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Sienna Miller Plays With Pilates

Sienna Miller Plays With Pilates

British actress Sienna Miller wears a bright red tanktop to her Pilates class in Hollywood on Monday.

Sienna‘s pilates pal helped her to her car as they made their way through photographers.

The 26-year-old is currently dating Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty and will begin filming Sherlock Holmes opposite Robert Downey Jr. next month.

After being photographed with Balthazar numerous times in the past few weeks, the pair have limited their public appearances as of late.

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Credit: Bobby Rachpoot; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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    Kepping in shape…you go girl!!!


  • Steph x

    Love sienna !, Great Actress!

  • Steph x

    ..Also i have a that top lol!.

  • degzy

    If she’s 26 i’m 21.

  • c2

    SM is currently dating BG? No isn’t it more like SM is STILL HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH BG because he is STILL MARRIED to RG and still has not filed for a divorce or legal separation. Since SM, her mother, and step-mother keep making it a point to say that BG was “separated” when SM stepped in the picture, we should make it a point to remind them that BG still won’t divorce his wife so that he and his mistress can live happily ever after in their “$20M mansion”.

    And if she were really trying to keep her relationship with the married man low key, we wouldn’t be seeing any photos of her at all. She manages to disappear for days without being seen/heard or photographed by the papz, so why is she still pulling these PR stunts to make it look like the papz are “stalking her”? Money, attention, relish in pain she causes RG/her kids, and to feel important because she is sleeping with the “heir” of a an oil fortune.

    3,2,1 Here comes the photo-op with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN.

  • degzy

    Ahh C2 somebody with a bit of sense. She’s a waste of space.

  • JIm

    Skank slag, back to Surrey where you belong.


    c2 i think getty is not asking for a divorce just yet because then mrs getty will bring out the truth and miller will get more bad press, he is not bothered about his wife and children only miller, a man who puts his wife and children through such a lot of trauma is the biggest scumbag going and does not deserve his children. we all know by now that getty was not separated when he started the affair with miller as getty and his wife attended the LA ANTIQUE SHOW OPENING PARTY ON THE 23RD APRIL about three weeks before he arranged to meet miller in prague. and i am sick of reading comments about her dress code what about her moral code. what kind of nation are we that we have become so shallow.

  • gina

    She looks so horrible here!

  • Calypso

    Well said Karin ! What about the moral code?

  • Aimee

    She is a skaanky slutt!

  • Monica

    She looks disgusting. Take a bath you pig!

  • qw

    Robert Downey Jr. wife better watch out :)

  • A

    the nation will go the way of dinosaurs, when asteroids hit this beautiful planet. deservedly so.

  • Ruth

    I agree completely with C2, Karin Ralph and others. It is a little late for Ms. Miller and Mr. Getty to be discreet about their affair and after they have continually humiliated his wife and family on a daily basis with their blatant flaunting of the relationship. The sad thing is that she obviously doesn’t understand that it is her own stupidity that has caused such a violent public reaction to her. Note to Ms. Miller – next time you have an affair with a married man, KEEP IT QUIET AND DISCREET. DON’T BRING THE PUBLIC INTO YOUR PRIVATE LIFE!

    I agree that she looks absolutely dreadful which only goes to show that the “gorgeous” celebrities pictured on this site and others have spent hours on their makeup and hair plus quite a lot of photoshop.

    JJ, do us all a big favour and don’t post any threads about Ms. Miller with or without the boyfriend.

  • puleeez

    She is confirmed for Sherlock? Only her people are saying she is, and they’ve lied so much they don’t know their a$$ from their elbow.

    I mean, who is she gonna play? Moriarity? A victorian hooker?

    No one wants to see this on film. No one wants to work with her because they have no respect for this selfish twit. She’s box office poison.

  • DishGirl87

    The girl with her is her sister,who she has a fashion line with,I think it’s called TwentyTwelve?

  • c2


    I agree with you about the separation and BG lack of love/respect for his wife and kids, but I seriously doubt that this man would make any sacrifices on SM behalf. SM is already receiving bad press because she keeps complaining about her “pain” and just won’t lay low, so I don’t think that he would hold off getting a divorce for that reason. He has only been looking out for himself and trying to save his own behind. He has stayed silent throughout this whole thing, neither coming to the defense of his wife/kids nor SM. He lets SM and her family say bad things about his wife and well, he still continues to act like SM is just a “friend with benefits”.

    Many celeb husbands/ boyfriends shield their wives/girlfriends from the papz and even help them into the car, but not BG. He ran to the other side of the car to get away from the papz and left SM to handle the situation on her own . That’s the extent of the sacrifices that BG makes for SM; he goes out of his way TO NOT BE her “knight in shining armor”. SM means nothing to this man and it shows in his face and his actions. As one blogger stated, “SM is BG booty-call”. She exposed the affair by leaking those “embarassing” photos and now he is stuck with SM. He tags along with SM because he is trying to make the best of this situation until someone “better” comes along or “trips/ lands in his bed”.

    This relationship may last a long time, who knows? I just wish she would STOP with the “poor victim” stories and flaunting the affair. I can’t feel sympathy for her when she won’t even show an ounce of sympathy towards the REAL VICTIMS and keeps blaming others for her poor decisions and bad behavior.

  • defap

    That is exactly the reason why I don’t see many Hollywood movies now; they are just a bunch of messed up people and try to teach the pubic how to live or any kind of philosophy. Craap. I see movies only for a little laugh and a little entertainment nothing else.

