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Chace Crawford: Sarah Palin Is "Quite Attractive"

Chace Crawford: Sarah Palin Is

Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford has the hots for Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and he isn’t afraid to talk about it!

“I’m not gonna lie. Sarah Palin is quite attractive,” Chace gushed admitted Wednesday at the Stand Up For A Cure Concert Series at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Wednesday.

Maybe all that on-screen May-December romance is spilling into his personal life off-screen!

As for which candidate he is endorsing, Chace is keeping his mouth shut.

“I can’t talk politics,” he said.

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127 Responses to “Chace Crawford: Sarah Palin Is "Quite Attractive"”

  1. 1
    amy Says:

    eww. she is not attractive at all

  2. 2
    wtf Says:

    someone should tell this kid to look up matt damon and/or ben affleck
    maybe between the two of them, they’ll be able to knock some sense into this kid. take a stand, have an opinion, care about the country you live in, be/get real.

  3. 3 hater Says:

    ew:S he is republican(N)

  4. 4
    oy Says:

    that bonehead probably isn’t even registered to vote

  5. 5
    charlotte Says:

    yuk she looks evil

    chace crawford is republican btw, incase anyone cared.

    so that says ALOT.

  6. 6
    P Says:

    Thank the Lord he is not talking politics. Who the F cares what actors and actresses think. It turns more people off than on. He is smart to keep his mouth shut. FYI, regardless of her party, she is very attractive.

  7. 7
    newport beach, 92660 Says:

    **GASP** DUDE…. she is like…. OLD.

  8. 8
    tia Says:

    haha thats funny. groose and creepy, but funny.

  9. 9

    Yeah, Chace ’cause you’d be all over that. Riiiiiiight!

  10. 10
    lilly Says:

    i think he is entitled to his opinion just as much as we are sitting at our computers right now. I think its so rude that just because someone is an actor people exepct them to keep their mouths shut.

  11. 11
    chelsea Says:

    chace how could you say that!?
    haha i hate sarah palin!

  12. 12
    Ava Says:

    Thank you, Chace Crawford for not stating your opinion. I respect you or that, honestly. You rock. I am one of those people that believes in privacy of the vote and I’m glad he isn’t saying anuthing. It’s not his place. And if anyone has based their vote on what a celeb says, you shouldn’t be voting! Because more than half of them don’t know anything about the person they are supporting. Read as much as you can watch as much news as you can and make your own decision based on personal belief and conviction. Research each canidate by yourself based on FACTS, not rumors or what someone tells you you should.

  13. 13
    AL Says:

    Proof he is totally gay.

  14. 14
    ava Says:

    Sarah Palin IS attractive. Here’s why:

    beautiful teeth

    beautiful smile

    beautiful eyes

    beautiful skin

    beautiful hair

    lovely figure

    The comment Chace Crawford made was about her attractiveness…not her politics….so all you Democrats….get off your indignant high horses.

  15. 15
    Yily Says:

    Who the F is sarah palin? Eww she is not attractive. She look like an old prune.

  16. 16
    raye Says:

    thank you for keeping your mouth shut Chace

  17. 17
    carol Says:

    she looks like a the boring woman of the library

  18. 18
    Grace Says:

    There are so many jealous people on this board. Very hateful. Chace has good taste. Gov. Palin is a beautiful lady and smart too.

  19. 19
    east la girl Says:

    Old prune, are you kidding me? Id like to see your mother. The woman is beautiful. Jealous much??? Well, I guess if she is OLD than Dear Matt Damon is OLD too because he’s just a few years behind the lady. I think he’s about 38 or 39 now. Lets all whine “That’s so OLD!!! Gross!” Seriously, get real!! Chace is super hot and he’s the new and upcoming fresh “young” Matt Damon. If boys want to be all about the numbers, its high time women do the same.

  20. 20
    naomi Says:

    # 14 Sarah Palin is that you????
    I cannot believe you read this page!!

  21. 21
    Sarah Crawford... No Thanks. Says:

    Sarah Palin is decent… until she opens her mouth and you hear her voice.

  22. 22
    woooman Says:


    VOTE McCAIN/PALIN 2008!!!

    Matt Damon is a sexist pig who hangs out in t*ttie bars along with Ben Affleck. Matt is hardly a credible honorable man to pay any mind too. Gross!!!!!

  23. 23
    liz Says:

    well i think chace crawford is “quite attractive” ;-P

  24. 24
    Kalilah Says:

    I have no idea why she’s such a ‘big hit’
    No one even knew she existed unless they looked her up in a textbook. McCain is a smart person. He knew all the Hilary voters wanted a women so he gave them one.

    It’s amazing how America keeps falling for this. :P

  25. 25
    Jay Says:

    LOL people are voting Republican to REVERSE the effects sexism has on our society? Riiight.
    You do realize that McCain does not give a crap about feminism and he only chose Palin in order to get votes out of Hilary supporters? He seems to be under the delusion that Hilary supporters were only voting for her because she was a woman and not because of her political stance/views/promises, what have you. Hmmm maybe he was right.

  26. 26
    Halli Says:

    I’m not American, but I certainly hope the American people aren’t so gullible as to vote in someone totally unqualified, other than having a ******, as VP who is a heartbeat away from the presidency with the oldest candidate in modern times who suffers from skin cancer issues, high blood pressure and a reputation for losing his temper a lot.

  27. 27
    Angry Says:

    V A G I N A.

  28. 28
    Good victoria Says:

    AGREE KALILAH !!!!!!!!!!!!…………PALIN??????????? Don’t understand McCain on this one….guess time and voters will soon tell though !!!!!

  29. 29
    Linda Says:

    She’s not *physically* ugly, no. It’s her politics, her values and her narrow-mindedness that are ugly. This is a woman who, if given the opportunity, will take away the hard-won rights of women in the country to make their own choices about their bodies. She advocates shooting wolves from airplanes, wants polar bears taken off the endangered species act so that they can open up protected environment for oil drilling and is anti-environment. She’s anti-gay and would work to deny rights to tax-paying citizens of this country solely because of their sexual orientation. She is pro-censorship and has worked to ban books in the library of the town where she was mayor. Is this really the kind of woman that should be in the second highest seat of government in our country? Like I said, her outer appearance isn’t ugly, but below the surface, she is absolutely hideous in so many respects.

  30. 30
    hannah Says:

    WOW. lets just rip her apart. the woman is an amazing politician, just because you guys are ******* democrats doesn’t give you the right to be like omgg she’s so ugly!!!

    just shut up.
    & so what? he wants to keep his mouth shut, GOOD FOR HIM! all these other celebrities are sooo ******* annoying, thinking they’re hot **** with all their democrat this democrat that. they just need to shut up.

