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Britney Spears is Back in Business

Britney Spears is Back in Business

Britney Spears faced her demons, and defeated them at the 2008 MTV VMAs, winning for Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Video of the Year.

The 26-year-old comeback pop princess just revealed her next album will be released by late December. “It’s my best work ever,” Britney proudly told OK!.

Britney also said she is planning a big birthday bash to celebrate Jayden’s second birthday on Sept. 12 and Preston’s third birthday on Sept. 14, with the help of her father.

“I want to have a traditional party,” she said. “I have some friends with kids who I am going to invite.”

And as far as her custody battle goes, “her goal is to regain joint custody of her sons as soon as her dad, Jamie’s status as her conservator ends,” a Spears insider revealed.

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  • Lenny

    I heard the so-call song and saw the video, damn it’s terrible. Absolutely no talent whatsoever. This was a ripoff.

  • Morgan

    I think she deserves a 2nd chance!!!

  • Maya

    Ag, Great Brittney! I knew she was going to bounce back.

  • EJ

    That’s my girl!!!

  • melani

    what happen to you Lenny you are jealous hahaha go britney

  • Tina

    This is her 3rd chance.

    And she hardly faced her “demons” at the VMAs, all she did was accept 3 rigged awards and say very little of worth. No performance, the same dress she has worn for the past 5 years and decent hair. Wow.

  • Melisha

    WELCOME BACK BRITNEY! WE MISSED YOU!Its about time Britney made a comeback in a good way. She looked beautifull at the VMA’s and she looked like how she used to look back in the day. She’s been through alot and constantly under the spotlight. She definately deserves everything of the best and she deserves all the respect coz without her …Mtv wouldnt rock! Im glad to see her back in shape and she’s looking better than she’s ever been. You go Britney, u rock. Stay that way and keep smiling….oh i love her teeth:) She always was an amazing performer so i cant wait to see her perform…
    She rocks!

  • uh

    I’ts all so calculated and silly. The MTV awards she won? Give me a break. They just used her for ratings.Winning for a video no one has heard of when she never won for any of her popular videos. Hilarious and fake. It’s all so phony because they know people love to tear you down and then love to take pity on you afterwards and give you a comeback. You people act like she ever was this great talent. She wasn’t! She was just a vapid empty puppet with a stage mom and choreographer who couldn’t take the business and became a self indulgent addict and bad mother and attention seeking trainwreck. And people buy into her big hoopla, it’s ridiculous. Why can’t we get any real talent these days, not the big fake trainwrecks.

  • uh

    The VMA’s were an absolute joke and have been for awhile now. They just gave her those awards because of who she is to get her to get them ratings and hype up some big comeback, because they love to tear you down and build you up. And some of you are stupid enough to fall for this anyway.

    And come on apparently she’s been a drug addict since she was a teenager. You people honestly believe overnight she’s so fresh and clean and renewed and perfect. You’re the same people that believed her innocent, calculated virginal image when she was starting out. Wise up people, this is a big calculated thing to put on this image that everything is so good,because she wants to get people to feel sorry for her and root for her, when you don’t know in private what on earth could be going on. She’s still getting high, she’s just putting on a phony public front just and fresh image like she’s been doing the entire time she’s been famous!

  • jane

    Why are some of you actually hyping up and taking so much pity on this trashy, talentless self indulgent hollywood brat, just because she was a drug addict trainwreck who lost her own children? Unbelievable what you people will fall for. And you look at three rigged awards from fake MTV as a comeback? lol. I’m sick of people rewarding and rooting for trainwrecks instead of honoring truly talented people. And the focus is on “she looked beautiful that night” yeah says a lot about what you people care about. It’s all so phony just like her entire image has always been. MTV was really just desperate for ratings after making her look as bad as possible for ratings last year they want to do this big fake comeback this year for ratings. Jonas Bros? I feel sorry for you kids these days. MTV used to be fun and exciting and rewarded real talent.

  • wacko

    the VMA judges just did her a favour. her song sucks!… everything about her sucks!
    Piece of meat or The turkey song as we call it here in SA is the worst song I ever heard… the cheap skank!

  • meg

    You people are saying “She deserves a comeback, a second chance” for what? She doesn’t deserve anything. How about someone with real talent deserving a chance! You feel sorry for her being a fake, shallow, drug addicted trainwreck who had her children taken from her? Britney Spears has always sucked. The only thing she ever had was her phony trashy/innocent image and a choreographer. She’s no talent, no substance. Sick of talentless trash being praised and rewarded. The “comeback” is a calculated joke that some of you are stupid enough to fall for. She’s still the same mess, they just dressed her up for one night and gave her 3 rigged awards.

