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Jonas Brothers Respond to Criticism

Jonas Brothers Respond to Criticism

After 2008 MTV VMAs host Russell Brand took a shot at the Jonas Brothers for their purity rings, the teen sensation spoke to the BBC.

Nick Jonas said, “For us it’s cool to see that he recognizes we are gentleman.” Brand also apologized to the trio after the remarks after the event.

Kevin also added, “We had a lot of friends there and everybody’s so nice. We had a good time!”

Despite the verbal jabs, Nick showed class and complimented Brand on his hosting job saying, “I think he did a good job. We saw him on Conan O’Brien and thought he was hilarious.”

Paris Hilton and Jordin Sparks also spoke up for the band of brothers.

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  • Click

    hahaha it is funny.

  • Yazmine

    I didn’t actually hear the jabs but im sure it was just in good taste.

    Russel Brand is hilarious.

    I always used to watch him on tv 24/7. Put him with Noel Fielding and he’s golden.

  • cool

    Its funny cuz the don’t give a S-H-I-T

  • michelle

    haha! its good that they dont care!!


    you go jonas bros you rock you a good role models for young boys don’t pay no attention to that stupid english host he was a suck host anyways and the show sucked execpt for rihanna xtina kanye perforamce

  • kat

    you have to give them credit for letting it slide, this could have gotten dirty lol

  • Miss::CulleN

    i didn´t like the host of the vma… i don´t like his sense of humor :/ i prefer comedians as Jack Black or Ben Stiller!

    Russel Brand -in my opinion- is a moron (don´t like him at all, he ruined the vma)


  • tia

    it makes me laugh that they dont care and yet their fans went absolutely nuts about it! russell brand is HILARIOUS and im glad they realised it was all in good fun!!!

  • http://MIVIDALOCA maria :)

    The Jonas Brothers are such f*cking pussie’s.

    They akways come across as weak and feeble..ugh.

  • jain

    got to love it! That squeeky clean role model Paris Hilton also defendes them. Why can’t people just be normal! Instead of trying to live an image thats puts unbelievable pressure on kids. perhaps if Britney had been allowed to let off steam when younger, she wouldn’t have had half the problems she had. I wouldn’t mind if the fans or the PTB lived such perfect lives themselves, We don’t know these people, the real them so what right do we have to expect perfection from them!

  • anon

    Maria, these guys are clearly not pussies, weak, or feeble-it takes serious balls to stand up for chastity, because they know that people like you will percieve them the way you do. They are very cool not to give a shit what other people think.

  • Ouch!

    I’m surprised; from this comment they seem intelligent enough to understand they were just jokes; their fans on the other hand are totally retarded.

    “i prefer comedians as Jack Black or Ben Stiller!”
    Of course you don’t like Russell, if you like those two (that can’t even be considered comedians…)!

  • star7

    I thought that Russell was hilarious. Everyone is trying to say that he sucked as a host, but I think it is only because people are so sensitive and couldn’t handle what he was saying. It was just jokes. And the Jonas Brothers know that.

  • Lovethatdoll

    Maria, “weak and feeble” ?- it’s more like class and self-esteem. In this day and age, for three young men to want to stay chaste and not give a s**t what ignorant people think, shows these boys are no pussies!

  • hmm

    I thought it was Brandt? Guess not.
    Regardless, I thought he sucked as a host. Dull, rude and nothing special. The guy is in his 30′s and dressed like a wannabe emo teen.. so lame.

  • fan supporter

    It was just part of unscripted stand-up comedies as part of show for laughs and trying to keep the audiences entertained. No real harm done to the Jonas Brother, and I am pretty sure they were very good sports about it. Jordan Sparks just took it wrong, and appears that she can’t take a joke from her peer entertainers.

    During the VMA commercial with Britney Spears and Russell along with an elephant, Britney Spears called him Russell Brown instead of Russell Brand. Russell was not even offended by it, instead he laughed and thought it was funny.