  31. 31
    Zena Says:

    Hey, at least he’s not sitting there on stool and dramatically announcing on television how terrified he is of Sarah Palin. At least he’s not preaching to America like the rest of Hollywood chooses to. That’s more than can be said about anyone else.

  32. 32
    nk Says:

    This idiot is so lame and naive, by saying anything for a popularity attention. Sit down and shut up if you don’t have anything politically inclined to say. And go back to school, thank you.

  33. 33
    nk Says:

    “I can’t talk politics”. Do you know anything about politics??? Non…..

  34. 34
    Madison r. Says:

    Way to say what you think Chace and not be persuaded by the Liberal Left of Hollywood. I could care less about any actors opinions on politics they live in Lala land.

    Chace didnt talk politics he just said Palin was pretty… What’s the big deal. Good for you Chace.

  35. 35
    dani Says:

    Hannah–I’m Republican and female and she is a blight on politics. She is totally ignorant of the issues facing the presidency and does not deserve to be treated with kid gloves. Why should the press not be able to quiz her about her views, ask her questions about her tenure, the bridge to nowhere, etc. It has been proven she is ignorant of issues facing the presidency, that she lied in her speech, and that she really hasn’t done much at all to qualify for the job. ANY OTHER CANDIDATE Democrat or Republican would be flayed alive by now. INSTEAD ignorant republicans are protecting her. INSTEAD of protecting her they should be saying SHOW ME YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT since you are just one heart beat away from the presidency.

  36. 36
    sweetpea Says:

    yea, she’s attractive, an attractive liar is still a LIAR!

  37. 37
    Sharon Says:

    I am a female but I will not vote for someone just because they are female. Everything I stand for Palin is against. I might have voted for McCain if he had chosen a more middle of the road VP but Palin is too far right for me. Like Matt Damon I believe that if McCain Palin is elected that within the next four years she will become President. To me there is no different between Palin and Bush except for their gender.

  38. 38
    naty Says:

    Ava you are right she does has nice teeth.

  39. 39
    jen Says:

    I use to love chace… but this just reversed it for me… she is not attractive at all.. ewww…

  40. 40
    Mix's Crawford Says:


    why u not choose barack obama for the better??

    cause i think sarah pallin is not too attractive

  41. 41
    anna Says:

    classy taste Chase!

  42. 42
    june Says:

    oh chace, chace, chace. Dont constantly have to defend your sexuality and say your straight and then say Sarah Palin is attractive. You might have as well said you thought Al Roker was hot.

    Now im thinking hes gay.

    At least he still is pretty though!!!!!

  43. 43
    jessica Says:

    Love Chace, love Sarah. yes, Sarah is beautiful and smart too. Matt Damon is dumb as hell.

  44. 44
    Paulie Says:

    Chace is on my ****-list now.

  45. 45
    Kendra Says:

    I just threw up in my mouth…

  46. 46
    Orchid Says:

    29 Linda @ 09/10/2008 at 10:28 pm

    This is a woman who, if given the opportunity, will take away the hard-won rights of women in the country to make their own choices about their bodies.
    A leader can propose anything, but only Congress can make or overturn a law.

    She advocates shooting wolves from airplanes, wants polar bears taken off the endangered species act so that they can open up protected environment for oil drilling and is anti-environment.
    Did you know that the majority (of the people) wants drilling?

    She’s anti-gay and would work to deny rights to tax-paying citizens of this country solely because of their sexual orientation.
    I have seen on TV that she has vetoed a bill that would be against gay people. So although she is not pro-gay, she is fair.

    She is pro-censorship and has worked to ban books in the library of the town where she was mayor.
    That is NOT true! I just saw Greta van Susteren, who is in Alaska, interviewing someone about that.

    Is this really the kind of woman that should be in the second highest seat of government in our country?
    In a democracy, that is up to the people.

    Like I said, her outer appearance isn’t ugly, but below the surface, she is absolutely hideous in so many respects.
    You’re entitled to your opinion.

  47. 47
    BK Says:

    oh yes… please Chace, please be more like Ben & Matt and get on your celebrity soap box and preach politics to us lowly mortals. NOT.

  48. 48
    hmm Says:

    She is anti-gay, she did inquire about banning books in her library, and she did try to fire the librarian but the town turned out and supported the librarian. And just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean that she fights for the rights of women. I applaud a lot of the commenters on this board because it’s obvious that they have done their own research and know what’s really going on. As a woman, I think it is great that a woman could be on the ticket in either spot, but I am not going to support a woman whose policies don’t support women. What is so insulting about this pick is that there were highly qualified Republican women he could have chosen, but he chose her for purely political and aesthetic reasons. We are a nation at war and in economic peril and he chose someone he knows isn’t qualified to be VP. Now everyday there is more and more information showing that she’s not even who she claimed to be and he hopes we get sidelined by BS stories. I repeat, I’m so proud to read this board and see so many of us are not falling for it.

  49. 49
    jon Says:

    Chill, people! ;) He didn’t say he dug her politics, only that she was attractive, and as a straight dude, it’s not like he has other choices to comment on their attractive qualities that are in the political race right now.

  50. 50
    free Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As for Damon and Ben I don’t even think they respect smart women, Damon picked up a woman who worked in a bar and married her and has two kids, Ben Affleck couldn’t marry the love of his life and ended marrying Jennifer Garner because his career was at stake because prejudice people could not conceive of him being with a latina, so he married someone from West Virginia for show.

    I don’t know what Palain’s issues are…she has been hidden from the media and she sounds like a broken record with the Republican talking points on all her stump speeches. I don’t think my mother anticipated that after all the sit ins in her college and protest for womens rights for equal pay, and the right to choose that someone would come along and try to undue all of what she and others have fought for. Because of my mom and women like her it has been much better for women. I hope that women get it and how important it is to vote. Why would anyone want someone else to choose for them what should happen to their bodies, every woman should have reproductive freedom and it should not be left to the idiots in office….the way they run the country I wouldn’t want them to choose anything that has to do with my body period.

  51. 51
    alaska Says:

    Think you’re paying a lot for gas? Try telling that to the people in Lime Village, Alaska, an isolated outpost where prices have hit $8.55 a gallon. Alaska is a major crude supplier, but its residents, paradoxically, face the highest average gas prices in the nation, Reuters reports, because the economies of scale don’t work in the sparsely populated state.

    High prices have, however, been a windfall to the state’s government, which makes most of its money taxing oil exports. Some have proposed a one-time, $1,200 relief check—a popular fix, but ultimately a short-term one. Long-term? “Going back to dog teams is an option,” says one resident. “It’s kind of a joke, but not a joke.”

  52. 52
    ace tomato Says:

    The Vice President does not have the ability to overturn Roe v Wade. Dang, people, did you sleep through school???

    Sarah Palin’s pro-life beliefs and her religious beliefs aren’t going to change the law.

