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Jessica Alba Shows Off Baby Honor

Jessica Alba Shows Off Baby Honor

What a cutie-patootie!

Jessica Alba carries her daughter Honor Marie Warren out of their New York City hotel on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old actress has recently joined the project for the modern story of An Invisible Sign of My Own.

Invisible revolves around a young woman who has retreated from the world and is consumed by numbers and math. The world begins to change for her when she becomes a second-grade math teacher.

WHO DO YOU THINK Honor looks more like – Jessica or Cash?

More pictures of Jessica Alba and baby Honor after the jump…

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97 Responses to “Jessica Alba Shows Off Baby Honor”

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  1. 51
    Top of the heap Says:

    She is cute, but I don’t think she is a very “pretty” baby right now (same with Nahla and Suri when she was little). Nurse and Good Victoria are right. She will look entirely different week to week. Every kid has stunning points and not-so-stunning points in their first year.

  2. 52
    lovergirl Says:





  3. 53
    kim Says:

    the baby is a mini-Cash. sad !

  4. 54
    YoYo Says:

    ugly little terd, almost as ugly as her moms personality.

  5. 55
    nAtalia Says:

    i did not know jessica alba is mixed with black on what side. the baby is very cute. its through about the gene thing she is lighter but naula is exotic

  6. 56
    lipscious Says:

    that baby is ugly. she looks like she has down syndrome. her head is huge and does she have eyes?

  7. 57
    Michelle Says:

    Sorry, but her baby is not as cute as other Hollywood babies. At least Nahla looks better.

  8. 58
    Stellartes Says:

    Looks like a Flintstone baby with a little green bone in her hair.Lol!

  9. 59
    peggy Says:

    I think that Jessica’s baby is georgeous, just like Halle’s baby mark my words these are going to be the stunners of the future !!!! stop being so jealous, Halle and Jessica are two of the most beautiful women of the world!!!!!!!!! stop hating on them because they have beautiful mixed babies!!! Leave Cash alone the man is no dummy he is a Harvard graduate what male celeb do you know that finished their education, and i mean male celeb not female celebs ok. Stop the hating on people of color, they are by far more georgeous retards!!!!! You are all so gullible that you believe all the crap the media feeds you on celebs and politicians, they make or break them with dishonesty or build them up and you poor poor uneducated dummies believe every crap they feed you get educated dumb fools, or we are all going to hell together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 60
    mickeycat Says:

    her baby is sooo cutie!!!
    and mommy is beautiful!
    I love this mother and daughter.

  11. 61
    GFORCE Says:


  12. 62
    g Says:

    fugly homely big foreheaded baby! lol.

  13. 63
    gina Says:

    She’s cute, but not the cutest baby I’ve seen. She looked cuter in the pictures in the magazine.

  14. 64
    Christine Says:

    If only the picture of the baby had been posted, I would not have recognized her as Honor when I compare these candids to the OK Mag scans. She looks more like her dad if you ask me. She’ll grow up to be beautiful I’m sure. I’m appalled at some of the horrible comments that people have made, and about a baby too! Shame on yourselves.

  15. 65
    aww Says:

    she’s cute, looks like her Dad. But that Jessica sure is a Grump isn’t she?

  16. 66
    Mamie Says:

    Well Jessica is half white and Mexican and her husband Cash is half white & African American so the little bambino takes after her two white grandmothers I think. The same thing happened with my granddaughter.

  17. 67
    fra Says:

    she’s ugly…like her mother!

  18. 68
    PRISSY Says:

    Bi-racials in America, stretch across a conitinium. Just like Hispanics.
    I thought Cash Warren was Italian unitl i learned of his heritage. Halle Berry could pass for a black woman, although in many photos she clearly looks bi-racial or mulato-Brazilian.

    Coloration wise, Honor does cluster with Caucasians. Looks a little like Shiloh. But, feature wise, Nahla does. Both girls will be considered beautiful.

    Yes, genes are fascinating.

  19. 69
    ashlee Says:

    she looks just like Cash!!

  20. 70
    gogoncane Says:

    I wish all you fat ugly people wd post YOUR photos so we can tear u apart! Cute baby, but she’s got nothing on Nahla…

  21. 71
    Divya Says:

    I’m sure she will b pretty just like jess.
    stop hating freaks…
    cute baby !!look at those cheeks :P

  22. 72
    Elena Says:

    She looks like a little latina baby,I think Salma Hayeks baby is cuter though!

  23. 73
    nAtalia Says:

    i think honor and nahla are the cutest celebrity babies. and the reason nahla is darker is beacause halle is mixed but she’s not extremely light skinned. i think nahla is exotic like adriana lima

  24. 74
    Jbo Says:

    Most parents wish their baby to resemble their best attributes, unfortunately, this baby was hit with the ugly stick on the way out and resembles the grump that Miserable is.

    Does it really matter if she’s ugly? She’ll be rich and a spoiled Hollywood kid – I mean really that’s all matters in the world -right?

  25. 75
    kristen Says:

    Salma Hayek’s baby looks like a big nose pig. I have seen pictures of Salma Hayek before she had her nose done and it was not a pretty sight.

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