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Katie Holmes Gets A Surprise Visit

Katie Holmes Gets A Surprise Visit

Katie Holmes is spotted leaving All My Sons rehearsals at the Minetta Lane Theatre in New York on Monday.

Former Dawson’s Creek co-star Joshua Jackson reportedly popped in to see Katie with a big bunch of flowers, as she rehearsed for her Broadway debut All My Sons this week.

‘So he just decided to drop by. It was really sweet, he just turned up unexpectedly with a bunch of flowers and said: ‘Hello stranger.’ Katie was shocked, but so happy to see him. It was a wonderful surprise. She gave him such a big hug,’ the source told Grazia magazine.

10+ more pics inside of Katie Holmes getting a surprise visit…

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katie holmes minetta lane theatre 01
katie holmes minetta lane theatre 02
katie holmes minetta lane theatre 03
katie holmes minetta lane theatre 04
katie holmes minetta lane theatre 05
katie holmes minetta lane theatre 06
katie holmes minetta lane theatre 07
katie holmes minetta lane theatre 08
katie holmes minetta lane theatre 09
katie holmes minetta lane theatre 10

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  • Jennifer W

    i would have loved to seen that. i love katie and joshua and i always thought they were so sweet together.

  • the incredible edward!

    At last!!!
    A new post about Katie!
    I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat!
    Thanks JJ!

  • Nen

    So, pregnant or just the shirt?

  • lily


  • katie90

    OMG Josh stopped by!!!! They stopped talking right after she went to London to him in 2005. And now this..I’m so happy!!!! I love the TomKat couple BUT Katie and Josh were together for 2 years during the first and second seasons of Dawson’s Creek and they were so cute!!!! I really hope this can bring to something more..they start hanging out again and new pics of would be awesome..!!

  • Camie

    OMG she looks SO pregnant!!

  • goo

    Pacey & Joey forever!

  • Sue

    She is totally pregnant ! Why haven’t the tabloids been talking about it? Look at her belly.

  • http://love45 arlene




  • you’re kiddin me, right?

    didn’t happen. Couldn’t have happened. With the pap there to cover her every move, you’re going to tell me that Josh Jackson just strolled in there with flowers and noone got a picture of it? come on.

  • Dancer

    Well, I guess yesterday’s no Katie posting was an aberration and now JJ you are back to putting up pics of this inane being.

    She must be pregnant, surely no one would dress this badly if they weren’t trying to deflect attention from either their belly or up and coming piss poor performance in a great play with great actors.

  • PT88

    She’s pregnant!

  • aram

    They were so cute together!

  • Elizabeth

    She’s gotta be pregnant.

  • zoe

    she looks cute here and kinda pregnant. i’d wish she’ll stopd wearing those sunglasses and cardigans though!

  • KrissyKitty

    It is about time one of her old friends step in and remind of the friendships she had before Tom. That was avery nice gesture of Josh.


  • Heavenly

    She does look pregnant but how long is the Broadway show running? If she is already showing now she would way too big to perform in a couple of months. For that reason I don’t think she is pregnant.

  • Miapocca

    I think she is looking for a sperm donor and called Joshua to see if he will oblige…they are getting desperate since she knows Mr narcissist psycho shoots blanks..ahahha

  • Miapocca

    She is not ealways had a pouchy stomach..she cant get pregnant unless she is sleepin gwith someone else and its very convenient to bring up a pregnancy since she is in NY…IF she gets pregnant on this play , she can kiss nahy jobs goodbye..she is already doing badly and this kind of nonsense will only sink the silly tomkat arses further down the lagoon to the missisipi delta. into the ocean where they belong..jhope MIscaviage can join them on thier never ending vacation away from the rest of normal society

  • Lynn

    I think she looks pregnant also

  • Denise in NJ

    Maybe that’s why he bought flowers…to celebrate her pregnancy!