    It’s nice to see a woman who has a real resume (ran a commercial fishing business, 6 years as a mayor of a small town, chairperson of the Oil & Gas Conservation Committee as well as the Supervisor of Ethics and a sitting governor of a state with an $11 billion dollar operating budget, a $1.7 billion dollar capital expenditure budget and 29,000 employees, massive oil & gas issues, a pipeline in development and strategic bases),

    Name anything Obama has done that compares to that.

    Oh – and his campaign manager, David Plouffe, handles the executive duties of his campaign – not Obama himself.

    So hit me with it – what has Obama done – not what he says he wants to do – what has he done to be PRESIDENT? Because I don’t see anything in his record that compares to the Republican VP, and god knows Obama’s records is a kleenex compared to McCain.

    Anyone? Concrete examples of Obama’s record/experience . .

  53. 53
    James Says:

    50-your an idiot. just because they dont like sarah palin doesnt mean they dont like women. I HATE sarah palin…and I love women! dont go playing the sexist card. I am getting so sick of that. I am a huge Hillary Supporter but Palin is just trash

  54. 54
    jughed Says:

    Hmm, whatever floats your boat, Chace.

    To me, Sarah Palin is getting less and less attractive the more I find out about her.

    The honeymoon between me and Ms. P is officially OVAH! :)

  55. 55
    jessica Says:

    wake up kiddo.
    …in chace’s defense, what part of middle aged, gun- wielding, crazy ***** from alaska who can’t even control her own children let alone an ENTIRE COUNTRY, doesn’t scream sexy?!
    ******* idiot.

  56. 56
    Michelle Says:

    Well, I guess he made that comment in reference to his character on GG since he is sleeping with an older married woman.

  57. 57
    jesse Says:

    me thinks chace is a closet republican!

    Mccain/pailin 08!

  58. 58
    annaversary Says:

    That is just disgusting.
    Chace your blind and your NOT attractive to me anymore.

  59. 59
    abby Says:

    okay, maybe the librarian look does it for you, but that nasaly voice, really?….could you really stand it for four years? particularly when its speaking out against stem cell research, denying women pro-choice even in the case of rape, denying global waming is man-made, hiring top lobbyists to secure pork-barrel funds, approving the Bridge to Nowhere and then being a total hypocrite and saying she is against pork-barreling, removing books deemed “inappropriate” from the library….the list of extremes goes on and on….


    to me she stands for so many things that America is not about. Don’t be taken in by this hockey mom, no matter how attractive you find her.

  60. 60
    nona Says:

    good points, hmm #48

  61. 61
    oh snap Says:

    yup he’s gay

    yup hes gay

    yup he’s gay

    yup he’s gay

  62. 62
    Christian K Says:

    Hehe. Another reason not to watch Gossip Girl. :)

  63. 63
    required Says:


  64. 64
    zac efron Says:

    the only reason why mccain chose palin was so she could attract clinton supporters and its not working:

    mccain’s critical stance on obama’s ‘lipstick on a pig’ reference is bologna

    palin truly has no substance … she has accepted 1 interview with ABC; no media questions with reporters; repeated and the same words for two speeches



  65. 65
    ace tomato Says:
    1. Yes, she is Governor of Alaska. No, she’s not the Lieutenant Governor. No, she’s not currently Mayor of Wasilla. Yes, she was Mayor of Wasilla, some years ago.
    2. Yes, as Governor of Alaska, she’s the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard. And yes, her professional military subordinate is quite impressed with her in that role.
    3. And yes, the New York Times says the job of Governor of Alaska is one of the harder, and more powerful, jobs in state government.
    4. Yes, there are people in Alaska who think she’s too liberal.
    5. Yes, she did giggle when someone called Lyda Green a “*****.” Yes, Lyda Green is a cancer survivor. Yes, it was the same Lyda Green who tried to force a scheduling conflict that would make Palin miss her son’s high school graduation. Yes, this would also be the Lyda Green who complained no one had asked her about Palin during the vetting process.
    6. Yes, she did push for and approve the Wasilla Sports Center. Yes, it did cost a lot of money. (People keep saying $20 million, that article says $14.5 million, but then they also added a $1.2 million dollar food service/kitchen piece. This year, after Palin was out of office as Mayor.) Yes, the city went into debt to do it (how did you buy your house, bunkie?) and raised the city sales tax from 2 percent to 2.5 percent to pay for it. Yes, the city is paying it off early. Yes, there is an ongoing dispute about title (following a struggle with the Nature Conservancy and another buyer. And yes, at the time it was built, Wasilla had a Federal judge’s decision that they had title to the land.
    7. Yes, she did want authority to have wolves culled from the air, because they were taking too many moose and caribou. Which people hunt for food in the back country in Alaska. No, she isn’t shooting them herself. I mean, not that she couldn’t, but I’m sure she doesn’t have time. (Thanks to bluemerlin in the comments.)
    8. No, the Downs baby (Trig) isn’t Bristol’s kid, and no, the kid wasn’t born with Downs because (a) Palin flew on an airplane (b) went home to have the baby after an amniotic leak (c) because he was the result of incest between Todd Palin and Bristol.
    9. No, Track (the kid who is leaving for Iraq) didn’t join the NG because he was a drug addict. He may have joined the NG because he was tired of people saying his Mom was getting him into the good hockey leagues. (Yes, that one was original reporting. I’ve got sources in Wasilla.)
    10. No, Willow and Piper aren’t named for witches on TV. Among other things, Willow was born before Buffy came on TV, and Piper was born before Charmed.
    11. Yes, Trig’s name may be misspelled. Isn’t it usually “Tryg” as in “Trygve”? In any case, I doubt he’s named for the Secretary General of the UN (1948-1952), either. But at least that was before he was born, unlike the others.(Thanks to Chris, via his blog
    12. Yes, it appears that she has a Big Dipper tattooed on her ankle. She lost a bet.
    13. No, she’s never been in any p-orn as far as anyone can find (and God knows I get enough google hits on those very topics.) I would think the Big Dipper tattoo would be a giveaway.
    14. No, no one seems to be able to even find swimsuit pictures of her from her beauty queen days; God knows I looked. The bikini pictures that are around are photoshopped, just like the Vogue cover I have up.
    15. No she wasn’t a member of the (wild-eyed libertarian) Alaska independence Party, although her husband once was
    16. No, neither the (Canadian) National Post, nor Marc Armbinder at the Atlantic have troubled themselves to issue a correction. Yes, the New York Times did finally correct their story of September 1 — on September 5. And on page 14. This was after Elizabeth Bumiller was quoted by Howard Kurtz as saying she was “completely confident about the story.” Yes, that was after the New York Times’s source retracted the story. Yes, this should embarrass the Times, Bumiller, and Howard Kurtz. No, there have been no signs of embarrassment.
    17. No, she was never a Pat Buchanan supporter; even when Buchanan claims she was, she was on the board of Steve Forbes’a campaign in Alaska. Yes, Palin was a Steve Forbes supporter in 2000.
    18. No, she’s not anti-semitic. In fact, she has an Israeli flag in her office. (Contrary to popular belief, the usual Evangelical thinks Israel has a right to exist, granted by God.)
    19. No, I don’t think she’s being “indoctrinated by Lieberman and AIPAC as we speak”; I don’t get the feeling that being indoctrinated is something that Palin does well.
    20. Yes, it seems unlikely that she’s going to be in hiding for the next two weeks seeing as she’s been in rallies twice in the last two days. Or at least it’s going to be real rough, given that she has three media interviews scheduled today (6 September) alone.
    21. Yes, it does appear that Palin’s local pastor preached about an end time when God will