  • Niny

    agree with Lovethatdoll ;]

    the Jonas Brothers are awesome for being so calm about all this. They could have been all upset and stuff but they know they have fans and other artists behind their backs! Russell is a good guy and funny but he went over the line this time:/

  • Giggi

    So good Jonas!!! That’s teh way you roll!! You don’t even care about Russell jokes!! You’re showing a really mature side!! And i agree, Russsell it’s really fun!
    Luv you Jonas!!! Joe didn’t say anything?

  • Miss::CulleN

    well, as far as i know Jack Black and Ben Stiller are more famous that… who was his name? ::roll:: they hosted the mtv movie awards, and they were funny as hell!

    I ADORE the sense of humor of Chris Rock or Jerry Seinfield, they are my favourite comedians… wait! they are comedians.. right? i´m not really sure now, please help me! jajajaja

    And i know Russel Brand was joking around with everybody, but i DON´T like him or his jokes. Oh, and i don´t like the Jonas Sisters or their girly music.


  • ALyssa Campbell

    russel brand or whoever he is [which no one does] was a total ass, he wasnt even funny he was bein mean. im a HUGE jonas brothers fan and he was being so rude about their purity rings, and im SOGLAD that jordin said somethin bc i was gettin so pissed


  • Zanessa-love4life

    I think it’s cool they wear those rigs. Shows how respectful they are. Most guys wouldn’t do that!!

  • Krissy

    awesome! im glad they have ppl, supporting them & not agreeing wit R brands, choice of words:S
    This is y i love the Jb’s..even tho, it was mean..they styll don’t care :)

    well it’s great he apologized, but the whole thing bugged me, since he indeed made fun of them, jus cuz they were the only boy band, that stood up for sumthing like that =/
    they inspired me too do it was well (L)

  • Saywhat?

    Purity rings are a joke. Nick Jonas is 16 and too young for sex anyway.

    Kids today should just be kids. You have the rest of your life to catch an std. Why start now?

    Purity rings mean nothing. It just tells the world that sex is on your mind.

    Maybe they should do something worthwhile and go to college.

  • “Ashley“

    I thought Russel was SOOOOOO funny he was clearly only messing like. To be honest with everyone I really do think Russel Brand couldn’t care less about the Jonas brother and their rings he was clearly just trying to make people laugh but abously everyone there didn’t have a sense of humor. IF YOU CAN’T LAUGH AT YOURSELF WHO CAN YOU LAUGH AT?
    So fair play to the Jonas Brothers for letting it go.

  • Becca

    i didn’t like the fact that Russell made fun of having that belief and wearing purity rings…and i especially didn’t like him criticizing the Jonas Brothers. At least they are not wanting to mess up their lives.

    But I’m glad JB didn’t care what he said.
    That’s what makes the guys so incredible to me.
    They stand up for their belief and they don’t let anyone bash it.

  • Amber j

    That’s so cool that they didn’t really care about how much that dude made fun of them
    And Nick really is such a gentleman and it’s really awesome that they wear those rings
    I love the Jonas Bros!

  • um

    God, WHY are they so sweet?? They should be pissed!!

  • bam.

    i love russell.
    i love all the jb fans going crazy though, that was hilarious.
    every SMART person wouldve known that russell was just kidding.


  • Emily

    I didn’t like the VMAs this year.. it didn’t have to do with the host or who performed or whatever or even the Jonas Brothers themselfs.. I just thought they were very very dull and people looked bored..hopefully next year’s VMAs will not put me to sleep haha. Everyone did good though. And I think it’s cool how the Jonas Brothers just let it slide..although their fans didnt (well most of them didn’t let it slide. I’m a fan but I think it’s really cool how they responded because things could have gotten dirty like everyone else said lol)

  • Lottie

    Its just Russell. The jokes were pretty tame compared to the usual stuff. He was taking the piss out of them, to be honest it indicated he liked them!

  • Lottie

    Its just Russell. The jokes were pretty tame compared to the usual stuff. He was taking the piss out of them, to be honest it indicated he liked them!