  • Macy

    OMG, that is so sweet! I loved Katie and Josh as well as Joey and Pacey. Even after they broke up, they were the best of friends. I bet Katie was really happy to see him.

  • Tigger12

    Oh my! She certainly does look pregnant and that would explain some of her clothing choices this summer. It tends to be odd for a rather slim person to consistently wear their shirt out although I remember doing the same thing during my first trimester. However, I agree with #18 and #20. How can she be pregnant if she has signed on to do a Broadway show? Unless she is expecting it not to have a long running.

  • Cheetah

    do we realy need a daily update of her going and coming from rehearsals. It feels like she is rehearsing for 10 years now. STOP IT.

  • Debba

    This story is one hundred percent BS. It never happened.

    You need to check your sources more closely, Jared.

    Or you could just ask Josh Jackson himself, who said on the radio TODAY that he hasn’t seen or spoken to Katie Holmes in over two years.


  • sarisue

    I agree it’s amazing how some gossip rag across the pond got this story, yet none of the paparrazi or press camped permanently outside the theatre in New York every single freaking day had a clue.

  • LanieCroft

    Seriously, this is getting boring, Katie on her way to rehersal, return from rehersal but what I’m saying we get other stuff too … pics of her jeans … yeah. Please Jared, stop those boring Katie posts.
    One can only take a certains amount of it.

    Please Stop

  • Anon

    Pregnant? she is about as pregnant as a eunuch. There were pictures of her a few days ago where she wore the see-through top and her very tight jeans. No belly there then. She has been wearing tops that would cause tabloids to start pregnancy rumours since about May. There is no baby anywhere in there. Eggs? yes, baby? no unless of course, they’ve decided to bring out the old prosthetics to get her out of this play that is quite the flop already.

    As for JJ dropping by, that will be the day. Katie is Katie no friends. She has spent about a month in NY and nobody is interested in walking or even going to dinner with her. Posh Beckham is in town but nowhere near her, maybe, she should give her a call.

  • Tea

    i heart Katie

  • anonymous

    Very pretty lady..cant wait to see more Suri and also Tom

  • ruby


  • sarisue

    Anon, I was wondering why Katie wasn’t at any of the NYC fashion week shows or parties with all her “friends” too. You’d think for BFFs they could at least meet for coffee. Unless like everything in Katie’s life now her publicized friendships are just big shams.

  • leika

    loving the Jackie O look

  • Megan fox rocks

    so cute and pretty , love katie

  • KarenA

    That’s sweet. :)

  • hattie

    I don’t believe Joshua Jackson went to visit her. That’s a made up article if I ever heard one.

    I’m curious though why Jared didn’t include the reasons why Joshua decided to pay her a visit. The article says he was concerned that she looked so thin and sickly lately and wanted her to know she still has friends that are not in Scientology and that are her own age! That part made me laugh out loud.

    But no, I do not believe it for a second. I know Joshua has been in full press mode for his new TV series and he has been asked about Katie a lot. He says they haven’t talked in years.

  • chuckles

    I’d love for the Josh comment to be true, but let’s get real he wants nothing to do with her anymore!! I like Katie, but she should have never cut her ties to her friends for Tom. Shoot me now if she is pregnant, by the looks of it I’m dead already.

  • ……

    looking chic Katie but no DC reunion please!!!!!

    Team Dawson!!! LOL!!!!

  • Georgia

    I call BS on the whole Joshua Jackson thing. Grazia is a tabloid and makes things up. No pictures, no proof. Besides, josh just said in a radio interview that he hasnt seen Katie in years. He’s busy doing promotion of his new show. I’m sure he didnt fly to NY just to bring flowers to Katie. Big fat giant BS

    As far as her being pregnant, if she is she’s an idiot. She is supposed to be trying to get some credibility as an actress with this play. If she got pregnant she can’t do the whole run of the play and I don’t think the producers would be too happy. It would be pretty irresponsible to let herself get preg. unless she wants OUT of the play. If she was able to hold off this long, you would think she would be capable of waiting a few more months.