  66. 66
    ace tomato Says:

    # Yes, it does appear that Palin’s local pastor preached about an end time when God will judge everyone, even Wasilla, Alaska, and the United States. Duh. This is called the Book of Revelations, and while I don’t believe it personally, I don’t see it as a disqualifier for the hundred million or so Baptists, Methodists, Evangelicals, Episcopalians, Catholics, Assembly of God, Presbyterian, Lutherans (traditional and Missouri Synod), African Methodist, and so on Christians in the US.
    # Yes, I do sometimes wonder about the state of Andrew’s health.
    # No, she’s doesn’t believe that the Iraq War was directed by God. Yes, she did pray that proceeding with the war was God’s will: “they should pray ‘that our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God, that’s what we have to make sure we are praying for, that there is a plan, and that plan is God’s plan.’” (Ever hear the phrase “Not my will, but Thine, be done”?) Yes, this apparently freaks some people right out.
    # No, Buchanan doesn’t support her now; in fact he’s supporting Obama. (Buchanan did think her speech was amazing, but then so do 80 percent of the people who saw it.) Or maybe not. Buchanan sure doesn’t like McCain though.
    # Yes, she was apparently pregnant when she got married
    # No, so far there’s no confirmation she had an affair while she was married, and they’ve denied it pretty strongly. No, she wouldn’t be the first Christian woman who got a little on the side, if it were true.
    # No, she wasn’t named as a co-respondent in a divorce; there’s no evidence she had an affair with her husbands’ business partner. The partner tried to have his divorce records sealed because he was being harrassed by journalists who used them to get his phone number.
    # Yes, barring immaculate conception virgin birth (whatever), Bristol appears to have had sex with her fiancee. No, Bristol didn’t receive only “abstinence-only” sex ed.
    # Yes, I have it on reliable report that Sarah Levi’s mom has been heard screaming “Way to go Levi!” at her future son-in-law son. No, it doesn’t appear to have been when Bristol broke the news to her family.
    Note: I originally understood this story to be about Sarah, not Levi’s mom, in the context of hockey games. As such, it’s shouldn’t be in a Sarah Palin Rumors story, but I like the story too much to delete it.
    # yes, her 17 year old daughter is pregnant; no, the baby’s father is not an eighth grader; no, having sex at 16 is not statutory rape in Alaska. And no, there’s no way that a 17 year old can be 5 months pregnant as a result of having sex before she was 16. Learn to count for God’s sakes.

  67. 67
    Bob Says:

    Hmmmmm,you would think democrats and republicans would
    Have no reason to bash each other like this
    this hate is just way beyond what all Americans
    Stand for .

  68. 68
    Connie Says:

    I find her very lovely, she has one of the warmest smiles I have ever seen and kind eyes.

  69. 69
    Sam Says:

    I would love to see someone that warm and good-looking and smart the next Vice President, and doesn’t help that she has the cutest family i have every seen.

  70. 70
    Teresa Says:

    He has good taste, her husband is a hunk too and he is the 4 time winner of the longest and most grueling 2000 mile snowmobile race, the Tesoro Iron Dog Contest.

  71. 71
    Lucy Says:

    If your not American then keep your stupid political opinions to your self, no other country would take other country’s citizens telling them who they should vote to be their leader, especially in America where the President is the Commander of the military and Head of State. I’m Canadian and I can tell you that the only reason people in my country like Obama ( they wouldn’t say it out loud) is they get a kick out of America being lead by a black guy with muslim roots, his middle name is Hussein for sh#ts sake and it would be like America was apologizing for the last 8 years and turing away from middle America that voted for Bush. Because if you look at Obama’s policies he should be the less desirable for Canada, just on his re-negotiate NAFA promise only, and Europe probably feels they same way, you would never see a minority running a European country or Canada but we live to preach that America should or it’s racists, and when you see polls that came out today that Russian’s prefers Obama to McCain it’s not because they think Obama will be a tough advocate for America.

  72. 72
    **** Says:

    The gays love their lady-nazis. I know homosexuals who still have posters on Margaret Thatcher on their bedroom walls.

  73. 73
    ugh Says:

    actors and singers are obsessed with Sarah Palin.

  74. 74
    andamentothat Says:

    Orchid @ 09/11/2008 at 12:15 am

    thank you for your counter response to Linda.. Everyone is entitled to their political opnion including Matt Damon and Chace Crawford. Of course, we may not agree with either of them, but they are still entitled to it.

    Is anyone interested in knowing if Biden can run the office as he is also a hearbeat away from the presidency.. And if you think he can simply because he has been in Washington for a lifetime then that is not a real change candidate is it?

    Listen to each of them, understand their policies and then vote. It doesnt matter whom you vote for as long as its been done fairly and without bias due to gender, race, background.

  75. 75
    Macy Says:

    I applaud Chace for keeping his political views to himself. He is very classy to do that. I dont like celebrities pushing their views because they have a voice in the media. I believe Mrs. Palin is a very attractive lady.
    Chace has very good taste in women. Carrie Underwood is one of the most stunning ladies out there not to mention talented, sexy, and sweet.
    Be happy Chace and Carrie.

  76. 76
    tyler Says:

    ewwww she is not even attractive well no girl is attractive for me

    GO OBAMA!!


  77. 77
    run bambi run Says:

    my 78 year old neighbor is voting for McCain/Palin for one reason he thinks Palin is hot. Has this election turned into a beauty contest.

    Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet? Can’t she just go back to Alaska and feed the bears or something? oh no, from all the pix we’ve seen every animal is a dead animal.

    Run Bambi Run.

  78. 78
    dialectic Says:

    so is that a reason to vote for her? this guy is an idiot ,hes on a show that will one day be forgotten and so will he..if you dont believe me then let me ask you this…have you seen luke perry lately? do you even know who that is? yeah i thought so…..forgettable

  79. 79
    .............................. Says:

    wow…….ace tomato SALUTE!……..nicely done about sarah palin, can u also do the same about obama?…..would love to know obama and his accomplishments from chicago to the senate. i also found he wrote a book ” audacity of hope” wht is th all about, i found few pieces in youtube but would love to know real obama . i like the way u did w/ ur palin research.i will appreciate it, thanks.