  • kay

    I thought Russel was funny. The jonas fans on the news are crazy. Why do they even care for JB’s girly music. Oh well. JB at leas took it well:)

  • Anonymous

    If you all SERIOUSLY believe without a doubt in your heart they have never done ANYTHING other than kiss a girl than your just as naive and gullible as the fans who believed britney and justin weren’t gettin down when they were dating lol wake up america. I think disney really knows how to sell people and they are doing a good job. Good for them for WEARING the rings and GETTING others to practice it but this is the music industry and sex scandals and omg moments sell albums and keep people interested and as soon as people get bored with them and the sells drop and they start getting older and not so aww they are cute, they are coming off watch. lol and I’m still a fan but im just keeping it real.
    And yes the VMA’s SUCKED i blame paramount lol. pEACE

  • lurking

    I congratulate the parents of the Jonas brothers for raising such strong, decent children. They are to be admired.

    To the Jonas brothers, you are indeed an inspiration for the future generation.

  • xslickx

    awww, they are the real men to stick up for what they belive in, and still to act like complete gentlemen to russel after what he did, in {my country} England most of us know that real comedians don’t have to be gross and swear to get a laugh, he’s a right let down, and i hope he feels embarrassed and sorry for what he said, sorry he was bestowed on you America! some people think that he was just kidding, and let him off coz he is a ‘comedian’ {written in the loosest term} it’s not funny, theres a difference between uncomfortable laughing and actually laughing…. he’s not a comedian because anyone can say those things and think them up….

  • michelle

    aww im glad there okay with it
    took it well:)
    but im better to know that
    they didnt careeeee!
    i wouldnt either if i had that but i dont..
    i love them there justso damn sweeet<333333333

  • michelle

    aww im glad there okay with it
    took it well:)
    but im better to know that
    they didnt careeeee!
    i wouldnt either if i had that but i dont..
    i love them there justso damn sweeet<333333333

  • michelle

    aww im glad there okay with it
    took it well:)
    but im better to know that
    they didnt careeeee!
    i wouldnt either if i had that but i dont..
    i love them there justso damn sweeet<333333333

  • michelle

    aww im glad there okay with it
    took it well:)
    but im better to know that
    they didnt careeeee!
    i wouldnt either if i had that but i dont..
    i love them there justso damn sweeet<333333333

  • Sarah!

    Awh JB is so sweet!

  • mkd1l993

    the three nicest brothers i have heard of

  • Reebs

    they are just fuckin classy and you can’t deny that

    I love the Jonas Brothers and will always stick up for them

  • jill

    russell brand was amazing…….as usual!!!
    the only reason that some people got all pissed at him was cause they dont know how to take a JOKE. its called humor people.
    chillllll. basically hes the besttt!

  • Sushi

    Brand DIDN’T apologize, he said sarcastically:
    “Yes, I apologize to the brothers. Yes, sex is terrible, and not fun at all. i can’t understand why anyone would want to do it.”

    Kevin Jonas is too fug to get laid, Joe is queer, and Nick is only 15. They WON’T stay virgins until they are married. Not once sexy Nick is 18 or 19. Not a chance.

  • Yvonne

    Sushi, go fuck yuorself. I know A LOT of WOMEN that would have sex with Kevin in a heartbeat, me included. Take your Kevin hate and shove it up you too tight ass bitch!

  • Caz

    Russell; What a fucking legend!!

    Of course they fucking care, they clearly do. Don’t get me wrong, I love their music and they’re really hot but it’s pathetic how they wear purity rings, they’re teenage boys!

  • dialectic

    so what happens if they never marry anyone? do you just have to die a virgin ? isnt marriage a bit of an old fashioned idea anyway?

  • Alicia

    i saw the vma’s and i was so mad when he told that to the jonas brothes i just wanted to get in the tv and do something to him

  • caroline

    i think that they are a really good guys and is cool that they wanna be virgin to the married i hope that they do ,, and russell brand doesn´t got it nothing he is funny but i mean is their problem if they want this style of life


    Its good that the boys don’t care. They are so great! I was so ready to hunt down that russel dude :\ No one messes with MY BOYS!