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Chace Crawford: Sarah Palin Is "Quite Attractive"

Chace Crawford: Sarah Palin Is

Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford has the hots for Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and he isn’t afraid to talk about it!

“I’m not gonna lie. Sarah Palin is quite attractive,” Chace gushed admitted Wednesday at the Stand Up For A Cure Concert Series at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Wednesday.

Maybe all that on-screen May-December romance is spilling into his personal life off-screen!

As for which candidate he is endorsing, Chace is keeping his mouth shut.

“I can’t talk politics,” he said.

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  • brandy

    Linda, instead of regurgitating Obama’s talking points (which you probably received in an email, and now have committed to memory like they are your wedding vows), and do some research of your own.

    Sarah vetoed a bill that would have denied same sex couples rights. She has never attempted to ban a book. I don’t have time to refute your other lies, but maybe you should actually do some research on your own. I know, THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

    This country is going to hell because people refuse to think on their own.

    Shame on you Linda. You’ll be lucky if Governor Palin does not trace that IP address of yours and sue you for libel.

    Before you vote for a candidate, get the facts straight, and if you are disinclined to independent thought (it does take effort), then sit home and please don’t vote.

    Don’t repeat talking points. THINK!


    Not talking politics?! He just did. Clever and hawt all rolled into one neat tight ass package. Love that GG got his ass all nekkid on the show! MORE, MORE, MORE. In fact why don’t they just have him shirtless the whole time and everyone, boys and girls will be ecstatic :)
    drools and more drools. Seriously

  • ace tomato

    There are a LOT of people who have law degrees from Harvard or other Ivy League schools. Doesn’t make you fit to be President. Hell, I graduated Magna cum laude and have a law degree. (no joke) Do you have ANY IDEA how many lawyers there are in this country??? We aren’t all fit to be president just for that. If being intelligent and academic performance was all it takes – shoot, just recruit the top of the class out of MIT every year. Who cares what their agenda is – they’re SMART!!!!!

    Sigh. It takes more than academics to make one Presidential material.

    Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, William McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Woodrow Wilson all dropped out of law school.

    Yes, Obama has a pedigree. But what has he DONE????

    I’m still waiting . . . . name some legislation he championed (and passed would be great, but isn’t totally necessary, just what did he author???)

  • star7

    That woman is the devil!!! Or close to it.

  • ANgie

    Oh my goodness.
    I find it very funny how several people are calling Republican voters “gulible.” I feel obligated to point out that the media HEAVILY favors liberals. I even notice that.

    And by the way, technically, Sarah Palin has more Executive experience that Obama has. Did you know that the President is Commander and Chief of the Executive powers (aka, military), NOT Congress??? The way some people make comments, it appears like they are mislead. He’s not in charge of passing laws, Congress is.

    And F.Y.I, Sarah Palin is not sexist. That’s just an oxymoron in itself. She may be a lot of things, but she’s NOT sexist. But then again, I guess that depends on what you define as “woman’s rights.” If you define women’s rights with the option to murder an unborn child…well, I get where you’re coming from. But I don’t think that murder should be anyone’s right; unless it’s self-defense. I personally think that Sarah Palin is a great woman :)

    However, I totally respect Chace for not talking Politics. Believe it or not, I’m actually a moderate, just a very well informed one at that. I don’t know what I’m going to do when elections roll around…I’m still deciding. But I hate it when celebrities try to get involved with politics; particularily with Obama. His message is about change, and giving more benefits to the poor; shaking up the established order. Since when did Hollywood A-listers fit into that category?

  • Orchid

    93 cinnamongirl99 @ 09/11/2008 at 4:41 pm

    PUHLEASE, Linda. Do your research…go to -Gov Palin did not try to get books banned. The list of books that is circulating has the Harry Potter books on it…yet they had not even come out yet when she supposedly tried to ban them.

    Dems are just upset that a smart, MORE QUALIFIED than the Community Organizer running for pres on the other ticket, woman is republican! Get over yourselves. Not all of us women believe in abortion on demand. Try birth control. Which, for the record Gov Palin is NOT against…get your facts straight before you rant about things you obviously know nothing about.
    That’s right! She didn’t try to get books banned.
    It’s one of the stories going around that are not true. Like she has said that there were dinosaurs 4000 years ago. Not true.
    The picture of Sarah Palin in a bikini holding a gun is also not Sarah Palin. All nonsense. There are people ‘having fun’ on the net.