  80. 80
    ha Says:

    What a dumb young man. Such a stupid statement. She is just an average looking woman, with make up, and.a fake tan.

  81. 81
    ace tomato Says:

    Sarah Palin Smears debunked cont . . .

    # yes, she did fire the public safety guy — but he said in the Anchorage paper that, for the record, she never, and no one else in her administration ever, tried to make him fire her ex-brother-in-law
    # and yes, the state trooper (her sister’s ex-husband) she was worried about did: tase her 10 year old nephew; drive his state patrol car while drinking or drunk; did threaten to “bring her down”; and did threaten to murder her father and sister if they dared to get an attorney to help with the divorce.
    # yes, the state trooper was suspended when he was put under a court protective order
    # no, the trooper wasn’t fired
    # yes, she did fire the Wasilla Chief of Police as Mayor; yes, it was because he was lying to the City Council.
    # Yes, she did try to cut her own salary as Mayor by $4000 a year; yes, she had voted against the $4000 a year raise while on the City Council.
    # No, she didn’t cut funding for unwed mothers; yes, she did increase it by “only” 354 percent instead of 454 percent, as part of a multi-year capital expenditures program. No, the Washington Post doesn’t appear to have corrected their story. Even after this was pointed out in the comments on the story.
    # No, she didn’t cut special needs student funding; yes, she did raise it by “only” 175 percent.
    # yes, she did try, clearly unsuccessfully, to get Bristol married off to her fiancee before the story came out
    # yes, she did ask the librarian if some books could be withdrawn because of being offensive; no, they couldn’t; yes, it was “rhetorical”, at least as was reported contemporaneously in 1996[1] ; yes she did threaten to fire the librarian a month later; no, that wasn’t over the books thing but instead over administrative issues; no, the librarian wasn’t fired either; yes, the librarian was a big supporter of one of her political opponents; yes, the librarian was also the girlfriend of the Chief of police mentioned above; no, this is not the first time in the history of civilization that someone has been threatened with being fired over a political dispute
    # No the list of books she wanted to ban that’s being passed around isn’t real; among other things, it includes a number of books published after her time in office there.
    # No, that hasn’t actually deterred people from claiming it really is true even if the list isn’t correct. For example:
    “This list might not in fact reflect the books Sarah Palin wanted banned. As more than one person in Comments has pointed out, some of them were not published when Palin was in office. It is my hope that the mainstream media will not let this story drop and that at some point an actual list will surface. The very thought of having someone who once advocated book-banning possibly occupying one of the highest offices of our land fills me with profound dread. It should fill you with dread too.”
    # No, I don’t understand why a fake list is supposed to fill me with dread, either.

  82. 82
    ace tomato Says:

    # no, it wasn’t won’t be [bad tense, hasn't happened yet] a shotgun wedding; Bristol and Levi been engaged for a good while according to Levi’s mother. It was either an accident or just an unconventional order.
    # yes, she’s an was an Assembly of God Holy Roller. No, she doesn’t attend an AoG church now. Yes, she did leave the AoG because they were getting too weird for her.
    # No, she’s not anti-Mormon. No, not all AoG churches are anti-Mormon. (AoG is even more hard-core about allowing each pastor and congregation to make their own decisions than the Baptists are.) (Thanks to AnonAmom in the comments.)
    # No, she’s not from another planet. No, I haven’t actually heard that one yet, but you wait. Okay, I have now heard it.
    # yes, she apparently believes in some variant of Intelligent Design
    # no, she didn’t try to force the schools to teach it; she said if someone brought it up, it was an appropriate subject for debate.
    # No, she doesn’t believe in “abstinence only” education. Yes, she thinks abstinence is an effective way of preventing pregnancy. Duh. Yes, she believes kids should learn about condom use in schools.
    # Yes, she did smoke marijuana, when it was legal in Alaska. Yes, she apparently did inhale.
    # yes, she kills animals and eats them, and wears their skins
    # yes, she was a beauty contest contestant
    # yes, she was once a sportscaster
    # yes, she has a college degree in Journalism, but I won’t hold that against her, as she seems to have found honest work as well
    # yes, she sometimes wears her hair up; no that’s not a “beehive”
    # yes, her husband is Not A White Person (he’s a Yup’ik; an Eskimo but not an Inuit as my Inuit cousins have taken some pains to explain)
    # yes, she has on occasion, as Mayor, tried to get money from the federal government.
    # yes, she did finally turn down the money for the bridge. Yes, that meant changing her mind about it.
    # yes, she was vetted extensively, not just in three days — I’ve got links to press reports about people coming to Wassila on 29 May, and we had her on our Veepstakes at PJM from the first day we ran it.

  83. 83
    ace tomato Says:

    # yes, she want to a bunch of colleges before getting a degree. No, that’s not illegal. Yes, she seems to have made something of herself anyway.
    # no, they didn’t talk to a lot of the R’s power structure during the vetting; that probably has to do with the fact that she beat them in elections and sent a bunch of them to jail.
    # Yes, Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech was written by a speechwriter. Duh. No, none of Obama’s, McCain’s, nor Biden’s speeches were impromptu off the cuff things either.
    # Yes, she did put the Governors plane on eBay. No, that’s not how it was finally sold. Yes, McCain did say it wrong. Bad McCain.
    # No, Sarah Palin doesn’t have such control of Alaskans that people are afraid to say bad things about her. (What, are you nuts? Look at this list.) No, I don’t think it’s likely that she called Obama “Sambo”. (Good God, man, I’m ten years older than she and I barely remember “Little Black Sambo.”) Yes, it seems unlikely to me that she’s be real racist and marry a Yup’ik (or a part Yup’ik.) But yes, people are capable of amazing things. Yes, I’m sure there are people who don’t like her — I’ve talked with some myself. And no, I don’t think this waitress would have been thrilled to be called an “aboriginal”. And yes, if she called Hillary a “*****”, I’m pretty confident is wasn’t the first time anyone in politics has said that.
    # No, she’s not a “global warming denier”, and when the crush dies down remind me to explain why the very phrasing “global warming denier” is anti-scientific, anti-intellectual, and a clear sign of a desire to impose your beliefs by coercion. But in the mean time, while I do believe that she has expressed some skepticism that warming is wholly human-caused, the existence of the Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet and the Alaska Climate Change Strategy work demonstrate that she’s considering the problem and has brought together people more expert than she to advise her.
    # Yes, Todd Palin did have a DUI. Twenty-two years ago. Get a grip.
    # No, Sarah Palin’s brother isn’t in jail. No matter what the commenter at Anderson Cooper’s page says. (Thanks to Galynn in comments.)
    # Yes, Sarah Palin’s pastor apparently does believe that gays can “repent” and be cured of homosexuality. No, believe it or not, even fundamentalist Christians don’t have to believe every litle thing their pastor believes. Yes, Palin seems to be more libertarian about this.
    # Yes, contrary to press reports, Sarah Palin’s mother-in-law plans to vote for her and the R ticket (on Inside Edition this evening.)
    # No, the fact that some 17 year old was arrested for malicious mischief at the right time doens’t mean Track Palin was.