  • shea

    I can’t stand this fame wh0re.

    go away ms. miller

  • Miapocca

    HO !!./..LOOKSLIKE ONE QUACK LIKE ONE…withe her mothers support..she hos around London..she is the classic international HO!1

  • angie

    Oh god, she’s gonna screw up another movie. Would have loved to see Sherlock Holmes, though, but even RDJ can’t save it for me. There’s another one I won’t be seeing.

  • boston

    I do like Sienna but….. Oh no Robert Downey is married so watch out. I hope his wife never leaves his side

  • Zoe

    The skank HAS NO MORALS and she it tooo stupid to understand them and doesn’t give a shit.

    The only reason the skum Getty hasn’t divorced his wife IS BECAUSE the details will come out. He will wait a few years until everyone has forgotten it. The man is completely spineless. I don’t understand what women see in him???

  • Susan

    ROTFLMAO @ C2 I thought that about BG’s London visit as well a transatlantic booty call. Absolutely loathe these two and like others I won’t be supporting any of their work, products, etc, etc. I saw pics of RG at a fashion show where she was showing her casual ready to wear line Riser and I thought WOW she is stunning. She said she was just trying to keep busy and it looks like its really helping. I wish her and her children every good wish for their future. As for the other 2 well what goes around comes around.

  • blackworm

    I can’t believe they’re casting Sienna Miller in Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr. There are other much worthier actresses in that age group. Natalie Portman, Emily Blunt, Keira Knightley are just a few that come to mind.

  • A

    “Occasional actress Sienna Miller took her recent yoga lesson from the studio into the mean streets of Hollywood on Monday, where she performed a series of street contortion exhibitions with a comely partner. Miller explained, “As an actress, most people focus in on my face and my breasts, but I have spent my summer learning how to use my whole body in my performances. I hope it will demonstrate to people that I am the total package.”

    ))))) you are the total victim, of the lobotomy.

  • ouch

    s l u t t y bimbo package

  • Oh Dear!

    Do You Honey…!!!

  • Pinky

    Well I’m definately not going to be watching Sherlock Holmes now. Can’t stand the ho enough to watch her on screen for 2 minutes.

  • Plum Pick’n

    She looks used up.


    S L U T.

    She’ll be a has been in everyway in 5 years. Bye, Bye Sienna.

  • Mihay

    Why do Pilates? I hear homewrecking burns a LOT of calories!

  • A

    so dramatic. I guess we should say Oh poor Sienna, poor poor Sienna, life is so unfair for her.

    no amount of learning can cure stupidity.

  • Jazz

    Sienna Miller in a movie with RDJ??? Nooooooo say it ain’t so!!
    He’s worked damn hard to get his career back on track, I don’t want some publicity lovin ho screwin it up, or screwin him!
    There are much better actresses around for him to work with, not someone who could cause a big scandal just when the movie’s opening.

  • ouch

    Sienna will question.

  • Yily

    There’s something about Sienna that I really like. She’s a free spirited person and that’s cool. She got so many negative press though.

  • huh


    So “free spirits” get to act any way they want without regard for the damage it may do to others?

    Darn good thing we’re not all free spirits or the world would be pretty effed up.

  • c2

    SM is getting negative press because:

    1) Crosses boundaries with married and engaged men
    2) Lacks respect for other women
    3) Didn’ have the decency to say “no”, even though she knew that BG was married.
    4) She keeps depicting RG as a villian or a “bad” wife by
    tells lies about RG and the status of her marriage.
    5) Courts attention daily: She is so desperate for attention that she just won’t lay low. She leaks stories about house hunting with the married man, shows off her bruises from sex, sports a watch that she purchased for the married man, and has her step-mother announce that she is moving to LA. If she didn’t want to be seen, then we wouldn’t have 3 sepearate photo-ops of her in LA. She wants to be seen and is only putting on this “leave me alone” act for sympathy. She acts like the papz are stalking her when it is obvious that she informed them of her location or keeps going to the places where the papz are camped.
    6)Always playing the victim, even when she is responsible for the situation. She is 26 yo not 5, so why is she still having tantrums?
    7) She is 26 yo and still won’t take responsibility for her actions. Instead of being an adult or bigger person and acknowledging when she is wrong, she blames everyone else. She wants to sleep with the married man/falunt it and not face the consequences of her actions or be reminded of RG/her kids.
    8) Always telling people how they should act when she is sleeping with another woman’s husband and shamelessly flaunting it.
    9) She hurts and steps on others to get what she wants and doesn’t care about those hurt in the process.
    10) She keeps trying to “force feed” us that she and the married man are “in love” and “sugarcoating” the affair to make it look like a “romance”.
    11) Trys to manipulate the public into having sympathy for her because no one believes that she is suffering more than RG/her kids.
    12) She gives young girls the impression that they can get away with having affairs with married men and hurting innocent people by claming that they are “victim of double standards” . And that being “single/beautiful” absolves affairs with married men.

  • A

    now she has the humiliation of being dumped as well. in addition to the humiliation of being a sl*t. isn’t it ironic? ) life that is.
    depression is progressing.
    stay tuned.

  • pjay

    It’s a good thing her instructor is a woman. Otherwise there might have been a rape charge! Sluttyienna go back to where you came from..

  • Helen

    I guess she didn’t want to be noticed. That is why she is running around in a BRIGHT RED top and designer bottoms! This woman complains about being hounded by the paps but she hasn’t got a clue. Britney was hounded by the paps and she just dealt with it. Sienna brought all the attention on herself and now she needs to just deal with it.