  • Orchid

    103 ace tomato @ 09/11/2008 at 7:34 pm

    I graduated Magna *** laude and have a law degree. (no joke) Do you have ANY IDEA how many lawyers there are in this country???
    Why are there so many awful but very funny laywer jokes, in your opinion?

    Yes, Obama has a pedigree. But what has he DONE????
    I’m still waiting . . . . name some legislation he championed (and passed would be great, but isn’t totally necessary, just what did he author???)
    I saw on TV that he wanted sex-ed for little kids.


    Thank you Chace for not stating a political stance! I love you even more now!

    I hate when star get all political. Like seriously? I don’t really give a rats @$$ about who you’re backing. You think just because you’re a movie star or whatever that we should care? Get over yourself!

    Politics are a bunch of crap PERIOD. I don’t care what party you belong to….

  • Orchid

    79 ………………………… @ 09/11/2008 at 10:52 am

    wow…….ace tomato SALUTE!……..nicely done about sarah palin,

  • lindsay

    wooo go Chace! i love celebs that dont get all political…half of them dont have a college education so i dont know why people listen to celebs…on anything

  • S.

    I will give you the answer about Obama’s tremendous legislative work, when someone answers my economic questions. Besides flip-flopping on the bridge to nowhere, trying to fire a librarian, a state trooper, and firing the man that wouldn’t fire the state trooper, what did Palin do? All I see is she didn’t do this, and she didn’t do that.

    How many lawyers graduated magna cum laude from Harvard law, and where President of the Harvard law review?

    I see you didn’t mention your school,. Embarrassed? Still it’s better than taking 6 years moving from school to school until she managed to gather enough credits to graduate from a 2 years degree like Palin did. Why don’t you apply for the job. I bet you are better qualified than Palin, at least you are not hiding, like she hides, from talking to the Press.

    Knowledge is power. People that are afraid of education, are the ignorant.

  • ace tomato

    The librarian rumor is debunked, and the trooper situation is pending investigation, but it looks to be much ado about nothing. Both have been covered in my prior posts, so I don’t know why you think they are unaddressed issues?

    Look, you need to quit falling back on trying to make a personal attack on me when you can’t prevail on an argument. You tried calling me a mindless robot for cutting/pasting information here – which was pretty rude. And absurd – I’m not going to hand write 71 debunked rumors about Sarah Palin when so many others have already done the work and provided citations.

    Now you are trying to see if there is a personal dig about me on where I went to law school? Notre Dame. I don’t usually post that type of personal information in a forum full of strangers, but there you go. Whup dee do. (btw, I am not Catholic, but I am Irish!)

    The personal attacks are not answering the question. What has Obama achieved that qualifies him to be President? Are you having to research it? I mean, isn’t there SOMETHING that you already know he did that is so amazing it says, “THIS MAN should be our LEADER!”

    Obama’s “tremendous legislative work”? Let’s hear it!

  • ace tomato

    Orchid – because lawyers are annoying opportunistic bottomfeeders? Until you need one, that is LOL

  • Gorgon

    Fuck this plastic Ken doll asswipe.

  • ace tomato

    As President of the Harvard Law Review, Obama only published one article. One. In fact, it is the only legal publication I can find for him.

    Harvard Law Review, Vol 103, Page 823. It is a very strong pro abortion article.

    He says the government has better things to do than “ensure any one fetus is born”.

    He also argues the government has an interest [in abortion] in “preventing increasing numbers of children from being born in to lives of pain and despair.”

    That’s it for his contributions to Law Review.

  • Allie

    obviously mr. crawford is a republican….did anyone expect any differently? any upper class heartless bitch who doesn’t give a shit about the real world is a republican.


  • Orchid

    113 ace tomato @ 09/11/2008 at 11:57 pm

    Orchid – because lawyers are annoying opportunistic bottomfeeders? Until you need one, that is LOL
    You said it, but that’s a mild one!!! :lol:

  • S.

    Acetomato, Havard Law is the #1 law school of the country, President of the Law Review means being editor in Chief of a staff of 80 editors. What was Palin doing during her formative years? School hoping. 6 years to get a 2 year degree makes her even dumber than Bush, or McCain.

    Not withstanding the fact that Notre Dame is only ranked #25, you still are more qualified than Palin to be VP.