  84. 84
    meg Says:

    for all the crazy looney libs saying sarah palin is ugly, can i give you advice please. take off your democrat goggles for just a second and realize that sarah is very pretty. democrats are strange and usual people.

  85. 85
    S. Says:

    Acetomato can claim the ride on the McCain bus they are offering to supporters that copy/paste the stuff they write on the campaign page.

    So funny that they have “talking points” for the support base to copy and paste on Blogs, with half truths, and diversions. They also give away prizes for the more active that range from buttons to a ride in the campaign bus. The McCain campaign doesn’t trust the brains of people that support them, and that is the only thing they are right

    What intelligent person is voting for 4 more years of the same venal behavior in Washington that brought us the credit crunch, and has saddled the tax payer with saving Fanny Mae, and Freddy Mack? A guy that wants to give the bigger tax breaks to people earning more than $603K? That doesn’t have a universal health plan? Whose tax proposals could increase the national debt by as much as $4.5 trillion with interest? Only the very absentminded, a person being held in solitary confinement for the last 6 years, or idiots.

    in a country where 50% of the people earn less $46,326 a year (2005 census) it baffles me that they are willing to support a candidate whose policies only cater to the interests of the 1.5% that earn more than $250,000 (2005 census).

  86. 86
    Ang Says:

    Palin Rocks!

  87. 87
    ace tomato Says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to post something Barack Obama has done that qualifies him to be – not a heartbeat away from the Presidency – but the actual PRESIDENT.

    S. let’s start with YOU . . . what has Barack Obama achieved that qualifies him for President?

    Not what he says. What he has done. Go ahead . . . we’ll wait . . .

  88. 88
    katie n Says:

    She looks like many women of her age. mature and decent. Nothing to crow about but not ugly either. Crawford is entitled to his opinion on a woman’s attractiveness. but it shows how frivolous he can be when the only thing he can tell about a politician is that she looks good.

  89. 89
    ace tomato Says:

    You didn’t offer any evidence to dispute the debunking I posted. And since you do not have any, you just made a personal attack on me claiming I’m some mindless robot who is under orders or a sweepstakes lure to cut & paste.

    Some pesonal flame attack instead of a bonafide fact for a counterpoint isn’t going to upset me or impress anyone who has their own brain. Did you have anything in the debunking of the Sarah Palin smears that counters any of the points I posted?

    By the way, that didn’t come from a McCain site – it came from

    They worked hard to go find all the facts clearing up the smears. How about you put a teeny tiny bit of work in and show a list of things Obama has done that show he is ready to be President of the United States. Not his promises or any future plans . . .what has he done.

    We’ll wait . . .

  90. 90
    S. Says:

    Ace tomato if the source is not the campaign why should we believe some random blogger? He has the same credibility than those on the other side.Palin doesn’t matter, it’s the economy, stupid.

    Any one with a brain doesn’t waste time with the Palin smoke screen. Only the GOP, to avoid talking about the real issues for which they have no answers.

    I still haven’t heard nothing from the McCain camp explaining why they are going to cut taxes when it the Bush tax cuts for the very rich over the past eight years have already added over $4 trillion to the debt, and are responsible 48% of the cause according to the CBO study. How can he support the continuing of a war that according to the same study is responsible for 37% of the national debt.

    Palin makes it easy to avoid talking talk about NAFTA, and Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China that have outsourced US jobs, and the US economy in bulk. Because McCain is blindly for NAFTA, and the that only benefits multinationals, but not the country he says he puts first.

    Those are the issues, Palin is a fait-divers. I don’t stoop to your level.

    I don’t see you debunking any of my points. Oh wait. there are no talking points about real issues at the McCain site, or any random blogger for you to copy/paste from, right?

  91. 91
    S. Says:

    The White House current resident had even more gubernatorial experience than Palin, and in a state where it’s capital has a bigger population than the whole state of Alaska.

    Look where it’s got us.

  92. 92
    Nick Says:

    Ok, she’s not qualified and when I hear her speak about her politics I throw up in my mouth, but seriously, the woman’s HOT LIKE HELL. She’s full of MILFy goodness, I’d totally sleep with her.

    I’m not american, tho, so I’m really happy she’s not running for VP in my country (even if italian politicians are even worse). Anyway, I’d still do her. :D

  93. 93
    cinnamongirl99 Says:

    PUHLEASE, Linda. Do your research…go to – Gov Palin did not try to get books banned. The list of books that is circulating has the Harry Potter books on it…yet they had not even come out yet when she supposedly tried to ban them.

    Dems are just upset that a smart, MORE QUALIFIED than the Community Organizer running for pres on the other ticket, woman is republican! Get over yourselves. Not all of us women believe in abortion on demand. Try birth control. Which, for the record Gov Palin is NOT against…get your facts straight before you rant about things you obviously know nothing about.

  94. 94
    DAVI Says:

    All gays think sarah palin is attractive. InWhich she is.

  95. 95
    DAVI Says:

    All gays think sarah palin is attractive. InWhich she is.

  96. 96
    ace tomato Says:

    I still haven’t seen anyone post Barack Obama’s achievements that make him a great candidate for President.

    Because there aren’t any.

    I will be happy to be shown wrong. Can any of you Obama supporters lay out a list of things Barack Obama achieved that are so impressive it says, “This man should be President of the United States?”

    I don’t dislike Obama. But I don’t think he is at all qualified to be President. To hear his supporters crow on about how the Rep. VICE Pres. nominee is unqualified is ridiculous. Show me what your guy has done that makes him President material.

    Come on. Anyone??? ANYTHING???

  97. 97
    ana Says:

    if someone still had a doubt about it, he is definately gay

  98. 98
    ? Says:

    Have we all gone blind on here? I wont say she’s ugly but i just saw a close up of her holding a baby on People Magazine and thought she was unbelivably ugly.

    And no i’m not JEALOUS. Thats the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard.

    Well… as long as our president is “pretty” thats all that matters! Most of you are as stupid as Chace.

  99. 99
    S. Says:

    Graduating Magna *** Laude while running the Harvard Law Review means that Obama is brighter than the incumbent, and his “gentleman’s C” average, McCain that graduated 5th from last in is class, or Palin that took 6 years and 5 transfers to manage enough credits to get a 2 year degree in journalism.