  • Melisha

    You haters can hate all you want…Britney’s back and all her fans love her to bits.

  • James Mason Fan

    This is true. The media uses celebrities so much, selling their private lives to make a buck, that it gets extremely hard to tell who’s famous because they have talent and turn out good work, and who’s famous as nothing more than a (disposable) product that is marketed and sold for public consumption. The two get confused. I do hope Britney’s album is good as far (as pop standards go), but for the media that tore her down and has now propped her up again, her artistic output is irrelevant really, in comparison to her value as a headline. I hope she has a loyal fan base, because the media is what I would call a fairweather friend and they can just as easily tear her down again now that they have relished her return.

  • futuremrscrawfordxoxo

    Sooo proud of her for turning her life around!!! … She looked amazing and totally deserved all what she got that night – the awards and the publicity! … No many people go as far as she did and turn it around again, I think she deserves the praise she is receiving!! Just shows what you can do with the right people and your fans behind you.

    Its good to see the old Britney again!! Welcome Back!! xoxo

  • Grace

    Thank goodness there are finally some people with some sense speaking out about how idiotic all this comeback nonsense is!

    It’s nice to see her biggest priority is looking bathed and semi-lucid on a rigged award show instead of staying home and learning to be a responsible, caring parent. It’s like she treats motherhood as an 8th grade babysitting gig.

    Maybe one days those boys will be lucky enough to have her fade into the backdrop – or have her lose interest in them altogether. Probably a toss up which would be better for them!

  • zashley4ever

    Good for Britney but maybe this VMA’s should have been the year for the comeback.I mean love her and all it’s just that the VMA’s sucked this year!Terrible host,ALL the performences other than Pink and Rihanna were TERIBBLE!!!!

    But good for her hope she contiues to do great.

  • Jennifer





    GET A JOB!!!

  • tyler

    Fuck off haters! She’s a fucking goddess and she’s back! You go Britney! You once again rule the world. Can’t wait for your new CD, its going to be amazing without a doubt! Welcome back girl, we’ve missed you!!

  • ha ha ha ha

    She does not deserve these awards. She deserves a haemhorrhoid. Let’s hope she’d dead by the next VMA’S. Hopefully, she’ll die a horrible, horrible death

  • :)

    I think Britney Spears was the ONLY normal part of the VMAs. lol. Am I right?

  • kadesha

    they just gave her those awards. she didnt deserve them. MTV wants to boost her confidence so she can make a real come back. they hype her up too much. and why does it say “beat her RIVALS with three vma awards”? who is her rival?

  • Jennifer Dumifer

    Hey #18: Dumifer

    Britney is a brat, who doesn’t work 24/7… give us a break. I work 9 hour days 6 days a week as a marketing director making six figures. But I guess what I do… just isn’t as special and talented as Britney the white trash lousy singer.

    Your mind is blown…. your probably as no talented as Britney is. What… your like 15, or like umm.. what like.. like…. 14,.. eh.. like.. well.. like 12?

  • Chan

    I’m Happy that Britney is semi ok because last year she was a wreck!

    Her life is still far from ok, she does’nt have her children and they should be Britney’s priority, not accepting some RIGGED awards!

  • Hmmmm

    Geesh, such haters and it’s not even a Monday!!! can you people just be Happy for her??? or can you just think of hateful things to say that shows your level of intelligence (ZERO).

    I wish you all the best *Britney*

  • mandy

    # 1, 8, 10, 11, 12: F*CK YOU LOSERS!
    I bet you’re all poor, bad looking people with no job!
    Maybe she shouldnt have won all the awards and i know mtv was desperate for ratings but she does deserve recognition because she’s getting better and she looked beautiful at the vma’s!
    All of you have a perfect life right?? I dont think so grow up and stop talking shit about britney, you talentless f*ckers!


  • Laurie

    HEY #23!: yeah you sure work 9 hours a day, starting at what time??? I dont think you are working right now if you have the time to answer tothe coments so shut up!
    and if you think she’s 12 why you even bother to write her back!?? You are such a loser ans maybe a little inmature!
    You probably have no job and if you have one you’re going to lose it ’cause you’re all day talking shit about britney and you’re not doing you’re work asshole!!

    I feel bad for you loser! Get a life ok??

  • Nichole

    Britney looks smoking!! Soooo beautiful !!! Im so happy to see her back on her feet and looking like a hot mama again!! You Look Amazing Britney !!!

  • sasha

    I want new CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fatal_error

    Go Brit!