    You did copy/paste. You used a blog that has no credibility since is not the official campaing site, it’s just like any other blog out there. When something is not in the talk points like Palins school records, the attempt to fire the librarian that failed, the personal persecution of the state trooper, or the firing of the state fficial that wouldn’t fire the said state trooper, or the bridge to nowhere flip-flop, you can’t answer. When confronted by the real issued like the ticket’s tax policy you can’t answer. When confronted you the duo’s economic views, you can’t answer. Let’s try a easy one, how can a woman that doesn’t know what is the Bush Doctrine, that has been the foreign policy tenet for the US since 2002, be called upon to lead? She is an ignorant underachiever, that quits when the going gets tough. Her school record says so, her flip-flopping on the bridge to nowhere says so, her abandoning the pursuit to fire the librarian when the town’s folk went againt her says so. Her refusal to answer questions to the press unless it’s a stage interview says so. And even her staged interview says so.

    Still, in the good ol’ republican form, when you get debunked, you whine about personal attacks.

  • S.

    When the low-paying jobs are being sent overseas, by NAFTA, and the agreement with China, a economy policy that McCain supports. When 2/3 of the new jobs created require higher education, what kind of insensitive idiot defends that teens should be straddled with raising a child in poverty, to a life of diminished opportunities, instead of going to school? Great, more people on welfare, more people that are likely to become the guest of the state.

    How can you justify actions that cause more unproductive spending, like more need of police, and jails, in view of the defense of fiscal sensibility, done by the republicans. Oh, I know, borrow, make bonds, and sell the debt bonds, and the country, away to China, and the Middle East.

    Because of lack of proper information, that is not given at home, and is not given at school, due to the denial of funding, one out of four teenage girls has or had STDs. This is from the CDC. The US, where some defend teaching chastity, instead of the facts of life, rather than chastity and the facts of life, is the industrialized nation with the highest teen pregnancy rate. The US rate is similar to those of Indonesia, 55. The Netherlands rate is 3!

  • S.

    Still on the sex education. The Netherlands has comprehensive, state funded, at the ages of 12. to 15 has part of their health curricula. That didn’t promote promiscuity. The Netherlands have one of the highest average age at first intercourse,. When they start having sex, latter than in most of the countries, they use contraception, being common that 2 methods are used simultaneously, hormonal , and a condom.

    Bellow the age of 12, you teach body parts, including the difference between boys and girls, and explain to the older what is puberty, so they don’t get too surprised by it. If you think that is sex ed, you have some serious hang-ups.

  • Rachel

    F*cking freak boy

  • ace tomato

    Okay, I’ve asked you to name anything Obama has done that makes him President material.

    You continue to post attacks on the McCain/Palin views of issues – which is fine – I get it – you hate McCain Palin and support Obama. I think we all know that.

    But post after post, all you do is attack either McCain/Palin or me personally.

    It’s clear you CAN’T post anything Obama has achieved that is so amazing it says, “Wow, this guy gets stuff done, he should be President” because there isn’t anything in his record.

    You, like many other Obama supporter, hate Republicans and you hated the Bush Administration. Okay. I have not been thrilled with the Bush Administration either.

    But it still says NOTHING about what Obama has done that qualifies him to be the leader of the United States.

    At this point, you’ve had plenty of opportunity to post something. If there was something, you would have. I am not going to spend every day scrolling back here to see what new thing you can post about McCain/Palin and how much you hate them. We all get it.

    No answer on Obama kind of kills the issue. Game over.

  • Dottiedot

    For once, a celebrity is acting intelligently and keeping his mouth shut about who he is going to vote for! I wish the other celebritys were this smart.

  • Andreika

    Oh yeah, I’d bone her too…MILF ALERT !!!!

  • DC

    Lots of mature comments here.

  • http://None Scott

    You can be 16 and look used up depending on lifestyle. Look at dara torres and what she’s done in her 40′s. Personally i think women look great at these ages. Like fine wine.

  • AC

    i must admit i hate her, but if i were a boy and if she wasnt doing politics, and also if i were older, i would’ve said she’s pretty much attractive, yes. and now, most of you may never ever be in touch with that guy, so just keep looking at his face and fantasize about it instead of trying to convince yourself he’s the perfect guy, right? ^^ no offense! i’m exactly in that case! i just figured it’d be better if i stopped worrying about his personality, otherwise i’ll end up hating him xD