an idiot.

    One Name: Star Jones

  • jdg

    Forget her politics for one second…


    RULE #1
    thou shalt not piss off Barbara Walters by looking like an idiot and in turn making Barbara look like an idiot.

    One Name: Star Jones

  • right back at ya

    CrazyDaisy @ 09/09/2008 at 4:59 pm I would not care one bit if Elizabeth Hasselbeck would get run over by a bus.

    and like wise to you !

  • Original jpf

    What bothers me is that I remember Michelle Obama on the View talking about how people should be able to disagree on issues and still be able to be respectful of one another (something along those lines), and then she extended her hand to Elisebeth who’s smiling and in agreement.


    Why would EH take a swipe like that? She makes this statement 2 months after the appearence and not only makes it sound like MO had primadonna issues, but puts the rest of the hosts on the spot also like it was discussed among them.

    She cried about wanting to teach her kid the right thing, but then she takes cheapshots like this.

    I won’t be watching friday when the McCains are on, but I have a feeling some serious worshiping is going to be coming from EH.


  • Original jpf

    # 26 haha @ 09/09/2008 at 4:59 pm

    Talk about bad judgment. Does she not know that guest will trust her again?


    This is exactly what I’m saying too. I’m really stunned that Miss Christian All American Girl did this. It really wasn’t necessary. She could praise Cindy McCain from sun up to sun down w/o stooping to negative comparisons and acusations. I’m pissed.


  • kathleen kinkel

    Unfortunely Elizabeth Hasselback, is not at all concerned about
    job losses, healthcare, affordable Medical Care for the MIDDLE
    CLASS who have worked their asses off all of their life to become
    “insecure’ in retirement.
    This rich bitch needs to listen to the other side.
    She doesn’t measure up to ideals that should have be self
    taught thru lifestyle. She got lucky and now she is a Republican
    Advocate for McCain-Padin bunch of lies. Learn something Elizabeth,
    like both sides!!! Since you are on National T.V. and you depend on your rotten personality to bring home the $$$$$. Be grateful you have people that listen to you!
    I’ll try hard not to in the future!!!!!!
    Elizabeth Hasselbark does not hold a candle to Michelle Obama.

  • Halli

    Michelle- intelligent Ivy League educated woman. Princeton University graduate.

    Elisabeth – That loud mouth from Survivor and graduate of third rate college.

    Enough said.

  • Shannon

    she has no respesct i mean this michelle came on the show and ur gonna disrespect like that com on now this is the same ppl who are cheering on a teen pregnacy and a gun shot wedding yeh enough said

  • kathleen kinkel

    Why was the bitch a guest on The HORRIBLE FOX NEWS?
    Don’t she know that people hate Hannity. Who by the way hired
    Rove, who by the way, found Palin for McCain!!!! The likes of\
    Karl Rove will be the ruin of our Country.

    Elizabeth Hasselback, get an education. You are stupid. Really?

  • kathleen kinkel

    The sin of a statement by a nobody who hit the jackpot is that
    other people listen to that crap.The problem with Elibabeth, is that
    she arrives at conclusions about people she don’t really know or take the time to know.
    What bothers me, is that if Obama-Biden don’t win, is that Elizabeth
    won’t have a job, because I will have to cancel my T.V. enjoyment,
    which does not include, usually, a minute of hearing Elizabeth and
    her “logic.

    Vote Obama and Save this Country. It is that serious.
    My Friends, NO BIG GOVERNMENT FROM MCCain, means you
    are on your own! So what if we shipped your jobs overseas. YOU
    ARE ON YOUR OWN!!!! No help with a reduced Healthcare costs
    for a family of 4.which is $12,000 a year. Elizabeth, you are not worth the time, but you don’t know shit. Bush’s policies, our country will continue to be in demise
    if McCain-Padin makes it as Pres. of the good ole USA. And Elizabeth,
    have you given an inkling of a thought to our troops. STUDY ELIZABETH!!!!

  • ouch

    Ugh! She is one woman I would call a b i t c h !

    I care about nothing that comes out of her mouth! Plus, she is as annoying as chalk sceeching down the black board!!!!!!!

  • stella

    Elizabeth is just so stupid and annoying that she cries if her opinion is not shared by everyone else, I’m quite sure she is one of the reason Rosie O’Donnell left the view very early because she is so stupid, annoying, self centered and she is an opportunist she is one of those people that you have to watch out for or they will stab you in the back. The worst news is she is on TV.

  • lurking

    Good for you Elizabeth. Somone has to say what the real deal is.

    I love you Elizabeth. I want to know what Michelle does not want to talk about. Maybe a dark, dark secret?

  • ouch

    Her name should be….Hasslebitch…full of crapola with a brain full of marbles.

  • ouch

    Ugh! She is one woman I would call a b i t c h !

    I care about nothing that comes out of her mouth! Plus, she is as annoying as chalk sceeching down the black board!!!!!!!

    ….She does NOT know what the real deal is ( regarding Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain.

    Somebody stuff her mouth please!

  • YoYo

    I hope she dies a horrible, painful, liberal, and decidedly ghey death, sooner rather than later.

  • twestka

    Donald Trump says Elizabeth is dumbest person in America and on Tv.

  • Kristine

    I hate that when her co-hosts try to explain their sides, Elizabeth says I’m not going to change your mind and you are not going to change mine. That is so closed-minded of her. How are you supposed to grow if you have already decided to not change. We are constantly learning new information about all sorts of things and she will never grow as a person being as closed-minded as she is! I hate her!

  • cameron

    41- your just as pathetic as she is. elisabeth hasselbeck is republican trash at its best.

  • really…

    Is she a Republican? Republicans usually let you know to your face if they have an “issue” with you.

    This bitch sucks up to you, acts like your friend, then as soon as your back is turn…stabs you right in the back…and twists.

    I’m not talking about her again and I’m not watching the View while she’s on it. It has more to do with her PERSONALITY, than her politics. Plus she’s just DUMB
    Get another conservative..people act like she the only young Rep. They COULD GET A SHORT LIST list from the convention!!!!

  • jade

    I watch “The View”,when I can, to hear Hot Topics. I can’t stand to hear Elisabeth talk. When she starts talking,I press the Mute button. She is
    the most annoying person ever and she is a know it all!

  • omg