    It’s not the experience it’s how dumb they are. A donkey going around a well has loads of experience on going around a well, but it’s still a donkey.

  100. 100
    marisa Says:

    Jeez, there must be a lot of bitter old women on this blog clinging to their guns and religion!

    Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman.

    If you said something nasty about her, I can only imagine it’s because you don’t look nearly as good.

    Buy a self help self esteem book or get some plastic surgery and stop hatin’!

  101. 101
    brandy Says:

    Linda, instead of regurgitating Obama’s talking points (which you probably received in an email, and now have committed to memory like they are your wedding vows), and do some research of your own.

    Sarah vetoed a bill that would have denied same sex couples rights. She has never attempted to ban a book. I don’t have time to refute your other lies, but maybe you should actually do some research on your own. I know, THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

    This country is going to hell because people refuse to think on their own.

    Shame on you Linda. You’ll be lucky if Governor Palin does not trace that IP address of yours and sue you for libel.

    Before you vote for a candidate, get the facts straight, and if you are disinclined to independent thought (it does take effort), then sit home and please don’t vote.

    Don’t repeat talking points. THINK!

  102. 102 Says:

    Not talking politics?! He just did. Clever and hawt all rolled into one neat tight ass package. Love that GG got his ass all nekkid on the show! MORE, MORE, MORE. In fact why don’t they just have him shirtless the whole time and everyone, boys and girls will be ecstatic :)
    drools and more drools. Seriously

  103. 103
    ace tomato Says:

    There are a LOT of people who have law degrees from Harvard or other Ivy League schools. Doesn’t make you fit to be President. Hell, I graduated Magna *** laude and have a law degree. (no joke) Do you have ANY IDEA how many lawyers there are in this country??? We aren’t all fit to be president just for that. If being intelligent and academic performance was all it takes – shoot, just recruit the top of the class out of MIT every year. Who cares what their agenda is – they’re SMART!!!!!

    Sigh. It takes more than academics to make one Presidential material.

    Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, William McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Woodrow Wilson all dropped out of law school.

    Yes, Obama has a pedigree. But what has he DONE????

    I’m still waiting . . . . name some legislation he championed (and passed would be great, but isn’t totally necessary, just what did he author???)

  104. 104
    star7 Says:

    That woman is the devil!!! Or close to it.

  105. 105
    ANgie Says:

    Oh my goodness.
    I find it very funny how several people are calling Republican voters “gulible.” I feel obligated to point out that the media HEAVILY favors liberals. I even notice that.

    And by the way, technically, Sarah Palin has more Executive experience that Obama has. Did you know that the President is Commander and Chief of the Executive powers (aka, military), NOT Congress??? The way some people make comments, it appears like they are mislead. He’s not in charge of passing laws, Congress is.

    And F.Y.I, Sarah Palin is not sexist. That’s just an oxymoron in itself. She may be a lot of things, but she’s NOT sexist. But then again, I guess that depends on what you define as “woman’s rights.” If you define women’s rights with the option to murder an unborn child…well, I get where you’re coming from. But I don’t think that murder should be anyone’s right; unless it’s self-defense. I personally think that Sarah Palin is a great woman :)

    However, I totally respect Chace for not talking Politics. Believe it or not, I’m actually a moderate, just a very well informed one at that. I don’t know what I’m going to do when elections roll around…I’m still deciding. But I hate it when celebrities try to get involved with politics; particularily with Obama. His message is about change, and giving more benefits to the poor; shaking up the established order. Since when did Hollywood A-listers fit into that category?

  106. 106
    Orchid Says:

    93 cinnamongirl99 @ 09/11/2008 at 4:41 pm

    PUHLEASE, Linda. Do your research…go to -Gov Palin did not try to get books banned. The list of books that is circulating has the Harry Potter books on it…yet they had not even come out yet when she supposedly tried to ban them.

    Dems are just upset that a smart, MORE QUALIFIED than the Community Organizer running for pres on the other ticket, woman is republican! Get over yourselves. Not all of us women believe in abortion on demand. Try birth control. Which, for the record Gov Palin is NOT against…get your facts straight before you rant about things you obviously know nothing about.
    That’s right! She didn’t try to get books banned.
    It’s one of the stories going around that are not true. Like she has said that there were dinosaurs 4000 years ago. Not true.
    The picture of Sarah Palin in a bikini holding a gun is also not Sarah Palin. All nonsense. There are people ‘having fun’ on the net.

  107. 107
    Orchid Says:

    103 ace tomato @ 09/11/2008 at 7:34 pm

    I graduated Magna *** laude and have a law degree. (no joke) Do you have ANY IDEA how many lawyers there are in this country???
    Why are there so many awful but very funny laywer jokes, in your opinion?

    Yes, Obama has a pedigree. But what has he DONE????
    I’m still waiting . . . . name some legislation he championed (and passed would be great, but isn’t totally necessary, just what did he author???)
    I saw on TV that he wanted sex-ed for little kids.

  108. 108
    LAUREN Says:

    Thank you Chace for not stating a political stance! I love you even more now!

    I hate when star get all political. Like seriously? I don’t really give a rats @$$ about who you’re backing. You think just because you’re a movie star or whatever that we should care? Get over yourself!

    Politics are a bunch of crap PERIOD. I don’t care what party you belong to….

  109. 109
    Orchid Says:

    79 ………………………… @ 09/11/2008 at 10:52 am

    wow…….ace tomato SALUTE!……..nicely done about sarah palin,

  110. 110
    lindsay Says:

    wooo go Chace! i love celebs that dont get all political…half of them dont have a college education so i dont know why people listen to celebs…on anything

  111. 111
    S. Says:

    I will give you the answer about Obama’s tremendous legislative work, when someone answers my economic questions. Besides flip-flopping on the bridge to nowhere, trying to fire a librarian, a state trooper, and firing the man that wouldn’t fire the state trooper, what did Palin do? All I see is she didn’t do this, and she didn’t do that.

    How many lawyers graduated magna *** laude from Harvard law, and where President of the Harvard law review?

    I see you didn’t mention your school,. Embarrassed? Still it’s better than taking 6 years moving from school to school until she managed to gather enough credits to graduate from a 2 years degree like Palin did. Why don’t you apply for the job. I bet you are better qualified than Palin, at least you are not hiding, like she hides, from talking to the Press.

    Knowledge is power. People that are afraid of education, are the ignorant.

  112. 112
    ace tomato Says:

    The librarian rumor is debunked, and the trooper situation is pending investigation, but it looks to be much ado about nothing. Both have been covered in my prior posts, so I don’t know why you think they are unaddressed issues?