  • t


  • dialectic

    so shes back to lip synching and rolling her fat ass around

  • Brad and Angie Fan

    Go Brit! You have come along way and i am really proud of you.
    There will always be hateful people around who would rather see you falling down and staying down [ sic] BUT you yhave a huge fanbase who are backing you 115%.
    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

  • Non

    Woot Woot Britney Is Back :D
    Cant Wait For Her Comeback Album !!
    And She Looked Amazing At Vmas ,
    Go Britney !!

  • Zanessa-love4life

    I’m really happy for her. She’s doing great!!!!

  • Shawna

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Britney cannot help what happened in the last few years. She had undiagnosed bipolar disorder which causes all of the problems she faced and more. Undiagnosed bipolars often turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicated. Since her diagnosis and now being on the proper medication she is doing so much better. It sickens me that there is still so much social stigma surrounding mental illness in our society and that people are unwilling to let a person recover.

  • ha ha ha ha

    Britney Spears is worse than Hitler and bin Laden put together

  • blahh

    britney looks really pretty ! i know this is random but
    theres this korean/japanese singer and shes debuting
    in the u.s. and she like met britney in 2000. im just
    wondering do u guys think she’ll be popular in the u.s.?
    because shes really popular in asia and is a really good

  • tellin it like it is

    I agree, welcome back and congrats on working on getting your life back together and succeeding… that’s WAAAAY more than most people can say.

  • REMEMBER the truth

    The hateful comments about Britney are completely uncouth and uncalled for. Tasteless and trashy, really.
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves to put that much effort and hate towards this woman, especially seeing all that energy and charisma is being used on someone you don’t like.

    This was a long time coming for her, Britney, and you all can’t stand the fact that she is on her way to a successful comeback.
    The MTV awards were just as “rigged” as they ever were, she won rightfully so as anyone else did that night.

    Why wouldn’t they rigg awards to give to her for all the better video’s she’s done in the past, if this is the case?
    Would it be because they “rigged” the awards for the other artists she lost to?
    Then perhaps MTV has a lot more awards they owe her.

    Let’s not forget how some of you disgracefull ppl say “You ppl dont know whats going on behind closed doors! she’s not better, shes still getting high!”
    Well, how do YOU know what’s going on behind closed doors? Irony at it’s best. don’t you think?
    Britney Spears was never into hardcore drugs — atleast not to the extend you ppl make it out to be. And even in her troubled and dark times has she ever went the way of The Winehouse.

    She was admitted to a psych ward — not for DRUGS, but for her mental state. Drugs, sorry to break it to you, is in another wing ;)
    She is and was suffering from a mental disorder and all of her personality traits and all pointed to those behavioural signs. It’s sad to think how many manic episodes she was expierencing infront of camera men who filmed and did nothing to help her.
    That’s like taking someone out of the hospital and throwing them on the streets and taking pictures of them and laughing at them.

    Everybody wants to belittle Britney but says nothing about Sam Lutfi, celebrity predator.

    Britney Spears won 3 awards and is well on her feet and things are looking good for her.
    AMY WINEHOUSE (who is an extrordinary talent) won 5 fucking GRAMMY’s and is STILL in a big, black fucking drugged-induced HOLE — in fact , she just keeps getting WORSE!!!

    Look at all the artist out there who have AMAZING VOCALS, and yet you still don’t like them? How can anyone use such a pittyful excuse against Britney when other ppl sing 1000xxx better and yet you STILL don’t like them?

    Give it up, ppl.
    Unless of course you want to keep wasting all your energy on this woman, because it seems no matter what happens — good or bad — she is at the forefront of your attention and minds.
    Britney matters.

  • Roisin

    People who spend their time badmouthing someone they don’t even bloody know need to get a life. If you hate her so much f_u_ck off and do something productive with your own lives. Britney’s back so deal with it!

  • WakeUpPeople

    Givningher 3 awards was such a JOKE!! We all know she did not deserve the awards! Even Perez Hilton who was one of the judges told MTV he voted for her to give her a chance to come bak…it is absurd, you are suppose to get awards if you deserve it!!

  • WakeUpPeople

    Giving her 3 awards was such a JOKE!! We all know she did not deserve the awards! Even Perez Hilton who was one of the judges told MTV he voted for her to give her a chance to come bak…it is absurd, you are suppose to get awards if you deserve it!!

  • O.M.G.



    How funny…everyone on the cover dated each other. Funny how they pass each other around in hwood.

  • ****

    Team up with Justin Timberlake, bitch. And have Timberland produce the thing. Do it now, before you fuck up and start acting like a drunk whore again!!!

  • Robert

    She is talentless and her fans don ´t now what real talent and real music is.