  • BellaLuna

    Very sweet article on Katie and Josh.



  • Dancer

    Lovin’ the Jackie O look?

    You have got to be kidding. Jackie O would never be caught in this outfit. She had a lot more class than this!

  • Amy

    She looks like such an old granny in these pictures. (But I guess that’s better than the hot mess tranny she looked like in her last couple of red carpet appearances.) For a second I thought she had shoulder pads in that sweater. Her whole outfit seems right off the rack from some cheesy fashion store for big & tall women in a Midwest strip mall. Blech…

    I don’t think she’s pregnant either. Two days ago you could right through her shirt that she had a flat belly. Now it’s billowing out like there’s a bump? Come on. Unless we are back to the miraculous expanding and shrinking belly she had before in pregnancy. Those alien babies are shifty little things!

  • Jen ;)

    she does look preggers………. and she did wear alot of jeans through out her 1st pregnancy!! I would love to believe that they had an encounter. I think the lot of us that saw them growing up, and dating, would love to believe that they could some how get back together, But thats not going to happen. Like Brad & jen. 2 totally different worlds now ………..But, Its nice to have a fantasies..

  • u

    why do some spend so much energy hating on her?
    you don’t know her at all. it’s just weird that u hate a person just base on what you read in the press.
    i don’t know you #42 and i think you have no class. lol, see, it doesn’t even sound right.

  • syl c.

    Joshua Jackson visiting? Does he know Suri is his daughter. You know TC covered up alot of her later stages of pregnancy and Suri was born way before the due date provided by the Cruise camp. Maybe she needs a sperm donation from JJ. JJ dumped her and she went on to TC and sold herself and her unborn baby to him and his cult. I wouldn’t be surprised if she called JJ to visit her and his look-alike daughter, Suri.

  • Trip

    I don’t believe it. The paparazzi would get his picture if he showed up with flowers. GMAB!

  • vandelay

    The paps would have definitely got a picture if JJ came anywhere near that theatre. They take tons of him and his GF Diane Kruger just walking around their neighborhood in NY. I’m sure they wouldn’t miss him arriving, being there all day waiting.

    He seems like a nice enough guy to do it, but this is pure tabloid trash and no truth.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    She COULD be knocked up but I find it unlikely with this play she has coming up.

    The Dialy Mail reported this, #11. What does that tell you? Probably didn’t happen.

    If you hate her SO much then just stop coming here, #12!

    She has friends, #29. She’s very well-liked. Wasn’t she going to dinner with the Stillers justa few weeks ago? She’s probably very busy rehearsing daily and only uses her occassional breaks to spend time with her daughter.

    If it really was a sham, #33, don’t you think ‘PR hungry Katie’ would have then gone to those fashion shows and go there for the publicity and to prove to people she still has friends and is very popular.

    She doesn’t care about the tabloids and she’s busy with work.

    ALL the cast members drifted apart, #38. It wasn’t a Scientology or controlling husband thing.

    While this story IS likely false, #40, ‘no pictures, no proof’ is a bad way of thinking.

    Cruise is the father, #46. After the FIVE people rumored since his daughter birth about paternity, it’s time to accept the fact that it’s just an urband legend. Also, how could he ‘hide’ her later stages of pregnancy?

  • Debba

    “ALL the cast members drifted apart, #38. It wasn’t a Scientology or controlling husband thing.”

    Like your the expert on the Dawson’s Creek cast now? LMAO…

    Josh and Katie did not “drift” apart. She kept in very close touch with him and talked all the time. She called him one of her best friends on several, several occasions. After breaking up with Chris Klein, she flew all the way to London just to see Josh in his West End stage production. That was in March of 2005. In April she met Tom Cruise and Josh like many others in her previous life never heard from her again.

    That’s when she got her new BFF Jessica Rodriquez, the Scieno handler assigned to her who accompanied her everywhere.