    Look, you need to quit falling back on trying to make a personal attack on me when you can’t prevail on an argument. You tried calling me a mindless robot for cutting/pasting information here – which was pretty rude. And absurd – I’m not going to hand write 71 debunked rumors about Sarah Palin when so many others have already done the work and provided citations.

    Now you are trying to see if there is a personal dig about me on where I went to law school? Notre Dame. I don’t usually post that type of personal information in a forum full of strangers, but there you go. Whup dee do. (btw, I am not Catholic, but I am Irish!)

    The personal attacks are not answering the question. What has Obama achieved that qualifies him to be President? Are you having to research it? I mean, isn’t there SOMETHING that you already know he did that is so amazing it says, “THIS MAN should be our LEADER!”

    Obama’s “tremendous legislative work”? Let’s hear it!

  113. 113
    ace tomato Says:

    Orchid – because lawyers are annoying opportunistic bottomfeeders? Until you need one, that is LOL

  114. 114
    Gorgon Says:

    **** this plastic Ken doll *******.

  115. 115
    ace tomato Says:

    As President of the Harvard Law Review, Obama only published one article. One. In fact, it is the only legal publication I can find for him.

    Harvard Law Review, Vol 103, Page 823. It is a very strong pro abortion article.

    He says the government has better things to do than “ensure any one fetus is born”.

    He also argues the government has an interest [in abortion] in “preventing increasing numbers of children from being born in to lives of pain and despair.”

    That’s it for his contributions to Law Review.

  116. 116
    Allie Says:

    obviously mr. crawford is a republican….did anyone expect any differently? any upper class heartless ***** who doesn’t give a **** about the real world is a republican.


  117. 117
    Orchid Says:

    113 ace tomato @ 09/11/2008 at 11:57 pm

    Orchid – because lawyers are annoying opportunistic bottomfeeders? Until you need one, that is LOL
    You said it, but that’s a mild one!!! :lol:

  118. 118
    S. Says:

    Acetomato, Havard Law is the #1 law school of the country, President of the Law Review means being editor in Chief of a staff of 80 editors. What was Palin doing during her formative years? School hoping. 6 years to get a 2 year degree makes her even dumber than Bush, or McCain.

    Not withstanding the fact that Notre Dame is only ranked #25, you still are more qualified than Palin to be VP.

    You did copy/paste. You used a blog that has no credibility since is not the official campaing site, it’s just like any other blog out there. When something is not in the talk points like Palins school records, the attempt to fire the librarian that failed, the personal persecution of the state trooper, or the firing of the state fficial that wouldn’t fire the said state trooper, or the bridge to nowhere flip-flop, you can’t answer. When confronted by the real issued like the ticket’s tax policy you can’t answer. When confronted you the duo’s economic views, you can’t answer. Let’s try a easy one, how can a woman that doesn’t know what is the Bush Doctrine, that has been the foreign policy tenet for the US since 2002, be called upon to lead? She is an ignorant underachiever, that quits when the going gets tough. Her school record says so, her flip-flopping on the bridge to nowhere says so, her abandoning the pursuit to fire the librarian when the town’s folk went againt her says so. Her refusal to answer questions to the press unless it’s a stage interview says so. And even her staged interview says so.

    Still, in the good ol’ republican form, when you get debunked, you whine about personal attacks.

  119. 119
    S. Says:

    When the low-paying jobs are being sent overseas, by NAFTA, and the agreement with China, a economy policy that McCain supports. When 2/3 of the new jobs created require higher education, what kind of insensitive idiot defends that teens should be straddled with raising a child in poverty, to a life of diminished opportunities, instead of going to school? Great, more people on welfare, more people that are likely to become the guest of the state.

    How can you justify actions that cause more unproductive spending, like more need of police, and jails, in view of the defense of fiscal sensibility, done by the republicans. Oh, I know, borrow, make bonds, and sell the debt bonds, and the country, away to China, and the Middle East.

    Because of lack of proper information, that is not given at home, and is not given at school, due to the denial of funding, one out of four teenage girls has or had STDs. This is from the CDC. The US, where some defend teaching chastity, instead of the facts of life, rather than chastity and the facts of life, is the industrialized nation with the highest teen pregnancy rate. The US rate is similar to those of Indonesia, 55. The Netherlands rate is 3!

  120. 120
    S. Says:

    Still on the sex education. The Netherlands has comprehensive, state funded, at the ages of 12. to 15 has part of their health curricula. That didn’t promote promiscuity. The Netherlands have one of the highest average age at first intercourse,. When they start having sex, latter than in most of the countries, they use contraception, being common that 2 methods are used simultaneously, hormonal , and a condom.

    Bellow the age of 12, you teach body parts, including the difference between boys and girls, and explain to the older what is puberty, so they don’t get too surprised by it. If you think that is sex ed, you have some serious hang-ups.

  121. 121
    Rachel Says:

    F*cking freak boy

  122. 122
    ace tomato Says:

    Okay, I’ve asked you to name anything Obama has done that makes him President material.

    You continue to post attacks on the McCain/Palin views of issues – which is fine – I get it – you hate McCain Palin and support Obama. I think we all know that.

    But post after post, all you do is attack either McCain/Palin or me personally.

    It’s clear you CAN’T post anything Obama has achieved that is so amazing it says, “Wow, this guy gets stuff done, he should be President” because there isn’t anything in his record.

    You, like many other Obama supporter, hate Republicans and you hated the Bush Administration. Okay. I have not been thrilled with the Bush Administration either.

    But it still says NOTHING about what Obama has done that qualifies him to be the leader of the United States.

    At this point, you’ve had plenty of opportunity to post something. If there was something, you would have. I am not going to spend every day scrolling back here to see what new thing you can post about McCain/Palin and how much you hate them. We all get it.

    No answer on Obama kind of kills the issue. Game over.

  123. 123
    Dottiedot Says:

    For once, a celebrity is acting intelligently and keeping his mouth shut about who he is going to vote for! I wish the other celebritys were this smart.

  124. 124
    Andreika Says:

    Oh yeah, I’d bone her too…MILF ALERT !!!!

  125. 125
    DC Says:

    Lots of mature comments here.

  126. 126
    Scott Says:

    You can be 16 and look used up depending on lifestyle. Look at dara torres and what she’s done in her 40′s. Personally i think women look great at these ages. Like fine wine.

  127. 127
    AC Says:

    i must admit i hate her, but if i were a boy and if she wasnt doing politics, and also if i were older, i would’ve said she’s pretty much attractive, yes. and now, most of you may never ever be in touch with that guy, so just keep looking at his face and fantasize about it instead of trying to convince yourself he’s the perfect guy, right? ^^ no offense! i’m exactly in that case! i just figured it’d be better if i stopped worrying about his personality, otherwise i’ll end up hating him xD

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