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The Jonas Brothers are Number 1!

The Jonas Brothers are Number 1!

Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers arrive at Radio 1 in London, UK on Tuesday.

The teen trio has had quite a few busy days with the VMAs and their response to jokes made about their purity rings.

Going into the night, however, the brothers wanted nothing more than to meet Britney Spears!

“We really hope we get to meet her!” said Kevin before the show. “That would be an honor. You want to pull for Britney and hope for the best!” he added.

Joe revealed, “She was the first CD I ever bought, so it would be cool!” “I wanna meet her!” Nick added.

And by the end of the night, they got their wish!

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  • Yvonne

    Kevin is too cute here. I like his boots

  • kate


  • holland

    NICK <33

  • iluvmiley

    aww, she was the first cd joe bought! ha that’s kind of funny actually.

  • tia

    hahaha that photo is SO funny! nick looks like he is going to kill someone and joe looks creepy.

  • Craptastic

    I think I puked a little in my mouth at the Joe comment. I can only hope that the inevitable crash of mainstream music happens quick.

  • super fan ashley

    They are totally awesome, ashley and they are my idols for ever, I love them.

  • Amber j

    I love them to death!!!
    Nick is sooo freakin adorable and now i’m starting to think that joe is extremely hottt

  • Rachel



    even though Nick is so quite. HE’S CUTE :D

  • lisa

    kevin is so hot!!!

  • sarah

    I love kevin is so freakin sexy!

  • njJBFAN


    They look hot…and TIRED!!
    Let them get their rest =[
    They’ve been really busy….Tour. VMAS. Ellen. Now London?!!

    Still LOVE them!!!

  • carol mançur

    OH MY JONAS. Joe e Kevin are so cute.

  • amanda


    nicholas, kevin and joseph <33

  • jessica

    omg…they look so hot
    im so happy that they didn’t care about what band said..
    they are really great roles models

  • amy

    They all look so hott!! Especially Kevin and Joe. I love them all!!

  • Sofia and alex(BFFS)!!!

    COME 2 PUERT RICO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessica

    joe cut his hair??
    i think it looks different…
    but he looks gorgeous in every way…

  • bam

    you guys,
    what happened to oceanup?

  • http://justjared shamilah

    aww sooo cute wiv straight her joe!!!!!
    LUV U=D

  • Emily

    HAHAHAHA oh my gosh! They look so funny in that picture.. they look like they want to kill anyone who gets near them..and Nick looks like he’s trying to be all tough but it’s not a good look for him lol.. no offence. I saw them in concert recently and they rocked!

  • Open

    Myself and the rest of the “mature” population with brains are SICK AND TIRED of these no-talent, teenyboppers. Miley, Selena, and the Jonas, Zack, VaneXXA and Ashley–they need to disappear. I can’t wait for their 5-year-shelf life to come to an end so they can return to oblivion or the pages of Playboy.

  • olivia

    wow he bought a britney spears cd. that’s kinda gay.

  • Krissy

    HAHAHA love these guys 2 muc<3
    i wanna meet Brit too guys :D
    Her Cd was soo sick!!!! the beats, everything were outstanding..i couldnt stop listening LOl ;)
    awww first Cd joe bought…
    Atleast we know, they weren’t down or mad, wen she won, and took over for the MMVa’s :P
    hope they get em’ next year..
    Love bug shall win (L)

    and 22 #, yu wouldn’t know wut talent was, cuz i know yu got nothin’
    gosh! im sick and tired of all yu low lives, who have nothing better to do, then, trash other celbs, who have come this far, into the business.
    find sumone else’s pic to comment on.
    and stop, making us lovers, want to kill yu lmao c(:

  • rawya

    <3 jb

  • angela

    Kevin looks amazing :)

  • KK says……….



  • eliisa

    Perfect boys (L)
    I love them
    & i love them to love Brit!

  • zayy


    i just love them. :)

  • haters suck c0ck.

    i think its cute that Joe’s first CD was Britney Spears. <3
    i think that was my first cd too? hahh. noicee.
    loving joe’s haircut. (:

  • michelle

    ahah joeeee
    ah well your adorable!

  • michelle

    ahah joeeee
    ah well your adorable!

  • http://justjared tina

    I watched some old clips on you tube when they were just starting
    in all this, they have definately come a long way . It made me kinda
    sad, I miss them the way they were. Don’t get me wrong I still ♥ them
    I just feel like in some ways they have changed. sorry for saying that.

  • jonaslove.

    I LOVE THEM. theyre so awesomely amazing.

  • mz Sass

    I’m sorry but Kevin looks really gay with his tight jeans tucked inside his boots…some of you girls are in for a big surprise a few years from now.
    They all look exhausted and Nick looks like he’s in a bad mood.

  • Yvonne

    Rachel(#9)STFU! Do NOT call Kevin just the older brother. He is a VERY important part of the band. I am sick of Kevin haters like you bitch!

  • YoYo

    They don’t wanna just meet her they wanna bone her!!!

  • LOL

    YoYo @ 09/09/2008 at 9:54 pm They don’t wanna just meet her they wanna bone her!!!

    hahaha, most likely.

    oh and Britney is awesome.
    she was the first CD i bought too.
    The only other guy I KNOW who
    bought that CD is now gay. :/
    I wonder….

  • Jacky

    they look soo tired…

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Joe’s HOT ♥
    NIck’s cute ♥
    Kevin alright ♥
    Jonas Brothers ROCK!!!

  • nicole

    ommmg i LOVE THEMMMMMM!
    especially nick, he looks so amazing, <333

  • dialectic

    what guy would buy a brit spears CD? that is the gayest thing i have ever heard,no wonder they have no idea what real music should sound like!

    purity rings? sooo what happens if you dont get married ? you just have to die a virgin? very lame..and that fat cow from american idol needs to shut her if someone has sex before they are married they are automatically a slut?

    ps Open you rock!

  • amanda

    i love them!!

  • alexis

    I love the jonas brothers so much nick j is off the chain he`s so fine.
    joe he`s so cute i love his hair.kavin is so awsome i lovehim too.
    I`m totally obssesed over them OMG.

  • Mrs. Joseph Adam Jonas

    Joe got a REALLY hott haircut !!! I love those boys! I hape they never change.

  • http://msnmessanger squishy

    oh man i love nick

  • ?????

    i dont get it. wen miley says that her family r really inspired by britney n all these good stuff bout her she gets heaps of critisim bt wen the jonas brothers do they get basically none

  • ****

    Haha! “Britney Spears was my first CD”. I knew it. I said, the only people who wear chasity rings are gay guys and ugly girls and I was right. Show me one straight guy who has ever paid money for a solo female artist’s CD and I’ll poo a gold nugget? Madonna, Kylie, Gwen, Britney? The gays luv ‘em.

  • http://dfsf Joe radu

    U r gud men u guys RoCk
    better be rock n nise hair cut joe
    u copy my name or not
    o……………..never mine me 2 have a band
    8 skul
    nise songgggggggggggg

  • nick jonas lover

    omg i love the jonas brothers to death !!!!
    they RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m in love with nick jonas and that is for sure !
    i mean , everytime i see one of his pics or listen to his voice while singing i love him more and more.
    but it’s tooooo bad that i’m from morocco so my chances to meet him and his bros is tooooooooooooo SMALL so i’ll just hope that one day they will come to my country if they’re going on the world tour
    and i believe that one day my dream will come true
    nick i’ll wait for you to come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!